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The Card Game

What is Dota? Dota is an online game that was made from another game called Warcraft. It consists of two teams (Radiant and Dire) of 5 players fighting eachother in order to destroy the enemy’s Shrine first. This is a card game version (with adaptations) of the famous computer game, made for people that are passionate about Dota and want to play it even if they are away from the computer. I hope you enjoy it!

Box Content This box have the following content: • 2 decks with 65 cards each, those being 5 Heroes cards, 40 Itens cards, 3 Creep cards, 2 Tower cards and 15 Gold cards; • 2 dice; • 1 rule book;

Game Rules Picking Phase The game starts with both players picking their heroes. To do so, they must roll the dice. Whoever gets the highest number, becomes the “first player” and the other one, the “second player”. The picking phase goes like this: - First player: 1 pick; - Second player: 2 picks; - First player: 2 picks; - Second player: 2 picks; - First player: 2 picks; - Second player: 1 pick; With the picking phase over, each player will have 5 heroes. This phase happens only in the beggining of the game.

Game Rules Turn Phase Each turn is divided in 2 subturns: the “First Subturn” and the “Second Subturn”. On the beggining of each subturn, both players must roll the dice. Whoever gets the highest number, plays first. Also, on the beggining of the first subturn, both players must get a “1 Gold Coin” card (doesn’t count as an action). Each player is allowed to do one “action move” with a hero. After doing so, the next player also makes an action move. Then, it’s the first player again. This goes on until all heroes have done their action moves, which means that the subturn is over. Hero Cards Each hero can perform one action per subturn. Hero skills may only be played once per turn (but they still

Game Rules count as one action), this effect is called “cooldown”. If a hero is killed, the player that killed that hero gets 2 gold coins. The dead Hero comes back to battle only after the next turn is over. Item Cards Items can be bought only on the beggining of the first subturn. Each hero can only have 6 Item cards attached to it. Using an item counts as an action unless the card says it doesn’t. Creep Cards Creeps only attack each other, unless a Hero attacks another Hero, activating the creep’s passive abitlity. The creeps die on the end of each turn (if the have not been killed), respawning again on the following turn.

Game Rules Tower Cards Towers will only attack heroes if all their creeps have been killed. They hit once every subturn and will focus the Hero that hits them. The player that destroys a tower gets 3 gold coins. Last Hit and Denying A player may try to last hit a creep, in order to get 1 gold coin from that kill. To do so, he must use an action from a Hero. If the action is a skill that can do damage to a creep, the creep is killed, but if the action is a physical attack, the both players must roll the dice. If the player trying to get the last hit gets the highest number, the last hitting is successful. If the other player gets the highest number, he denies that creep, not allowing the first player to get the gold.

Game Rules General Rules To win the game, a player must destroy the enemies both towers and directly hit the other player, that has 10 Health Points. Hero Cards have on their bottom right two numbers, the first being their physical attack damage, and the second being their health points. Item cards have on their bottom right a number that indicates their cost in gold coins to equip it in a hero.

Processo Criativo General Rules O processo criativo do baralho foi dividido nas seguintes partes: - Vetorização das imagens do jogo; - Criação do layout das cartas (inspirado em card games) - tamanho das cartas: (8,8cm x 6,3cm) - fontes: Goudy Medieval, MPlantin e Vivaldi; - Regras do jogo e balanceamento; - Layout da caixa e manual; - Gráfica; - Criação da embalagem;

Dota Card Game  
Dota Card Game