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NATION: Mapping

Statement of Acknowledgement By recognizing Aboriginal people as the traditional stewards of the land we show respect for the First Nation people of Ontario. This can be done through a welcome to the traditional territory that you are on and/or through an acknowledgement of the traditional territory. If at all possible, find out whom the local First Nation people are in order to respectfully acknowledge their territory. If you are not able to find out, you can still respectfully acknowledge that you are on traditional territory of First Nation people. You may also invite Aboriginal people from the area to open your meeting with a traditional greeting or song. Acknowledgement of Traditional Territory A-ke naaniibwedaa miinwaa minaadenmaadaanik kina Anishinabek maanpii akwiinwining: Atikameksheng maandaa adodenakiiwin, Nswi Ishkoodekaanan, Ojibwek, Odawek, miinwaa Potawottomi-ak debendigik maadaa akwiinwin, ajijaakomewan, miinwaa gaabeniigaaniijik. Let us stand for a moment and respectfully acknowledge all the Anishinaabek of this territory: Atikameksheng on whose traditional land we are standing on today, The Three Fires Confederacy, Ojibway, Odawa and Potawotomi Nations, owners of the land, their spirits and their ancestors.

Cultural Concepts and Teachings

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