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emester a new ered on the Enid chology of HuInteraction taught il Stone, associr of psychology. includes hands-on various facilities in ity. course examines nimal interaction processes. In this ill cover the findarch showing how nimals are to huology, health, and Stone said.” ding to Stone many w that humans live they have a pet. wners have lowered pressure, lowered s, and pet lovers are one said. ding to Stone other shown that chilesponsibility when

they have a pet to care for, and they also develop fewer allergies. “Children with reading difficulties have been shown to improve their skills when they read to a dog. They hypothesis is that the dog offers unconditional acceptance of the child which them places them at ease. Therapists use animals as a means of lessening anxiety of the clients. Children especially will open up to an animal before opening up to an adult. By observing the interaction of the client and the animal, the therapists can learn many things that the client will not be comfortable saying out loud,” Stone said. According to Stone, horses have been used in people with physical disabilities. “The gait of the horse matches the way that humans move. By riding a horse the disabled person can gain use of limbs. Also, emotionally challenged individuals gain

self-esteem while riding horses and taking care of them,” Stone said. According to Stone all types of animals can be used in animalassisted therapy (AAT). “The most common is the dog, but I have used rabbits, potbelly pigs, pygmy goats, horses, cats and guinea pigs,” Stone said. According to Stone most of her students are psychology majors along with a few nursing majors. “This course can be an elective for almost any field- criminal justice, social work, sociology and agriculture,” Stone said. According to Stone she has thoroughly enjoyed teaching this Stock photo course. “My students have done many ing at substance abuse group activities so far, such as: taking my counseling, to name a few,” service dogs to several elementary Stone said. According to Stone she schools and presenting Dog Bite hopes to offer this course Prevention workshops, going to once every academic year. middle schools for career day on “My goal is to eventuanimal-interaction jobs, visiting ally develop a certificate pronursing homes and assisted living gram in this field. NWOSU centers for therapeutic interventions with the residents, visiting the jail would be the only university system for counseling and present- offering such a program,”

Stone said. For more concerning Dr. chology of hum action course, s by phone at (58 by email smston For more i this course of o ern-Enid classe nw






March 12


4:00 PM cert - Herod Hall m 19



Thursday 8

Friday 9

Satur 10

Noon CORE Environmental series (Ranger Perk) 15


PBL meeting with guest speaker. 3:25 p.m., IE 131.

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM “Battling the Test Monster” Library Room 101

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Life in a Lysosome - Guest Speaker Dr. Daniel Voth Science - Science Amphitheater




Spring Break

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Satur :00 PM ert - Herod Hall A BICKFORD aff Writer 20 d like information on the calendar, please contact Kaylyn Hansen , director of Studen...