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Motivation letter Dear BSSS family , I am proud to present my candidature for the .position of the BSSS LOME for the term 2012-2013 My name is Rania El_sadek Sharaf , 5th year of Benha medical school. I am a SCOME member from 4 years & I shared in a lot of SCOME projects & I was a local coordinator for many projects, some of them were local & the others were national & thanks god all of them were finished with success till I became LOME assistant.

Why do I want to do this? because I love working in SCOME . I have learnt so much through my work in SCOME like organization and leadership skills and grown as a leader. However I am sure I have much more to learn and I am looking forward to it. Moreover I believe that I can do a good job, I am passionate and committed, positive and a orkaholic. I have 4 years of SCOME experience, I am used to coordinating groups and leading projects in SCOME and I believe that the lessons I learned from being LOME assistant can benefit all of SCOME.

Since I first started in SCOME I have constantly evolved & I would love to share my love and passion for SCOME with all of SCOME team. So I present my candidature for BSSS LOME. Yours, Rania sharaf

motivation letter