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rankdesk has developed a method to analyse, grade and rank residential properties in central London the ranks are published weekly in the definitive TOP 100 list of some of London’s top investment picks* st



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* Selected properties from participating estate agencies only

what does it involve?

1. rankdesk has an approved network of estate agents who meet our minimum property data requirements.

2. every week, we receive dozens of online property particulars from our partner estate agents.

3. using the rankdesk software, our London based analysts carry out a twenty minute online assessment of each property based on the property data supplied by the partner agents. 4. rankdesk analysts prepare a six page investment report on every property.


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5. each property is assigned a rank and placed in our TOP100 investment list published every Wednesday morning.

what makes a good property?

we analyse every property using dozens of criteria such as proximity to transport, cash flow, net yield and minimum space standards. our criteria and methodology are reviewed twice a year by an advisory board of leading academics and industry experts.

the latest rankings, published every Wednesday morning at 9:00am GMT

For more information about rankdesk, please contact: Dr Savvas Verdis founder & CEO +44 (0)8453 118 115 Disclaimer: Nothing within this website or any communication with rankdesk is, or shall be deemed to constitute, financial or other advice or a recommendation to purchase any property. All information that rankdesk provides in this website, the investment reports or any other written or oral communication is for general information purposes only. Independent professional advice should be obtained before you purchase any property advertised or analysed via rankdesk.

rankdesk in four pages  
rankdesk in four pages  

A short introduction to the first property ranking platform for investors and businesses.