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PSY 322 Week 5 Team Assignment Consumer Traits and Behaviors Paper and Presentation (UOP Course) Click Here to Buy the Tutorial

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Prepare a 1,200- to 1,600 word academic research paper in which you examine specific consumer traits and behaviors. Address the following:

u Identify three psychological processes and three social processes that may influence consumer behavior.

u For each of the six processes, describe a marketing plan that would use trigger those processes to get people to buy your product or service.

u Each marketing plan must include with examples of the wording of your ads or focus of your social networking, and show how they are tied to the psychological or social process.

For example, you might write the ad copy, describe the images and outline a social networking campaign you would use to sell a health club membership to members of the Young Digerati group.

You could also create a marketing campaign that would take into account the needs of consumers who wish to choose a product that closely matches their self-image.

Be as specific as possible! Give examples.

Include at least eight sources; half should be peer-reviewed research from academic journals.

Submit an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker’s notes.

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Psy 322 week 5 team assignment consumer traits and behaviors paper and presentation