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June 2011


June 2011

Introduction Product Presentation. LOC is the online program for companies offered by EF Education First. LOC offers a global solution for the B-to-B and B-to-S clients. Online by providing an online school it is our core business. In-company offers to the clients the chance to host courses at their company location and finally Abroad (or EFC) which provides immersion courses abroad. By combining 3 of these solutions we obtain the perfect mix for medium and big companies. These products cannot be sold quickly; it takes usually 4-8 months before a contract signed. Even though it is not an expensive product, the quantity sold makes the contract big.

Communication and Strategy. LOC currently predominantly uses offline activities to communicate. It is still in an early stage of marketing but efforts will be made to change this in the next year. However, the online strategy depends on various resource:. Website LOC has a dedicated website . This particular website was created in December 2009 and needs a complete makeover this is where the focus will be. Emailing and AER Both of them are ready to be used. Emails are sent to enquiries and bought addresses. Once a quarter an email is sent out to all users of the EFâ€&#x;s Online School to inform of the latest news. This email is usually linked to a landing page. Alternatively, emails could be sent by any Key Account Managers to improve the client relationship. Landing Pages Landing page are not connected to the website and they already conform to the GUD. Partner-sites Major clients have a partner-site. Partner-sites are helpful tools for the clients to communicate with their own users/employees and for us to push sales. It is a hub to EFâ€&#x;s Online School and to all the documentation/information necessary for the user to understand the solution they have. Partner-sites already conform to GUD. Social Platforms Both LOC and EFC use the same platforms. 7 Facebook pages, Twitter page, LinkedIn services, YouTube channel.

June 2011

Challenge. Our challenge is to give the best experience to the potential client by offering clear USPâ€&#x;s and clear messages. We know that a rich PDF and a flawless video are keys for clear messaging. The website will be oriented in this direction. It will also be focusing on News and how LOC is interacting with his environment. Any modification which could affect other websites has to be agreed before by all website holders.



During the Sales Conference, (4 October 2011) the new LOC website will be announced as a new tool sales people will be able to use to achieve their targets.

June 2011

Pillars, Footer and Top Nav-tab Pillars. We will use 4 pillars. A fifth one could be used independently by a specific country regarding their needs. > Proven Results > Trusted Partner >Service Excellence > Full Solution Provider > depending on the country Embedded into the picture, below the text box, the “Offers” strip needs to be an optional feature. Instead of “Offers” we would like to have “News”. Requirements > Number of pillars must be independent across country codes. > “Offers” needs to be changed into “News”.

Footer. The footer is an important part of the website. It has to offer what the website has been built for. We would like this area to be very moldable, where we can decide if we want one or 2 rows and what module we would like to display. Requirements > Moldable footer.

Top Nav-tab. Since we will offer a small number of navigation alternatives to the user, we would like to have a drop down under all section of the top nav-tab. Requirements > drop down when mouse over.

June 2011

Home Page Introduction text. We would need to be able to write a paragraph here (an introduction to our USPâ€&#x;s).below the stage

Requirements > Text content bellow pillars

June 2011

Content Pages Dynamic Banners. We would like to bring more life into the pages. Since the banner is the first thing users will see, we would like to offer an alternative here, similar to the apple banner below. Combined with a strong message the effect will be wonderful.

Requirements > Banners to support a dynamic slide-show.

June 2011

PDFs and Videos. We will offer different choices to our users to find the information they need and how they get the information. We would like to implement “push down the page” functionality similar to that on the link below. This feature has to be able to display videos or pdf documents hosted by issuu.

Requirements > „push down‟ functionality

Media Center Page. We will gather all our media into a particular section on the site. HSY will need a similar page. > Videos > News > Cases studies > Events >Product updates > Collateral

Requirements > New design

June 2011

Site-map Home page: why EF, why Business English

Proven Results*

Trusted Partner*

Service Excellence* (video)

Learning Solutions*

Media Centre

Task-based learning


Monitoring Results

Online: convenient, efficient, transparent, effective

(inc. product updates)

4 steps to success

Case studies

Customer service (3 Ds)

Immersion: first class schools, great destinations, faster results

Case studies



By Industry


Best-in-class teachers

Partnership approach

For Public Sector

Red = development Blue = Template will be used from language Green = development but feature already in /corporate/



June 2011

Pages Specifications A Proven results

Introduction Proven results will present our academic methodology and teacher-led approach in 3 sub-pages. Requirements > Template from Language Text Pictures

A.1 Task-based learning

Introduction Task-based learning is a page dedicated to showing why it is important to apply what you learn and to go out of the academic frame. It is proven that by applying what you are learning into a live situation, it aids knowledge retention and as such is an extremely efficient way of learning. Requirements > Template from Language Text Picture

A.2 4 Steps to success

Introduction As we have it on the /efc/ website, we will have a slide feature. Requirements > Template from Language > Add the feature from

June 2011

A.3 Best-in-class teachers

Introduction This page is dedicated to our teachers. We will talk about their qualifications and may include media here (Videos/images) Requirements > Template from Language

B Trusted Partner

Introduction We would to tell to the potential client how others clients put their trust in us to deliver results. Requirements > Template from Language

B.1 Awards

Introduction We would like to present all our awards in a sexy way. Icon of the award will be next to a title and some text relating to the award. On top of the page, we will highlight the latest we have got with more text and the associated press release. Requirements > Template from Language if exists

June 2011

B.2 Case Studies

Introduction Case studies are really important. We have many of them in video format and more in PDF. This page will be designed by Daniel Hansson We have to offer to the potential client the choice of viewing experience; either a PDF embedded to a push-down page ( with issuu) or YouTube videos. A button next to the media, will give visitors the option of downloading the PDF.

Requirements > Template design by Daniel Hansson similar to this site > EF LLS will take care of the development on the behalf of Alexian Chiavegato > New buttons for PDF and Videos have to be designed.

June 2011

C Service Excellence

Introduction This page will introduce why we are good by providing the best customer service in the industry. A video of Anne-Taite will present the department, its aims and objectives.

Requirements > Template from Language > Medium required (video)

C.1 Monitoring Results

Introduction We will show to the potential client how easy it is to monitor the progress of his/her learners. We will offer picture of a progress report on a screen. The potential client could click on different area and a text will appear to describe what the precise component clicked on is showing them.

Requirements > Template design by Daniel Hansson > EF LLS will take care of the development on the behalf of Alexian Chiavegato

C.2 Customer Service

Introduction We will introduce the fact our customer service is not just reactive but pro-active by always assisting, informing and being one step ahead. Our customer-service fixes all worries but not only that, they take care of the monitoring the progress. Requirements > Same template as 4-steps-of-success

June 2011

C.3 Partnership approach

Introduction Why are we more than a language solution provider? The main answer will be because we work in partnership with our customers supporting them every step of the way from implementation to reporting, even through to ensuring results.. Requirements > Template from Language

D Learning Solutions

June 2011

Introduction We will introduce here our portfolio of solutions. We want to highlight the fact we are global and have every answer to the need of every company ie. That we are a full-solution provider. Requirements > Template from Language > Need to offer puffs and text.

D.1 Online

Introduction This is our core business and probably most the traffic will be driven there by online/offline actions. We need to present the offer but also the school. Messaging > Convenient > Efficient > Transparent > Effective

Requirements > Template design by Daniel Hansson > EF LLS will take care of the development on the behalf of Alexian Chiavegato > have the push-down page feature. > embed on the push-down page an interactive laptop screen image to introduce the features of the school > Dynamic banners with the 4 UPSâ€&#x;s under messaging and slides.

D.2 Abroad

Introduction This is our second business and we will need to introduce the product and invite the potential client to visit the dedicated website.

Messaging >First Class School > Great destinations > Faster results > Effective Requirements > Template design by Daniel Hansson > EF LLS will take care of the development on the behalf of Alexian Chiavegato

June 2011

> Dynamic banners with 4 UPS‟s under messaging and slides.

D.3 In-company

Introduction We need to present that we also offer face-to-face, in-company training. It doesn‟t have to be as stunning as online. It needs to have an introduction and possibly a video. Requirements > Template from Language

D.4 By industry

Introduction We have customized our solutions‟ content in relation to certain industries and this will be showcased here. Requirements > Template from Language

D.5 For public Sector

Introduction We are becoming the leader of the English training for public sector institutions. And it is important for us to develop this field. As a first step, we will need just to present the product. We will embed here a pushdown page to add a flyer to illustrate our Public-sector importance. Requirements > Template from Language

E Media Center

Introduction This is a brand new section to the website. Requirements > Template from Language with spots/puffs

E.1 News


June 2011

This is a key part of the website. The news will be linked to the front page (below the box in the picture pillar, in place of the “Offers� strip). We may need to display them rotating on the homepage. Requirements > Template design by Daniel Hansson > EF LLS will take care of the development on the behalf of Alexian Chiavegato > Organized by time with the most recent on top and with a temporal filter > The latest news will get particular attention

E.2 Case Studies

Introduction Copy of the page Requirements > copy of

E.3 Events

Introduction Same as NEWS Requirements > Same design and architecture as /news/ > we can put the event on the news feed on the home page.

E.4 videos

Introduction Same as NEWS We need as well to create a nice sign page to display only one video. It is a requirement from KAM. Requirements > Same design and architecture as /news/ > we can put the event on the news feed on the home page. >single page without content just for videos.

E.3 downloads

June 2011

Introduction Same as NEWS, this page will gather all best practice whitepapers, brochures etc and offer the potential client the chance to download them. Requirements > Same design and architecture as /news/ >In order to download any of the content on this page, visitors must first enter their contact details into a form: first name, last name, email address and company name fields will be required. This will act as a means to generating more enquiries for the division.

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