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The logistics industry changes constantly. Client demands are growing at a rapid pace, which together with the influence of new technologies creates an unprecedented dynamic in the supply chain. As a result, the complexity of operational management has increased significantly, as has the pressure on costs. This means that new answers have to be found for new questions. 2

How flexible is your supply chain and how flexibly can you deploy your employees? How well can you respond to changing demands resulting from consumer behavior that appears to be increasingly arbitrary? How do you deal with the issues of vitality and sustainable deployment? Do employee yields still balance employee costs? What is your policy on flex versus perm? What is the impact of population ageing on your organization? How do you attract and retain the right skills and capabilities?

With old management mechanisms no longer living up to expectations, there is a need to operate differently, better, and smarter. Knowing that at least half of your costs are labor related, combined with the current pressure on expenses, one of the keys to success is increasing flexibility within your organization and taking necessary steps to improve policies and strategies. This is where we step in.


your ideal match

There are a great many reasons to have Randstad advise on your global recruitment strategy, but the most important is our ability to match your business perfectly. How? Because we’re just like you.


Like you

we are a truly international company, with a dedicated global account management team, seamlessly linking over 4,000 branches worldwide.

Like you

our world is centered around the value of people and how to employ them – a critical asset when 50% of your costs are focused on personnel, even more if we take into account large warehouse operations.

Like you

 e are part of your supply chain, meaning we pay as much attention to the w details that matter to your end client, as we do for you.

Randstad is a world-leading HR services provider with over 50 years of experience, leading positions in numerous markets worldwide and a 2012 revenue of â‚Ź17.1 billion. With a presence in more than 40 countries, covering 90% of the HR Services market, we employ over 25,000 employees and put over half a million people to work every single day. Over 42,000 of which are working in the logistics industry in our home country of the Netherlands alone.

But these are not the only similarities. Randstad’s expertise and experience is firmly rooted in the Logistics industry, beginning in the company’s very first weeks back in 1960. As the Logistics industry evolved and matured, so did we. As a result, we know your industry inside out. We execute best-practice based processes, developed over half a century to maximize productivity and ensure we can respond to changing market circumstances immediately. This longstanding experience enables us to give you the right edge within your market and position you firmly on the right way forward. To pave the way, we defined three value drivers supporting your challenges: delivering best people implementing a lean end-to-end process realizing operational excellence


“After seeing the high quality of candidates at the assessment day, we actually doubled the number of positions we were offering.� Director of Sales & Marketing, Worldwide 3PL Provider


delivering best people The driving force of success By understanding your market, and more importantly what matters to your business, our specialist consultants can always identify the right people who will fit into your organization and contribute immediately to your targets. Whether permanent or temporary, low or high skilled, our recruiters will deliver people who are trained, prepared and ready to dive straight in. Furthermore, the Randstad Logistics community is online 24/7, right around the world. Blogging and sharing news and experiences within client-specific intranet communities, our network stays in touch and learns something new every day. It’s what keeps our global account management truly seamless, and sets us apart from all of our competitors. Checked, qualified and certified Your safety rules and regulations are getting tougher, goods are becoming more valuable, and a responsible, reliable and results-driven workforce has never been more important. Going beyond the usual reference checks and vetting procedures, we test competences and execute extensive screening methods to uphold the level of trust we enjoy from you as a client. We also offer the benefit of our own Randstad Institutes in a number of countries, through which we provide training to ensure our workers stay the most qualified in the industry. Enhancing your employer attractivity Strategic Workforce Planning is a crucial part of our commitment to helping you attract and retain the right people. From organizing workshops within your company and managing graduate programs to measuring your employer attractivity through our Randstad Award initiative, which is the largest employer branding study in the world, we help you create a talent attraction and engagement strategy that’s built to last.


implementing a lean end-to-end process The integration of these elements are part of our full range of managed solution concepts, including Randstad Inhouse, Managed Services Provider (MSP), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Blended Workforce Solutions. Unique in these concepts is that we sit with you, rather than opposite you, and work together to achieve shared goals and the leanest process efficiencies possible.

“Randstad consultants ‘live’ in the operation and provide us with very close support and immediate action in response to our needs.” HR Director, Iberia, Global Logistics Company


Lean workforce solutions With qualified, and often six-sigma experienced process managers, we conduct Workforce Scans for your large hiring volume locations. We eliminate waste and create lean staffing solutions by identifying key areas of improvement and sharpening HR processes aligned with the specific performance criteria of your company, which can result in significant cost savings of up to 10%.

Minimizing risk With state-of-the art planning tools and integrated IT and tracking systems, our diligent processes eliminate any shortfalls in your customer service. From pool management and supply and demand calculation, to aligning HR resources with package volumes, we can guarantee you’re able to deliver the right quantities, in the right place, at the right time – every time.

Speed-to-hire We know the importance of reliability in your industry, and uphold an enviable success rate, illustrated by an average fulfillment rate of 98.7% with our Logistics Inhouse solution. Although we’re always ready to deliver ‘just in time’, our groundwork is quite the opposite and done well in advance. With Ideal Flex Pools in blue collar staffing, we ensure the right skills are continually available so we are equipped for immediate action.

‘Worst case scenario’ thinking We make it our policy to study various outcomes and possible ‘worst case scenarios’ associated with your business process - a crucial aspect of careful planning – which has not only added tangible value to clients’ business in the past, but affirms confidence and trust in our service.


“We measure performance through KPI’s such as fulfillment, temp turnover, absenteeism, invoice quality and accident rate, as well as customer satisfaction. Randstad consistently scored between 5-6, where 6 is the maximum.” HR Manager, Top 3 Global 3PL Provider 10

realizing operational excellence

Striving for perfection We adhere to and live by our core values, ‘to know, to serve, to trust’, and we always seek to improve and innovate – applying creative thinking to reach shared goals and exceed expectations. Improving your customer satisfaction In your business, we know that results matter. More importantly, sustainable results and never missing deadlines are what drive future success and long-term relationships. That’s why our KPI-driven methods are there to steer continuous performance, establishing your reputation as supplier of choice now and a long way into the future. Social responsibility As in your industry, social responsibility is of critical importance to Randstad. Since the company was founded, we have been accredited with numerous awards for our commitment to the well-being of society, across the globe. We value diversity; many of our operating companies have long-standing diversity and reintegration programs in place. Furthermore we organize client seminars and roundtables, we advise on the topics of equal opportunity and competency management, and we give support in managing your sustainability initiatives, for example by implementing e-timesheeting and paperless environment policies. In short, from being people-conscious to planet-conscious we provide expert guidance in exceeding your environmentally responsible targets for the future.


start your journey In short, we at Randstad Logistics are committed to building a sustainable business relationship through which we strive to improve service levels, create smart efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction. To find out how far we could take your business, contact us on

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