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ISSUE 3 June 2013

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MEET THE WRITERS WRITERS Lisa J Aston Hugh Brown Harmonie Downes Randy G Luke Monsour Abby Skye

ASK LISA J an excerpt from her book

Pop Stars & Idols - The recipe for success


Ladi Abundance & His Merry Men



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World musicians travel to Winter Pastures

LOUISE ISACKSON Exploring extremes


Our feature columnist talks Fan Funding

VANESSA AMOROSI Rocks Broadbeach


SONGWRITING WORKSHOPS Hugh Brown reviews Jason Blume

BLUES ON BROADBEACH Photo-collage of an amazing weekend



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NOTICE OF AMENDMENT An error occurred in the initial version of the May Issue of MouthZoff Magazine. ‘The Boys’ Review was miscredited and should have rightly read ‘by Tina Walsh.’ MouthZoff apologizes for this discrepancy and trusts you will enjoy reading our magazine.

This year’s Blues on Broadbeach started strong and ended with a bang! As Broadbeach converted into the ultimate Blues festival for four days from May 23rd to 25th. As well as performing stages in most popular venues throughout Broadbeach there were also eight huge public stages in the malls, parks and main streets. The musical talent on display was of an incredibly high standard and it truly didn’t matter which stage I chose to be at, I was guaranteed yet another brilliant musical experience. A BIG Thank You goes to Broadbeach Alliance for organizing this spectacular event and specifically I’d like to thank Katie, Tammy, Anna and the CEO Jan McCormick (pictured above) for all their hard work and for making the team and I feel so welcome. CONGRATULATIONS on this most successful outcome and I look forward to future events.

Randy G


ON THE COVER: Main Photo - John Olzard Gary Howard Photography Joe Camilleri Brett Linsley Vanessa Amorosi Brett Linsley Kevin Borich Express Brett Linsley

With winter rearing its ugly head, the state seemingly goes into lock down – as if rain is cancerous or something. Let me assure you though, our entertainment scene is still very much live and kicking and I guess that’s yet another thing I really love about the music industry. MouthZoff Magazine has been busily uncovering, supporting and promoting live music in Queensland over the last couple of months and time feels like it’s flying. Though it’s still very much early days and the issue you are currently about to read is but our third, there is so much great information you can gain from MouthZoff Magazine and both the team and I hope you will have as much joy reading about different acts and events as we have had writing them. Loads of gratitude to all those supporting us, I have received many emails and calls and I can’t thank you all enough! With a few minor glitches and setbacks behind us were moving forward with much enthusiasm and WOW the months ahead have a lot in store for us all! So the important thing to remember, is that even though the weather may not be so favorable, Queensland does experience one of the most beautiful winters in the country and even when the rain pelts down, the music still goes on. Regardless of the risk of getting soggy, get out and support it and I look forward to seeing you all round the traps.

Randy G

X MouthZoff magazine | issue 03

years ago with a gamut of solo gigs, some extraordinarily creative events and founding her successful rock band Mission X, Abby has established herself firmly in the music community as a singer, songwriter and entrepreneur to be taken seriously. Bearing an incredible singing voice and a deadly creative flair, Abby lives and breathes art of all kinds, so writing for MouthZoff Magazine was inevitable, also considering her long term friendship and professional background with the magazine’s founder, Randy G. When this chick puts pen to paper, sit up and listen.

ABBY SKYE If anyone is qualified sufficiently to comment on the music and performances of our local artists and bands, it’s Abby Skye. After exploding onto the Brisbane music scene a few

MouthZoff magazine | issue 03



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SPIRITUALISING AND VISUALISING an excerpt from the book Pop Stars & Idols - The recipe for success by Lisa J Aston

Someone once said to me that success is a state of consciousness and that it requires a calibre of energy, not a calibre of person. You have to be completely focussed and not allow any distractions to get in your way if you intend to survive this music industry minefield and reap the wonderful results of it. You must visualise the “end” result, but you must also establish the foundations in the early days. One particular piece of advice that I found helpful was to construct a map of a plan of attack, starting from the end result which you wish to achieve and working backwards, until you are at the point where you are right now in your life. Looking at it on paper makes it very real and gives you a clear path to follow. Chances are that things will happen on the way 6

MouthZoff magazine | issue 03

that may throw you off course, but if you have it on paper, you can see clearly, when and where you need to get back on course. If you can dream it, you can create it. What if 20 years ago I had suggested to you to imagine yourself sitting in a space station for three months? Somebody thought about it, somebody visualised it and somebody is doing it. Same with passenger shuttles to outer space. You can do that now if you have the dollars and so it is with the outcome of your career. Visualise it. See that end result first and work backwards until you find yourself at step one, whatever step one might be. The other this is to pick a role model. Choose someone who has achieved what you want to achieve, or if it is not exactly what you want to achieve, someone you admire for how he or she has done it. Look at what they did and what they endured and learned from it. Learn from successful people. Consider the market for what you want to do. Look at the opportunities available to you and think outside the square. In addition, be unreasonable! I am not saying to be difficult here, but rather, be unreasonable about your requests and expectations. Nobody ever got anywhere being reasonable. Nobody ever got famous because he or she sounded like somebody else and no one that I know of has ever achieved anything by being a clone, unless the act is a deliberate concept act. If you want something, don’t accept anything less. For example, by putting prices on

your act of say $800 a night. Be honest that you are worth this. You might hit a few rejections along the way, but if you are that good then you will get that fee. Someone somewhere will pay you $800. Not because they believe you were worth it, but because you believed you were! If you think like a sheep, you will run along with the rest of the sheep. You get what I am saying here? See yourself right now as a highly successful act. When you get a chance, relax and close your eyes and see yourself as how you envision your life to be. You could be accepting an award, or performing to a huge audience, or travelling first class on tour. Just focus your energies on it and create it. You are already at the peak of your career, it is just that other people don’t know it, but they will. Think of it that way.

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l u o S f o s e i d La HIS MERRY MEN & LADI ABUNDANCE by Randy G

I have to say, some of the most unique musical experiences happen at the Joynt - a popular Brisbane watering hole. Tonight I’m here to see ‘Ladies of Soul,’ a collaboration between Funk Queen (Arguably Soul related) Ladi Abundance Project and the very interesting and also female fronted Soul/Funk band ‘His Merry Men.’ As per their style and reputation Ladi Abundance Project totally enthralled the audience as they opened the night. The house was jammed full and all were grooving in their limited body spaces. I have seen this band a lot lately since they are increasingly considered as hot picks for opening support acts and stealthily making headway on their own merits as one of Brisbane’s leading funk ensembles. Once again I am going to stress the need to get out and see Ladi Abundance Project live, before their rapidly growing popularity snatches them away. 8

MouthZoff magazine | issue 03

I had not seen or heard of ‘His Merry Men’ before, which seems to have come as a surprise to some. They aren’t new to the scene as I had initially presumed. The band first formed about three and a half years ago and have largely been writing and performing originals. I really was pleased by their unusual concept as explained to me by Shaun (one of the saxophonists) who says “anyone and every one of us can write the songs.” The band has released a few singles and last year an album titled ‘Kindof Loud.’ They say their music though being a blend of Funk, Soul, Pop and at times even more, is best described as ‘Party Music.’ Having toured the east cost about 4 times, the group has also performed at many local/regional festivals, including Island Vibes and the Caloundra Music Festival. They have also supported a string of well-known acts such as Cherry Poppin

Daddies, Saskatch, Lowrider and Tijuana Cartel to name a few.

have no idea how anyone could keep up with those fingers.

Tonight they are performing a few originals but mostly what they call ‘themed soul’ with a few tributes to some of the great soul divas such as Amy Winehouse and Etta James. At the start of the night His Merry Men were licking their lips in anticipation. The fat bass, sharp electric guitars and cranking synthesized sounds had the floor pumping, if not the entire venue. Shaun (on Alto Sax) was ducking away from his front man position to add in some electronic sound effects at choice moments. It made the songs more interesting and overall was a tasteful enhancement. Meagan the lead singer wasn’t at all feeling misplaced being the leading lady among her merry band of men. Her smile was infectious and her confidence definitely not amiss as her dance moves would suggest. Lachy the guitarist had his feet all over the effects board, whilst I

A really full band of brass, with plenty of saxophone and trumpet parts throughout each and every song. I did at times find it a little too full on but then again perhaps it’s the overall merriness of these Merry Men that makes the band so much more appealing. Definitely a band to check out next time they play near you!

Insert image: Ladi Abundance His Merry Men BJ on Bass, Steve on Drums, Andrew on Baritone Sax, Lachy on Guitar, Meagan - Vocals, Dan on Keys, Shaun on Alto Sax, Ben on Tenor Sax, James and Evan on Trumpets. MouthZoff magazine | issue 03


JOHN OLZARD by Abby Skye

It’s true what they say- some things just happen for a reason. Sometimes we don’t find out what that is until much later on. John Olzard’s is a true success story of a tragic loss leading to a new opportunity and a bright future.  After playing cricket for Queensland until 19, John then made the move to rugby league, playing for the Rabbitohs, West Tigers and the Dragons.  That is, until a knee injury ended his flourishing career and forced him to find a new direction and passion in life.  At 21, John picked up an acoustic guitar for the first time and with a little help from his good friend, Parramatta player Eric Grothe (also guitarist of the band ‘Shinobi’), not only learned to play, but unleashed a hidden talent.  Given his love for the game and his new found infatuation with music, he has showcased his melodic expertise at events from a Gold Coast Titans game to audiences internationally.  Six years on and John has created a debut album ‘Alive’, accompanied by several quality video clips, an impressive following and a natural aptitude for writing songs. 

of YouTube views in a short time and also garnered the attention of several record companies. A recent meeting with Universal Records has showed great promise and he also has a sworn fan in Captiva Music CEO, Chris Perez, who describes Olzard as a gifted songwriter and a talented performer with a focus and drive like no other “John has a true passion for making music and the maturity to know that patience and hard work do pay off”, says Perez. With continued and unsurprising determination, John has pursued further avenues to seek exposure and a couple of months ago participated in the illustrious South by South West (SXSW) Festival in Austin, Texas. “It’s been a great opportunity that has led to unlocking doors in the States. It’s where I want my music to be and I’m really looking forward to all the rewards and challenges the next few months will bring”. 

After completing the album at Bignote Productions on the Gold Coast, John then travelled to Los Angeles to film the video clip for his single ‘Come Of Age’ at the 727 ‘boneyard’ in the Mohave Desert, which was directed by Randy Redroad, an award-winning writer and filmmaker.

John’s heart-warming story and subsequent emotional spectrum dominate his performances now and with further good reason; ‘My emotion comes from my loss from Rugby League and losing my Grandma at a young age to breast cancer. Seeing my grandfather not wanting to let the coffin go as it was going into the ground tore at my heart.  It made me realize to make sure I made everything of my life and to help others achieve their dreams and not to give up on the things that you love the most’, says John.

He then went on to film another video to his second single ‘Say It To Me’ which was filmed by Danial Donai. Donai was in fact, so impressed with John’s music that he has licensed two of his songs for his upcoming feature film ‘Nowhere Else’.  Both of his singles have gained thousands

Now on the hunt for the perfect partnership with a record label, John has some exciting events and developments coming up in the meantime. His new website will keep us all updated, along with his presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.


MouthZoff magazine | issue 03

MouthZoff magazine | issue 03


WORLD MUSICIANS travel to winter pastures

The last couple of years have seen Mzaza tirelessly touring the country, but this energetic world music band is looking forward to hitting the road once again in June and July on a tour that will see them join huge festival line ups and play at one of the biggest events in their home state. Mzaza is a mystery. This unique and talented group from Brisbane presents a show like no other made up of powerful, sultry multilingual vocals backed by acoustic instruments from faraway places. Jaw-dropping technique and unique compositions have earned them recognition and led them to tour their world fusion across Australia. While gypsy music becomes all the rage and bands around the world pump Eastern European beats this six piece takes a big step towards originality. Mzaza sets itself apart with its approach to music, its blend of influences and its unusual instrumentation. French frontwoman Pauline Maudy says, “Mzaza has never been about following the trend. We let the music guide us and hope to create a show that transports audiences away from their everyday lives and closer to a world where all these beautiful sound traditions are within reach. We want the shows to be fun and we love it when people dance, but we also cherish the moments when everything stops and it’s clear that we are all transported on the same musical adventure.” Heading for the steep slopes of The Perisher Snowy Mountains of Music Festival, Mzaza are joining Blue King Brown and many others on the festival’s massive world music lineup. This tour will see the band visit Sydney, Byron Bay, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and Brisbane, culminating in


MouthZoff magazine | issue 03

a very special show presented by the prestigious Queensland Music Festival at one of the band’s favourite home venues - the Brisbane Powerhouse. Maudy sings in French, Spanish, and Turkish. Together with her mischievous and talented instrumentalists she creates an atmosphere of carefully crafted words and sounds, a unique fusion of influences from the Mediterranean, the Balkans and the Middle-East. The universal nature of the songs and the energy of the performances make fans forget they may not speak the languages Mzaza’s songs are delivered in and bring audience and musicians together as one. Mzaza’s songs are inspired by tradition. These traditions are then placed in a blender and what comes out is often touching, playful, alluring, and never boring. Don’t miss an opportunity to see them! For more info see: Watch Mzaza performing live: The Transhumance Tour dates: Thu 6/06 7:30pm - Camelot Lounge with Waiting For Guinness Cnr 103 Railway Pde & 19 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville, Sydney Fri 7- Mon 10/06 - The Snowy Mountains of Music Festival Sat 6/07 7:30pm - Byron Bay Arts Theatre / 69 Jonson St Byron Bay Sat 13/07 7:30pm - Woombye Pub with Linsey Pollak + Tunji Beer 3-5 Blackall Street, Woombye, Sunshine Coast Sat 20/07 7:30pm - Mandala Organic Arts Cafe 4/2558 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach Gold Coast, QLD 4218 Australia Sat 27/07 Queensland Music Festival, Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse



Local Jazz singer/songwriter Louise Isackson is releasing her second album of all original material on Friday 21st June at the Brisbane Powerhouse – Brisbane’s premier live music venue. Red to Blue explores the full spectrum of love burning red to cooling blue, and is an honest reflective approach embedded in a fusion of Jazz tones, overlayed with contemporary sounds. The compositions are the result of a 5 year introspective journey honing and refining the craft of song-writing between releases. Louise’s sound is complimented by her band of highly regarded musicians known for their dexterity and professionalism. Her expressive vocals range from the hauntingly intimate How to Love to the edgy political statement of Alibi. Red to Blue is Louise’s second album release since 2008 – her first being Feels Right, a selection of interpretive arrangements of well-known songs from Paul Simon to Jimmy Hendrix. RED TO BLUE CD Launch @ Brisbane Powerhouse Turbine Platform / Friday 21st June 2013 at 7:30pm

MouthZoff magazine | issue 03


FAN FUNDING Last edition I mentioned Amanda Palmer, the goddess of 21st century music business methods, who raised almost $1.2million in a single fan funding campaign. That’s an all-time record for music and, yes, she has had a long career – backed in part by a major label – to build up that following. But fan funding is still an important part of any independent music career. Fan funding is quite simply asking your fan base to donate money or to buy a promise so you can raise capital to fund some activity. A new recording, marketing activities, a tour … could be anything musicians do that their fans will appreciate. And you don’t have to be a massive act like Amanda Palmer. For example, Brisbane Singer/songwriter Aislinn Sharp recently raised $1300 for her new single. Also, Brisbane’s own international jazz supertars Trichotomy raised just over $5000 for packaging and marketing their new CD. Fan funding is talked about like a new thing, but it’s really a return to the patronage model musicians used to support themselves before recording technology was invented. Composers

like Bach and Beethoven were kept in employment by local nobles so the nobles could show off that “my pet musician is better than yours” to the neighbours. This patronage model went on for years and cemented the supposed superiority of “high” art over folk art.

you get nothing. For other companies, like, you get the amount you raise whether you reach target or not. offers a slightly different model, allowing fans to buy shares in the band rather than the stuff they offer. There are plenty of other variations.

These days, if you want to funded by your patrons (AKA fans) you need to offer a little more than an ego boost to your patrons – and you need a lot more than one. For example, Amanda Palmer offered a range of things in return for a “donation” ranging from a free MP3 in exchange for $1 to a night at the donor’s house painting them and singing for $10,000. That’s one important point – you don’t get something for nothing. Not even from your strongest fans.

Remember, too, that you don’t always have to ask for money. Cash donations are the most common form of fan support, but The Beastie Boys and The Shins, for example, have made video clips out of live footage sent to them by their fans. If you have a fan who’s an accountant and who can save you time or money on doing your tax, having dinner with them and their friends every now and then is a small price to pay.

Plenty of websites offer fan funding services, and they vary in their terms and their methods., the biggest, sets the standard – it was Amanda Palmer’s choice. The deal there is that you set your offers and a target amount and the company keeps 5% of the amount given. If the goal is not met,

The lesson? If you need something to help start a new initiative, fan funding can be a great way to support your plans. Figure out what you have to offer that costs you very little but which fans really value – like your time, or MP3s, or photos – and offer that to your fans in exchange for their support. Of course, to do this you need to build a fan base – but that’s a topic for another column.

MouthZoff magazine | issue 03



i s o r o m A a s s e Van by Randy G

After a really impressive blues festival, the crew were all exhausted but yet abuzz with anticipation and preparations for one last main act and indeed one of this years draw cards. Media crews of various descriptions were scattered all over the place as the ‘Super Group’ performed on the South Stage. 
Armed with my trusty photographers, Mr Brett Linsley and fellow photographer and big brother Grant Linsley, I quickly slipped down a back alley in order to get to the North Stage without having to negotiate the blues loving sea of humanity. After working nicely with many of the crew at Broadbeach Alliance, over this spectacular event, I really felt I’d not only formed colleagues but friends. Those personal relations paid off when


MouthZoff magazine | issue 03

rocks Broadbeach

and I were given exclusive entry into the pit at the front of the stage and permitted to stay there for almost the entire duration of Vanessa’s performance. To watch the show from this location was amazing, with clear view to all band members and then all cameras were firing away as Vanessa stepped on stage. Wearing a gorgeous neon shimmering green party dress, it was clear she was in a festive mood and get the party crankin’ she did! Singing a mix of current and past hits such as Shine, Mr Mysterious, Perfect and This Is Who I Am, to name a few, and a string of requests such as Son Of A Preacher Man, Piece Of My Heart, Bang Bang, It’s a Long Way To The Top, Hang My Head


and Cry, Black Betty and many more that fans had tweeted in earlier. It’s always a really great thing when an artist makes time to keep the lines of communication open to fans and to take on board any requests, ensuring that Broadbeach got exactly what they wanted plus some! Audience participation was at a max and really kept the crowd completely entertained from start to finish. In one of the songs she had lyric cards held up on stage so the crowd could sing along and she would prompt them by holding the microphone out. Then came the canned streamers ‘silly string’ and a dozen or so inflatable beach balls, which the audience hit backward and forward amongst each other and Vanessa and

the stage crew. Vanessa was more then impressed when she noticed the large “Vanessa Amarosi” banner hanging from the balcony of a nearby Broadbeach high rise. By the time she sang ‘Absolutely Everybody’, I am positive absolutely everybody in the crowd was moshing hard! From start to end, she just didn’t stop moving, at times even playing electric guitar and jamming out with her lead guitarist. As the performance came to an end - over an hour of brilliant entertainment - a somewhat tired Vanessa still took a more then generous amount of time to come out, sign autographs and take photos with an eagerly awaiting fan base. I’m sure all will agree with me, it was truly a great performance and a lovely addition to what has been a fantastic Blues on Broadbeach 2013. MouthZoff magazine | issue 03



SONGWRITING WORKSHOPS | JASON BLUME JMC Academy, 11-12 May 2013 by Hugh Brown When it comes to artists who’ve sold millions of songs, Jason Blume is usually not the name first that comes to mind. And he likes it that way.

blogosphere, he’s gentle on the contestants and defends ‘reality TV’ talent for what it is and against what it never pretends to be.

He has a lovely voice, but he doesn’t want to be a star. He has access to some of the best studios, engineers, and performing talent in the world but he’s happy to appear as a name in the album credits of some of the biggest-selling records in history. See, Jason, who has sold well over 50 millions copies of his songs, is a songwriter. And in an industry that is famous for it’s highs and lows, for its brittle and brutal egos, Jason has endured it all for more than 30 years and still loves what he does.

He has seen the American music machine from the inside and talks openly about its practices, its pitfalls and its politics. He plays examples of big hits and emphasizes that this is an extremely competitive world – ‘good’ is never good enough. “You have to be better than good,” he declares. “The only acceptable response to your song has to be ‘WOW! That’s great!’.” Then he explains what it takes to be great, and that “The only thing that’s wrong is to settle for something that’s not brilliant.”

It’s tempting to think that a guy like that would jealously protect his knowledge. That he would lock away his secrets and defend his patch. But Jason’s other love is to teach people how it’s done. “I went to my first songwriting workshop, watched the teacher and I knew that was what I wanted to do,” he says. He’s written books and recorded audio CDs sharing his work, his techniques and his methods. He travels the world running workshops in which he is open, generous, and supportive of songwriters of all ages and stages of development. “There are no rules, just tools,” he declares, drawing on his own experience of both sides of the music industry’s creative process, of brutal put-downs, scathing critiques, and critical breakthrough moments, to provide guidance and inspiration. He examines the greatest currently charting hits to show how they have been constructed, identifying the similarities between pop hits from different eras, different artists, and different genres - though he’s mainly about pop and country. Personable, warm, and always energetic, Jason argues that the Idol franchise and similar shows have been a great thing for professional songwriters, since most of the finalists are great performers who don’t write their own songs. Contrary to the general sentiment of in the


MouthZoff magazine | issue 03

Despite having written some huge hits, or perhaps because he has, Jason acknowledges that his approach to songwriting isn’t for everyone. “If you want to write a song to get something off your chest, to explain how you feel, that’s great!” he says, “but if the listener doesn’t feel it, it’s never going to be a hit.” In this mode, writing is first and always about connecting the audience rather than making an artistic statement. “ Of course, that approach is not for everyone, and that’s fine, too. The song critiques that are the backbone of Jason’s workshops can be confronting. Each song is preceded by a question: “Is this song written for you as an artist or for pitching to another performer?” Either answer is fine but the distinction frames his – always supportive but sometimes frank – response. Most of what Jason covers in his workshops is available in the books and CDs that can be bought from his website. Ironically, though, this is where behind-the-scenes, namein-the credits Jason is not good enough. His teaching and his critique have to be experienced to be fully appreciated. In these events, Jason takes his place as a true star. It is here that he steps into the limelight to receive the appreciation he deserves.

For more info, see

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23-36 MAY 2013

Blues onB

23-36 MAY 2013

Broadbeach MAY 2013


01/06/13 Face2Face Brisbane Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club Qld Premier Angels Tribute Show 325 Colburn Ave, Victoria Point 05/06/13 Lisa Richards & Megan Cooper Brisbane Lock n Load Boundary Street, West End 06/06/13 WINTERBREAK Nth Mount Tamborine QCCC Tamborine Music Retreat Bacon Road, Nth Mount Tamborine 07/06/13 Four By Five Quintet Brisbane Coorparoo RSL 45 Holdsworth Street, Coorparoo 09/06/13 Four By Five Quintet Brisbane Lock n Load Boundary Street, West End 11/06/13 Australian Songwriters Assoc Brisbane Alhambra Lounge Wax Lyrical 12 McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley 14/06/13 The Single Most Duo Yandina Yandina Hotel Stevens Street, Yandina 18/06/13 Lauren Lucille Brisbane Lock n Load Boundary Street, West End 22/06/13 Lauren Lucille Brisbane Fortitude Valley Valley Markets Brunswick St Mall, Fortitude Valley 27/06/13 Skinman And The Harpsnake Brisbane Lock n Load Boundary Street, West End 02/07/13 Lauren Lucille Brisbane The Bug – New Farm Bowls Club 969 Brunswick Street 05/07/13 Stone Cold Murrumba Dowms Murrumba Downs Tavern Dohles Rocks Rd, Murrumba Downs 05/07/13 CONTINUUM Brisbane Prince of Wales Hotel 1154 Sandgate Rd, Nundah 12/07/13 Kat Kellalea Trio St Lucia Brisbane The University of Queensland Blair Drive, St Lucia 13/07/13 Stone Cold Brisbane Kedron-Wavell RSL 375 Hamilton Road, Chermside 13/07/13 Stone Cold Brisbane Kedron-Wavell RSL 375 Hamilton Road, Chermside

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