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Jinyu Rao Sci-Arc


Jinyu Rao lianjunshui@outlook.com (213)666-2702

Jinyu Rao Sci-Arc


state -ment Rao Jinyu is interested in art, music, and literature. Her father is a literature scholar and her mother is a music teacher. The integration of these three intrigues her and helps her to imagine different potential aspects of probable futures. She has lived in four cities in China, and her family is now staying in Shanghai. Recently, she moved to Los Angeles for further study. Jinyu graduated from Shanghai University, with a 5-year diploma in architecture. During her undergraduate, she submitted several entries in architectural competitions and has participated in several internships. She currently graduated from SCI-Arc, M.Arch II program.

Architecture Design and Explore crossover

An uh logy Dig et. al. Vertical Studio 3GBX

On Softness Graduate Thesis

08-25 Le MuséeImaginaire Design Studio 2GBX


Wearable Architecture Vertical Studio 3GAX Slice It! Visual Study VS4200

40-51 Design Development AS Design Doc GR




After Image Design Studio 2GAX


Clay Visual Study VS 2633

96-107 VR Leviathan VS VR FILM SETS III




In Visible Visual Study VS4200 II

Art Factory Building Renovation

136-143 Phygital Materiality AS 2811

Grow back to the Eden Graduation Design of University


Jiangchuan Libray Uker Intership

114-119 144-147


Graduate Thesis

On Softness

Graduate Thesis, 2021 Location: Korean town, Los Angeles, US Instructor: Florencia Pita Individual work Video: https://vimeo.com/560856499 https://vimeo.com/591719281 https://vimeo.com/620312202

Children’s Institute Reconstruction What is softness? For my thesis, softness means soft contact to create comfort. So, softness is not only looking soft but feeling soft. What is an architecture of softness? In reality, most buildings are hard. What would happen if we replaced traditional hard structures with soft ones. Imagine if the walls were soft, if the door was soft, if the windows were very soft. This thesis is about architectural softness, which emulates an aesthetic of cuteness, and the project is tested in a courtyard that embraces openness. 09

On Softness

Still lifes


Soft materials are too pliable; therefore, they need to be contained. I reference Morandi’s painting to get my containers.

Graduate Thesis



On Softness

Graduate Thesis Asset Model These soft materials support each other, resulting in new density material that doesn’t belong to any particular recognizable construction reference.



On Softness

Graduate Thesis Soft Material for Architecture The object of every day can be the plush toys and some clothes, while the construction part will be the plaster, steel rods, and insulation.



On Softness

Graduate Thesis

1:1 Wll Detail model Soft materials are too pliable; therefore, they need to be contained. Such as concrete formwork that needs to coalesce together by casting into a mold. All the hybrid of softness and hardness is plasticity, which means soft in my thesis.


On Softness



I also use those soft and nature texture for my program to realize the casting effect in digital way.

Graduate Thesis




The program is a reconstruction of a children’s institute, a 1900s residence in 701 S. New Hampshire Avenue, Los Angeles. This building has a neoclassic style with a central courtyard.

Graduate Thesis Vertical Playground For this project, the container is a series of vertical volumes, thought of as still life objects, parallel to Moradin’s painting of still lifes. This courtyard refers to San Pietro in Montorio, which has a Tempietto within a narrow courtyard. 021


On Softness

Graduate Thesis

Section Softness provides openness for the courtyard, and the original building embraces the soft part inside. Accordingly, the relationship between the courtyard and the old building is reversed. The courtyard is the central space for the children’s institute, while the perimeter one becomes the circulation and auxiliary space.


On Softness Detail


There are two side of vacuum, and I stick them together, to be my container.

Graduate Thesis



Vertical Studio 3GBX

An uh logy Dig et. al.

Vertical Studio 3GBX, 2021 Location: the City of Massy, Paris, French Instructor: Devyn Weiser Individual work Video: https://vimeo.com/545912517

Anyway Door Museum The studio kickstarts the project through graphic techniques on the new release of Testa & Weiser’s Gameboard platform, a Graphical User Interface to re-see, re-make, and re-name architectural objects/assets. Across this playful digital and analog interface, designers will consider morphological and syntactical elements that make up non-historical and non-referential architectural compositions.


An uh logy Dig et. al.

threshold slope lobby&office theatre square gallery linear gallery cloud gallery flower gallery cafe exist&retail

Anyway Door


I was Inspired by cartoon Doraemon’s anyway door, The Anyway door can enfilade different worlds through the door.

Vertical Studio 3GBX Gameboard From the gameboard, cropping and masking by 12 tiles, to create enfiladed space within the different volumes, the connection between the volumes is the threshold to the world in the world. 029


An uh logy Dig et. al.

Vertical Studio 3GBX Interaction The anyway door museum is a museum of Psychogeographical guide (direction is spontaneous, movement of the audience is affective). There is Physical and emotional interaction between people and the museum. 031


An uh logy Dig et. al.

Vertical Studio 3GBX First Floor

Clipping plane Start the investigation by using the 15 tiles and Clip the 15 tiles from top view to the underground with different speeds. The cropped 4 layers of planes in the tiles rework their relationships and help us to enter the interior directly.



An uh logy Dig et. al.

Vertical Studio 3GBX Second Floor

Clipping Section clipping section by the 15 tiles from the gameboard. Looking at the building through 7 frames.


An uh logy Dig et. al. 036

Flat view

Each of the tiles of the game board is acting as a frame, which have different cropped view, sometimes in plan sometimes in elevation.

Vertical Studio 3GBX

Curator and audience can reassemble circulation of the museum by dislocating the asserts. 037

, .

Assets composition


An uh logy Dig et. al.

Vertical Studio 3GBX Threshold The camera acts as the threshold mediator. It occupies the threshold as another room - looking forward and backward.



Vertical Studio 3GAX

Wearable Architecture Vertical Studio 3GAX, 2020 Instructor: Hernan Diaz-Alonso Individual work Video: https://vimeo.com/545903581

Inflatinge & Exhausting Air The studio aims to use architecture and garment or body architecture as wavs to increase the possibilities for rapid response design, in the current global context. To speculate the speed, scales, traditions of what we consider the habitat, it will allow us to think innovative paces for the body,nature and the city, creating new forms of life, and integration between the home and inhabitants, as new ways of life synthesis. Bringing the architecture of the body and architecture of the habitat together in a very literal manner, not as healing elements, but understanding these operations as opportunities for new individuality ahd a way of self-empowerment.



Wearable Architecture

Vertical Studio 3GAX Garment About the exhausting, I think it can form beautiful wrinkle patterns if applied to the garment, like the pleated skirt.


Wearable Architecture Transformation


The balloon is floating to the sky and then would explod.

Vertical Studio 3GAX




Wearable Architecture

Vertical Studio 3GAX

landscape Art Because of Covid-19, many public facilities were forced closed. Now each person can come to the park by wearing this garment, which can protect a person from outside.



Wearable Architecture

Vertical Studio 3GAX Urban Evironment The balloon has a hydroponic system, which explodes with water and spread seeds to make the plants grow up. The balloon can absorb the water vapor in fog, which also can alleviate urban smog.


Wearable Architecture

Renew While absorbing enough water, the balloon will explode and spread the seeds to the city. And the urban environment will grow up.


The Wearable Architecture can activate abandoned park and polluted city. It will create an opportunity for people to transform their world for enjoyment.

Vertical Studio 3GAX



Design Studio 2GBX

Le Musée Imaginaire

Design Studio 2GBX, 2019 Location: LACAMA, Los Angeles, US Instructor: Damjan Jovanovic Partner: Mitsuki Ikeda Video: https://vimeo.com/545901145

LACAMA Post Digital Museum Lacma is organized as an encyclopedic museum that includes natural artifacts from Asia, Europe, and the Americas as well as fine art. The objects in the museum are detached from its associated context and framed as art by dominant institutions for the sake of possession, status, wealth, and knowledge in the history of art. Aspired to be an encyclopedia museum in a new era, the project raises a question for this fact, and propose a new concept of the relationship between art and its context. With the progress of visual technology like VR and AR, the value of visiting and physically experiencing arts at the museum is also changing. This project proposes a new value of museums in the digital generation.


Le MuséeImaginaire



We study from some natural things like crystal and agate to think about the particle of our building.

Design Studio 2GBX



Le MuséeImaginaire

Design Studio 2GBX

Section In this museum, objects in the display are surrounded by the system of amorphous and tangible particles.


Le MuséeImaginaire VirtualContext


The proposed museum introduces intermediate virtual information layer around the objects. It is an aura emitted from the object itself, showcasing another perspective of the objects in the different media formats. At the same time, it is a partitioning device between spaces dedicated to each object.

Design Studio 2GBX

Interior People view in the interior.



Rooftop Garden

Le MuséeImaginaire

The most external particles generate an artificial landscape on the surface of the building. Floating in the sky, the collaboration of geometric prisms and living vegetation creates an illusory atmosphere on the rooftop garden. The passage between objects provide places for a cafe, rest space, community space, and also the display of the sculptures.

Design Studio 2GBX


The rooftop garden is spatially connected to the ground level by the vertical void. The cave-like courtyard is an entryway from the city to the museum. It serves as a public space for both people and artifacts.



AS Design Doc GR

Design Development

AS Design Doc GR, 2020 Instructor: Herwig Baumgartner, Brian Zamora Partner: Shuo Feng, Carnation Kng, Kyle Balster, Zhaogi Zhu, Rene Perez Ignacio, Jordan Scheuermann, Aseel Alamoudi, Ahmad Sultan, Jinyu Rao, Heena Patel, I Hsiang Wang, Misuki Ikeda Video: https://vimeo.com/546265988

Integrated Design Project This course investigates issues related to the implementation of design: technology, the use of materials, systems integration, and the archetypal analytical strategies of force, order and character. The course includes a review of basic and advanced construction methods, analysis of building codes, the design of Structural and Mechanical systems, Environmental systems, Buildings service systems, the development of building materials and the integration of building components and systems.


Design Development

Remaining egg crate structure placed


Remaining ‘gem’ module structure

AS Design Doc GR Construction The intent of this course is to develop a cohesive understanding of how architects communicate complex building systems for the built environment and to demonstrate the ability to document a comprehensive achitectural project and Stewardship of the Environment. 065

Design Development

Titanium Facade Module connection members

Accent interior ‘gems’ CFRC interior Material


Rigid Insulation Steel Waterproofing Menbrane Silicone beading

Envelope Automated ‘gem’ welding and assembly.

AS Design Doc GR


Design Development

Facade to floor detail condition: 01. Steel tube skirt1 02. Custom steel plate 03. Facade system 04. Steel plate 05. Fasteners 06. Floor caver

Facade to ground deta condition: 01. Concrete curb 02. Steel flashing 03. Steel plate 04. Structural facade 05. Secondary facade 06. Fasteners 07. Aesthetic facade



Facade to roof detail condition: 01. Steel Plating 02. Steel connections 03. Facade system

AS Design Doc GR



Design Development

AS Design Doc GR

Steel plate support Growing substrate

Steel structure Steel plating Growing substrate Filter sheet Drainage layer Protection mat Planter concrete pedestais Root barrier Waterproofing membrane Planter level cocrete Planter level corrugated decking

Solar cell mesh

Steel structure


Design Development

26 31 00 photovotalic collectors

07 30 10 grace ice & water shield 07 21 13 foam board insulation

05 31 00 steel decking

05 10 00 structure steel frame

09 21 00 gypsum board assemblies 03 31 00 structure concrete


Outline Specification

AS Design Doc GR

AI Al generated facade patterning. Through a cycleGAN artificial intelligence operation, a sinple geological texture is outputed as a complex texture which the titanium is coated with.



Design Studio 2GAX

After Image

Design Studio 2GAX, 2019 Location: Chinatown, Los Angeles, US Instructor: Macerlyn Gow Partner: Wen Chen

Co-working Space in Fuzzy Boundary Our studio took a lot of photos from China town, and modeledthose image through scan technology. We separated these elements , recombined them, deployed them on different architectural scales, changed the positive forms to negative, and define them with new functions. Our project explores the possibility of a fuzzy boundary in a very new kinds of method, using texture. We not only want to physically dissolve the boundaries of buildings, but also try to create vagueness regarding the boundary on the level of culture and history.


After I mage

Scan Chinatown


The textures include a stone statue of a sheep, a Chinese tower, a ball below lion’s claw and a Chinese lantern.

Design Studio 2GAX Bubbles We use the texture of scattered bubbles to create a lot of interstitial spaces. Therefore, the boundary of the ground to the building is very fuzzy. Then, we put three towers on top of those bubbles. In this way, the boundary between the main building and the site is blurred in the vertical dimension. The building appears as if it is suspended, like a floating island.



After I mage

Design Studio 2GAX

Dynamic Building Our building breaks the traditional squared and angular architecture with a smooth form, looks like it is going to roll away.


After I mage



The inner boundary of the main tower becomes confusing. There is no clear boundary between different functions, but they are separated by different textures, derived from the sheep and the tower.

Design Studio 2GAX

Office Co-working space Meeting room Retail Kitchen Outdoor



After I mage

Design Studio 2GAX

Section It a very futuristic work scenario, but in a historically textured building. The co-working spaces are not only designed to accommodate the relationship between humans, but also the relationship between human and robots. Thus the themes of history and the future coexist in our architecture.


After I mage

Physical Model


The original material is derived from strong, figural lines and curves.

One of our buildings is designed with an ancient Chinese tower placed upside down as the building’s roof. Therefore the tower’s spire serves as a structural column to support the public space overhead on the ground floor. People can pass under the building and feel the element of the ancient tower, while having a new spatial experience.

Design Studio 2GAX

Public Space

We scaled the ball below lion’s claw several times to become the facade of a building. A sunken plaza serves as an entrance to the ball space, having a contemporary design aesthetic.



Visual Study VS4200

Slice It!

Visual Study VS4200, 2019 Instructor: Cadioli Andrea, Curime Batliner Partner: Yixuan Cai

Post-Digital Design We are living in the mechanical age. Painted canvas and standing plaster figures no longer have any reason to exist. What is needed is a change in both essence and form. What is needed is the supercession of painting, sculpture, poetry, and music. It is necessary to have an art that is in greater harmony with the needs of the new spirit.” —Lucio Fontana 087

Slice It!




Playing in the game of part to whole, the course looks at the potential of a gestural cut as a device for the production of dualities in anontologically weak system. Concepts of inside/out, open/close, right/wrong are challnged in a surface in continuous evolution in between opposing identities.

Visual Study VS4200


Slice It! 090

Processing Edit

The project was constructed starting from a series of parametrically and generative designed patterns playing with repetition, tiling and overlapping. From a first path in Grasshopper, the linework was enhanced in Illustrator and After Effect before being printed double side and carved out of the canvas itself and plexiglass sheets. The elements were compiled on a CNC frame and mounted on the robotic arm. The panel was video recorded while oriented in different position in relation to gravity and camera view to take advantage of the natural fold of the cut and the different light effect of the hatches. At the end, we combined material in form physical and digital form in the Robot House to construct a synthetic . We try to display the 2.5D canvas in post-digital area.

Visual Study VS4200

Post-Digital Partern

Following the contemporary explorations of the 2.5d canvas in post-digital area, the project investigates the architectural facade as a space of multiplicities and singularity, deeply public and in an infinitely state of fluxatio. We try to look at the potential of a gestural cut as a device for the production of dualities in an ontologically weak system.



Robot Arm

Slice It!

Visual Study VS4200 Sliced Facade Following the contemporary explorations of 2.5d canvas in post-digital era, the proect investigates the architectural facade as a space of multiplicities and singularity, deeply public and in an infinitely state of fluxation.



Slice It!

Visual Study VS4200 Midtern Exhibition We are living in the mechanical age. Painted canvas and standing plaster figures no longer have any reason to exist. What is needed is a change in both essence and form. What is needed is the supercession of painting, sculpture, poetry, and music. It is necessary to have an art that is in greater harmony with the needs of the new spirit.” —Lucio Fontana 095


Visual Study VS 2633

Clay Visual Study VS 2633, 2021 Instructor: Florencia Pita Partner: Yixuan Cai

Self-sufficient Domesticity Domesticity is more than traditional family life in modern times. In the context of the quarantine, people have slowly adapted to life in isolation. Domesticity is self-sufficient. As our source of inspiration, the household has turned our kitchen into a living studio. We are at home, work, and life alternate, becoming our self-sufficient production line. The kitchen has become the plane of our work and life.



Table Setting


These diagrams willsimply be abstractions of plates and cups. The base grid will be the point grid that is referenced in the graph paper.

Visual Study VS 2633

Table Cloth At the same time students will acquire paper plates, cups and containers. These will be used to weave the table ‘cloth’.





Using a waving mechanism of warp and weft, we will create a paper textile. This textile will not only create a pattern but it will also engage with the paper cups, plates and containers.

Visual Study VS 2633




Visual Study VS 2633

Digital Model Students can purchase a shredder or they can manually cut the strips. The material used here can be colored paper or recycled paper.



Table The two previous Steps, 1 & 2, will be applied to this location. The plates and cups will become the ‘features’ in this playground.


We will look at the work of Aldo Van Eyck, and his designs for playgrounds. Similar to the exercises done by Van Eyck, where the primitive shapes intersect with the ground. Here the ‘table setting’ bcomes the conceptual framework for the dsign of the plaza.

Visual Study VS 2633

Site This class will design an actual plaza, the site is a triangular lot just few blocks from SCI_Arc. 0105




This model will be done in ceramic and it will determine the edge between the table cloth and the play structure, object and ground.

Visual Study VS 2633




VR Leviathan

VS VR FILM SETS III, 2020 Instructor: Alexey Marfin Partner: Emma Koh, Vivian Charlesworth, Sinew Zhang, Jinyu Rao, Anqi Wang VR: https://vimeo.com/493216087

Moving Forward into VR Leviathan tells the story of a Russian car mechanic who is fighting to stop his home from being seized and destroyed by a corrupt mayor. The film mostly takes place in the home’s kitchen and the surrounding coastal village, and examines the relationship between the fisherman, his family, friends, and various political entities.



VR Leviathan


Space / Atmosphere / Emotion Kitchens are the heart of the home, a space of gathering, of comfort. We wanted our scene to feel lived in, to convey the imprint of those who lived there, and their last moments inhabiting the space.


VR Leviathan 0112

We plan to locate the viewer in the c tion, and take our cues from the inta people who live in


center of the kitchen. We will imagine what the rest of the space will look like in terms of mess and destrucact interior views from the film. We hope to dress the set with props and items that reflect and represent the n this home. Our plan is to consider what items might be left behind, and what cues they give the audience.



Phygital Materiality AS 2811

Phygital Materiality

Phygital Materiality AS 2811, 2021 Instructor: Peter Testa Partner: Cristina Cotruta, Yihan Zheng, Mao Yaqing, Dharsini Kalaiselvan

Textiles, Texts, Techniques To explore these fundamental concerns the seminar looks at the idea of a phygital materiality – bridging the digital and analog – with a focus on textiles. Small teams will research and document the emergence of a new material culture across a range of fields including fashion, sports, medical, art, architecture, interiors, and objects.


Textiles, Texts, Techniques



we make a real person pretend to be a dummy model.

Phygital Materiality AS 2811



Textiles, Texts, Techniques



we take the swatch textile and interconect it to the crochet.

we joint different layers of swatches, or overlay various knitwear to make contrast and diversity between fabrics.

Phygital Materiality AS 2811


Scenes We put some architectural objects/assets of Testa & Weiser’s Gameboard platform into the Scenes. And we are combined with some Coral elements which echo with the cloth.



Visual Study VS4200 II

In Visible

Visual Study VS4200 II, 2019 Instructor: Elena Manferdini, Andrea Cadioli Partner: Yu Shih Video: https://vimeo.com/546364514

Transformation to the future This notion of Anthropocene also puts human power as an equal status to Nature and brings to mind that we, empowered with modern technology, are making our choices at the crossroads— toward a utopia condition or the other end. This project therefore illustrates the contamination of nature by human settlement with evidences of a lake’s transformation projected from the past, the present and to the future.


In Visible

Prints UV


By juxtaposing the contrast water resource conditions within one lake-scape, we aim to ill utopia scenarios resulting from considerable choices of constructing a future living system

Visual Study VS4200 II

lustrate a vivid transformation between dystopia and m within nature.

This print uses infrared technology to superimpose utopia and dystopia pictures together.




In Visible

Visual Study VS4200 II Dystopia While time moves on, the lake starts drying out and leaves us a spacious dry lakebed field, a dystopian condition of the present time, as a contamination due to human’s overuse of natural resource and industrial activities from the past.



Graduation Design of University

Grow back to the Eden

Graduation Design of University,2018 Location: Renhuang Moutain, Huzhou, China Instructor: Li Ling Individual work

Cultivate Sense of Happiness The project Grow back to the Eden in my portfolio, a Children’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, was created according to the study of children’s ages and stages of development in psychology, which includes absolute dependence, relative dependence and towards independence. The design addressed the demand for modern early learning spaces in the growing community while being a colorful and memorable civic piece of architecture.


Grow back to the Eden

Complete Dependence (0-2 years old) Psychological Characteristics

T h e o r y of Psychology

Psychology Strategy

Babies and mothers are all in one

Group Strategy


G r o u p Arrangement

Babies recognize the difference between mother and herself

Maternal Deprivation Experiment

Object Relation Theory

Mother’s love is due to comfortable contact, shaking and playing

parent’s room contain children’s

Unit Strategy


Relative Dependence (3-7 years old)

steep slope

Babies need to replace real mothers with some “transitional objects”

children’s room intersect parent’s


linear arrangement

height difference arrangement

Each unit is independent

Each unit is relatively independent but with eye contact

B a b i e s Separate from their mothers and becoming a “complete object”

actual level

recent level

potential level

Zone of Proximal Development Childrencanachieve t h e potential higher level by interaction with higher level people

Graduation Design of University

Towards Independence (8-12 years old)

children’s room disjoint parent’s

hillock low-lying land

around the hillock arrangement

circumference arrangement

The units enclose a sunken square


Group Relationship Analysis

Grow back to the Eden


viewing platform

parents bedroom

dining room living room

parents bedroom

maternal and infant room





Complete Dependence

Relative De

Graduation Design of University


the reception hall outdoor playground

outdoor playground hill playground


Parent-child restaurant

dining room living room

children bedroom


parents bedroom


living room children bedroom bathroom

Towards Independence


Grow back to the Eden 0132

Complete Dependence

Relative Dep

Graduation Design of University

Towards Independence



Grow back to the Eden

logistic entrance

reception hall

people entrance

4F 3F

psychology class

children’s playroom



Child Center Plane


Graduation Design of University


Playroom I

I is children’s playroom, II is Parent-child restaurant 0135


Building Renovation

Art Factory

Building Renovation,2017 Location: West of Sicily, Favignana, Italy Istructor: Wei Qin Partner: Wu Jingfeng Contribution: Concept 50%, Model 50%, Drawing 50%

Reveal the Manipulation On an island, you get permission to turn an abandoned prison into a gallery. But you’re not satisfied with that. In order to operate at maximum efficiency, you want to put the entire ecosystem of the art world in this small building. Namely, the art factory! The value of art should be affirmed. Most of the time it’s not a The Emperor’s New Clothes. But the sharp rise in art prices in recent years has led us to wonder: Is there a dark secret behind this incredible phenomenon?


Art Factory

The Triving Market

Chinese art Old Masters Impressionist& Modern Comtemporary


Ecosystem of Art World

In the past decade, the art market has continued to grow, with the exception of 2008. The 2008 world financial crisis was impressive. The precipitous decline in art sales at this point is revealing the commercial relevance of works represented by Contemporary Art.

Building Renovation

Lecture Hall Hold an art press conference or Lecture Reception Room It is used to receive the curator of Art Gallery and other important persons Library Historians and critics are invited to give seminars on a regular basis

Collection room For the storage and safekeeping of qualified works of Art

Editorial Department The Gallery owns the media and publishes reports and video records of artists and works Curator Studio Plan an exhibition for a particular artist or theme

Exibit Room Open to collectors, occasional salons Gallerist Office The selection of works of art, eligible works of art into the next packaging process Garbage Room Storge of refuse

Artists studio More commercial methods such as apprenticeships or assembly-line production produce works of Art Rough Shop Preliminary processing of raw materials such as gypsum mixing and metal cutting Storage of raw materials and tools


Art Factory

Audience: It seems very philosophical. Audience: Anyway, let’s take a Selfie.

Audience:Master piece!


Audience: I don’t u n d e r s t a n d . Maybe I’m not artistic enough.

Scene 1, Exibit Hall

Artist: We have new brand cooperation, and work harder.

Building Renovation

Artist: Let me introduce some new works of this month.

Workman: Don’t blow it up!

Apprentice: Just a few more drawings and we’ll have my quota.

Artist: Go get three more. Artist: Ideas come before everything.

Artist:How inefficient is it to do it all by myself.


Scene 2, Artist’s Studio

Art Factory

Collector: We’d like to talk about our next sponsorship deal. Stayed up writing again last night.

Indi-Curator:Hey dude, have you decided on the theme of the exhibition.

Photographer: Hold it!

Independent CuratorI had to make up the story myself.


Gallerist: balancing q u a l i t y a n d efficiency is also an art. Museum

Scene 3, Office Area

Building Renovation

Collector: where is lecture room? Curator: That would be an honor!

Museum Curator: Our museum would like to collect three of his works. C r i t i c : Perfect!


Scene 4, Reception Area


Uker Intership

Jiangchuan Library Uker Intership,2017 Location: Shanghai, China

-Performed planes of Library design with AutoCAD, and Rhino. -modeled Library with with computer-aided design software such as Sketch-up. -Prepared blueprints using computer-aided design programs such as V-ray, Photoshop.

Landscape Painting Library In this case, the design of the outer rigid and soft inner shape and an overhead design was adopted to extend the sight of the street to the inner courtyard. The interior created an affinity and open landscape garden with Jiangnan characteristics. Bring people into the library. The open and shared courtyard design provides people with a walking garden experience. The courtyard is used as the core organization space, combined with the retreat to form a multi-level three-dimensional courtyard, maximizing the outdoor activity space, and improving the flexibility and motivation of the space. 0145

Jiangchuan Library

Physical Model


Top View




Uker Intership

-1 F




The project has four floors above the ground, and the form of retreat is divided into collection area, borrowing area, consulting service area, public activity and auxiliary service area, business area, administrative office area, technical equipment area and logistics support area. The first floor functions as a parking garage with about 102 parking spaces.


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