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Family: Roles

Community: Symbols

Eagle Feather The eagle is considered to be the messenger of Creator. The eagle is the most powerful winged creature that flies up to the spirit realm. The eagle feather has a central quill that differentiates one side from the other and represents the positive and negative aspects to life. An eagle feather is gifted to an individual who has attained a significant place in the community as a teacher, keeper of the language (Anishinaabemowin) or leader. Eagle feathers represent the highest honour bestowed on community warriors and Chiefs. In contemporary times, Anishinaabe Chiefs wear an eagle bonnet or headdress and traditional regalia includes eagle feathers symbolizing connection to Creator and honouring of Anishinaabek tradition and culture. An Eagle feather is often a component of an individual’s sacred bundle. It symbolizes the person’s spiritual journey through life. The Eagle feather raises his/her awareness of the deep spiritual significance of the ordinary things of everyday life and supports his/her focus in meditation and connection with inner self and Creator (The Sacred Tree, 1984, pg 55).

Cultural Concepts and Teachings