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01 Imagery of Space


Illustrative Shot for an interior project in an imaginary context....

Landscape for Summer Home

Landscape for Summer Home Visual Arts . Illustration . Beach House

Landscape Architecture

Visual Arts . Illustration . Beach House

Visual Arts . Illus

stration . Mumbai

“ Restoring an Identity


Fishing Villages | Fishing Farms Visual Arts . Illustration . Mumbai

Visual Arts . Illustration . Mumbai

Reintegration of Natural Elements


were once an iconic feature of the history of the city of Mumbai; including the mangrove forests, water tanks, and productive plantation.

Visual Arts . Illustration . Mumbai


The need for green open spaces is of utter necessity due to the poor air quality of the city and need for natural purifiers. Mumbai, also, suffers from high levels of soil contamination and water pollution, which the mangrove forests can also be the answer to.

03 A Place for Rehabilitation


In the spirit of Jahani Pallasmaas THE EYE OF THE SKIN - Architecture and the Senses: The first step was taken by presenting own perception and vision reflecting the complex relation between your body and an atmosphere that could enhance your being.

Inpatient Rooms in Gardens Visual Arts . Illustration . Luxor

Entering from the Park to the Institution Visual Arts . Illustration . Luxor

Public Private Relationship


There is an inverse relation between the density of nature and manbuilt, as we go private tenderly nature takes over and the building becomes more scatered and more random. The site is mainly divided into three zones. First zone is the public zone containing all the public facilities. Second, is the private where there is the treatment rooms, hydro therapy, administration, staff rooms, ect. Third, the most private zone which is mainly the park adjecent to the land of the site. It is where Nature is dominating; nature increases. Therfore, according to the concpet of privacy it contains the inpatient rooms.

Visual Arts . Illustration . Luxor

... Polished Mem

mories for Sale ...


Between Consolidation, Stray and Commodification Visual Arts . Illustration . Narrative

Visual Arts . Illustration . Narrative


We feel pitty for Hollowland humans. Their memories are lost, as they don’t have a place to keep them safe, so this capitalist system uses us to get commodified and sold for the ordinary people as ordinary memories that help them cope with loss, sadness, sickness or any other pain.

... Forgotte

en Souls ...


Portsaeid, Portfouad Postcards


This land witnessed a number of harsh goodbye moments, either for a martyr who left us defeating his country, or for a lover who left his loved one, or a mother who is giving a last kiss to her travelling son. But as this land witnessed tears, it also witnessed a huge number of smiles that have been drawn on the faces during the various victories that restored the determination of the nation, such as the first day of digging the canal, or the day it has been returned back to the people. Days, wars and victories passed by this land and nothing remained but them to witness all the events taking place until this day. Light-house ..... Simon Arzt ...... The Italian house

Visual Arts . Illustration . Postcard Design

05 Socail Production of Habitat

Visual Arts . Illustration . Collage



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Visual Art Portfolio