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The Future Trends October 2006 ©2006 Brian Morgan Article Contents: The Best Business To Work For The Truth About Most Internet Gurus Finding The Right Content Online Fast

The Best Business To Work For Being 41 years old or young, I have worked just about every type of job that is out there. The ones that I really found I was enjoying were the ones that I was a manager or foreman at and had to make creative and business decisions on my own each day. Regular employee jobs were okay, but I always had to follow someone else’s “to do list” to get through the day. The worst jobs that I ever had were factory jobs in which I did the same darn thing over and over all day long. I don’t know how people with these types of factory jobs keep at it through retirement. Factory work just seems to demote a person to the level of a machine sometimes. I think that the best business model or job to work for is (can be) one in which the employees are active each day in all phases of the business. Perhaps not working in every single department, but possibly updated on a daily basis as to the different positions throughout the company. I have always seen a very huge gap in the mentality of the boss (entrepreneur) and the people that worked for him and his management staff. The entrepreneur has a bigger picture of the entire business than perhaps a secretary or someone working on the factory floor. I think that it would be possible to take an hour or two each week and include all the different types of workers and educate them on the importance of the different roles people play in a company. Let them know what the sales force is doing this month, what the marketing department is working on, and how the business is looking to change in the coming months and years. I think that taking a little ethical step towards educating the workers company-wide would have a terrific effect. Some poor man slaving away on the factory floor from 6am to 5pm and never really having much social contact with others in different departments seems to me like slavery. Companies could very easily make a company more worker friendly if they simply had meetings to discuss “the bigger picture” of the whole business. In doing this the firm would stimulate conversations between different departments (not just within management) and possibly make the workers feel even more proud of their every day job.

Wouldn’t it be great if a company would invest the money to put a lot of this company dialogue online? So that a factory floor worker could login to the company website (while at home) and in real time get information about all different company departments in the form of web-videos from each department. Much of the reason people don’t like doing their current job (in my opinion) is that they don’t get to see the “bigger picture” and the issues and projects going on in different departments of the company. Something a bit related, our city has a television channel on cable TV that allows citizens to see and hear about the different projects going on in the city. It makes perfect sense, that you’d educate the people that have appointed you to mayor to see all the different issues, problems, and projects that a city is engaged in. Having a company do a much similar type of weekly broadcast would benefit most all workers, and they’d begin to see how other departments tackle problems and issues and get their work accomplished. A high tech way to involve all your employees into “seeing the bigger picture” and appreciating the work they do and also the work that others do that before was unseen.

The Truth About Most Internet Gurus Several times online I have bought a “business in a box” from some internet guru that promised it told all his money making secrets. The last one I bought was this summer, from a New York guru named Mike. I paid at first $47 for the entire ebooks and courses, and then I spent another $20+ dollars for the resale rights to all the ebooks and courses. After I downloaded everything to my computer, I was still the same person. I hadn’t learned anything about setting up an internet site to sell his information. How could I be so dumb? Well I think I am not the only person in the world that is doing this sort of thing. It turns out the guru from New York has a background in computer programming. So perhaps from his perspective this “setting up a business in a box” is very simple and he feels that almost anyone could do it. I feel that the Internet Marketers out there selling their formulas for “making money online” actually tell about 5% of their story. They realistically know for a fact that millions of young internet types and home business types are looking for that “secret something” that they can plop on a website and in 5 years totally retire. I have read through some of the information ebooks that were included in the “business in a box resellers program” but he sent me so darn much stuff I hardly know where to start reading or learning. It’s truly a gem business for those that are computer programmers and internet experts- they can resell all their “secrets” and then a person gets 37 ebooks on “how to do it all” they are floored by the undertaking of reading all this information and also understanding it. So we have

to learn Google Advertising, we have to learn Search Engine Optimization, we have to learn to put the right key words on all our pages, seriously I am floored with having too much information to go through. It’s like a doctor placing a website up and saying for $47 I will show you how I made $150,000 per year in my foot clinic, and for just $20 more you can resell all the information. First, I am not a doctor, and second I would have to go to college for 5+ years just to understand his “business in a box” about being a foot clinic doctor. And next how in the world do I ethically know that all his self-made ebooks will work for “anyone”- and not just those that are foot doctors. So that is something I have been meaning to write to you about. Beware of the “business in a box” because these internet experts are making millions and I would guess that less than 1% of their clients understand all the facts, figures, tricks, and knowledge that are in the “how to” ebooks. So my standard warning is if you are a very technical computer web development person, you might want to ask around before buying a “business in a box” from a guy who is making millions each year selling the stuff. I guess these internet gurus also have seminars around the world, great, teach me more and more about the stuff I know nothing about. I am not dumb, I have a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, but I think there is a lot to be uncovered and explored about these gurus selling information on internet marketing success.

Finding The Right Content Online Fast I do a ton of internet researching and it doesn’t ever seem to get any easier. Luckily for me there generally others before me that have set up directories to find the right information that I need. I was looking for local discussion forums for business, so I “googled” that and came up with a bunch of nothing. So I decided that someone has to have a blog or forum directory, so I searched for “forum directory” and jackpot. I found an entire site devoted to nothing but finding and rating different discussion forums. The directory was mainly devoted to mega forums, so I never really found the local business forums I had hoped for. There are (in my opinion) lots of programmers and web developers very busy right now taking huge disconnected projects (like forums) and creating directories for these specialized projects. I recently really wanted to start another website in which I could sell my “specialized” ebooks, but then I thought, if I can’t find half the information that I want, who in the world is going to find my little website? I guess I could take a course on internet business or strategy and that might help me better understand web technology. But for know that seems like so much of a pain. If I follow my dreams I am going to start an offline business and if need be I will outsource an IT person to handle the website and all the intricate details

of hosting a offline business online. It seems like to be registered with a large search engine is the same as advertising in the newspaper. If you want a guaranteed spot, then you have to pay for it. For now I guess my best strategy for making a business is for me to stick to the fundamental skills I have acquired in 41 years, get the business off the ground, and then worry about systemizing it, and also getting the whole mess online. But for finding the exact content online- it seems like you have to be disciplined enough to really search a lot. I would guess millions of millions of websites have no real traffic and no real IT support. They could really be great websites full of the information I am looking for, but before I can find the little guys an IT person will have to tweak their website so it will be found.

I cut this issue a bit short, and I apologize. I didn’t do my normal research on the subjects, but spoke about my own ideas and feelings about the issues. Thanks for reading. Yours- Brian (Online Volunteering) (Place Your Content Online Free and Even Sell It)

The future trends october 2006  
The future trends october 2006