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THE NEW ENVIRONMENT I wrote this back in July and since then Taylor Swift has been in the news for not just with-holding her new album 1989 from Spotify but also pulling her entire back catalogue. It has resulted in 1.287 million copies being sold in the first week, a feat that hasn’t been done since 2002. It is however, available on pay-to-stream services like Beats Music and Rhapsody.

relentlessly. And, according to a London Stock Exchange report, they made big-time profits: They reported earnings between $12-34 million dollars.

All of these bands are experimenting with new revenue streams or at least new ways to engage with people willing to part with their cash. The absurdity of labels paying $250 million dollar deals for something that isn’t physically In the turbulence that followed this decision, Adeles tangible has finally hit home and combine that with changes manager Jonathan Dickins has spoken out in favour of in sales. There is a documented shift from physical album music streaming - “Streaming is the future, whether people sales being the majority of profits, with a minority in singles like it or not. Within five years it will be ubiquitous,” he said to digital singles becoming the main seller and albums on the closing day of the Web Summit tech conference, being almost irrelevant. which took place in Dublin on Thursday 06 November 2014. The one thing that artists still have? - their physical Original Article: Wu-Tang Clans new album The Wu - Once presence. Which is why concerts have been the money Upon a Time in Shaolin is currently housed in a hand-carved maker for big acts. Amanda Palmer is a master at this: silver-and-nickel box under heavy security in Morocco and She is noted for her use of various internetty avenues, from will go on a museum tour where paying attendees will be her forum, blog, free music and social networking sites, able to hear it for $30-$50 a pop - after being screened by fund raising, and direct-to-fan marketing. Her grasp of the security to avoid leaks. It will then be sold to the highest evolving landscape of music is epitomized by her success bidder. The rap legends claim to have a $5 million bid using Kickstarter for ‘Theatre is Evil’ . She will even save already on the one and only copy of their next album as it money on a hotel by giving a fan a unique experience – heads to auction. In addition, two Wu-Tang Clan fans have crashing on their lounge! joined forces and initiated a Kickstarter campaign with hopes of matching that bid. What does this mean for new young acts? There has been no precedent in the music industry – if you didn’t get signed Indie band Vulfpeck uploaded 10 tracks of silence to Spotify by a major label, you lacked the resources to compete. under the name Sleepify. Then, they put out a video, urging Today, with social media turning individuals into publishers fans to stream the album on repeat while they slept. The and distributors, technology giving easy access to ‘studios’ band pledged to use the royalty revenue they racked up to and music discovery is almost purely digital, we have an fund a tour, where all shows would have free admission. influx of new music. Each song on Sleepify is completely silent and only runs about 31 or 32 seconds long, the bare minimum length As much as I hate to say it, become a personality that people for a song to register as a royalty-worthy play on Spotify. want to hang with. Forget the music and play the game as The band calculated that if one user listened to the album that’s what people will be paying for. Fake it until you make all night on repeat (800 plays) that would work out to a $4 it. Find temporary loopholes, exploit them then move on payout. Multiply that by thousands of listeners and you start to the next one. It’s less about what you know and more to get some serious numbers. The band ended up netting about how on the bleeding edge of technology you are. As around $20,000 in royalties from the album. for how long this needs to occur before it ‘normalizes’? Probably at least until the next generation who grow up in Since May of 2012, Iron Maidens online social presence has this environment and work on solutions with a fresh mind increased by 8 million, with many fans coming from South and clear vision without any of the hangups and ‘wishing for America. That growth, in turn, resulted in more BitTorrent the old days’ that plagues the rest of us. So keep fighting to activity — with Brazil leading the charge in illegally be heard and work smarter at it. Right up until they develop sharing the band’s music. The band didn’t monetize their software that allow Djs to stay home, oh wait they’ve done digital music sales; instead, they spent this period touring that!

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