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A Fishy Problem Preventing Silverfish In Your Home

Silverfish, also sometimes called fishmoths, aren’t actually fish at all. Instead, they’re part of the Family Lepismatidae, and they’d love nothing more than to live in a dark, damp spot in your home.

A Fish Out of Water

• Silverfish are typically white, brown, or a silvery blue in color. • They typically range from 12 to 19 mm in length. • All of them have three long bristles at the back of their bodies. • They move from egg to adult without a serious appearance change.

Characteristics of Silverfish

You can actually find silverfish in a variety of different locations. They prefer the damp, dark places in your home, like your basement or even under the bathroom sink. They love paper and damp clothing, too, though, which may expand their living space a bit. If you have a garage or a shed, you might find them living in boxes out there.

You May Find Them. . .

Silverfish are on the lookout for any carbohydrates or starches. That’s part of the reason they’re so attracted to paper. Anything cellulose is fair game for them. They also like shampoo, the glue that holds books together, or even other dead insects. They’ve even been found in unopened food packages in the past.

Hungry, Hungry, Hungry

Unlike some pest infestations, this one doesn’t stay hidden for long. Many people discover they have a problem with silverfish when they actually see one in their home. You’re likely to find them in your sink or bathtub before you find them anywhere else. You could also find feeding damage from these little creatures on paper materials or tiny feces that look like specks of pepper.

Are They In My House?

It can be a bit tough to prevent silverfish from coming into your home, but there are a few things you can do. Start by controlling the humidity levels throughout your home. In fact, the nymphs tend to develop quicker when it’s more humid, so keeping your home a bit drier is a good idea. You’ll also want to caulk any holes or other potential entry sites. A cleaner home is less likely to have silverfish, too, so keep it clean and uncluttered.

Preventing Infestation

If you’re already fighting a heavy population of silverfish, your best bet is to contact the professionals. Every infestation is different with these little guys, so a customized solution is an absolute must.

Dealing with Infestation

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Making the Right Choice

A Fishy Problem – Preventing Silverfish In Your Home – Silverfish, or sometimes called fishmoths, are not actually fish at all. They are pests that love nothing more tha...