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From Head To Toe By LAURIE SHAW

women we are pretty en it comes to fashion. wear pants, blazers and e can be feminine and sses or skirts. Men by with the choice of a skirt or dress, unless cottish and wearing a

going to give a little nd history about

woman wearing pants. By the 1950s jeans and capris were common for women to wear casually, but there were a lot of places that they did not wear them. Katherine Hepburn is noted for wearing slacks in Hollywood in the 1930s and her style of trousers became famous. Mary Tyler Moore

got ridiculed for wearing capris on the “Dick Van Dyke Show.” Congresswoman Susan Molinari made the news in 1990 for being the first woman to wear pants on the floor of the House. The woman who is most regarded as the first to wear pants is Fanny Wright. (Maybe that’s why our derriere is

dress. Another trend to look for is crop pants, with large floral prints or graphic art prints, both are done with bold, bright colors. The harem pant is also big on the runway in many variations of styles and materials. The harem pants have a high gathered waist, slouchy cut and a cropped leg. (It reminds me of the ’90s MC Hammer pants.) If you’re larger from the natural waist down, you’ll probably want to stay away from the knit style harem pant that is tight from the knee down. Find a different fabric that is looser all the way to the ankle. Also the loose,

nior recital set for Sunday By CODY RADER Staff Reporter

Dana Miller, senior fr om Alva, will perform

her junior recital at 2:00 p.m. Sunday at the First Presbyterian Church. Miller said she is very excited to present her hard work to the community. Miller, who is majoring in vocal music performance, has hand chosen works from Bach, Purcell, Mozart, Schubert, Bizet and Copland to compliment her voice. Miller said she didn’t have an overall message in mind when she picked the pieces, but she wanted to do something explorative with an overall perspective. “I expect it won’t be boring. There are a lot of

misconceptions about the classical voice; someone who listens to mainstream music may find some similarities in expression because these songs explore emotions just as the songs do today,” Miller said. The First Presbyterian Church is located at 628 Church Street.

happy to know th are styling this sp variety of fabrics. loose cut and can themselves or wit But if jeans a like, then bright, b skinny jeans or flo are also the fashio Regular denim jea rhinestone embell are dark washed e front and back thi As far as the on the runway, th much. Dresses are trend for the sprin if you have to we wear them under and you’ll still be

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By CODY RADER Staff Reporter misconceptions about the classical voice; someone who listens to mainstream music may find some similarities in...