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Nearly four years after the release of “Globalectic” with The Soundscapes Quintet, composer and pianist Cleon Barraclough has dialled it down with Cleon’s Three, whose debut album “Techni-colour Rain” offers an energized and modern fusion of salsa, timba, funk and contemporary jazz. The ensemble kicks off their national tour at the JMI Live club in Bowen Hills, Brisbane, with forthcoming dates at most capital cities around Australia.

JMI (Jazz Music Institute) 8pm // Thursday 5 February By Laura James Photography by Nadia Achilles

Cleon is a well-known face (and sound) around Queensland’s music scene – he’s performed with everyone from The Brisbane Contemporary Jazz Orchestra to Chukale, and the expanse of musical territory he covers only seems to enhance his diversity as a performer. Yet it seems to be in Cleon’s Three, at the junction of Afro-Cuban and jazz grooves, where the leader of the eponymous group really shines. In opening number “Temporary Template,” the trio firmly establishes their trademark sound – tense, dissonant and vibrant – while showcasing the talents of Brisbane-based Sacha K on drums. This unique tune also heralds the beginning of what appears to be a

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