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Pikachu Medium - Graphite and Prisma Colors Dimensions - 18” x 12” Date - 2012 Drawing I did of a keychain I’ve had for about as long as I can remember.

Company Logo Medium - Digital Artwork Dimensions - 11� x 8.5� Date - 2014 Design for the logo of an imaginary buisness. Maybe one day I will get to use this logo myself. Created using Adobe Illustrator.

#SOLO Medium - Acrylic Painting Dimensions - 30� x 44� Date - 2013 Painting of Han Solo. He can make the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.

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Bad Things Medium - Digital Artwork Dimensions - 17� x 22� Date - 2013 A poster for the hit series, Breaking Bad. Created using Adobe Illustrator.

Me Medium - Photograph Dimensions - 15” x 10” Date - 2013 Photograph taken using the method of ‘painting with light’. By using a very slow shutter speed, I was able to get an exposure that captured the trail of light.

Bassano Canal Medium - Pencil Drawing Dimensions - 15� x 15� Date - 2012 One of the first drawings I made for my degree. It is a scene from just outside of my hometown.

Shadows Medium - Photograph Dimesnions - 40� x 50� Date - 2013 Assembled image photograph, created by taking multiple pictures from the same location, creating the illsuion of a much wider perspective.

Lorenzo von Matterhorn Medium - Pencil Drawing Dimensions - 44” x 30” Date - 2013 A drawing of Neil Patrick Harris. By using a high contrast, I made the image pop out from the background. The name is an allusion to the series ‘How I Met Your Mother’ which he stars in.

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