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The 3 Health Mistakes that can Steal Your Family’s Health …..(and Money)

You’ve tried your best but are not quite as slim or energetic or radiant as you hoped. Here’s how to succeed.

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About the Authors: Randy Fritz, NC has been teaching health and personal development principles for 33 years and is a Certified Nutritional Consultant. He is the co-creator of the Radiant Energy & Healthy Slimness Course and which has been helping individuals for 15 years. Randy has been assisting thousands of people with their health and has inspired many to help others and build their own successful health businesses. He regularly travels to do seminars and workshops throughout North America and Europe. Randy divides his time between his quiet country home in Wildwood, Alberta and his city home in Edmonton.

Diana J Herrington is passionate about nutrition and has been studying and working in the area of nutrition for 37 years first as a cook for large groups and later taught whole food cookery in London, England. Diana hosts an online Healthy Cooking group with almost 395,000 members and is writing a series of health related ebooks as well as a nutrition cook book that will be available this year. She is available for consultations about your personal nutrition, to help you tweak your diet for healthy regeneration. Although Diana grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, she has traveled around the world, spending time in India, Japan, China, Tibet, Bali, and Europe. She has also lived in England for 19 years. You may contact her at

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3 Health Mistakes that can Steal Your Family’s Health I’ve stumbled with mistakes myself for years. You probably have too. All of us who are trying to create a better body and life for ourselves, tend to confront the same situations. This is because we all live in the same stressful world, with lots of toxicity, and mass produced food, and a confusing array of different health products. Our bodies are complicated, the environment is complicated and health choices are complicated. It would be surprising if we all got it right the very first time. The great news is there are solutions to every one of these problems – solutions based on principles that have stood the test of time and that are easy and economical to implement. Radiant heath is possible. We just have to set out on the right path.

3 Health Mistakes or Problems we all deal with 1. Expecting too much from short term solutions or ‘magic pills.’ Fixing the body with the latest diet, the wonder juice, or the best vitamin pill. 2. “I just don’t know what to eat!” Everyone says something different leaving you in the dark. “Do I need more carbs or more protein or fat or what?” 3. “Maybe I know what’s good for me…why can’t I do it? Cravings and Emotional Eating. The solutions to these problems are principles that at first glance might seem obvious. We list them on the top of the next page and might think to yourself. “I already know about this” or “I am already doing this.” The trouble is we may know these principles but we don’t APPLY these principles or we don’t know HOW to apply them properly. It’s like telling a new investor to “buy low and sell high.” It sounds great but most starting investors end up doing just the opposite. 15 years ago we developed a 4 week course to assist people to do just this – making simple shifts in their thinking and better choices in their lifestyles. People discovered that this knowledge was life changing.

Three Solutions 1. The body heals itself. Shift your focus from the problem to the solution. 2. Feed the body with the proper combination of whole foods. 3. Take responsibility for your health. Listen to your body.

Problem 1: The trouble with diets or magic pills. Have you ever tried out one of the wonder vitamins or diets or super foods that have been advertised as solving almost every health problem? You were quite enthusiastic at the beginning but somehow it didn’t work out. If you did, you are not the only one. It happens all the time!

Imagine yourself on the average diet for example. You think to yourself. “I’m twenty pounds overweight. This body somehow must have made a mistake. I’ll just fix that with a 3 day or a 3 month diet.” There are plenty to choose from – usually with interesting names like the Hollywood diet or the Beverly Hills Diet or even the Martini Diet. That sounds fun! Unfortunately, no matter what the name or they usually end up restricting your food intake considerably. When you restrict your food intake you may initially lose weight. Unfortunately for you, this will be mostly water to begin with and later on muscle. The muscle in your body is consumed to provide energy and it just happens that muscle is easier to burn than fat in an emergency situation. An emergency is exactly what you have created with the diet! By stopping eating you have told that body that you are in a starvation situation. The body wisely turns down your metabolic rate and starts holding onto fat to save your life.

Starving is not fun though. You become tired, irritable and hungry. This is why 99% of diets fail long term. You start eating again. Since your metabolism is lowered though, and your body hasn’t readjusted yet, the calories are stored mostly as fat. You end up trading lean tissue for fat as a result of dieting! You are less healthy than before. If you have actually spent money on your diet this has been completely wasted.

Or imagine you have a specific health challenge …like constipation. You decide that you want to fix it with something natural – like a herb mixture. The best know herb for this is Cascara Sagrata. It’s sometimes used in weight loss products also. You use it and it actually works. “Hurray, I’m regular again!” Unfortunately, Cascara Sagrata is a MEDICINAL HERB. It’s effect is laxative just like regular ex-lax. Laxatives should NOT be used long term because eventually you lose the ability to go to the bathroom without it. All medicinal herbs work this way. They are be o.k. for short-term ‘fixing’, but if used too long they create weakness and add to the problem.

What is the alternative then? A two-week diet cannot make up for a lifetime of poor health habits. Rather than spending your time and money experimenting with the next hopeful miracle, try long-term principles that have been proven to work instead. There are cultures that have been producing healthy, slim, energetic individuals for thousands of years. It is only after adopting modern western lifestyles that these cultures start to have problems. Some of the wisest sages (what we would now call researchers or scientists) of their times dedicated their whole lives to understanding how the body works. Instead of focusing on the multitude of problems that can come up when the body is out of balance (such as excess weight , fatigue, insomnia, skin problems, etc) they focused on making the body strong and balanced so it would take care of all the problems itself.

Solution: The body heals itself. What this means is that when you cut yourself, it is not the doctor who heals the cut, or the bandage you put on, on anything you ingest – it is YOUR OWN BODY. Besides healing the cut with new cells, your body attacks any bacteria that have entered the system, and even creates pain killers if necessary. It does all this with utmost precision and delicacy. For almost any health challenge that you can think of, the body already has mechanisms in place to deal with it. This includes weight reduction, dealing with colds, repairing injuries, proper circulation, blood sugar control, everything. It has been doing so for millions of years. All we have to do is allow it to do so by providing the proper environment in which it can balance itself. Our environment includes many things – but a major one we have control over is the food we eat.

Problem 2: What to eat then? Everyone says something different. The first thing many people try is some kind of vitamin. You are told that we need a particular vitamin (like Vitamin C for example – because it is an antioxidant) and encouraged to buy that in a bottle. The trouble with buying a bottle of Vitamin C is that that is all you get – that single nutrient – and nothing else. The lowly orange, on the other hand, has vitamin C plus THOUSANDS of other nutrients. These include bioflavonoids, MANY other vitamins, MANY trace minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, live enzymes, and a host of phytonutrients that nutritional science is just starting to discover.

The cultures that produced healthy individuals for long periods of time did not have vitamin pills. They discovered foods that nourish the metabolism or food that feed the immune system. They found foods that feed your liver and your kidneys. They discovered foods that feed every single part of the body and that’s what they wanted to do. Feed the whole body so not to miss out any part.

Solution: Feed the whole body with the proper combination of whole live foods. A whole food is something very close to how it was grown in the ground. It’s easy then to figure out what is not a real food. White sugar for example. People think white sugar is BAD for you but a more useful way to think of it is that it is not a whole food. Most of the original plant has been processed out. It does not have the fiber, minerals or vitamins that plants normally have. With this in mind you can ask – is white flour a whole food? Is alcohol? Is apple juice? LIVE food means ripe raw vegetables and fruits, or cooked food made from FRESH ingredients and eaten within a short time of cooking. Nutritional science has verified much of this objectively but most of us know this just by natural instinct. What would you rather eat – a fresh apple just plucked from the tree or a rotten apple? What would you enjoy, a steaming hot meal… or cold leftovers from last week? You might be thinking right now. “But there is no mention of the three solid meat meals we should be eating every day! How else will I get enough protein?” This is a complicated subject,

and we are not saying people should eat vegetarian, but somehow in our culture we have been taught to be scared of not getting enough protein. Protein is necessary but our fear of too little is not. We tend to eat so much food in North America that this is just not a problem for most people. All whole foods has protein, fats, fiber ect, within it…even fruit. You just have to eat more whole foods if you want lots of protein but that is o.k. because then you get all the other useful nutrients as well. The EMPHASIS should be on whole foods. This does not mean that you should ONLY eat whole or live foods – just that whenever you have a choice, that you choose the best. This principle also does not eliminate all health supplements. There are some that follow the principles of live whole foods. You just won’t find them in fruit or vegetable section of the grocery store. In general the safest and easiest approach is to eat a LARGE VARIETY of whole foods since this will take care of most of your body’s needs. How many different fresh fruits and vegetables do you have in your kitchen right now? Sadly most people don’t have more than SIX! This is sad because there are hundreds to choose from. People get in the habit of buying only a few specific items. This is a habit worth breaking and one that we spend time helping people break. Just understanding that we want to encourage whole live food, creates great simplicity in our life! It makes it easy to evaluate a number of heath products we might get exposed to. Just ask yourself; “Is this is whole live food or close to whole live food?” There are many further distinctions that we can learn which are very helpful but this simple question takes away much of the confusion.

Problem 3: Maybe I know what’s good for me but…..why can’t I DO IT? Most people have heard the standard warnings. “Don’t eat too much fat, too much sugar, too much salt and get your exercise”. But what does an unbalanced body seem to crave – fat, sugar, and salt. And what if you don’t have the energy to exercise? So you stifle your desires as long as you can. But this doesn’t make you feel better. It makes you feel worse! So finally you crash and binge on something ‘bad”. Rather than go through this forward and backward tug-of-war with your body for the rest of your life, apply another proven principle

Solution Three: Take responsibility for your own health. Listen to your body.

When the body is in balance, it will naturally be attracted towards what is the best for it. You learn to ‘tune in’ to what it needs right now by putting your attention on various foods or meals and noticing your body’s response. Wouldn’t that be great – eating just what you want – without thinking or worrying about it and always be right! You wouldn’t have to listen to anyone else, or even read this article! This principle only works if you are nourishing your body properly to begin with. When your body is starving, you will find yourself reaching out for nourishment all day long. First something sweet, then something salty. You can’t blame your body, or your willpower! Once the body is nourished properly these kinds of cravings fall away. Getting in touch with our body also takes TIME because we have been feeding it a lot of NON FOODS. The body gets confused. Research has shown for that many people are dehydrated but they tend to interpret that thirst for hunger. They also get hungry just because it is a certain time of the day and they think they should be hungry. Some people eat when they are under stress. One obvious way to help your body give proper signals is to have a variety of whole foods available in the house. You can’t eat something good if its not available. Another trick is to

start creating meals with ALL THE SIX TASTES in them. In the west this is a new concept because the only tastes we know well are sweet, salty and maybe sour. There are 3 other vital tastes which the body really needs and if you satisfy these tastes also the body will feel much more fulfilled and content. Ideally you should have these tastes with each meal or at least every day. We can start trying to tune into what our body really needs right now! We might not get perfect answers right away but we have started on skill that we can use our whole life. Achieving peak health IS something that you can work towards your whole life with ease and joy. Are you attracted to this kind of health approach? There is a lot more to learn!

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3 Biggest Health Mistakes That Can Steal Your Family's Health  
3 Biggest Health Mistakes That Can Steal Your Family's Health  

I’ve stumbled with mistakes myself for years. You probably have too. All of us who are trying to create a better body and life for ourselve...