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1. CheckPoint: Probation Presentation

Create an informative 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation about probation and the roles and responsibilities of probation officers. Assume the role of a juvenile probation officer recruiter and address the presentation as if to an audience of individuals interested in applying for the position of a juvenile probation officer. Your presentation must include: o General information regarding probation 

What is probation? Who is on probation? What are the conditions of probation?

o Roles and responsibilities of juvenile probation officers What are the duties of probation officers? When are probation officers involved in the court process? What are the responsibilities of probation officers?  

Prepare detailed speaker notes for each of the slides. Post your presentation as an attachment.

Cjs 240 week 6 checkpoint probation  
Cjs 240 week 6 checkpoint probation