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Randy Pretzer About Randy Pretzer is a well-known automotive professional with years of experience backing him. He is extensively experienced in automotive dealership management. He is a domestic brand specialist with special expertise in areas of recruiting, training, advertising and total customer relationship management. Having been in automotive industry for more than 18 years, he is aware of all the strategies and plans which work best in this competitive sector. Presently, he is General Manager at Allen Samuels Autoplex. This Auto Group consists of twelve automobile dealerships, grossing over $600M in annual revenue. Professional experience Randy Pretzer has worked as Manager with Bossier Country for many years. Under his guidance and leadership, the company grew to include Chrysler, Dodge, Chevrolet and Jeep automobile lines, and they also owned Bossier Dodge in Waxahachie and Bossier Nissan-Subaru in Lawrence, Kan. Bossier came to Freestone County in 1987 when he bought York Chrysler in Teague, and ultimately moved the dealership to Fairfield in 1994. He developed a deep and thorough understanding of area’s customer base and processes that proved successful in the automotive industry. He founded the Lazy Lou Cattle Company in 1992 and they ranch East of Waco, Texas. He is a long standing Texas cattle rancher and wildlife manager. Passion for hunting Along with being a successful automotive professional, Randy Pretzer is also a prolific hunter. He has great passion for hunting and has experienced several guided hunts over these years. He is a SCI measurer and ranks high in SCI World Hunting Program. He is also an active subscriber to The Hunting Report and has submitted several guided hunt reports. The Hunting Report acknowledges subscribers who take time each month to file reports about their hunting experience and Randy Pretzer has been chosen for their special Honor Roll. His reports include detailed information about his hunting experience which provide brand-new and bargain opportunities to others. Awards and honors Randy Pretzer has been honored with various awards and recognitions in his successful career. He received General Motors Business Managers, 1996, Chrysler Motors, 1988 and Dodge Charger Dealer 2001, 2002, 2003. He also won World Hunting Awards by Safari Club International. The award program was initiated in 1984 with the purpose of recognizing hunters and their achievements and also to celebrate the conservation efforts of dedicated SCI members. His areas of interests cover worldwide hunting, gun collecting and wildlife management.

Randy Pretzer