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THE WILL TO DEATH An illustration project by

Everyone speaks at the same time Everyone wonders "Who am I?" It'd be sad to blow through time We never go through the sky We never know when to die

The face in the mirror is not me - yeah hey hey

Go away you're eating big faces Bend down and eat your shoelaces Next move you've gotta decide what's right.

And life changes not you Life changes not you Every time is contained in now Now is only time anything happens Though one moments shot In infinity's rounds Now is the one time Anything happens here Here, here, here Here, here, here

Now that i'm gone Now that i'm long gone This minute has come and gone I never said to do anything but forget me When it seems i'm around Check again what's up and what's down Any silences make a sound before the equation i'm the answer

And they're thought to be lies But we saw them, saw them We looked right in their eyes Right at them, at them Pinning space to the world We slaughtered, slaughtered Not a sound to be heard We're awful, awful And have you seen How they run Out of gas They beat the pain They sing in the rain Endless and formless They fly to the end And back to the Beginning again Have you put them aside Your crazy thoughts and dreams No they're a part of me And they all mean one thing The will to death is what keeps me alive It's one step away, step away Limitations are set Only then can we go all the way, all the way And have you seen how the cars when they pass They come your way Then they're speeding away Coming to you and then going away But for them nothings changed, for them nothings changed The will of Death John Frusciante


An illustration project based on the music and lyrics of John Frusciante.

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