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What are Backlink and Their Role in Search Engine Optimization?

If you have read anything about SEO (search engine optimization) you must have heard the term “backlink” at least once. Those who’re new to search engine optimization must be wondering what a backlink is, and what their roles in SEO are. In this post we will guide you on what a backlink is and the role they play to make your site more visible in search engines. What are backlinks? Also known as inbound links backlinks are links that are directed towards your site. The greater number of backlinks your website have the greater its popularity or importance will be. Backlinks are vital to SEO because search engines, particularly Google will offer more importance to sites that possess a great number of quality backlinks, and consider those sites more suitable than other sites in their result pages to do a search query. How quality of backlinks is evaluated? Search engine take into account the number of quality inbound links to that website when it compute the importance of website to a keyword. So you shouldn’t be contended with just getting backlinks, but your focus should more on getting quality backlinks.

Search engines takes into account the content of your website to confirm the quality of an inbound link. When backlinks to your website come from other websites and those websites have content associated to your website, these backlinks will be considered as more applicable to your website. If backlinks are discovered on websites with irrelevant content, they will be considered as less significant. The greater the significance of the backlinks, the higher their quality will be. For instance, if a webmaster owns a site regarding how to save orphaned kittens, and acquired a backlink from another site regarding kittens, then that’d be more appropriate in search engines evaluation than a backlink from a website about toy shopping. The more relevant the website is that’s linking back to your site, the superior the quality of the inbound link. Building quality link is very crucial to SEO and due to their significance; it must be on the top of your SEO effort.

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Role of backlink in search engine optimization  

Let the best SEO Company in USA handle your inbound link building campaign. Call RankGators to meet all your SEO needs. We are also the best...

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