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Write a 1,000 to 1,200 word MEMO – NOT an academic research paper – detailing a marketing plan that uses psychographics to increase the customer base of one of the following companies:   

A nonprofit organization that teaches Tai Chi for health and balance and stress reduction A pet store that offers organic, healthy food and environmentally friendly toys and beds A music store that wants to expand beyond guitars and drums to other instruments and sheet music.

The memo must include the following:

 

Two different strategies based on two different demographics, such as differences in age, race, income or location Two different strategies based on two different psychographics, such as differences in personalities, buying motives or beliefs.

You must be specific: For example, you could describe marketing strategies for seniors vs. teenagers for the same product or for risk-takers vs. nurturers for another product.

This must be formatted like a business memo. If you hand in an academic research paper, I won’t grade it.

Psy 322 week 2 individual assignment marketing communication memo