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The Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society presents

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80 years of musicals, old and new at the National Concert Hall 2 9 th , 3 0 th , 3 1st M a r c h , 1st, 3 rd , 4 t h A p r i l , 1 9 9 3 . 5 ^ -

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Heather Hewson & Adam Lawler Chorus & Principals Ray Barror, Francis Campbell, Barbara Graham, Anna Jennings, Paul Kelly, Lucy Lane, Adam Lawler, Peter Lewis, Robert McKevitt, Brendan McShane, Ann Maria Smith, Louise Studley, Joyce Teevan, Niamh Murray, Maurice O ’Sullivan, Ted Ryan DIRECTED BY CATHAL MacCABE MUSICAL DIRECTOR: GEAR61D GRAMT CHOREOGRAPHY: RITA KEALY ASSOCIATE CHOREOGRAPHER: AVKRINA KEALY

NATIONAL CONCERT HALL Monday 29th March (No Friday Perf.) to Saturday 3rd April 1993

Clem Ryan, President, Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society.

Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society rSineteen thirteen seems a long time ago; it was then that the Society gave its first presentation to the Dublin public with The Mikado, in the Queen’s Theatre. Later we moved to the Gaiety where we continued usually twice a year since then. We are generally associated with Gilbert and Sullivan but even as far back as 1917 we ventured into musicals, but we are still loyal to G & S. In addition we have been welcomed into the National Concert Hall, from here we greet you again. For many years we rented, for rehearsals, the national school in Rathmines which in 1972 was purchased by the Society. We now have a home of which we can be justly proud and it is a tangible heritage to pass on to the future members of our Society. Here are centred our social activities, entertaining our Associate Members to evenings of music and also the public to recitals by our principal artists. It might just be possible that, during our 80 years, some of you have been, even as children, to a theatre to see the R & R, your being here now may mean that you still retain an affection for us. As to the future, it must be bright for a Society which has weathered two wars and the troubles of our country. Can any of us doubt that we will hold our place in the hearts of musical Dublin and continue to brighten the evenings just as we have done in the past eighty years?

Clem Ryan, President.

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Jam es’s Street, P.O. Box 580, Dublin 8.

Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Dr. Steeven’s Burns Unit On behalf of the Burns Unit in St. Jam es’s Hospital, 1 would like to thank the Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society for giving the first night of their musical spectacular at the National Concert Hall, A Song For You - 80 Years of Musicals, Old and New, to the Burns Unit in St. Jam es’s Hospital. 1would like to thank in particular Mr. Joe Lane, Hon. Sec. R & R for his help and also our very generous sponsors. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Smith & Nephew Ltd., Kill O’ The Grange, Co. Dublin. Hospital Services Ltd., Upper Hatch St., Dubliin 2. B. M. Browne Ltd., Sandyford Industrial Estate. Intraveno Ltd., 55 Broomfield Drive, Tallaght, Dublin 24. Boileau & Boyd Ltd. Parkmore Industrial Estate, Longmile Rd., Dublin. Central Laboratories Ltd., 31 Ravensrock Rd., Sandyford Industrial Estate. T. P. Whelehan Son & Co., Finglas, Dublin 9. Johnson & Johnson Ltd., Belgard Rd., Tallaght, Dublin 24. Baxter Health Care, 7 Deansgrange Industrial Estate, Blackrock. Murray Surgical Ltd., 23A Moyle Road, Dublin 11. Smithkline Beecham, Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2. Glaxo Ltd., Grange Road, Dublin 16. ICl, College Park House, 20 Nassau Street, Dublin 2.

The Burns Unit was opened in October 1989 having been transferred from Dr. Steeven’s Hospital. This is the National Centre for Burns in the Republic. It is equipped to cater for major disasters such as the Stardust fire some years ago. The proceeds of this evening will go a long way to enhance the further education of the Nursing Staff for which this money is being raised. Again, many thanks to all who helped make this evening such a success.

MATT McHUGH, Plastic Surgeon.

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INVITATION It is with great pleasure that we announce RTE’s very kind invitation to join with the RTE Concert Orchestra in three major concerts to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society. COMCERT DATES Thursday 26th August 1993 St. Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny (Part o f the K ilkenny Festival) Friday 27th August 1993

National Concert Hall Saturday 28th August 1993

National Concert Hall The concerts will be produced by Marion Duane of RTE and conducted by Gearoid Grant. The Chorusmaster, as usual, Heather Hewson. The Society is deeply grateful to RTE for their recognition of our 80 years’ contribution to the music life of Dublin.

JO E U\NE, Hon. Gen. Sec.

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“A Song for You ” The musical - the name of one of art’s most popular forms evoked a charming and entrancing world of singing and acting. Beginning its life in the late nineteenth century (with the operettas of Gilbert & Sullivan, Franz Lehar, Johann Strauss 11and Lionel Monckton) the form enjoyed success almost overnight as it offered society a means of escaping the trials and tribulations of life. Early composers of operettas and musicals evolved from three back­ grounds; European (Sigmund Romberg and Victor Herbert), Euro­ pean emigre (Irving Berlin and George Gershwin) and home-grown American/English (Porter, Kern, Rodgers and Hart, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Ivor Novello and Lionel Bart). These composers exploited escapist plots offering their audiences rare views of life as a nouveau riche (High Society) stories of heroes rising from rags to riches (My Fair Lady, Oliver) and journeys to faraway lands (South. Pacific and The King and I). Gradually realism and satire crept into the plots as both “old” com­ posers (Gershwin for example in his Pulitzer Prize Winner Let Them Eat Cake) and new/younger composers (Bernstein, Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber) realised a growing need of audiences to identify with the protagonists and themes of the musical. No longer was life seen through rose-coloured glasses. Audiences saw life as it really is with subjects such as bigotry and racism being explored (West Side Story). Life stories also became a popular subject for composers with musicals such as Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar and Sunday in the Park with George offering audiences the real story of life’s heroes. The downs as well as the ups of life are portrayed in these musicals, allowing audiences to see for the first time that figureheads also suffer. Today the musical is a very sophisticated art form with technicalities such as lighting, make-up and scenery playing as important a role as the words, music and dance. The music itself evokes the days of Strauss’Die Fledermaus, when semi-operatic outflowings were the order of the day. The music in works such as Sw eeney Todd, Sunday in the Park with George (Sondheim) and Les Miserables (Boubill and SchSnberg) serve to emphasise this point. Tonight the R & R (which is, incidentally, almost as old as the musical!) offers a showcase of this ever-popular form. The remarkable evolution of the musical over the last eighty years will be seen in the Society’s performances of works from the operettas of Strauss 11(Die Fledermaus) and Monckton (The Arcadians) through old favourites by Novello, (Perchance to Dream and The Dancing Years), Lerner and Loewe (Brigadoon, Gigi and My Fair Lady) and Rodgers and Hammerstein (Oklahoma, Carousel and South Pacific) to songs from contemporary musicals by Lloyd Webber (Cats, The Phantom of the Opera), Sondheim (A Little Night Music) and Boubill and Schonberg (Les Miserables). Enjoy “A Sonq for You”. „ (C) Ciara Higgins, 1993



Dublin School of English

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RAY BARROR Ray Barror, a m em ber of one of the best known families in Dublin’s musical scene, is a regular performer with the R & R. Ray’s career has em braced revue, pantom im e and musicals. He has played in a variety of productions including Cinderella and A laddin at the Olympia Theatre, sum m er seasons at Butlins and leading parts in The N ew Moon, Oklahoma, The Boyfriend, S w e e t Charity and A nnie Get Your Gun to nam e but a few. He has also appeared with the Glasnevin Musical Society in the NCH and took part in the Jo h n McCormack tribute Love S o n g at the NCH and the Braemor Rooms. One of his most enjoyable roles has been that of George M with the Guinness Variety Group.

FRANCES CAMPBELL Frances Campbell has been performing longer than she cares to rem em ber, having started in Primary School Productions. She studied singing, speech and dram a at the RIAM. She has played such parts as Ado Annie in O klahom a, (R&R) - Velma in the Irish premiere of Chicago (Take 4), Roxy in Chicago (Arthur’s Team), George M C ohan’s m other in George M (Arthur’s Team), Frau Kost in Cabaret (Arthur’s Team) to nam e but a few. Her love of variety has taken her into T o p s of the Town’with Irish Distillers (National Winners 1980 & 1991), Irish Biscuits, Bank of Ireland and Packard. Her ambition is to play the part of Dot in Sun day in the Park w ith George.

BARBARA GRAHAM Barbara Graham first becam e interested in singing while still at school and subsequently studied at the College of Music and the RIAM. A Feis Ceoil prizewinner, her musical career includes guest appearances in cabaret, concert and oratorio work as well as a wide variety of shows in Dublin and other parts of the country. Since joining the R & R in 1967, she has appeared regularly in their Autumn S eason of Gilbert & Sullivan at the Gaiety Theatre, where she has played m ost of the leading soprano roles.

Theatre Nights with Kevin Hough at 7 p,m , Sundays on RTE Radio 1

g e a r 6 id g r a n t

Gearoid studied music with the late Dr. J. O’Reilly in the College of Music and graduated with a B.Mus. from CJCD. Subsequently, he studied conducting with, among others, George Hurst in London. Since then he has worked as conductor, music director and arranger for most Irish theatrical companies in works ranging from Mozart to Sondheim. At present, he is resident conductor with the R & R. Gearoid has appeared as guest conductor with the Irish Chamber Orchestra, Our Lady’s Choral Society and both National Symphony and Concert orchestras.

HEATHER HEWSON Heather is a leading artist with the R & R, well-known for her portrayals of such Gilbert & Sullivan roles as Katisha, Lady Jane, the Duchess of Plaza Toro, and of a wide variety of ‘character’ parts in musicals, notably Bloody Mary in South Pacific, Mrs. Pearce in My Fair Lady, Mamita in the 1978 premiere of Gigi, Queenie in Show Boat, Golde in Fiddler on the Roof and Ernestina in Hello Dolly. She has taken part in many plays and won individual awards in drama festivals on several occasions, and has recently com ­ pleted a four-year course in Trinity College, Dublin leading to a B.A. Moderator Degree in Music and Drama Studies. In recent years she has had the added role of Chorus Master of the R & R and has played an important part in expanding the range of music performed by the company.

ANNA JENNINGS Anna, a graduate in music from Maynooth, performed her first opera at the age of fifteen, the mother in Amahl and the Night Visitors, and has been on stage since. She has played the leading roles in musicals such as Annie Get Your Gun, Carousel, South Pacific, The Merry Widow and many other musicals and operettas. Since coming to Dublin in 1989, Anna has played Queen of the Night and First Lady in excerpts from operas in the John Player Theatre with DGOS. She has sung with the RTE Chamber Choir, given recitals and appeared as soprano soloist in performances of Carmina Burana; A premiere of Children of the Last Music (Gerard Victory) at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham; played Fiordiligi in Cosi Fan Tutte (Young Dublin Opera). She has been soprano soloist for Mozart’s Requiem, Bach’s Cantata 140 and has given solo concerts in Belfast and Donegal. Anna has studied in London with vocal coach Elizabeth Hawes and repetiteurs David Harper and Paul Hamburger.




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RITA KEALY Rita was born in Dublin and commenced her dance career at the very early age of four when appearing on the Theatre Royal in Robinson Cnisoe with Noel Purcell. Rita subsequently became a Royalette and trained under Alice Dalgarno. She has worked on many films and television. Rita has choreographed for many of the Dublin musical societies and has won many awards for her work, including Best Choreographer at Waterford International Festival of Light Opera on four separate occasions for Annie Get Your Gun, Guys and Dolls, Mac and Mabel, all with SMDS and George M with Guinness Musical Society. She has also been awarded Best Choreographer with AIMS and Top of the Town. She has choreographed Anglo Irish Banks in 1989 Tops national final and was choreographer to Irish Distillers Tops when they won the Dublin final.

PAGL KELLY Paul Kelly was born in Dublin and studied singing with Dr. Veronica Dunne at the College of Music. He has won many prizes for his singing including the John McCormack Cup at the Feis Ceoil and appears regularly at the National Concert Hall and on RTE Television and Radio. Equally at home on the concert platform and the stage, he has appeared in leading roles in operas by Mozart, Smetena and Poulenc as well as in oratorio. He has also appeared with Wexford Festival Opera and at the Waterford Festival of Light Opera where he won an award for ‘Best Male Voice’. He sang the role of Fairfax in The Yeomen of the Guard with the R & R at the Gaiety in 1991 and recently had a success as Ravenal in the College of Music’s production of Show Boat.

LGCY LANE Lucy Lane has played the whole range of female parts in Gilbert & Sullivan in the many years she has been a member of the Society. She has sung in the NCH on many occasions both with the Society and as a guest artist with Glasnevin Musical Society and with RTE in their series of G & S concerts. She has also appeared in John O’Conor’s Piano Plus Christmas Eve edition on RTE and last sang with the R & R in March, 1990 in A Song To Sing O! in the NCH.



CHORGS W hat a F east (Die F lederm aus) ANNE MARIA SMITH, PETER LEWIS & CHORGS C h am pagn e (Die F lederm aus) ANNA JEN NING S Pipes of Pan (T he A rcadians) PAUL KELLY & CHORGS Almost Like Being in Love (B rigadoon) RAY BARROR, CHORGS & DANCERS Rhythm of Life (S w e e t C harity) ANNA JEN N IN G S & ROBERT McKEVITT Twin Soliloquies (S o u th Pacific) ROBERT McKEVITT S o m e E nch an ted Evening (S o u th Pacific) BARBARA GRAHAM & CHORGS W e’ll G ather Lilacs (P erchance to D ream ) LOGISE STGDLEY & BRENDAN McSHANE 1 R em em ber It Well (Gigi) JO Y CE TEEVAN & CHORGS Miscellany (Les M iserables) TED RYAN & CHORGS My Life Belongs to You (T he D a n c in g Years) NIAMH MGRRAY W anting You (T he N e w M oon) CHORGS & DANCERS W e Are W hat W e Are (La C age A u x Felles)

CHORGS C onsider Yourself (Oliver) FRANCES CAMPBELL, CHORGS & DANCERS It’s A Fine Life (Oliver) RAY BARROR Reviewing the Situation (Oliver) LGCY LANE & CHORGS You’ll Never Walk Alone (C arousel) NIAMH MGRRAY & PAGL KELLY D eep in My Heart (T he S tu d e n t Prince) HEATHER HEW SON Marvellous Party (S et to M usic) CHORGS & DANCERS Jellicle Cats (Cats) BARBARA GRAHAM & MAGRICE O ’SGLLIVAN It’s Never Too Late (The B oyfriend) ANNE MARL\ SMITH W ishing You Were Som ehow Here Again (P han tom o f th e O pera) PETER LEWIS & CHORGS O klahom a (O kla hom a) LOGISE STGDLEY Send in the Clowns (A Little N ig h t M usic) CHORGS Ascot Gavotte (M y Fair L ady) BRENDAN McSHANE A ccustom ed to Her Face (M y Fair L ady) ROBERT McKEVITT, TONY SWEENEY. PASCHAL WALSH, CHORGS & DANCERS I’m Getting Married (My Fair Lady) FGLL COMPANY I’ll See You Again (Full C om pa ny)

Interval Presenters: Heather Hewson & Adam Lawler



BUSINESS EQUIPMENT CENTRE MERRION, DUBLIN 4. T el: (01) 2 6 9 4 9 8 8 Fax: (01) 2 6 9 2 7 4 7 CORK Sullivan'* Quay, Cork. Tel: (021) 962188 Fax: (021) 962703

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LADIES OF THE CHORaS Fidelma Allen, Sinead Bates, Imelda Bradley, Lynn Branagan, Jo an Brittan, Jo an Cavanagh, Deirdre Connolly, Lisa Costello, Anne Crossen, Margaret Dickson, Dympna Egar, Michelle Foynes, Nuala Garton, Eileen Gildea, Paula Hannan, Deirdre Hodgins, Je a n Humphries, Mary Kelly, Sue Machesney, Catherine Martin, Marian Megannety, Patricia Moore, Patricia Nolan, Ursula O ’Byrne, Charlotte O'Connor, Dodo O ’Hagan, Angela O ’Reilly, Marian Sam pson, Eva Stavely, Mary Svejdar, Margaret Timoney, Lisa Vard, Sally Young. GENTLEMEN OF THE CHORUS Fergus Beary, Noel Byrne, Roderick Campbell, Dom Carroll, Paul Clarkin, Eddie Corry, Jo h n Cunningham , Roland Davitt, Patrick Garton, Barney Gorman, David Graham, J o e Griffin, Bernard Herriott, Tom Ladd, Denis Leahy, Peter Lewis Frank Murray, Michael McFall, Peter Nolan, Willie Nolan, Frank O’Brien, Terence O ’Keeffe, Robbie Power, Shay Ryan, Larry Shelly, Tony Sweeney, Jo h n Sweetman, Pascal Walsh, Patrick Yeates. DANCERS Marina Kealy (Asst. Choreographer), Valerie Grimes, Sandra Mullen, Adrienne O ’Mahony, Geraldine Quain, Eddie Devoy, Noel Gentles, Enda Quain, Andrew Reddy, Brendan Atkins. Casting & Co-ordinating Committee Dympna Egar, Brendan Galvin, Dodo O ’Hagan. Stage Management Nora O ’Rourke, assisted b y Ciaran Casey and Brendan O ’Byrne. Lighting Pat Farrell.

ADAM LAWLER Adam studied singing at tiie RIAM before transferring to the College of Music and piano with Kathleen Louden. He has sung principal parts in HMS Pinafore, lolanthe, The Pirates o f Penzance, The Mikado, The Gondoliers and Kiss Me Kate - he is better known for his perform ances in modern rock m usicals of which Jesus Christ, Superstar, The Best Little W horehouse in Texas and The N ew Mikado are his personal favourites (incidentally all were directed with great aplomb by Cathal MacCabe!) However, it is for his work as rehearsal pianist/performer with the Shelagh Musical Society in Crossmaglen, Co. Armagh, that Adam is proudest, proving that through music there really are no boundaries.

PETER LEWIS Peter Lewis studied singing with Frank Cowle, and won Feis Ceoil gold m edals in 1973 and 1974. Since then he has sung many principal roles with the R & R, mainly in Gilbert & Sullivan. Of these m ost notable would be Pish Tush in The M ikado on several occasions, and the Bosun in HMS Pinafore on two occasions. Also a regular contributor as principal to the concert reper­ toires, at Mt. Argus, Kilkenny Castle and King’s Hospital.

CATHAL MacCABE Cathal M acCabe was born in Derry and educted there at St. Colum ba’s College and in Q ueens University Belfast where he took degrees in chemistry, m usic and psychology. He joined the m usic staff of RTE in 1969 and worked on a wide variety of program m es. He was appointed Controller of Radio 2 FM in 1985 and in 1988 becam e Head of Music where he has responsibility for the entire m usic output of RTE Radio including the National Symphony Orchestra and the RTE Concert Orchestra. He first becam e interested in the theatre when he played piano for his father’s rehearsals and continued to work first as a m usic director and later as a producer. Among the Irish pre­ mieres he h as worked on were Irene, George M, A Little Might Music, Man o f La M ancha and The B est Little W horehouse in Texas.

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ROBERT McKEVITT Robert McKevitt joined the R & R in 1978, but was already an experienced performer with many of the Dublin and Belfast musical societies from as long ago as 1949. With the R & R Robert has been m ore prominent in the bass Q & S roles, and has also appeared in many of the R & R’s presentations at the NCH.



Brendan McShane, whose brilliant perform ances as Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady, Tevye in Fiddler on the R oof and the title role in The King an d I and Honore in Gigi will always be rem em bered. He can recall up to thirty leading roles in the great musicals and Gilbert & Sullivan operas, in which he has appeared in Dublin and throughout the country. These include Oklahoma, Carousel, The Merry Widow, The Student Prince and Bitter Sw eet, while one of his outstanding perform ances was as The Don in The Gondoliers.

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ANNE MARIA SMITH Anne Maria Smith is one of Ireland’s most talented young singers. She began her studies in the College of Music, Dublin, and is now working under the direction of the internationally renowned mezzo-soprano, Bernadette Greevy. She has also studied with Robert Keys, Covent Garden, Laura Francescinni, Rome and recently with Tom Krause, Marlena Malas and Danielle Orlando at the European Centre for Opera and Vocal Studies in Alden Biesen, Belgium. As a member of St. Agnes Choral Society in her native city of Belfast, she played Eliza in My Fair Lady and Ottoline in White Horse Inn, both at the Belfast Civic Arts Theatre. Recently she returned to the world of shows to play Kate in Kiss Me Kate, and then Julie in the R & R production of Jerom e Kern’s Show Boat in Dublin.

LO aiSE STGDLEY Louise Studley started singing at the age of four. Her mother, being a professional pianist encouraged her and she made her first public appearances in local pantomime and drama at the age of nine. At fifteen she was singing professionally in the Olympia Theatre and Theatre Royal in Dublin. She also appeared in the Abbey Theatre pantomimes singing in both English and Irish and was a member of the Abbey School of Acting. She began studying singing when she was fourteen, first with Renee Flynn, then with Michael O’Higgins, Sydney Russell and finally with Denis Moble, the famous baritone. Her sparkling stage presence, combined with a lovely singing voice and natu­ ral talent for acting, have won her an established reputation, and she is one of the outstanding actresses in the music theatre. In 1987 Louise appeared in her one-woman show on the life of Peg Woffington at the National Concert Hall.

JOYCE TEEVAN Joyce is a long-time student of dance and drama and has been studying singing with Deirdre Grier Delaney for eight years in the College of Music, where she has been awarded four vocal scholarships. Among many prizes in Feis Ceoil she has most recently added the Mezzo-Soprano and Rathmines and Rathgar Cups to her credit. A member of the award-winning Dublin Area Youth Musical Society, she has also played leading roles with various musical societies throughout the country. In 1988 she won ‘Best Female Singer’ and ‘Best Overall Performance’ in the AIMS.ILBS Award Scheme for the title role in Peg o ’My Heart.

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H a d d in g to n C ourt, H ad d in g to n R oad, D ublin 4. Telephone: (01) 6605888 Fax: (01) 6605831

NIAMH MURRAY Niamh Murray, B.Ed., L.L.S.M., A.L.C.M., studied at the RIAM, RNCM, M anchester and with Dr. Veronica Dunne. Niamh has perform ed with the DGOS and Wexford Festi­ val O pera as well as num erous musical societies and choirs throughout Ireland. S he has sung in many oratorios, m ost notably in the M essiah in Wales with Stuart Burrows. With help from the Arts Council, FVAl, Jo h n McCormack Society and R & R, Niamh has studied abroad, m ost recently with Carlo Bergonzi, Italy. ISiamh, a winner of major Feis Ceoil prizes and num erous awards for light opera and AIMS, has sung with the RTE Concert Orchestra and appears regularly on RTE television and is a well known perform er at the National Concert Hall.

MAURICE O ’SULLIVAN Maurice has been playing in R & R productions since 1948. He has played the ‘heavier’ roles in the G & S operas and vnll also be rem em bered for his roles in musical com edies such as Colonel Pickering in My Fair Lady, Merlin in Cam elot and Lazar Wolf in Fiddler on the R oof for the R & R. He has produced musicals with a num ber of com panies and has been active for m any years on R & R committees.

TED RYAN Ted has been the R & R ’s leading tenor for som e time. Having trained at the Royal Irish Academy and the College of Music under Veronica Dunne, he has played operatic roles in The M agic Flute, Martha, Carmen, Macbeth, Turandot and N abucco. He h as also sung m ost of the tenor roles in G & S and received the leading male voice award at Waterford in 1984 for his portrayal of Lionel in Martha. He was a leading soloist in the R & R’s recent cassette Cur­ tain Cali. Ted is currently Business Secretary of the Society, a position he has held for several years.

For Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society President, Clem Ryan Chairman, Oliver Hill Honorary General Secretary, Joe Lane Honorary Treasurer, Ig. Lyons Honorary Business Secretary, Ted Ryan Assistant Honorary Treasurer, Dodo O’Hagan Honorary Marketing Secretary, Jim Hoare Honorary Booking Secretary, Mary Hoare Hon. Block Booking Secretary, Dom Carroll Honorary Production Secretary, Brendan Galvin Public Relations Officer, Ciara Higgins Honorary Social Secretary, Joan O’Shaughnessy Rehearsals Secretary, Michelle Foynes Wardrobe Master, Arthur Salmon Wardrobe Mistress, Dymphna Bevan Honorary Stage Management Nora O’Rourke, assisted by Ciaran Casey and Brendan Byrne BLOCK BOOKING ENQUIRIES R & R, 67 Upper Rathmines Road, Dublin 6. Tel: 971577

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Some o f the dancers rehearsing a scene from Cats.

The Society welcomes this opportunity to acknowledge the Generous and Continuing Support from our Friends ADM/Londis Allied Irish Bank Ltd. Allied Irish Finance pic. American International Ins. Ltd. BP Ireland Ltd. Bank of Ireland Beamish & Crawford Ltd. Mr. Chris F. Bruton Campbell Conroy Hickey, Arcts. Mr. Oliver Carrigan Paul Carroll & Co. Mr. Desmond Cashell Mr. Anthony Collins C om an’s Wholesale Ltd. Coyle Hamilton Ltd. G. & T. Crampton Ltd. Crean James pic. The Cross Chemical Group Educational Building Society Ergas Ltd. Esso Ireland Ltd. Guinness Ireland Ltd. Gypsum Industries Ltd. Hibernian Insurance Co. The Investment Bank of Ireland Ltd. Irish Distillers Group Ltd. The Irish Times

Jemma Publications Ltd. Johnson Brothers Ltd. The Jones Group Jones Lang Wootton KMG Reynolds McCarron Lenehan Thos. & Co. Ltd. Lisney & Son Lloyd Armstrong & Ramsey Ltd. Mr. Fintan Massey John D. Murphy & Co. McCullough Pigott Mclnerney Properties pic. Mercantile Credit Co. of Ireland Ltd. C. Morton & Sons Ltd. Karl D. Mullen, MRCOG National Irish Investment Bank Noel McCabe Distributors Ltd. Nokia Limited Readymix Limited Mr. Dick Roche Royal Insurance Group Smurfit Ireland Mr. H. Timoney Trinity Bank Ltd. W. P. & R. O. Holdings W aterford Glass Ltd.

The Society would also like to acknowledge the generous support o f The American Ireland Fund. Donations to the Society in excess of £100 by individuals and corporations qualify for tax relief under Section 32 of the Finance Act, 1984.

O ur a llu rin g altos at rehearsals.

The soaring sopranos e njoying rehearsals.

The b ig bass boys took it easy.

O u r tenors were determ ined not to let the pressure get to them.

Associate Membership The Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society invites you to become an Associate Member. Very probably you are a regular supporter of our Shows at the Gaiety, where you will have noticed the happy atmosphere which prevails in our Society; this is a tradition of over 77 years. Our Associate Members are an important and valued section of our Society, and for an Annual Subscription of IRÂŁ45 enjoy significant benefits. 1. Two seats of their choice to both of our Autumn and Spring presentations, at no charge. 2. Priority booking facilities for our Gaiety and NCH presentations in advance of the general public. 3. Notification of all social functions during the year. 4. Associate Members take a major role in the affairs of the Society; they elect two of their members to the Executive Committee annually. The Associate Members representatives are Mrs. Barbara Graham and Mr. Oliver Hill. The crippling financial costs involved in presenting two Seasons of shows each year could put the financial viability of the Society in jeopardy except for the loyal support of the active members, the associate members, our friends and the public. For this we are very grateful. We would welcome you as an Associate Member. Gift Tokens of Associate Membership Available.

I wish to become an Associate Member of the Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society. N a m e ........................................................................................ A d d re ss.................................................................................... Signature ................................................................... Phone Please hand to any member of the Society or send to our Assistant Honorary Treasurer: Ms. Dodo O ’Hagan, 16 El Greco, St. James Court, Serpentine Ave., Dubhn 4. Phone: 685862

W ishing the R Sc^^very success.

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1993 a song for you 29th march 4th april  
1993 a song for you 29th march 4th april