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our 2015-16: Board of Trustees

Our Mission

»» Brian Torpey, M.D., Chair

is to nurture intellectual curiosity and confidence to inspire students to lead honorably , think creatively , and contribute meaningfully to society.

»» Patricia Kurdyla, Secretary

»» Josephine Esquivel, Vice Chair »» Christopher Fitzmaurice, Vice Chair/Treasurer »» Daniel Goldberg, M.D., Trustee Emeritus »» Jamie Price, Trustee Emeritus »» Robert Chandler »» Scott Fischer »» Joseph Guiliano »» Michael Jones, M.D. »» William Maher »» Michael Oster »» Irene Paulus ‘96 »» Ann Ross, M.D. »» Scott Woska, M.D.

Leadership Team »» Dr. John W. Griffith, Head of School »» Chuck Zalewski, Chief Financial Officer »» Patricia Marshall, Assistant Head of School for Academics »» Jennifer Collins, Chief Advancement Officer »» Katie Gibson, Head of Upper School »» Matt Hall, Head of Middle School »» Dr. Andrea Danial, Head of Lower School »» Bobby Malone, Director of Athletics

Student Council »» Jerome Cohen, President »» Cameron Cranley, Vice President »» Michelle Krameisen, Secretary »» Jonathan Kelly, Treasurer »» Valerie Schwake, Advisor 2016-17 Leaders: Jillian Ross, Gabriella Snyder, Alec Goldberger & Anisha Gupta

parents' association »» Joy Brandt & Trish Gioggia, Co-Presidents »» Allana Egol, Secretary »» Barbara Brand, Treasurer »» Kathy Dodge, Advisor 2016-17 Co-Presidents: Cathy Abboud & Liz Tolchin

Just one year ago, our school laid out plans for achieving a three-year strategic vision in which families, faculty, alumni, and all of Ranney’s constituents collaborate to distinguish and value every child, foster individual talents, sustain powerful connections between children and adults, and graduate resilient, globally-minded citizens. We are proud to share the impact of our new strategic plan in year one. This publication tells our story through the voices and accomplishments of our students, teachers, parents, and friends. Our students are learning to think both critically and creatively through hands-on projects and a student-centered environment. In our Innovation Labs and Robotics Labs, for example, they are integrating various disciplines to create and problem solve. Our expert faculty, who also serve as advisors, mentors, and coaches throughout the year, are encouraging our students to pursue all of their ambitions. Both in and out of the classroom, students are exploring a myriad of leadership, athletic, visual and performing arts opportunities, while also contributing to the community through service projects and research. Thanks to these meaningful student-teacher relationships and our nurturing learning community, which also encompasses our parents, grandparents, and alumni, Ranney students are developing confidence, resilience, and an understanding of giving back to society in meaningful ways. As our 2016 graduates begin the next stage of their lives at some of the top colleges and universities in America and abroad, we can confidently say that they are prepared not only for the academic rigor that awaits them but also for the social and global issues they will face.


As we look to the upcoming year, I look forward to seeing this story continue.

Established 1960


Our Strategic Goals »» Provide an environment in which every child feels valued, nurtured, and engaged. »» Deliver an academic environment that meets the highest standards of learning, and to foster a rich student-life experience. »» Unite Ranney School with a shared vision and a commitment to collaboration and partnership. »» Reignite a sense of community and collaboration within Ranney while also strengthening connections with the external community to contribute and serve. »» Sustain Ranney School through financial responsibility and advancement of development efforts.

Dr. J o h n W. G riffith Head of School

Ranney School

Our upper school students gained admittance to

6 Ivy Leagues and to 14 of the top 25

nationally ranked

Our Students are known and valued through a student-centered approach to education

universities by U.S. News & World Report’s Carnegie classifications.

We have four very different children at Ranney, each with their own unique personalities, interests, talents and challenges.... and they have thrived at this school, each in their own individual way. I am truly grateful for the education and learning environment they have experienced at Ranney.

Ranney has many fun activities, and I’m glad I can take part in them. These activities help me be creative and express myself in different ways.

Grace Ni v era Class of 2023, Lower School Orchestra, state-level Math Olympiad qualifier, 3-time High Honors Awardee at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

L iisa Pe pe Parent of Andrew, Class of 2023, Desmond, Class of 2025, Kyra, Class of 2027, and Deegan, Class of 2029

Ranney has provided me an environment where I have the confidence to perform on stage, to compete, and to create. My teachers have encouraged me to share my thoughts and ideas. At Ranney, I have enjoyed finding my passions and creating my own journey.

Jo h n Lev e nt h al Class of 2021, Robotics Team, Boat-Building Team, Chorus, Actor, 1st Place Forensics Winner

Our Class of 2016 earned more than

$2.4 million in scholarship awards over four years, as well as three Division I athletic recruitments.

In 20 15-16,

Our Lower School students…

Our Lower School had

5 teams

»» Hosted a regional Math League competition

place in the top 10 and 8 students qualify for states at a Vex IQ

»» Participated in all three ensembles of the Central Jersey Music Educators Association Honors Band, Chorus, and Orchestra Festivals

Robotics comp etition.

»» Created product package designs as part of graphic arts class

Two teams went to Nationals!

»» Harvested their own vegetables from the community garden »» Performed in concerts, Coffee Houses, and “The Wizard of Oz” musical.

Our Middle School students garnered

12 medals

on the National Spanish language exam and four top-10 state rankings on the French exam.

Our Middle School students… »» Earned Jr. Tri-M® Music Honor Society Chapter of the Year recognition for the second year in a row »» Built a 14-foot canoe from scratch »» Participated in state and national robotics competitions »» Earned the #1 seed heading into the Shore Athletic League Baseball finals »» Raised more than $56,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital through a Math-a-Thon »» Performed in concerts, Coffee Houses, and “The Little Mermaid” musical.

Our Upper School students… »» Made their way to the VEX Robotics World Championship for the fourth year in a row »» Earned 3 medals in the National Scholastic Art and Writing Award competition »» Garnered two 1st-place state rankings on the National French Language Exam »» Competed at the state championship Debate League »» Helped to launch a peer-mentoring program across all divisions »» Performed in concerts, Coffee Houses, “The Plough and The Stars” dramatic production, and the musical “Carousel” My Capstone research experience was similar to what I will experience in college, and the guidance experience over these past four years was the best I could have asked for. With the help of Ranney’s advisors and teachers, I was able to narrow down my college search well before senior year began.

M o llie Tobi n Class of 2016, Capstone: The Future of Native American Youth, Attending Cornell

»» Qualified for Shore Conference and/or regional tournaments in varsity baseball, basketball, fencing, golf, sailing, soccer, tennis, and track »» Launched “V-Day” on campus through the student Diversity Club »» Held numerous community service drives and events.

More highlights at

Class of 2016

By providing an environment in which every child feels valued, nurtured, and engaged, our students graduate as resilient, globally-minded citizens prepared to reach their full potential.

Class of 2023

Class of 2020

Mr. Doyle, our Performing Arts Chair, constantly encourages his actors to be original, nuanced, and interesting in their roles and to create a newness with each character. Each of my roles at Ranney has helped me to want to continue to develop my acting. In theatre, it’s the roles that actors play and the plays that directors select that allow everyone involved to shape their toolbox for any part, and it is this versatility that has helped me to gain more depth and become more intense in my own craft.

Our Faculty are experts in their field. More than

65% of our 90+ full-time teachers have

ka rl bran d Class of 2016, Recipient of the 2016 Count Basie Award, Leading Role in a Drama, for his role in the Ranney production of "The Plough and The Stars." Karl is attending New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

advanced degrees.

Our Faculty… »» Create meaningful relationships with students in and out of the classroom by also serving as advisors, mentors, and coaches »» Thrive through small class sizes and an independent school environment that affords them the autonomy and flexibility to meet the individual needs of their students »» Provide opportunities for critical-thinking and reflection

Our teachers

»» Integrate best practices and cutting-edge training across disciplines

at our school:

»» Bring rigorous academic and experiential learning to the classroom

build careers


have been at Ranney for 10 or more years

Each student brings something different to the table, and it’s important for everyone to be able to share their opinions and hear the opinions of those around them. By creating an inclusive, diverse community, we help our students to realize the ideals of tolerance and acceptance.

M ark DiGi ovanni History Teacher, Diversity Club Advisor

»» Cultivate analytical and creative problem-solving »» Encourage lifelong learning through continued professional development.

What excites me most as a teacher is being able to answer “yes” when students ask, “Can we 3D print and build a drone from scratch?” or “Can I build a claw machine?” Watching my students progress from initial inspiration to creation, from testing to delivering their final product, is amazing.

Chiara S h ah Robotics Advisor, Computer Science Teacher Parent of Kiran, Class of 2018, and Kayla, Class of 2022

Our Classrooms& Experiences include an innovative, rigorous curriculum that employs project-based, experiential learning and student-life programs that offer a vast opportunity to explore leadership, athletics, the arts, robotics, and more

I love Ranney because it provides a perfect balance of academics, arts, and athletics. I have the opportunity to be part of the Varsity Girls’ Tennis team, play viola in the orchestra, make global impacts through the Global Citizenship and United Nations program, and help the community with the Tri-M® Music Honor Society. All of these activities put together make each day unique and exciting!

An i sha Gupta Class of 2018, Diversity Club Co-President, Incoming Student Council Treasurer

In 20 15-16, w e I love doing after-school activities... for Outdoor Adventures Club, we camped in my classroom!

Pat rick, c l as s of 2 0 2 9

taught students to think critically and creatively...

I love all my teachers. They make me feel special and are cool!

»» Designed a new Global Citizens research and project-based activity for our Upper School

Lily, clas s of 2 0 30

»» Entered into a unique partnership with the United Nations and Monmouth University surrounding worldwide sustainable development goals

I like centers, specials, and outside time... We go to swim, gym, garden center, and library!

»» Established our first Innovation Lab in the Lower School to enhance design thinking across STEAM programs; began construction on a second Innovation Lab for our Middle & Upper School students

O s car, clas s of 2 0 2 9

»» Introduced a new writing rubric that connects all divisions, as well as a new Financial Literacy unit in the Upper School

Ranney’s Early Childhood Education Program provides the foundation for the Ranney experience. It is here, through our design-thinking, Reggio-inspired approach, that students learn to think in order to create.

»» Strengthened our Health & Wellness framework across all three divisions »» Formalized our Singapore-based Math in Focus program in the Lower School after two years of teacher training »» Provided Early Childhood faculty members a second year of professional development opportunities in the Reggio approach, leading to a transformation in our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum and spaces »» Completed five cycles of school culture evaluations modeled after Independent School Management criteria.

enabled students to pursue all of their ambitions… »» Gained new recognition for our chorus, orchestra, and growing band programs, with all three ensembles participating in the Central Jersey Music Educators’ Association honors festivals for the first time in Ranney history »» Cultivated our Performing Arts program with the creation of a Green Room One of the most valuable pieces of my time at Ranney was the ability to be involved in a variety of extracurriculars. Each activity allowed me create new relationships and learn valuable lessons outside of the classroom.

»» Hosted the State Fencing tournament on campus for the first time in Ranney athletic history »» Grew peer mentorship to involve cross-divisional programming »» Expanded our robotics program across all three divisions through new course electives and campus-hosted competitions »» Supported Student-Led community service efforts.

j e rome coh en Class of 2016, Student Council President, Attending the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business

Follow Ranney student life at and

Our robust student-life programs deliver an academic environment that meets the highest standards of learning and foster the importance of work/life balance.

Our Arts Ranney’s Performing Arts program includes band, chorus, and orchestra, beginning in 3rd grade, as well as annual dramatic & musical productions, starting in 4th grade. Our young thespians and musicians have earned multiple Count Basie nominations and awards, as well as top awards at Forensics and music honors festivals. Our Visual Arts program includes ceramics, painting, sculpture, glass, 3-D design, photography, and more across all divisions. Our students have earned numerous Scholastic Art & Writing Gold and Silver medals, and are featured in our award-winning publications.

From the first time I stepped on the Panther Hall stage, I knew I was home. I have found my passion in life through the support of the theater community here at Ranney.

Peri Rohl Class of 2016, Attending Fordham U. Performing Arts at Ranney has taught me how to play my music with other people and play in the band. It makes me want to play more and more instruments!

an thon y Sallusti o Class of 2022 Through it all, we form unique bonds and special relationships that I hope will last a lifetime. We all have the same goal—to have the audience walk away thinking the show was fantastic!

saman tha ri ebesell Class of 2019

Our Athletics Ranney School has approximately 40 varsity and middle school athletic teams, representing 15 different sports across three seasons. In 2015-16, numerous student athletes achieved high level honors, while our varsity teams qualified for and competed in Shore Conference and state tournaments, including: »» Boys’ Basketball Quarterfinals of NJSIAA Non-Public B South Quarterfinals Shore Conference Tournament »» Boys’ Golf Qualified for the NJSIAA Tournament of Champions 2nd Place in Non-Public B South Sectional Tournament »» Sailing Three Regional Regatta Wins 1st Place at NJISA Regatta »» Girls’ Soccer Qualified for Shore Conference Tournament Quarterfinals of NJSIAA Non Public B South »» Boys’ Soccer Qualified for Shore Conference Tournament Semifinals of NJSIAA Non-Public B South »» Girls’ Tennis Finals of NJSIAA Non-Public B South Semifinals of Shore Conference Tournament Shore Conference B Central Divisional Champions »» Boys’ Tennis Semifinals of NJSIAA Non-Public B South Group Tournament Quarterfinals of Shore Conference Tournament

Our Middle School teams achieved the following: »» Boys’ Baseball #1 seed in Shore Athletic League Playoffs Runner Up in Shore Athletic League

Sports at Ranney have helped me to recognize the value of teammates and created long-lasting friendships.

s ha n e k e e n a n

Class of 2017, Shore Conference B Central All-Division Soccer Team Ranney has supported all my soccer endeavors, giving me the opportunity to improve my game along with providing me an amazing education.

A b ig a il B oya n Class of 2018, 2016 Athletic Director Award

»» Boys’ Basketball Runner Up in Shore Athletic League »» Girls’ Basketball Champions of Shore Athletic League »» Boys’ Soccer Runner Up in Shore Athletic League »» Girls’ Soccer Semifinalist in Shore Athletic League

More athletic highlights at Follow us on Twitter @RanneyAthletics.

It’s hard for me to imagine a world where I don’t do some kind of community service. Doing things for others is uniquely and deeply rewarding. Through the Community Service Club at Ranney, I am able to organize projects like Toys for Tots and Amistad, a tutoring organization, as well as participate in projects my peers are running.

Our alumni association continues to grow.


alums returned to campus for our 2015-16 College Panel and our biggest Career Day to date!

rac hel staats Class of 2016, Attending Georgetown U.

Our Nurturing Learning Community

Volunteering allows me to show my daughter that volunteerism isn’t something you do only when you’re in school, but that it is important to do throughout your life.

builds meaningful student-teacher relationships, social responsibility, and global awareness

cathleen cuci n i ello Parent of Victoria, Class of 2018, Parents’ Association, Board Education Committee, Panther Athletic Committee

Our parents' association led multiple school-wide traditions & community events, such as our annual Fall Festival, Panther Ball, Book Fair, Garden Sale, service drives, and much more.

Our Advisory Program Ranney’s Advisory Program is unique in the New Jersey area and responsive to the particular developmental needs of students and their parents. As students move from the homeroom teacher model in our Lower School, to our Middle and Upper School, they maintain a regular point of contact to support academic success and character development. In the Middle School, for example, students meet with their advisors daily, developing strong relationships, focusing on character education, and addressing academic and social issues on a timely basis. In the Upper School, programming remains adaptive to evolving student interests and concerns, from student leadership and advocacy, to conflict resolution and course-load management.

Ranney has significantly increased its commitment to need-based financial aid, making the Ranney educational experience accessible while enriching its diverse and inclusive community.

ro s s g a l e Class of 2007, Alumni Leadership Council and Association Chair

Our Leadership & Service Opportunities… »» Unique partnership with Monmouth University and the United Nations »» 50+ clubs throughout the divisions »» 12 Honor Societies (Our Jr. Tri-M® Music Honor Society was recognized as the national chapter of the year for the past two years in a row) »» Parents’ Association »» Student Council / Alumni Leadership Council »» Forensics and debate teams Being a part of Charlotte’s Dance for a Chance was such a rewarding experience. It raised money and awareness for something that severely impacted a member of our community, while also being a good time for all involved.

sarah k i ll i an Class of 2018. Charlotte’s event benefitted pediatric tumor research

»» Student and Parent Ambassador programs »» Parent, Grandparent, & Alumni Volunteer programs, including the Panther Athletic Club »» Student-led community service projects »» Peer Mentorship programs »» Diversity/Inclusion assemblies and activities.

More community and leadership news at

In 2015-16, we... »» Grew our Panther Volunteer Program , with parents sharing their time and talent through campus activities, Parents’ Association events, and our reinvigorated Parent Athletic Club »» Created new avenues for parent involvement in athletics, admissions, advancement, and education through committees and ambassador groups »» Increased faculty and student participation on leadership committees »» Partnered with the United Nations and Monmouth University as part of an innovative, one-of-its-kind, student-based research and awareness project on global sustainable development »» Provided parent education workshops on topics such as learning styles »» Held multiple events to share and take pride in our diverse community, including a school-wide Multicultural Fair and our second annual “Night Under the Lights” Homecoming game »» Expanded our Board of Trustees to represent all of our constituent groups and opened dialogue through a new open-discussion series »» Strengthened Alumni connections through a new online network and hosted the largest Career Day turnout in Ranney history »» Re-launched the Ranney School public website to enhance our external reach »» Established a community service collaborative that carried out several school-wide service initiatives benefiting local nonprofits. The collaborative, combined with student-led service efforts, benefited causes such as autism, pediatric brain cancers, Syrian refugee schools, Juvenile Diabetes, the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore, the Ronald McDonald House, the Tinton Falls Food Bank, Lunch Break, and the YMCA.

I find it so rewarding to be an involved parent. Ranney has become our second family over the past 11 years…and I love showing new families the sense of community we all share. Plus, when my son sees me donate my time to help his school, he learns a valuable lesson in paying it forward.

Lori J ohn s on Long-time volunteer and parent of Chip, Class of 2018

Our generous donors provided a distinguished speaker series , aimed at providing Upper School students an opportunity to think forward through unique, personal, and international perspectives.

Our students came together to produce the

"biggest concert ever " on campus, featuring 130+ choir and orchestra members, as well as a spring multicultural fair , nations. representing


Our students and parents contributed to our

community garden ,

engaging in


projects and growing vegetables to donate to the Plant a Row for the Hungry campaign.

Our school community is united in its commitment to collaboration, partnership, contribution, and service.

The campus garden has provided multiple cross-curricular activities for our students across all three divisions. The garden provides handson, experiential learning opportunities in a wide array of disciplines, from the natural and social sciences and math to language, visual arts, and nutrition. For example, our Lower and Middle School students raised beds for “dye plants� which will be used by Upper School chemistry and art students this fall to create paint and art work, and our Upper School history students are harvesting a Medieval herb garden in connection with their studies.

Our community garden


produces vegetables and herbs each year, which students plant, harvest, and study as part of the steam curriculum.

j u dy salisbury

Our Campus

Science Teacher, Community Garden Coordinator

advances sustainability and provides unique experiential learning opportunities

Our ranney fund has supported a green room space for our performing artists, baseball dugouts for our athletes, renovation of the visual arts Building for our artists and photographers, and the ground-breaking of a new student center (blueprint at right).

Our innovation labs enable students to work together to generate ideas and design solutions through prototyping, testing, and building. The new Middle & Upper School Student Center

The important thing about the Ranney Fund is that donations can go toward helping the campus itself. We are already working to develop new innovative, collaborative spaces that enhance our children’s learning across all ages.

m r. c hr ist ia n and m rs . n in a g io rdano Parents of Mia, Class of 2027, and Mariella, Class of 2030

Our Innovation Labs provide dedicated learning spaces based in design thinking for students to talk about, plan, and create projects that encourage them to think about the world. Young children have a natural quest to find answers to the puzzling world around them, and these labs allow them to seek answers independently and collaboratively.

joann pe trantis First-grade teacher

Our facilities... 60 acres »» 2 Academic Complexes and a Reggio-


inspired Early Childhood Education Center

10 Robotics and science labs »» 2 Libraries & Media Centers »» 2 new Innovation Labs »» 4 Art studio spaces. featuring a 3-D printer, »»

kilns, and a dark room

25-meter indoor pool »» 415-person grandstand »» 2 Stages, including a 400-person »»

auditorium and Green Room

4 Fields, 5 tennis courts, a lacrosse wall & track »» 2 Gymnasiums and an Athletic Training Room.


I view the Ranney Fund as an investment in my children’s future. The years our kids spend at Ranney lay the foundation of who they will be as adults in our local and global community. The programs supported by the Fund are critical to develop skills beyond the traditional curriculum.

dr. sh amina dh illo n Parent of Avi, Class of 2027

Our supporters contributed


to put to work in our school in 2015-16, including a $72,721

parents' association

donation and $641,558 in ranney fund gifts.

28% of our parents gave to the Ranney Fund, as did 92% of our Board members, and 93% of our Faculty and Staff.

Help us make 2016-17 even more extraordinary!

L e ad C r e at e Co nt r ib u t e

Our campus is sustained through financial responsibility and philanthropy.

In 2015-16, we... »» Joined the U.S. Green Building Council and earned green certification from the U.S. Legal Council »» Received environmental & security grants from NJ Direct and the Monmouth Ocean Educational Services Commission as the result of our green initiatives and security initiatives, respectively »» reduced energy usage by 10-30% with the installation of high-efficiency water, lighting, and energy systems »» reduced domestic water usage by 85% with the installation of a well in our field irrigation system »» Initiated a bring your own device program in the Upper School »» Watched our campus garden flourish through student engagement, parent volunteerism, and a composting station »» Implemented enhanced security protocols and frameworks »» Garnered philanthropic support to open the doors to our first innovation lab and broke ground on a second Innovation Lab while also beginning construction on our new Middle & Upper School student center »» Developed case statements in support of the ranney fund »» More than 200 parents, faculty, and friends attended the annual rspa panther ball in support of

need-based financial aid »» parent support helped launch multiple campus upgrades and facility renovations.

Learn more at

As the only Age 3—Grade 12 co-ed, secular, independent day school serving Monmouth & Ocean Counties, Ranney School offers a nurturing learning community in which children build academic, interpersonal, and leadership skills that prepare them for each chapter of their educational journey and beyond. We offer:

»» Mission-driven education combined with admissions selectivity and high academic standards »» Expert faculty »» A rigorous accreditation process »» A strong sense of community »» True independence



ri n g






Our students graduate as resilient, globallyminded citizens prepared to succeed and reach their full potential.

Co m

n mu






Rob us

ent Life tud tS



Our Independent School Difference

lum u c rri



Our approach features an innovative, rigorous curriculum; robust student-life programs; and a nurturing learning community. We are:

»» Student-Centered »» Differentiated »» Collaborative »» Balanced »» Interdisciplinary »» Challenging »» Globally-Minded »» Character-Driven

For almost 30 years, Ranney School has been an important part of the Bolante and Paulus families. Both Dan '95 and I received the best education and we are proud to now have a second generation at the school. We have watched as the school has grown into the beautiful campus it is today. I was honored when asked to join the Board of Trustees and hope that I can contribute with my unique standpoint as an alum, connecting the school to its past traditions and history, and as a parent, helping to maintain and enrich the school for our children so that they too can experience the very best at Ranney.

i r e n e b ola nt e pau lus Class of 1996, Board of Trustees, Alumni Leadership Council Parent of Isabella, Class of 2025, Sloane, Class of 2027, and Woody, Class of 2029

The unmatched bonds between Ranney students and faculty are a direct result of the school’s commitment to continuous development and education of the whole child. Faculty members teach compassion and tolerance, offer meaningful leadership experiences, promote excellence in academic achievement, and most importantly, recognize, cherish, and work to develop each child’s creativity and aptitude. I feel lucky to experience first-hand my students’ small and large personal triumphs...and to watch them make connections between science, visual arts, language arts and music compositions.

D r . Dorot h y S obi es k i All-Division Orchestra Director Parent of Danielle, Class of 2016, Allison, Class of 2018 (Attending Drexel University), and Adele, Class of 2023

In 2015-16, low er School siblings Maria and Michael Guiliano participated in robotics, orchestra, and cooking club, while completing year-long Capstone research projects. m i ddl e School students Samantha Jackman and Matthew Raccuia were able to pursue their instruments of choice (violin and cello) in the orchestra while Samantha had leading roles on the Ranney stage, and Matthew earned state-level honors in the school’s Math League. Uppe r Schooler Catherine Vucetic earned 1st Place in the New Jersey Chapter National French Language Contest (she took 3rd Place in the nation!) while competing on Ranney’s independent Sailing Team and playing bass in the orchestra. Also, junior Olivia Eaddy established a Girls Who Code Club in the Upper School while competing in women’s foil at the state level on Ranney’s Fencing team.

Foster Individual Talents

From the administration to the faculty, it is obvious that there is a team effort to bring out the best in your child so that they can excel beyond their expectations.

Mic h ae l Vaiani Parent of Nicole, Class of 2016. Nicole gained early admittance to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and earned a spot on its Division I Fencing Team.

Sustain Powerful Connections between Children and Adults Ranney teachers understand that successful learning begins with earning a student’s trust, and I am proud to send them to a school where their socialemotional well-being is a priority. The educational model, which blends traditional academic & adaptive methodologies, aims to secure academic excellence for all students, along with a deep-rooted sense of personal pride.

Distinguish and Value Every Child

Laura an d Edmun d Ag resta Parents of Elle, Class of 2029

One of the most important differences between humans and other living creatures is that we do not simply adapt to our surroundings, we modify them. The list of human accomplishments is long and impressive, but so is the list of problems to be solved…. The world has an abundance of multi-dimensional problems. However, we are also fortunate that it is human nature to see a problem and seek a solution. While we cannot necessarily know the job that will exist 8 or 10 years from now, our best chance to successfully address our challenges is to become problem solvers.

So phi a Jack man Class of 2016, Valedictory Speech. Sophia is attending Harvard University.

J e nnife r Kane Parent of Pierce, Class of 2023, and Marlena, Class of 2030

Through my Capstone, I confirmed my passion for the field of veterinary medicine and discovered that the research areas I was most interested in were those that were clinically based. This experience led me to explore more routes of research during my undergraduate career.

D ia n e S cav e lli Class of 2011. Diane earned her B.A. from Cornell and is pursuing her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Her research, which she discovered a passion for as part of her senior year Capstone project at Ranney, was recently published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

Over the past two years, we have been amazed with each passing week how our daughter’s vocabulary developed, her stories became more elaborate, her drawings vibrant, and how learning fascinated her... It's a joy to see your child excited about school as we pull up to the porch! It's one thing for a child to be exposed to various subjects but keeping a child interested and having them understand and reiterate is another. We will never forget where her foundation began!

Graduate Resilient, Globally-Minded Citizens

We envision Ranney School as a nurturing learning community, in which families, faculty, alumni, and all of Ranney’s constituents collaborate to distinguish and value every child, foster individual talents, sustain powerful connections between children and adults, and graduate resilient, globally-minded citizens. These student and parent testimonials share how we are already working to fulfill this vision.

As a student studying finance, economics, and strategy, I consistently compete with smart, accomplished, and ambitious peers on the job market. Ranney gave me confidence in my interpersonal, leadership, and networking skills, allowing me to differentiate myself in class, in internships, and eventually, in full-time work.

James Soldati Class of 2013 Valedictorian and Student Lifer. James attends the Olin Business School of Washington University in St. Louis.

The Ranney Fund— our school’s annual charitable giving campaign—directly impacts our school’s ability to deliver an extraordinary educational experience.

Our Supporters make the extraordinary possible.

Groundbreaking Programs

Professional Development

Need-Based Financial Aid

Campus Enhancements

From our growing STEAM programs to new Innovation Labs—one opened in Fall 2015 and a second will open this fall—support of the Ranney Fund is bringing exciting hands-on learning opportunities to life across campus.

From the Nueva School's Design Thinking Institute in California to Creativity 2015 at the Blue School in New York City, support of the Ranney Fund t​ his past year e ​ nabled our expert faculty to participate in relevant and pioneering professional development.

Need-based financial aid supported 85 students last year. Our ability to offer financial aid helps make a Ranney education accessible, supports our current families first, and furthers our commitment to fostering an inclusive, nurturing learning community.

Ranney must continually invest in our beautiful campus to be responsive to the changing needs of our students. Renovations to the Visual Arts Building and the construction of a new Middle & Upper School Student Center will provide our students with inviting spaces to gather, collaborate, and engage in active learning.

About our new Margaret Mahon Legacy Society Great independent schools have a strong tradition of philanthropy. While gifts to the Ranney Fund support our operating budget each year, planned or legacy gifts ensure the long-term sustainability and financial health of our school. Making a legacy gift can be as simple as naming Ranney School in your will. The Margaret Mahon Legacy Society recognizes the generosity and vision of donors who have made a commitment of any size to the future of our school. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how your legacy gift can help secure the lifelong benefits of a Ranney education for future generations.

$1,000 and over

Leadership Giving Ranney School extends its sincere gratitude to the following generous individuals and businesses who have made a considerable impact on the life of our school through contributions of $1,000 or more to the 2015-2016 Annual Fund and Ranney School Parents’ Association events. We thank you for your support!

$25,000 and over Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Brand Compass Group, North America Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Guiliano Dr. Dharam Mann and Dr. Sunita Mann The Nature Conservancy Mr. and Mrs. Jon Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Christian Zugel

$5,000 and over

$2,500 and over

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Abboud

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Blumenkrantz Dr. and Mrs. C. Timothy Chu Mr. and Mrs. Tristram Collins CSI International, Inc. Mr. John Danial and Dr. Andrea Danial Dr. Seth Dinowitz and Mrs. Stacy Szlaga Mrs. Susan Economou Ms. LinLin Fang Fino Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Christian Giordano Dr. and Mrs. John Griffith Mr. Lance Howard Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Juhase Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Kaffenberger Mr. and Mrs. David Katz Ms. Hilary J. Kramer '82 Little Man Parking LLC Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Migliaccio Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nawy Mr. and Mrs. David Palmieri Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Pepe Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pongrac, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Price Mr. Ashish Rao and Dr. Shamina Rao Mr. Joseph Rinaldo and Ms. Mary Picciotto Mr. and Mrs. Peter Roselle Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rush Mr. William Rustico and Mrs. Deborah Hodges Dr. Robert Saunders and Mrs. Michelle Fino Dr. Alex Silman and Dr. Inna Silman Dr. Silman Smile Spa, P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Kamalpreet Virdi

Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Boyan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chandler Mr. Frank DeNicola and Ms. Clare DeNicola Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William E. Dodge Mr. and Mrs. K. Scott Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Philip Folz

$10,000 and over Mr. and Mrs. Paul Andiorio Mr. and Mrs. Adam Buchman Mr. Anthony Cafaro and Ms. Hayley Lehrfeld Mr. and Mrs. David Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Fitzmaurice Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gill

Goldman Sachs Gives Macy's Inc. NorthStar Vets Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oster Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Ranney School Class of 2016 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Scopellite Dr. Daniel Stobie and Mr. Charles Dorsett Mr. and Mrs. David W. W. Stott

Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Goldwert

Robert L. Stott Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Welch

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Kraushaar

Wells Fargo Matching Gifts Program

Mr. and Mrs. William Maher

Dr. and Mrs. Scott Woska

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Maris '86 Dr. Jeffrey Myers and Dr. Grace Pak Mr. and Mrs. William John Schmelz III Dr. and Mrs. Brian Torpey Mr. and Mrs. Jason Welch

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Zagha '96

AIG Matching Grants Program Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bacher Susan Bacher Fund Mr. and Mrs. Ajay Barthwal Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Baugh Mr. and Mrs. Marc Behar Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Berliner Mr. E. Thomas Brennan, Jr. and Mrs. Karen McGinley Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Bruno Mr. Richard T. Calve and Dr. Beth Hartog Dr. and Mrs. David Chalnick Mr. Denis Chan and Mrs. Man-Lan Chan Mr. and Mrs. Gary Chropuvka Mr. Qing Chu and Ms. Fang Wang Mr. Robert Clark Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cole Mr. and Mrs. James Croke Mr. Andoni Economou Mr. and Mrs. Matthew M. Egol Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Fabricant Mr. Morris Flancbaum and Mrs. Suzie Rizzuto Mr. Tim Foley and Mrs. Pamela Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Glazer Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Godek Dr. Michael Greller and Dr. Goldie Greller Hartshorn Portraiture Mr. Regan Iglesia and Ms. Donna Mitchell-Iglesia Jewish Federation of Middlesex and Monmouth Counties Mr. Eugene Killian and Mrs. Joni Charles Dr. and Mrs. Justin Kubeck LakeHouse Music Academy Dr. and Mrs. Steven Landers Mr. and Mrs. Jon Leidersdorff

Mr. and Mrs. Regis Lippert Mr. Yong Liu and Ms. Xiaoqing Wu Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lo Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mallach Mr. Gamel Mohamed and Ms. Sharena Ali Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Moore Dr. Thomas Nicholas and Dr. Evangelia Nicholas Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nicholson Dr. and Mrs. Randy Nissinoff Dr. Noel Nivera and Dr. Doantrang Du Old Bridge Drugs & Surgicals Oppenheimer Funds, Inc. Mr. David Pagoumian Mr. Alfred Papetti Mrs. Sheila M. Pardoe Dr. and Mrs. Peter Park Mr. Daniel Paulus '95 and Mrs. Irene P. Paulus '96 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Piccirillo Prudential Group Insurance Mr. and Mrs. Ali Rada Ranney School Class of 2020 Mrs. Allison Reddington Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Roberts '79 Mr. and Mrs. James Rogan Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rohl Mr. Jack Ross and Dr. Ann Ross Mr. and Mrs. Michael Serrapica Dr. Peter Staats and Dr. Nancy Staats Stacy Gemma Ms. Anya Sverdlov Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Tobin Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tolchin Trump National Golf Club at Colts Neck Dr. and Mrs. John Wilgucki Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zalewski

Join us... in making the extraordinary possible with your gift to the 2016-17 Ranney Fund! We aim for 100% participation among our parents, Board members, faculty, and staff. Gifts of every size are valued and appreciated. Your gift sends a powerful message that you believe in Ranney's mission and encourages others to participate. Learn more about your gifts at work and ways to give at

Our Class of 2016 Matriculation List Sarah Awad

At he n a D o o k ie

Sarah Kle in

Erica Palmieri

Margaret Sagui

Li ly Thacher

Lehigh University

American University

Sarah Lawrence College

New York University

Danial Blumenkrantz

K e lly D u f f e

Mic h e lle Krame ise n

Carla Pape tti

Rutgers UniversityNew Brunswick

The George Washington University

University of Miami

High Point University

Boston College

The George Washington University

Natali e Schlesi n ger

Moll i e Tobi n

Monmouth University

Cornell University

Karl Brand

G rac e Eco n o m ou

Franc esca L io ne tti

New York University

University of Michigan

Louisiana State University

De an Parke r

Ki mberly Scopell i te

Madeli n e Tw i n i n g

University of South Carolina

Providence College

Thomas B r u no

St e p ha n ie Fa lle tta

L eslie L iu

Columbia University

Loyola Marymount University

Boston College

New York University

Rac h e l Patel

Jami e Shami li an

Ni cole Vai an i

Stevens Institute of Technology

University of Pennsylvania

M allory B u r l i ngto n

Jo hn F in k IV

Natalie Lo mbardi

Fairfield University

Trinity College Dublin

American University

The George Washington University

Danie lle Patti

Si dharth Sharma

New York University

Aeslyn Vlahos

Sophia Calve

Ja m es G e rag ht y

Brianna Marc h ese

New York University

Georgetown University

Pratt Institute

Loyola University Maryland

Gettysburg College

Jacob Wahba

Akh il Pawa

Ari ell a Si lv erstei n

Muhlenberg College

Lehigh University

Christopher Weiland

Jacob Ca r d

B ra n d o n G io ggia

Victo ria Marto rana

Gettysburg College

Northeastern University

Saint Joseph's University

Bucknell University

Tessa Paye r

Av n eet Si n gh

University of Notre Dame

Stevens Institute of Technology

Jen n i fer Wi ck s

Megan Si n gh

Sophi a Wi en er

Nelson C h an

H o lde n G l a z e r

Nikita Mikkiline ni

Emory University

New York University

University of Michigan

College of William and Mary

Ryan P e lman

As hton Cla ncy

M a x w e ll G o d e k

J o se ph Mullally

University of Miami

Johns Hopkins University

Northeastern University

Lehigh University

Ch ristine Raso

Syracuse University

J erome Coh en

I sa b e lle H ec k l er

Nico le Nadle r

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Georgia

Northeastern University

Lafayette College

Audra Smi res Lehigh University

Ashleigh Conroy-Zugel

S o p hia Jac k m a n

Co re y Nato fsky

Eliz abe th Ren n i e

Northeastern University

Harvard University

Stevens Institute of Technology

University of St. Andrews

Dan i ell e Sobi esk i

Emily Ro gan

Drexel University

Ti mothy Sp i cer

Camero n C ra nl e y

Jo n at ha n K e lly

Lafayette College

Princeton University

Vasilio s Nic h o las

Kathleen C r i lly

M a k s im K heg ay

Johns Hopkins University

University of South Carolina

Gettysburg College

Boston College

Ro be rt Ode ll

P e ri Ro h l

Rachel Staats

M adalyn De nton

N iya Klay m a n

University of Chicago

Georgetown University

Scripps College

Syracuse University

Ad e lani Odunlami

Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus/ Rose Hill Campus

University of Pittsburgh

University of Richmond

Zachary Sull en s University of Southern California

Our Story continues at

Ranney School 235 Hope Rd Tinton Falls, NJ 07724

l e a d c r e at e c o n t r i b u t e

University of Richmond Boston University

Jon athan Wi ll i ams Northeastern University

Chri sti n e Yost University of St. Andrews

*Yuli n “ Scott” Zhu the Class’s 79th member and international student, will attend The Hotchkiss School for a postgraduate year

Our Story, Ranney School  
Our Story, Ranney School