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Teletrax launches Vision

Guest Feature :

We are thrilled to welcome you to the inaugural issue of the Teletrax VISION newsletter !

An interview / Q&A with TIM DALY

As our newsletter sub-headline states, we will be bringing you the latest news and views on the worlds of media measurement and digital video. Additionally, we will provide you with real, in-the-trenches information on the video markets Teletrax serves – entertainment, news, advertising and sports. The newsletter will be published three times per year and distributed via email and in hard copy to more than 10,000 senior media and entertainment industry executives. In each issue, we will feature : • Q&A interview with a senior executive from a prominent media and entertainment company • Message from Teletrax President Andy Nobbs

Andy Nobbs will talk about the increasingly complex video production and distribution environment, and how if you can maintain control over your content, higher return-on-investment will follow. In Teletrax news, you’ll hear about several new client wins, personnel announcements and marketing activities. We hope you find the newsletter content of interest and of use in your business endeavors. If there are any new features, topics or areas of interest that you think we should cover in future issues, please feel free to contact me ( and let me know.

Happy reading ! Peter Winkler, Teletrax chief marketing officer and lead editor, VISION

Tim Daly is executive vice president and chief information officer at ITN Networks (, a national media sales company that develops and provides customdesigned national television and multimedia networks. continued page 5


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“News & Noteworthy” TELETRAX NEWS

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• Teletrax news and marketing updates • An industry news and noteworthy data section In this issue, you’ll hear from ITN Networks’ Tim Daly on how the international advertising marketplace is changing, and how measurement and tracking of advertising content will enhance efficiency.

Is it noisy enough for you ? president’s message By Andy Nobbs

These days we are all bombarded by information : from television’s multiplying formats to cell phones, PDAs, the Internet, and untold other sources. Information is king, of course, but the constant bombardment can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Continue page 4

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News & noteworthy Digital Watermarking Alliance Update The Digital Watermarking Alliance (DWA), founded to promote and educate about the benefits of digital watermarking technology and of which Teletrax is a founding member, will host a Senate High-Tech Taskforce Briefing on September 26th in Washington, D.C. The DWA will use the event to brief Senate policymakers about the organization’s benefits, and highlight significant policy themes such as Orphan Works or Fair Use. The DWA will also co-host an event with the House Congressional Entertainment Industries Caucus (CEIC), chaired by Congresswoman Diane E. Watson (D-CA), on November 15th in Los Angeles. The event, “Digital Watermarking : Enabling Digital Media Commerce in 2008 and Beyond,” at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel, is aimed at increasing awareness of the commercial benefits of digital watermarking, and bringing together industry leaders and influencers around the challenges and opportunities associated with distributing digital content.

Medialink Launches Internet Video Management Platform Medialink Worldwide Incorporated has announced the launch of Mediaseed, a new Web-based content management platform that offers a digital suite of collaboration, archiving, publishing, and evaluation features for corporate marketing and communications professionals. Mediaseed will provide Web 2.0 technology and applications via its website ( to enhance Medialink’s digital consulting capabilities and enable its clients to prepare, distribute and track their rich media marketing campaigns, public relations announcements and public affairs programs.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2007-2011 According to PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2007-2011, the global entertainment & media industry is experiencing sustained growth and will increase at a 6.4% compound annual growth rate to $2 trillion in 2011. Also to note from the study : The TV network market rose 6.2% in 2006. The global television distribution market increased by 9.4% in 2006, an improvement compared with the 6.5% increase in 2005. Globally, the television distribution market will increase from $161 billion in 2006 to $251 billion in 2011.

New Digimarc Patent Proposes Solution for Protecting Copyrights Digimarc has received a patent for “Method For Monitoring Internet Dissemination Of Image, Video And/Or Audio Files,” a solution that describes ways to determine whether entertainment content on Internet sites contains digital watermarks, get associated ownership information and links to associated web services, and provide distribution reports to rights holders. Digimarc chairman/CEO Bruce Davis penned an opinion piece for in which he stated that DRM is not serving the copyright owners it is meant to protect, and argued for the increased application of digital watermarking systems.

“This Year, Next Year” According to the most recent installment of GroupM’s periodic “This Year, Next Year” advertising and marketing expenditures tracking study, TV remains the biggest influence in the advertising marketplace.

Deloitte & Touche’s “State of the Media Democracy” A recent study titled, “State of the Media Democracy,” released by Deloitte & Touche's Technology, Media and Telecommunications practice found that the "resilience of old media" remains a prominent feature of the landscape. Ed Moran, director of product innovation, states that one of the main activities online is going to a television Web site. The survey found that 46 percent of consumers do that regularly. “Television is still a core activity," Moran said. "Even though we see the expected amounts of online, text messaging, cellphone use [and] games—consumers are doing more things, but still watching television. It is always on."

president’s message

By Andy Nobbs

Is it noisy enough for you ? The same is true in the video production environment. As the cost of video production continues to decrease, more people are creating more video more cheaply. There’s an explosion of content, and more platforms to transmit and support it, from broadcast and cable networks to the Net, mobile carriers, and beyond.

at least, not yet. The migration of video to the Internet, for example, is definitely happening, but at probably a more moderate rate than many people realize. If you look behind the noise, you can see that, yes, there’s a very real migration of advertising money to the Internet, which may be a large percentage of the overall pie but in real dollars terms is in fact fairly modest.

Such an environment – constantly growing more complex in an almost exponential manner – creates a huge management issue that will only increase. It’s getting increasingly difficult to determine what’s really going on -- and what’s just white noise. Getting it all to make sense is a challenge … but there is a solution. If we look at the environment as a crowded dance floor on which everyone is waltzing but one person is out of step, it is not necessarily obvious to the other dancers. But to people watching from the balcony, it is crystal clear.

over your content, higher ROI follows. Transparency, accountability, and ROI enhancement are very valuable attributes of Teletrax’s service. By our helping measure a video product’s impact, ROI can be improved. None of this is going to make the noise go away entirely, or even turn everyone into the next Astaire and Rogers. Everyone is still determining what works and what doesn’t, especially on the Net. But the days of placing one big bet on one thing are probably gone for good, replaced by experimentation with the MySpaces and the FaceBooks of the world as the industry continues to seek a legitimate model that can enable development for their businesses. We at Teletrax are keenly attuned to developments there, and indeed anywhere that video is disseminated. Cutting through the noise is a big job, but we’re well-equipped for it, and getting better by the minute. Turn it up – we’re ready

Teletrax is in the balcony, if you will; it’s our job to make sense of the industry, and to track how it’s being monetized. And if someone’s got two left feet, we point that out too. Anytime a video airs, there’s a transaction involved. It could be an explicit or an implied transaction, ranging from a show aired by a network affiliate, a news report from Reuters that’s airing on a network news slot, or a direct-response commercial or infomercial, but whenever something changes hands it’s necessary to track that exchange. A daunting task? I won’t say it isn’t, but the environment is not necessarily as complex as you might think –

The mainstay is still traditional, linear TV – and there’s plenty of content there to pay attention to. News, entertainment, sports (a growing area for Teletrax), short-form, longform … it’s all happening, and it’s all happening right now. More people are becoming increasingly concerned with what happens to their video content when they put it out there, not just in the digital world (with all its piracy and intellectual property protection issues), but also in the traditional TV world. All of it boils down to one simple tenet: If you can maintain control

Andy Nobbs is president a n d managing director at Teletrax. He can be reached at

“it’s our job to make sense of the industry, and to track how it’s being monetized.”

Guest feature Q&A WITH TIM DALY Tim Daly is executive vice president and chief information officer at ITN Networks (, a national media sales company that develops and provides custom-designed national television and multimedia networks. ITN utilizes a platform of proprietary technology, exclusive research, a locallytargeted distribution model and affiliated partnerships to provide advertisers with strategic, consumer-focused, custom national networks, accompanied by the highest level of accountability. That need led to ITN’s affiliation with Teletrax, starting in 2006. Q : What need or issue caused you to pursue a broadcast verification service? A : The agencies we work with wanted a higher level of accountability than they were getting. We were looking for a service that would provide us with the information we needed, more quickly. Q : How long was ITN’s process of seeking out the right verification service to meet your and your clients’ needs? A : We spent about a year researching and testing with various services. We’d actually been looking at verification as a tool for us to use since 1993, and we did some extensive tests in 1997, but the technology just wasn’t there yet. Q : Why did you choose Teletrax? A : Frankly, Teletrax had the best results. Both with their technology and their responsiveness. We liked the ability they provide to go on the web and get different reports. Another major factor is that we encode and traffic a fair amount of new commercials each week. Teletrax was by far the easiest and best production process for moving through that procedure and confirming accurately what was actually being aired. And, since we operate in the national and syndicated arena, the fact that they can get us data so quickly is a great advantage as well.

Q : Was there anything else that led you to Teletrax? A : We like that they produce outage reports. It’s hard, if you don’t see a spot running, to know if there was a problem with the verification technology or with the station... It’s important to know the difference: if we missed units in Chicago last week, was it because of bad weather affecting the monitors or was it because the station actually did not run the unit. Third-party verification in general is so important, especially with so many distribution points, zones and channels. The openness in terms of all the information we need is also important, as is the service aspect. Teletrax is always available to answer questions and meet our needs. Q : Has your work with Teletrax highlighted any other significant issue or opportunity areas for your business? A : We work with several big national brands – Pfizer, Colgate, Procter & Gamble, to name a few. They send us their commercials, we encode them, and then we send them along to the stations. A problem arises when the brand itself is doing a test – Mars or Dove Soap might be testing their own verification, and the tape comes to us with encoding already. We can’t encode over it, and agencies can’t always send over a clean master tape right away. At this time, Teletrax does not have the ability to provide you with multiple encoding streams. This would give us a big leg up on our competitors and would continue to do so as the industry goes towards rating commercials Q : What are some of the biggest challenges you foresee in your industry? A : Probably the biggest change coming up from our perspective is the proliferation of stations and channels. We’re expanding our offerings in the fourth quarter to include local cable news channels like New York 1 and CN8, as well as components of DirecTV and EchoStar’s news channels. A large part of the challenges we face is being able to keep up with all those choices and to be able to monitor them.

“We try and track or electronically monitor as many things as we can. We measure down to minute, market-by-market details to find out whether NBC's 232 stations are fulfilling obligations to run promotions, and which promos are working.” Scot Chastain, SVP of affiliate advertising and promotion services, NBC Entertainment, Jack Myers Media Business Report, June 20, 2007

Teletrax news Contract Wins :

Personnel News

Teletrax has entered into a multi-year agreement with the Associated Press (AP) to track broadcast usage of its video news content in real-time, on a story-specific basis worldwide. The Teletrax service is a vital tool for the AP to monitor all use of its video – both licensed and unlicensed – and helps the organization understand what video customers are airing and when.

Digital media industry veteran Donald

Teletrax announced that Millenia 3 Communications, a company that customizes and electronically distributes television, radio and online advertising for its clients is utilizing the Teletrax™ suite of broadcast verification services to monitor and track the television advertisements for each of its clients, providing accurate market and measurement data that enables the company to verify the correct commercial airs at the scheduled time.

M. Michels,

has been appointed Chief Technology Officer of Medialink Worldwide Incorporated. In addition to directing the development, implementation and maintenance of Medialink’s technology applications, Michels will be responsible for continued enhancements of the Teletrax technology.

Peter Winkler, former director in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Entertainment & Media Advisory Practice, was appointed senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Teletrax.

Lorelee Wiseman, former entertainment group director of sales for Pathfire, a digital distribution and video asset

Teletrax announced that its contract with ABC Television Network has been extended to include coverage across all 210 TV markets in the U.S. ABC Affiliate Marketing utilizes Teletrax to electronically track the broadcast of its on-air television show promotions. Teletrax announced three new direct response advertising clients -- media buying agencies RJ Palmer and Tower Media, along with a marketing and advertising agency. All will use the Teletrax™ suite of broadcast verification services to monitor and track all broadcast, cable and satellite television airings of short- and long-form direct response programming.

management solutions company, was appointed director of sales for Teletrax on the West Coast.

Christopher Golden, former vice president and group advertising director at The Hollywood Reporter, was named director of sales and business development on the East Coast.

C. Bradley Hunt, former executive vice president and chief technology officer of the Motion Picture Association of America, joined the Teletrax board.

Teletrax announced a contract with CBS Television to monitor usage of promotional content by its top broadcast affiliates. As a result of this agreement, Teletrax is now working with all four major U.S. broadcast television networks including ABC Television Network, NBC Universal and FOX Broadcasting Company.

Other Teletrax News : Teletrax formed a broad-ranging strategic marketing partnership with advertising and media industry authority Jack Myers and his company, Myers Publishing, LLC. Key facets of the partnership will include a series of senior-level media and entertainment industry senior executive events ; thought leadership white papers and surveys ; online advertising and marketing; and other joint business development activities. The first event, “Monetizing the Long Tail of Video Content,” will take place on September 18th at Michael’s Restaurant in New York, and will feature Teletrax president Andy Nobbs, CBS Interactive COO Patrick Keane, Veoh Networks CEO Steve Mitgang, and TiVo CEO Tom Rogers.

Teletrax completed the 210th U.S. Market, here in Glendive

Teletrax has steadily expanded its broadcast intelligence service, and recently extended its monitoring network to include all 210 U.S. markets (DMAs) as well as increasing its international channel coverage by an additional 12 percent. Teletrax moved the location of its London headquarters to Covent Garden, the entertainment center of the British capital. The move is significant for the expansion of Teletrax sales and services, and allows for advancements to technical equipment such as state-of-the-art transmission antennae to enhance the monitoring of stations.

Facts & figures 95% of posted

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is viewed

US online TV market to reach $3bn by 2010.

YouTube US annual online TV revenues

at least once a day. 3500 3000

Movie piracy cost the UK film


Revenues ($m)

industry alone an estimated

$900 million in 2006.

2000 1500 1000

$160 billion is the amount


of global TV advertising


Revenues ($m)

revenues in 2006. $25 billion for online advertising.

US annual online TV revenues





source : screen digest








A la carte

2500 2000

“Teletrax is a valuable, up-to-the-minute tool to use for Playtracking. Aside from 1500 the user-friendly website which makes researching easy and fast, the courteous 1000 staff is always available offering knowledgeable information and genuine customer 500 Total US online video revenues service. I couldn’t think of a service I would recommend more highly.” 0 7,000 2004

2005 2007 Domestic 2008Television 2009 2010 Benjamin2006 Sos, Disney*ABC Distribution

Revenues ($m)


On average every U.S. citizen watches just over 4hours 40minutes of television In 2006 7bn+ streams/downloads of premium and niche online TV were consumed in the US


Revenues from online video look like coming from premium/traditional TV content – not 3,000 UGOV* (or long-tail) 2,000 1,000


of all online video streams in US in 2006 (12.4bn streams) Within a year of launch YouTube had over 2bn video streams per month

*User Generated On-line Video

Revenues ($m)

UGOV* accounted for 47%

A la carte


0 2005

Total US online video revenues 2006


2008 Premium TV


In 2006 the US online tv market value was $660 million.



2009 Music Videos

2010 UGV


5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 0 2005

2006 source : screen digest


2008 Premium TV

2009 Music Videos

Sources : Teletrax internal research Screen Digest :

2010 UGV


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