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“A Green Minded Project” ( Project FA )

what's OUR objective? ď Ź

To be able to apply the principles of green building in designing feasible green improvements to the College of Fine Arts classroom building.

the College of “un”Fine Arts

Observations and Suggestions 



Facilities (e.g. windows, doors)

Structural design (e.g. leaks from ceilings, ventilation of air)


Waste Management −

Segregation (e.g. does not promote recycling)

Observations and Suggestions 

Water Efficiency −

Poor conservation of water (e.g. no dual-flush, leaking faucets)

Lavatory sinks are clogged and unclean

Energy Efficiency −

Non-renewable sources of energy

Unclean circuit board

Observations . . . again 

Efficient Allocation of Space −

Parking lot

Sample Designs ď Ź

ď Ź

Incorporating tactics for Green Building development. (show google sketch-up)

Research 

Budget available: P10M

Glass doors: 9 = P270,000

Solar Panels: 6 = P300,000

Glass windows: 18 = P180,000 Dual Flush toilets: 10 = P80,000 Motion-sensor faucets: 8 = P120,000 Water treatment P100,000

  

Allotted P300,000 for roofing (21,000 sq.ft. inclusive glass panels) Allotted 2M for landscaping Allotted 300,000 for paint Allotted P100,000 for wide glass panels at the back of each building Budget used: estimated to be only P3,750,000 Budget remaining will be for maintenance and interior facilities

Energy Costs & Consumption 46 Fluorescent Lamps 48�(40watts)= P2,354.28/mo = 270.48KWH/mo 1 Floor Polisher (standard) = P48.28/mo = 5.6KWH/mo 5 CFL (18watts) = P108.65/mo = 12.6KWH/mo 12 Ceiling Fan (3-blade) = P4,055/mo = 470.4KWH/mo > The biggest contributor to the building's energy cost are FANS which account/s for 61.76% of your total electric bill. > This is followed by the GENERAL APPLIANCES which account/s for 38.24% of your total bill.

Presented by: Changco, Joseph Ervin Florendo, Raphael Louis Luy, Kristina Sumagaysay, Leizl Anne Tapales, Ben Joseph Tupaz, Kimberly

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