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Presentation to the BMW Regional Assembly “Winning Investment and Innovation in the BMW Region�

Mary Buckley Manager, Regional Development & Property Division

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Highlights of FDI

FDI in the BMW Region

FDI Competitive Changes

Strategy for the BMW Region

Property Solutions

Challenges for the Future

Vision for Ireland

Highlights of FDI •

1,054 companies employing 129,000 people

Top pharmaceutical companies

Exports of €72 billion and Irish economy expenditures over €18 billion

World’s largest exporter of software

New digital businesses e.g. Google, eBay

Some of most advanced technology in the world e.g. Intel, Wyeth and many more

Ireland – “the most globalised economy” (AT Kearney / Foreign Policy magazine)

FDI in the BMW Region • There are 197 IDA client firms employing 26,467 people • Target of 50% Greenfield jobs into the BMW. • Target Sectors: -ICT -Pharmaceuticals -International and Financial Services -Engineering • BMW is winning investments at the high end of the quality spectrum

IDA Client Companies

FDI Competitive Changes •

Fast paced globally networked economy

Significant growth in global location options for investors

Mobile manufacturing investments into Europe are declining

Services investments of growing importance

Irish costs and expectations have changed

FDI Competitive Changes IDA’s Response to change in the FDI marketplace: •

Win new ‘greenfield’ investment with a good regional spread. Ireland is competing for more complex, higher value, knowledge-based activities in both manufacturing and services

Upgrade and deepen the existing base of companies by winning additional functions or greater competencies e.g. R&D, sales and marketing and supply chain management

FDI Competitive Changes IDA’s response to change in the FDI marketplace: • Property development and regional infrastructure • Education, skills & research initiatives to strengthen companies • Networking, partnerships and cluster initiatives

What Today’s Investor Seeks •

Human Resources

World Class Infrastructure: – access, energy, telecoms – environment and waste – property solutions – business services – attractive lifestyle and amenities – clusters of similar and supporting businesses

The Right Attitude

Ireland’s Market Share of FDI 2001/2003 Share

Top Location




Shared Services Centres



* Pharma & Med Tech




C. Europe 55%


UK 33%


UK 25%

* ICT Contact Centres R&D projects * Manufacturing

Source: Buck Consultants (BCI), 2004

IDA Regional Strategy NSS - Gateways & Hubs


Address the unevenness of distribution of overseas companies across the country

Based on -Critical Mass -Infrastructure -Regional Planning Guidelines

Stimulate resources “Regionally” towards a national goal

IDA regional structure embedded

Strategy for the BMW Region IDA’s approach to promoting and developing the BMW region •

Influencing / Partnership role, ensuring the local environment is right for FDI

Promoting the BMW region as the location of choice for overseas companies

Researching and attracting new areas of business to build on the regions capabilities

Finding appropriate replacement investments for the region

Strategy for the BMW Region Research and Innovation • Build academic research capability • Substantially grow MNC R&D • Develop “connectedness” between the two

Strategy for BMW Region IDA doing this in two ways: •

Working in partnership with SFI, HEA and 3rd level colleges to bring business partners to CSET’s, research clusters and groups

Working with MNC’s to bring academic groups together to develop industry focused research initiatives

Property Solutions •

IDA is making the necessary long-term provision for the region in terms of property

Investment over €50 million in high quality business parks in the period 2000-2003

Top quality buildings from the private sector

Choice of available space and serviced sites

17 Flagship IDA Business & Technology Parks

IDA Business & Technology Parks in the BMW Region


Sligo Monaghan Westport Castlebar

Cavan Roscommon

Tuam Galway


Dundalk Mullingar Drogheda

Athlone Tullamore


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Galway Loughrea Tuam Ballinasloe Cavan Mullingar Roscommon Athlone Tullamore Portlaoise Drogheda Dundalk Sligo Letterkenny Castlebar Westport Monaghan

Challenges • Companies will select those locations that enable their business to succeed in international markets. • The Region must compete internationally • Resources must be mobilised regionally, not locally • The Region must prioritise and act cohesively • Academic and business collaboration for innovation and research. Constant upskilling • Partnerships are essential

A Vision for Ireland To be a world-leading society as reflected by: •

A knowledge-based economy infrastructure and services

At the forefront of technological innovation

In top three competitive economies in world

People committed to lifetime learning

Socially inclusive and cohesive nation

The highest environmental standards






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