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5HDFKHLWKHUSUHTXDOLÂżHG customers or more than 500,000. 7DNH\RXUSLFN$FKLHYHVLJQLÂżFDQW return on investment with ORSCCA’s ,QWHJUDWHG0DUNHWLQJ Communications Program with Web 2.0. (PDLORUFDOOQRZIRUDZDUGZLQQLQJ regional, national DQGLQWHUQDWLRQDOPDUNHWLQJ communications expertise: 5DQG\8QVEHH$%& KWWSWZLWWHUFRPUDQG\XQVEHHRUVFFD 503-544-5944 On the Front Cover: George “Kenâ€? Dwinell captures the starting grid for Spec Miata at the 50th Anniversary of the Rose Cup Races, presented by Temp-Control 0HFKDQLFDO&RUS*DU\%RFNPDQJHWVVHWWRSDFHWKHÂżHOGIURPSUHJULG

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From the R.E. Dan Halloran, Regional Executive Email:

We Have Made Some Noticeable Achievements Amateur organizations like SCCA survive with the help of many volunteers who enjoy and respect the mission of the organization. Oregon SCCA is no exception. Go to any of our events, Solo, Rally, or Road 5DFH DQG WKHUH DUH YROXQWHHUV HI¿FLHQWO\ and professionally running the events. We do it because we love our sport and the joy that participation and camaraderie brings. Whether it’s replacing cones in 6ROR ZRUNLQJ D ÀDJJLQJ VWDWLRQ LQ 5RDG Race, and manning a check point in rally these are all jobs that need to be done. The same is true at the Board/Executive level. The tasks are different and the joy of creating and tracking budgets or negotiating insurance contracts maybe not be on the same level as watching cars compete. But, these tasks must also be done if the organization is going to survive. I have served as Regional Executive for the past several years and have enjoyed getting to know many of you personally and in representing the interests of our organization. During that time we have made some noticeable achievements:

the Board. They have shown they have the talent and initiative to carry on but we will also need a new Regional Executive. Over the next several weeks I will be working with the Nominating Committee to interview candidates for the position. If you are interested you can contact me or any member of the Board to discuss what is involved.

It has been a rewarding experience particularly because it has put me in contact with many more members than I would have met otherwise. We are lucky to have the opportunity to indulge our passion for cars and racing. Let’s make insure our future by bringing in more talent to run this great organization. Thanks for your support in the past. I look forward to hearing from some of you about directing our future.

!RRIVEAND$RIVE(EREAND!WAY Are you ready for a different track? We offer service, support and rentals both in Portland and racing destinations from coast to coast.

Pacific Raceways, Thunderhill, Infineon, Laguna Seca, Buttonwillow, Phoenix International, Firebird, Willow Springs, Daytona, Virginia International, MidOhio, Sebring, Heartland Park, Road America, Pueblo, ...


‡1HZ:HEVLWH ‡2QOLQHUHJLVWUDWLRQ ‡0DLQWDLQHGWKHRUJDQL]DWLRQœV¿QDQFLDO health ‡  1HJRWLDWHG VXFFHVVIXO FRQWUDFW IRU WKH Rose Cup giving us more control over the event ‡  ,QFUHDVHG FRRSHUDWLRQ ZLWK RWKHU ORFDO racing organizations ‡%HJDQXVLQJVRFLDOPHGLDIRUFRPPXQL cations with club members ‡6WDUWHGDFDSLWDOVSHQGLQJSURFHVV These are all good results that speak well for the work of your Board of Directors. Now, it is time for me to step aside and give others the opportunity to lead. This year we brought several new members onto








By Randy Unsbee Loud Pedal Publisher-Editor, ORSCCA Marketing/PR Photos by George “Kenâ€? Dwinell It was probably one of the best Rose Cup race weekends for many years, and it wasn’t just because of sentiment or the numerologists among us who focus on the 50 in 50th anniversary. 1RLWZDVPRUHWKDQKDYLQJÂżUVWWLPH winner Jerry Grant in attendance, or his car owner the Hahn’s who were there to watch daughter Cindi Lux compete, or perennial entrants Monte Shelton and Marshall Atherton. It was more than the intriguing vintage Wemme Trophy Race, or the Festival Trophy Race, Porsche event, classic cars, drag races and more. (Continued on page 11)









(Continued from page 7) It is the idea that in the 21st century we can celebrate, cherish and nurture a grass roots community sporting event so unique in its nature and character, that to host it anywhere other than Portland International Raceway would be impossible. To miss a year would be sacrilege. And, it’s about the ability to change, to strive and make the weekend better each year for participants and enthusiasts alike. )RUWKH¿UVWWLPHHYHUUDFHXSGDWHVDQG results were posted live via Twitter and Facebook, so that fans at the track who were unable to hear the loudspeakers, and those at home, could stay current on who was in what car, in what class, and in what position. Race results and pictures on your phone! Who envisioned that 50 years ago? Fluge Global Adventures was WKH¿UVWVSRQVRURIP\H[SHULPHQWDQG what I hope will become a regular feature at all of our events in the future. Returning for the tenth year as event sponsor were Jay Culbertson and TempControl Mechanical Corp. Also returning to contest the Rose Cup feature race were Portland’s Nick Fluge and teammate Matt Crandall from Milwaukie, Ore. who appeared on the scene earlier this spring with a pair of wicked-fast Mustangs.



")"'"%$%! $ 

But, even as they lined up on pre-grid for the feature race, there were questions about reliability. And, more than one driver had questions about the 45 minute race length which, coupled with parade laps, might stretch the fuel range of these thirsty ground pounders before the checkHUHGĂ€DJĂ€HZ

But, the reliability gremlins struck once again. Crandall saw a telltale puff of blue smoke rise from Fluge’s Mustang, and recognized immediately a power steering failure. (Continued on page 15)

 * *  * 

Jeff Zurshmeide

:KHQWKHJUHHQĂ€DJIHOO)OXJHOHSWLQWR the lead from his front row slot alongside polesitter Crandall, only to lose it to the hard charging Crandall on lap two. Fluge regained the lead on lap six and held it for three more laps.

Your Race Tire Headquarters 

  $( &'((  )  %&(#$*  

Check out our new website:











(Continued from page 11) Fluge retired to the pits, and stayed there. What followed from Crandall was a driving lesson in consistency, and threading KLVZD\WKURXJKWUDI¿FZKLOHDEDWWOH raged behind. Brian Richards of Seattle, Wa. won the Rose Cup feature in 1993 and 1994. He was harassed throughout the race by the orange Corvette of Woodinville, Wa.’s Rob Holden whose efforts were hampered by a broken exhaust header. $IWHUODSVWKH¿QDORUGHUZDV&UDQGDOO Richards, Holden, and Montclair, Calif.’s Loren Beggs who was the last car on the lead lap in his Porsche 911 GT3. $VD¿WWLQJHQGWRWKHHYHQW0DWWUDQRXW of fuel shortly after taking the checkered ÀDJ+HKDGWREHÀDWWRZHGWRYLFWRU\ lane. If there had been one less lap under the earlier full course caution, the results table could have been quite different. So there you have it - an aging and wellaged annual weekend that rarely fails to surprise and impress. It may still be something of a secret to the rest of the country. For those of us intimately involved in the sport, we have some ideas and a vision for sharing the largess of this motorsports bounty with others. Stay tuned. Complete results are available at www. and

2010 Test Days 400 +*.,"'&+*)-"*


" &-(///(*'*".&,'*$$  

*! (*"$


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-$0 - -+,

(,%* (,%*

,'* 1 (*'*&,$+ 1'"& !''$ 1*'++"'&$'!"& 1#"*'-*++ 1" !*'*%&*"."&

    Portland International Raceway 15

Rallying with Chris & Kristen Chris Hale, Rally Manager and Kristen E. Tabor Email:

Welcome to the Hot Months of Summer It always seems to surprise me when we get into summer, when the weather turns from mild-cool to hot and sultry. What doesn’t surprise me is the range of rally events on tap for summer—so without wasting any more time, here’s what’s happened and what’s happening. We had our annual National RallyCross weekend on June 26-27. There were 23 entrants to the National event, which encompassed both days, in addition to our usual huge crowd of 100 entrants for Sunday alone. This year on Saturday, we decided to stick with our traditional run-work format, since we had just enough people to make it happen. We had a few extra volunteers for the key positions, and all National entrants were able to get eight runs in on Saturday. The sun was shining but with judicial use of the water truck, we were able to keep the dust down. On Sunday, the national entrants ran with their regional class counterparts. THE course was fast and still technical for both days, which kept the “grin factor� high.

tirement to knock off reigning champion Andy Sharples for the top spot, both in class and overall. There was a close battle in Prepared All with regular hot shoe Charles Morrill edging Scott Kovalik— ZKR ZDV MXVW JODG WR ¿QLVK WKH ZHHNHQG after a long string of bad luck mechanicals and tire problems! Jason Staats ran away with the Stock All FODVV KRQRUV  ,Q 0RGL¿HG ZG OLNH 0 but 2wd), Chris Sample squeaked by Kris Lilly with 1.612 seconds to spare over 12 runs. Chuck Jewell rocked the Prepared Front class after a disappointing DNF from Robb McInroy.

ish, and it is a big hit. You can watch the races developing online at, or with your smart phone at the same link. Very cool! Our next RallyCross will be a joint venture with Off Camber events in Chehalis, WA on August 7 and 8. Saturday, August 7 will be Off Camber’s charity event benH¿WLQJWKH&KLOGUHQœV+RVSLWDO Sunday will be an Oregon Rally Group points event at the same location. Come out for the kids and stay the night for the points! As always, check the ORG website for more info.

Jeremy O’Harrow was the sole competitor in Prepared Rear—guess everyone else was too afraid of his mad skills! Erik “Goose’ Laudenslager romped through the Stock Front ranks, running very cleanly to take the win.

So what else is going on this summer? Well, besides the continuing Friday Nighter Series with Cascade, don’t forget about the ever-exciting Mountains to the Sea—a tour rally starting in the Portland area and ending on the coast.

Year-to-date regional scores are posted on as well as full results from not only our National weekend but also all events to date.

This year’s event ends in Rockaway beach with the traditional BBQ and party on the sand. This event is written by veteran TSD rallyers Russ and Katy Kraushaar. It will be a great event, and one not to miss!

Speaking of technology, we need to give an enthusiastic “tip of the helmetâ€? to the So who won? Well, there was a surprise in Hales, father and son, for their real-time 0RGLÂżHG  WKLQN 5DOO\SUHSDUHG$:'  scoring system. We are able to show all with Rob Files coming out of semi-re- WKHWLPHVRIDOOUXQVDVWKHFRPSHWLWRUVÂżQ

ORG’s Rally Against Parkinson’s will be taking place on September 11 this year. Last year’s RallyMaster John Elkin is helming again this year, so you just know it’s going to be great. In addition, it bene¿WVWKH3DUNLQVRQœV5HVRXUFHVRI2UHJRQ So bring your donations, bid on car 1, and come enjoy two regularity runs around PIR before heading off into the hills for a great and easy tour event! Gosh. Lots going on, for sure! Nevertheless, do not forget to stay cool, stay hydrated, and enjoy summer in whatever manner you like! 6HH\RXRQWKHURDGV RULQWKH¿HOG 


The Twisty Bits Jim Murray, Road Racing Director Email:

Chicane or Not Chicane . . . ‌that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the rights and left of outrageous fortune, or to take heart against that sea of troubles, and by bypassing, end them.

My primary goal in this year’s schedulLQJ LV QRW WR UHLQYHQW WKH ZKHHO WKDW LV ÂłLILWDLQÂśWEURNHGRQÂśWÂż[LW´ DXWKRUXQ known). That said, it’s time to be creative and look toward the rest of the year, and EH\RQGWRÂżQGWKHEHVWFRPELQDWLRQVZH Good grief. (apologies to the Bard). As can in our road racing arena. Your input is some may know, we’ve changed the race welcome, and no matter which directions courses for August and September to use are chosen, “the buck stops hereâ€? (Harry WKHFKLFDQHFRQÂżJXUDWLRQWKHFKDQJHZDV Truman). EURXJKWE\GULYHULQSXWZKLFKVLJQLÂżFDQWO\ favored the chicane, though there were Sheesh. Enough with the clichĂŠs already. some voices in favor of the “no chicaneâ€? course. Rose Cup and the July double National KDYH EOXUUHG E\ WKH QXPEHUV DUH LQ DQG This debate no doubt has been raged year the Rose Cup weekend entry was someafter year in Oregon Region, and for this what light as was May. Congratulations to year the “chicaneâ€? has won out. We en- Matt Crandall on his Rose Cup win. courage your continuing input into these kinds of decisions, but reserve the right to The Flat Out Racing Double Nationals premake them in our magisterial discretion. sented by Speed Sports and Fluge Global The one thing for sure is that: “You can Adventures entry was pretty good, and the SOHDVHVRPHRIWKHSHRSOHDOORIWKHWLPH weekend had lots of energy. Good to see and you can please all of the people some the Nick Fluge “Tarzanâ€? Mustang doing of the time, but you can’t please all of the well in both events. people all of the time.â€? ( thanks, to Abe Lincoln). Amazingly, the Friday of the July weekend ZDVWKHÂżUVWUDLQ\UDFHGD\ZHÂśYHKDGDOO We also welcome input and ideas on sched- \HDUDVNWKH65)JURXSVKRZWKH\OLNHG uling generally. Each year we’ve had two- the wet a.m. practice and p.m. race. As DQG WKUHHGD\ UDFH ZHHNHQGV WKH WKUHH one of the combatants, I’ll say it was pretdays generally include a double National, ty crazy out there. Guess the good weather or a Regional/National combo, or a double fortune of the year had to end sometime. Regional. We’re looking at ways to adjust the schedules so that drivers who can only Speaking of SRF, it’s no secret that your do one day can have a full day including WKHUDFH\RXPD\QRWHVRPHJURXSVFRXOG achieve that in our July National just concluded.

correspondent runs in that class. Therefore, any warped perspective on our part FDQ EH H[FXVHG  3OHDVH  3RLQW LV PDQ\ in your leadership (RE, RRD, Area 13 Director e.g.) are SRF runners and our (my, anyway) perspective on things may be somewhat different than the driver community out there. For sure, the arrive-and-drivers (self included) get a different view of the weekends than those who self-wrench and whose class competitions and race groupings differ. So: from this chair, the more you talk to me the better. I’m trying to become conspicuous (not notorious) on the race weekends to get to know more RI\RXGULYHUVZRUNHUVDOODQGZDQWWR keep hearing from you, good and bad, on our directions. (QRXJK VDLG"  , NQRZ \RX KDYHQœW UHDG this far, have you? For August, our schedule is more like the April race weekend with the Regional groups to the fore. Come out and play! Enjoy the sunshine. Hopefully. We do have the option in August of running another one-day licensing school on the Friday test day, for drivers with sigQL¿FDQWH[SHULHQFH EXWQROLFHQVH LILQ WHUHVWHGFRQWDFW.DUHQLQWKHRI¿FHDW 224 9469.

If we adjust the group combinations, it’s SRVVLEOHZHFRXOGUXQRQHGD\HYHQWVDQG a two-day weekend with two events. Driver preference is a big force in these decisions, and we have heard input from those who’d like a more compressed schedule in some cases. Any thoughts and opinions out there? From where I sit, everything’s on the table.



Soloist Rickli Named PPIHC Rookie of the Year SCCA TireRack Solo National Tour competitor Savannah Rickli, of Littleton, Colo., reached a milestone in recent weeks when the 16-year-old driver was named the Rookie of the Year at the 88th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.


Rickli became the youngest driver ever WRÂżQLVKWKHUDFHLQWKHORQJKLVWRU\RI the event, but she did so much more WKDQÂżQLVK$WWKHHQGRIWKHWXUQ 12.42-mile course, Rickli was third in the Time Attack 2WD Class with a time of 13:58.232 in her 2003 Mini Cooper S. At 16 years and 334 days, Rickli needed a special exception from race RIÂżFLDOWRUXQLQWKH+LOO&OLPEZKLFK sets a minimum age of 18 years for its competitors. Rickli drove the event with Rebecca Greek as her navigator.



One of my most memorable cartoons as a kid is with Disney’s Goofy. It shows Goofy as an easy-going and very likeable character. He’s great with family, friends, and co-workers. Then something happens to this carefree character when he gets into his car, drives to the on-ramp of the freeway and proceeds to enter the speeding chaos. At that moment, he transforms into a sort of Jekyll and Hyde personality. He crouches down in the seat, leans forward, puts KLVIRRWRQWKHDFFHOHUDWRUSHGDODQGOHWVKLVHDUVĂ€\+HVWDUWV VHWWLQJXSIRUDSDVVGRGJLQJLQDQGRXWRIWUDIÂżFJHWWLQJLQWR WKHWKULOORIFRPSHWLWLRQDOODZKLOHOHDYLQJKLVODLGEDFNOLIH behind. For some reason, I always think of this SCCA driver having similar traits of mind and behavior, our good friend, Gordon Jones. Gordon has always had a “need for speedâ€?. On back roads, he would drive his street car as fast as he could and get away with it, until they cranked down on the speeding laws. He took up desert racing motorcycles. Unfortunately, this ended when another racer rode over him at the start of a race in Bend. He went home with a broken jaw (in three places) and an injury arm (ouch!). He began taking his BMW out on track day with the BMW Club and eventually got into autocrossing. He continued to autocross for 6 years before going onto road racing. Thirty years later, Gordon is still feeling the “need for speedâ€? racing his white BMW 2002TII. He said his most memorable race was a SCCA race, “It started raining on the pace lap and no one was on rain tires. I won my class.â€? Gordon has always been a great contender on the track and has even had the opportunity to compete at the SCCA Runoffs.


He taught driving skills and worked as a turn-worker at the recent inaugural race at Oregon Raceway Park. Gordon is a true race enthusiast. Racing aside, Gordon has been a Caterpillar mechanic, engineering on a sea-going tugboat, building maintenance engineer and SUHVHQWO\DÂżUHSURWHFWLRQWHFKQLFLDQ:KHQDVNHGZKDWKLVIXture plans for racing are, Gordon said, “I’m 66 years old. I plan RQUDFLQJRQHPRUH\HDULQ+SURGXFWLRQWKHQ,ZLOOUHWLUHIURP workâ€?. I’m sure Gordon will always be involved with racing. So the next time you’re at the track, say “Hiâ€? to Gordon and don’t worry, he’s pretty mild off the track. Just look out for him when on the track‌ Member: Gordon Jones Member Since: 1987 Favorite Author: Tom Clancy Last Book Read: The Soul Catcher Favorite Entertainer: Bill Cosby Favorite Movie: Star Wars Favorite TV Show: Jeopardy Favorite Food: Baked Salmon Favorite Non-SCCA Activity: Restoring Old Cars First Car Owned: 1947 Studebaker Champion Favorite Car Owned: 1972 BMW 2002TII Current Daily Driver: 1072 BMW 2002TIi Favorite Race Driver: David Hobbs 0RVW,QĂ€XHQWLDO3HUVRQLQ0\/LIH0\0RWKHUÂłVKHÂśVDOZD\V been there for meâ€?. *Authors note: Gordon’s wife of 42 years, Beulah, was a contributor to this rag and Gordon’s ears aren’t as long as Goofy’s.

+DUULV7DNHV7ZR Todd Harris, of Portland, Ore., made fast work of the SCCA 3UR5DFLQJ6SHF5DFHU)RUGÂżHOGDW0LOOHU0RWRUVSRUWV3DUNLQ Tooele, Utah, during the June 5-6 SCCA Pro Racing Weekend.

(No. 03 SRF) and Rick Bellew (No. 10 M&M 0RWRUVSRUWV65) HDFKHDUQHGD¿IWKSODFH¿QLVKLQ6DWXUGD\ and Sunday’s races, respectively.

Harris ran a near-perfect weekend in the No. 24 Pro Drive Racing School Spec Racer Ford, earning two pole positions and leading all 44 laps at the doubleheader weekend on his way to a pair of victories – by 3.643-seconds during Saturday’s race, and by an even larger 5.918-seconds on Sunday.

Through six of 10 rounds on the season, Ayres has ridden his VWUHDNRISRGLXPÂżQLVKHVWRWKHWRSRIWKHFKDPSLRQVKLSVWDQGings with 699 points. Rettich, on the strength of a pair of wins at New Jersey Motorsports Park, sits second, with 661 points. Harris (442 points) bolted to third despite missing two stops, followed by Reed (387) and J.D. Pfetzing (372).

For good measure, Harris also turned the fastest laps in each race, lapping the 2.2-mile East Course at Miller Motorsports Complete results and point standings are available at www.scPark with a time of 1:46.476 (74.383 mph) during Race One, and a race-best 1:48.520 (72.982 mph) during the second race of the Editor’s Note: In addition to Harris and Tipton, other regular weekend. Oregon Region Sports Car Club of America Spec Racer Ford regulars on hand included Gary Manchester, Lee Douglas, Steve Finishing second in both races was Tray Ayres, of Woodstock, Fogg, Todd Butler, Howard “Duckâ€? Allen, Jeffrey Neiss, Todd *D$\UHVZKRQRZKDVÂżYHUXQQHUXSÂżQLVKHVWRJRZLWKD third-place, ran just behind Harris on both days, but didn’t quite Lamberton and, Johnny Humphreys. match his pace in his No. 7 Ayres Racing Spec Racer Ford over After six rounds of the SCCA Pro Racing Spec Racer Ford the pair of 48.4-mile races. The races averaged 73.234 and championship series, Harris is in third behind Ayers and Rettich. 72.449 mph, respectively. Tipton is 11th and Fogg 17th. Douglas lies 18th and Manchester 2[IRUG2KLRÂśV6FRWW5HWWLFKÂżQLVKHGWKLUGLQHDFKRXWLQJEHKLQG 19th, while Lamberton is 23rd, Butler 31st, Niess 35th, Allen 38th, Humphreys 40th. The next races take place in September the wheel of the No. 17 PDICommunSys/Springboro Car Wash at Brainerd, Min..and Virginia International Raceway. Spec Racer Ford. John Tipton’s ProDrive/I’m Going To France 6SHF5DFHU)RUGÂżQLVKHGIRXUWKLQERWKUDFHV5REHUW5HHG


Solo II Report Andy Howe, Solo II Director Email:

Season Half Over? Solo Nationals Coming Soon! It’s mid-season already. Wow! Our July 10 and 11 events will be events #4 and #5 of the 2010 season. I think that makes these events pivotal in points chases. A few classes are developing favorites, but with six events remaining anyone can take the top spot. After these events, it’ll be a different story. With the forecasted good weather, I hope to see you in Packwood! Remember that the Packwood ProSolo and National Tour events are coming up soon. These events are big time fun. They take a bit more commitment than a normal event weekend, but there is a good chance you’ll be racing in a larger, more competitive class than at our normal weekend events. If you haven’t been to one of these events before, pick one and try it out. I guarantee you’ll make new friends from other regions.

To top it off, the Packwood Tour event is Emphasis is not placed on speed, but rathDOVR WKH 1RUWKHUQ 3DFLÂżF 'LYLVLRQ 6ROR er on car control skills. Championship event. Oregon Region has hosted these events at Solo Nationals is also coming up soon. PIR in past years in conjunction with the The event is again being held in Lincoln, Porsche Club. These events have been Nebraska. The site is incredible, the com- very well received by the public and the petition is close, and the people are awe- class is always full. some. If you want to attend this year and have not attended a National Tour or Divi- Driving instructors will be pulled from sional event so far this season, make sure both the road racing and solo communities you get to Packwood for the National Tour to help the young drivers hone their skills. We will need to have some volunteers to event. donate their day (or part of their day) to In addition to the experience with the event setup course, work course, or instruct. format, participating in this event will save you serious money when you register for Save this date: October 3rd. I’ll be calling around looking for a dozen or so volNationals. unteers for the school as we get closer to Last in the “lots going onâ€? bin‌ Solo has the date. been approached to work a Teen Street Survival event at PIR in October. These In addition to our focus on competition events use autocross elements to teach and enjoying our sports cars, SCCA is an educational organization. teens good driving habits. The Teen Street Survival program is strongly supported by SCCA’s National 2IÂżFH,QSDVW\HDUVWKHKRVWLQJ5HJLRQ is guaranteed to break event and I believe that is still the case. If you are available for this event, please consider coming out and giving back to the community.


Non-Commercial &ODVVLÂżHG$GV 7R SODFH D QRQFRPPHUFLDO FODVVLÂżHG DG email the editor: Limit ads to 50 words. Free to Oregon Region SCCA members selling personal property. Please call or email when the item has sold.

Commercial &ODVVLÂżHG$GV. &RPPHUFLDOFODVVLÂżHGWH[WDQGGLVSOD\DGYHUtising as a very affordable way to reach our UHDGHUV7H[WDGVDUHIRUWKHÂżUVWZRUGV and 10-cents per word thereafter. Display ClasVLÂżHGDGVDUHDVOLWWOHDVSHUFROXPQLQFK Submission deadline is the 10th day of the month prior to publication. Please contact the editor for further information.





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2010 Upcoming Events July 31 -- CSCC Mountains to the Sea Rally, Portland to Coast August 7-8 -- ORSCCA Single Regional, no Chicane @ PIR August 8 -- ORG RallyCross #5, Location TBA August 13 -- CSCC Friday Nighter, Portland/Vancouver Area August 21-22 -- Solo Events #6 and #7 @ Packwood, WA August 28-29 -- NWR Double Regional w/NORPAC Vintage @ Bremerton September 11 -- Rally Against Parkinson’s September 12 -- ORG RallyCross #6, Hillsboro, OR September 10-12 -- SFR/NORPAC Vintage Weekend @ Thunderhill Park September 11-12 -- ORSCCA Single Regional, no Chicane @ PIR September 17 -- CSCC Friday Nighter, Portland/Vancouver Area September 18-19 -- Solo Events #8 and #9 @ PIR South Paddock October 1 -- CSCC Friday Nighter, Portland/Vancouver Area October 8-10 -- ORSCCA Double Regional, with Chicane @ PIR October 10 -- ORG RallyCross #7, Hillsboro, OR October 16 -- CSCC Autumn GTA Rally, Portland/Vancouver Area October 23 - Mt. Hood Rally October 23-24 --ORSCCA Regional w/NORPAC Vintage @ Oregon Raceway Park, Grass Valley OR, co-sanctioned with NW Region Oct. 30-31 Vintage CSRG @ Thunderhill

ORSCCA Board Meetings are held the First Wednesday of Each Month at China Bay Restaurant, 13281 SW Canyon Rd., Beaverton, OR

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