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Carpenter Ants Keeping Your House Ant Free

While many other ant species are simply a nuisance, carpenter ants can actually destroy the wood inside the framing of your home to make a nest for all of their friend and family. The result can be thousands of dollars in destruction.

Understanding Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are typically red or black . The most common species tend to be black. They all have six legs and the traditionally segmented body. Some also have wings on their backs.

Identifying Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants actually love to work their way through wood that is damp or has been damaged by mold. Once they get in that space, though, they move toward the drier wood in your home and begin tunneling. While they’re happy to invade your firewood or dead stumps in your yard, they’re also happy to take over your home’s framing as well.

Living Space

If you live in a home with a wood frame structure, you’re at risk for carpenter ants. Your risk goes up if you have plywood siding. Crawl spaces can also increase your risk. Older homes tend to be more at risk than recently built homes. Trees and shrubs surrounding your home can also put you at a higher risk of problems.

The Risks

There are a variety of ways to reduce your risk for a carpenter ant infestation. First, make sure you repair any leaks, and the damage they caused, immediately. Second, be sure you keep trees and bushes near your home well trimmed. Finally, store firewood as far from the home as possible.

Preventing Carpenter Ants

If you happen to see any of the winged carpenter ants or the bigger black worker ants, it’s distinctly possible you have a problem on your hands. Additionally, finding sawdust caught in spots around your property could indicate a problem. Professional help is your best bet.

Dealing with the Problem

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Making the Right Choice

Carpenter ants – keeping your house ant free  
Carpenter ants – keeping your house ant free – Is your home made with a wood frame structure? Most likely it is as most homes are. If it is, then you are at risk...