Raphael House Spring Report 2020

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“You gave us the chance to start new. Now my family is safe, and every day is brighter.” NIRA, SURVIVOR

Together, we’re building a future without domestic violence!

Thanks to your support, we serve 5,250+ survivors and community members each year! “The breadth of programming at Raphael House is astounding. We help people in crisis get to safety; we walk alongside survivors who are applying for their first apartment or maintaining their sobriety; we teach high school students how to build the safe and respectful relationships they deserve. And even as we make adjustments to protect everyone’s health and safety, we’re still working at every level across the community to help survivors thrive and to build a future without abuse. The need for our services is more urgent than ever, and your gifts make this life-saving work possible. Thank you!”

Emmy Ritter, LCSW Executive Director

prevention education Through education, we are working “upstream” to stop violence before it starts. Our workshops teach young people and adults how to build equitable relationships, practice consent, and identify and respond to domestic violence.

• School-based workshops • Confidential advocacy for youth • Sex trafficking prevention • Workplace trainings for adults

emergency services Raphael House offers a safe haven to survivors when they are in the greatest danger, immediately after fleeing an abusive partner. Our team of advocates works 24/7 to help families achieve their goals, and move from crisis to stability.

• Emergency shelter in a confidential location • Housing placement and debt reduction • Support with basic needs • Youth and family services • 24-hour hotline

supportive services We are here for survivors every step of the way as they build lives without abuse. Raphael House offers wraparound supports to families long after they leave our shelter, and we are now bringing specialized services to new parts of the community we’ve never reached before.

• Ongoing access to support groups, case management, youth and family services, basic needs, eviction prevention, and more in our Advocacy Center • Rental assistance and housing stability resources • Advocate stationed at OHSU’s Richmond Clinic • Survivor-led addiction recovery services

Karina’s Story Karina called our hotline in a panic. After years of abuse, she had taken her two children and their cat and fled her abusive husband. With nowhere to go, the family had been living in their car for nearly a week. 1 Karina was terrified he would find them, and because he’d hidden her ID and credit card, she didn’t know where to turn. After moving into our emergency shelter, 2 Karina’s advocates helped replace what they’d left behind—food and hygiene items, warm jackets, a replacement ID, and even gifts for her son’s fifth birthday. 3 Once they were safe and had the essentials they needed, Karina shared, “I could breathe again. I could start thinking about the next best thing for my family.” Our shelter’s Housing Specialist was soon able to connect Karina with resources to cover the cost of housing applications and clear debt that her abuser had racked up in her name. When they were accepted into an apartment two months later, we helped the family get settled and provided them with a move-out kit full of items to furnish their new kitchen and bedrooms. “Finally, we are home,” she said. Karina now returns to our Advocacy Center 4 weekly for our Latinas Unidas support group 5 and has been taking part in tenant education and financial literacy classes. Her daughter comes to our Teen Scene group 6 every other week and loves when they have art nights. “I am so thankful for the genuine love and respect Raphael House shows for me and my kids. It’s our ultimate place of safety. Our lives have totally changed and now we’re full of hope.”

Impact in 2019





We proudly serve survivors of every age, gender identity, ethnicity, ability, immigration status, primary language, and sexuality, along with multigenerational families and pets

126 adults & children stayed in the safety of our confidential shelter

162 birthday gifts were given to families in our programs

354 survivors

received ongoing support through our Advocacy Center


2,938 times adults and children took part in support groups and therapy


300+ children

and teens served across our programs

Building a Future Without Violence Our mission at Raphael House is not only to support survivors in the aftermath of abuse, but to build a future without violence and oppression. Since 2006, we have taught students in their classrooms about domestic violence, equitable relationships, and consent – so that one day, no one will need our services. In 2018, we expanded our programming in two exciting ways. We now facilitate trainings for youth and adults focused on sex trafficking prevention. And we also provide confidential advocacy at several Portland Public High Schools – where on-site advocates offer one-on-one support for teens experiencing dating violence or relationship challenges. This is the only program of its kind in the US!

3,755 students participated in equitable relationships workshops

102 teens

received confidential advocacy

*Impact during 2018-2019 school year


reached through our Sex Trafficking Prevention curriculum



960 youth and adults

n t i o n e d u c at

Financial Snapshot

Raphael House couldn’t serve 5,250 survivors and community members each year without the generous support of our community. Your gifts make this all possible! 2018-2019 fiscal year

Expense Emergency Services: 26% Housing and Support Programs: 17% Development: 14% Youth Program: 9% Advocacy Center: 9% Administration: 9% Recovery Mentors and Health Care Advocacy: 7% Prevention Education: 6% Volunteer Program: 3% Total: $2,685,389

Revenue Individuals: 9% Foundations: 12% Corporate: 9% Special Events: 9% State and Federal: 16% Multnomah County: 35% Donated Materials and Services: 5% Investments and Other Income: 5% Total: $2,635,287

moment of gratitude “My children and I were able to make a safe, new life because of a program like Raphael House’s. I am so grateful and honored to give back!” ANONYMOUS RAPHAEL HOUSE DONOR

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thursday, october 15

Our eleventh annual dine-out fundraiser has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please visit raphaelhouse. com for updates!

Stand with survivors no matter where you are! Join us for an online celebration of hope, safety, and stories of strength. Learn more and RSVP at raphaelhouse.com

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connect with help You deserve to be safe, you deserve to be respected, and you are not alone! Support is always available via our 24-hour hotline at (503) 222-6222, or visit raphaelhouse.com/get-help to learn about accessing our services.