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Uganda Safaris

Uganda Safaris – For a great gorilla viewing


If you haven’t been to Uganda yet, you have been missing a very important part in your life. The world is completely different out there in Uganda. With nature is at its best, the part of this East Africa is very much alive and kicking. The best attraction of the place is the mountain gorillas about the jungles, which is one of the reasons behind the worldwide fame of Uganda safaris. In fact, it has half of the entire population of gorillas in the world. Other than that, there are a whole bunch of different species that will mesmerize your mind with their innocent activities. Gorilla’s safari parks in Uganda Bwindi, Murchison, Mgahinga, etc., are names of some of the national parks in Uganda where you can view gorillas in their natural habitat. These parks are stretched throughout the woods which serve as a home for the mountain gorillas. These are the perfect spots to find some of the most endangered gorillas. Watching the spiritful baby gorilla roll in the mountain slopes is just the best view you eye can see and the best memory your mind can capture. Uganda gorilla safaris are the most sought after safaris in the world. Over the last two years, i.e., from 2011-12, there has been a 30 percent increase in the population of these beautiful apes. The parks are filled with all kinds of gorillas you were ever hoping to see. You can also go for trekking in these mountains and have a very close encounter with these innocent beings. Uganda tours has a lot to offer and the safari doesn’t ends with gorillas either. You can also witness some rare birds, the big five, rhinos, zebras, and many other creatures that have made this part of the world their permanent home. The safaris are so blissful that you will surely wish it never would have ended.

Uganda Safaris – For a great gorilla viewing experience