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Statement of Impact

With your help, we’re thriving in a culture of hope.

“I can honestly say I am inspired by the way that Raphael House stays true to its mission. The stellar advocacy of the staff is only outshined by the strength of the people they serve.” —Quinne Salameh, past MSW intern

Spotlight on Planned Giving at Raphael House When John Holroyd and Jane Henderson decided to plan their will, they came together to focus on shared areas of support for their planned giving. Both felt that by helping youth, they could make the greatest long-term difference, and John had already been supporting Raphael House for this reason. “Everyone has a history of knowing someone facing these challenges.” Jane and John agree that our programs help to influence positive growth in the people we serve and end the cycle of violence for families. “We appreciate that Raphael House is helping people help themselves!” “Now that I’ve become a Board member and volunteer, I’ve seen the funding challenges firsthand and understand how essential community support is,” Jane said. “I continue to be impressed with the support that staff give each other and the range of programs that are offered, all of which reinforce our commitment to give.” “Raphael House made this process easy: staff were responsive, spent a lot of time with us sharing about their mission and programs, and made it possible for us to get to know them,” John said. For more information about Planned Giving contact Brenda Kinoshita, Director of Development, at (503) 243-5115.

Dear Friends, For more than 39 years we have been providing survivors with the tools they need to build violence-free lives. We’re honored to share about our most recent accomplishments and impact on the community. With your help, we’re thriving in a culture of hope. This Statement of Impact is a snapshot of what takes place over one year at Raphael House. Hundreds of individuals and families find a safe haven in our shelter and a supportive community in our ongoing programs annually. We are also a leader in preventing future violence through our school-based Prevention Education Program. We’re proud to have created a nurturing environment where children and adults can be successful, thrive, and build a better future. Your generous gifts make all of this and more possible. Thank you! Warm wishes, Teri Lorenzen Executive Director

We believe everyone deserves to live a life free from violence. The mission of Raphael House is to engage our entire community in non-violent living through advocacy, education and community outreach, and by providing a safe haven from domestic violence. Domestic violence impacts people in our community regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. Raphael House was honored with Rotary Club of Portland’s 2015 Ethics in Business Award, for ethical business practices “beyond the expected” in the workplace, the marketplace and the community. We also ranked #12 in Oregon Business magazine’s 2015 100 Best Nonprofits to Work for in Oregon among medium size agencies. RAPHAEL HOUSE OF PORTLAND • 4110 SE HAWTHORNE BLVD. #503, PORTLAND, OR 97214 503 222 6507 • WWW.RAPHAELHOUSE.COM

Emergency Shelter We implemented a new Engagement Model during the second half of 2014. Residents may stay up to six months, based on their progress towards individualized goals designed to help them achieve permanent housing, employment, and self-sufficiency. This model is successfully helping survivors establish an integrated network of support, promoting long-term stability for the individuals and families we serve.

Your support made possible:  Kept our shelter open and staffed

year-round 24 hours, seven days a week.

Provided family-centered, culturally responsive services. Transitioned to a gender-inclusive agency. Maintained collaborative relationships with agencies in the family homeless system, building better bridges to housing, services, and safety. Offered private, comfortable rooms to survivors and their children.


adults and 67 children stayed in our 11 room shelter.


hours were spent supporting adults who completed 228 life goals during their stay.


callers received support on our Shelter Access Line.


loads of laundry were cleaned each week in our free onsite facilities.

“Safety is key to parents creating secure and resilient families. Not just being in a safe emotional and physical relationship with a partner, but also having a place to call home. When we provide security for survivors, they realize that they deserve support and that it’s possible to create a life free from violence.” —Nick Guerrero, Prevention Education Program Coordinator

ounseapptoinappointments were atten

Wanda was fleeing a dangerous abuser who searched for her far and wide. Wanda and her children entered our shelter to escape her ex-husband, who had stalked them across multiple states. Their family was afraid to leave for appointments or even simple errands, but with our recently upgraded surveillance system, she was able check our security cameras before exiting the building. Wanda let us know that our confidential location and these safety features felt like a matter of life and death to her.

Housing “The families on my caseload are all making amazing progress towards achieving their goals. It is always a pleasure to see them working so hard both at school and work and continuing to take care of their families.” —Alicia Rios, Housing Coordinator Survivors often struggle to find affordable housing for themselves and their children because of Portland’s difficult rental market. They face the impossible decision of choosing between homelessness and returning to an abusive partner. We know that when survivors have safety and stability, they can begin to rebuild their lives. We are the only local domestic violence agency with a full-time Housing Specialist to help shelter residents build housing portfolios and secure housing. Our Home in Hand/Hogar en Mano Housing Program also provides rental assistance and support to 12 families each year.

Your support made possible:  Helped survivors overcome numerous

obstacles in finding permanent housing.

Participants worked towards employment and career goals including culinary arts, nursing, and social work. Provided support applying for benefits, replacing vital records, obtaining custody of children, and creating guardianship plans. Assisted survivors in opening and maintaining savings accounts.


of families served are currently in safe housing.


housing portfolios were created to show landlords that residents can be successful renters.


home visits provided ongoing case management to families.

Sophie was losing hope that she would ever be safe. Sophie came to us for the second time after escaping an abuser, who was also her pimp. She carried debt, had a criminal record, and didn’t have any rental history – all due to his abuse. This made finding safe housing much more challenging, but our staff worked hard to help Sophie reach her goals. She attended financial empowerment and tenant education classes, and upon leaving shelter, entered our Housing Program and moved into an apartment of her own. A year to the day after leaving shelter, Sophie wrote us this note: “Because of Raphael House, I’m able to pay my own bills and feel safe on my own. This is where I’ve always wanted to be.”


residents were given paid access to a community partner and picked out household furnishings to create stable and comfortable homes.


survivors participated in Rent Well and Rent Well en Español tenant education courses.


food boxes were distributed through our Advocacy Center and home visits.

Advocacy Center “Raphael House has changed my life for the better. I woke up and found a community. Now I am healing myself.” —Phoebe, survivor and past shelter resident Our Advocacy Center provides safety and stability, enhanced wellness, and community connections for the whole family. Both our current and past residents have access to an array of support groups, wellness events, counseling appointments, individualized follow-up services, and workshops including tenant education classes and economic empowerment.

Your support made possible:  Bilingual assistance including individualized

resource navigation, economic empowerment, and credit counseling sessions.

Weekly support groups including Genesis (faith-based), Trauma Recovery, Parenting, The Life (for survivors of trafficking and sex workers), and Latinas Unidas (Spanishlanguage and culturally specific). Supplies for our Resource Room, which provides essentials such as toiletries, professional clothing, household items, and food boxes.


activities were offered each week.


counseling appointments were attended.


families, including 260 children, picked out clothing, toys, and household supplies during our annual Holiday Program.


meals were enjoyed by families at weekly support groups and special events.

Josefina has built community connections that last. Josefina and her children moved out of our shelter and into an apartment of their own last summer, but they continue to come back each week and participate in all that our Advocacy Center offers. Even though that involves a two-hour bus ride each way, Josefina attends both our Latinas Unidas and trauma support groups, while her children take part in art and wellness activities. Their outside support system has grown to include survivors they’ve connected with here. Each week, Josefina’s family shares dinner with two other past residents and when she recently had surgery, these families came together and took care of her four children.


activities were offered in Spanish.


adults participated in wellness events, which included donated haircuts, massages, and yoga.

Youth Program “We’ve learned how to communicate with one another a lot better. Engaging with Raphael House staff has modeled communication for our family. We talk a lot more. Before coming here, it was harder to build a bond between me and my kiddos.” —Janay, survivor and past shelter resident Because more than half of our participants are children, our Youth Program works agency-wide to provide a culture that looks at families as a whole. This has created an environment where both kids and adults can thrive. Youth Program staff work with parents to identify family strengths and needs, and to enhance parenting skills, build support systems, encourage resiliency, and increase family attachment.

Your support made possible:  Ensured youth support groups were

always offered alongside adult groups in our Advocacy Center.

Youth residents planted lettuce, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatillos, squash, peppers, and herbs in our Learning Garden. Helped develop tools for family court lawyers to assess if domestic violence is present in a case. Secured a scholarship, arranged transportation, and gathered all the supplies for a family to go camping together for the first time.


youth impacted by domestic violence were supported.


books were read during youth story times.


art support groups engaged kids and teens.


pounds of produce were harvested and shared each week from the Oregon Food Bank’s gardens during the growing season.

Tatyana and her children lived in isolation. Tatyana and her five children had a lot of “firsts” at Raphael House, like petting a dog, swimming, playing in the park, and going to public school! When they arrived in our shelter, the family had been living in their car, controlled and isolated by her abuser. They were all fearful, but after participating in one-on-one and family counseling, began to open up. Now in a safe home of their own, Tatyana’s family continues to access our programs each week and is an active part of the community they’ve built here.


welcome bags with pajamas, toys, books, and games were given to youth entering our shelter.

Prevention Education Program We work with community partners to fulfill our mission of someday ending domestic violence through innovative, awareness-raising services. Raphael House is the only local agency with a full-time Prevention Education Coordinator on staff. In 2015, we supported the implementation of Coaching Boys into Men into all Portland Public high schools, the largest national rollout of the program. This Futures Without Violence program supports athletic coaches and provides the tools and resources needed to help young male athletes develop respectful, non-violent relationships and prevent abuse, harassment, and sexual assault.

Your support made possible:  Developed the Health Education Curriculum Assessment Tool to evaluate statewide curriculum.

• Collaborated on developing sixth grade and middle school curriculums that teach mindfulness and dating, bullying, and sexual violence prevention. Our Education Coordinator was presented with the 2015 Judge Stephen B. Herrell Award for Outstanding Collaborative Efforts to End Family Violence in Multnomah County.


students received free age-appropriate workshops on domestic violence and healthy relationships at schools throughout the Portland Metro area.


total hours were spent with each classroom.


of students reported being more likely to speak up when they overhear sexist, racist, homophobic, and/or violent language after our curriculum.

“As a State Representative, I had the opportunity to work with domestic violence advocates around Oregon to pass the Healthy Teen Relationship Act. It has been an amazing experience working in partnership with Raphael House, Portland Public Schools, and other organizations to see the passing of the bill come full circle to a new curriculum that will be implemented in the coming years.” —Commissioner Jules Bailey

Preventing future violence. As an agency, our hope is to change school culture, so everyone from the principal to coaches, parents, and school janitors understand what healthy teen relationships look like and how to promote them. Since we helped to pass the Healthy Teen Relationship Act (HTRA) in 2012, which requires that every school district teach about teen dating violence in grades 7-12, Raphael House has designed our curriculum to help schools achieve these goals and have ensured the inclusion of an LGBTQ lens. We are proud to partner with the office of Commissioner Jules Bailey, Portland Public Schools, and other local non-profits to work towards fully implementing HTRA.


community members experienced free awarenessraising community presentations about domestic violence.

Financial Snapshot Community support is essential to Raphael House, and to the safety of the adults and children we serve. Each year we must raise approximately $1,000,000 to ensure that our life-saving services are available to families fleeing violence in their own homes. Your donations make this possible. For the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

Donated Materials and Services 13%

Contributions 49%


Total $1,533,369

Government Contracts 38%

Emergency Shelter 46%

Longterm Housing Program 13% Advocacy Center 6% Volunter Program 4%


Total $1,638,634 Administration 10%

Prevention Education 5%

Fundraising 16%


Teri Lorenzen, Executive Director Brenda Kinoshita, Director of Development Emmy Ritter, Director of Programs and Services RAPHAEL HOUSE COORDINATORS

Nick Guerrero, Prevention Education Coordinator3 Amanda Ives, Development Manager3 Christina McGovney, Shelter Coordinator123 Sarah Nedeau, Advocacy Center Coordinator123 Alicia Rios, Housing Coordinator Rebecca Strachan, Volunteer and Internship Program Coordinator12 Lindsey Vold, Youth Program Coordinator12 Jessica Walker, Grant Writer and Communications Coordinator 1 on the Wellness Committee, 2 on the Intercultural Compentency Committee, 3 on the Safety Committee


Amalia Alarcon de Morris, President, Bureau Director, Office of Neighborhood Involvement, City of Portland Nicole Frisch, Vice President, Community Relations Director, First Tech Federal Credit Union Michelle Erickson, Treasurer, Commercial Relationship Manager, Vice President, Umpqua Bank Krista Tappan, Secretary, Advertising Account Executive, Portland Business Journal Jane Henderson, Owner, Indexplorations Blerina Kotori, Partner, Tonkon Torp LLP Rick Lesniak, Owner, Blazer Homes LLC Justin Lyman, Director of Finance, Cambia Health Solutions Tracy Morrisseau, Director of Business Development, Jordan/Nike Serene Perkins, M.D., F.A.C.S., Director of Clinical Research, Legacy Research Institute Fr. Matthew Tate, Archpriest, Church of the Annunciation PROGRAMS AND SERVICES COMMITTEE

Amalia Alarcon de Morris, Bureau Director, Office of Neighborhood Involvement, City of Portland Jane Henderson, Owner, Indexplorations Mary Karter, Retired Teen Parent Services Coordinator for Portland Public Schools Patrick Lemmon, Violence Prevention Consultant Greg Stewart, Sergeant, Portland Police Bureau Crime Analysis Unit FUND DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING COMMITTEE

Nicole Frisch, Community Relations Director, First Tech Federal Credit Union Rick Lesniak, Owner, Blazer Homes LLC Tracy Morrisseau, Director of Business Development, Jordan/Nike Krista Tappan, Advertising Account Executive, Portland Business Journal Christina Vander Werf, Senior Manager Product Marketing, Providence Health & Services Katie Zink, Strategic Partner Outreach, FINANCE COMMITTEE

Elise Bouneff, Senior Vice President Professional Banking Manager, Bank of the Cascades Kim DeLacy, Senior Portfolio Manager, Standard Insurance Company Michelle Erickson, Commercial Relationship Manager, Vice President, Umpqua Bank

Destinations Gala | October 20, 2016 Holiday Program | November – December 2016 Restaurants for Raphael House | May 2017

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Statement of Impact 2016 | Raphael House of Portland  

For more than 39 years we have been providing survivors with the tools they need to build violence-free lives. We’re honored to share about...

Statement of Impact 2016 | Raphael House of Portland  

For more than 39 years we have been providing survivors with the tools they need to build violence-free lives. We’re honored to share about...