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Rosa Parks Statue Unveiled in Capitol

President Barack Obama applauds the unveiling of the Rosa Parks statue created by San Pedro resident and sculptor Eugene Daub.

March 8 - 21, 2013

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joy],” Keen says of their reaction. According to Healthy Start Coordinator, Cyndy Lum, at least 606 children and families (counted as a single unit) and 17 schools received assistance from the program in the 2011-2012 school year. Services include counseling, parenting classes, classroom presentations, and assistance to needy families. In 1993 the coordinating council added the Carson Family Resource Center to further the goals of a coordinated system of care for children and families. Block grant funding has fluctuated widely over the years—from as much as $135,000 to as little as $10,000—but continues. Other funds come from donations and an annual charity golf tournament, which is happening on May 9 this year. The Carson Coordinating Council’s mission, according to its website, is to promote academic and social success by building resiliency in children, youth, and families through effective intervention and collaboration with community resources. “It started with just five people,” remembers Keen. When the Carson Coordinating Council started, according to Keen, there were about 35 other cities in Los Angeles County with coordinating councils, which essentially serve as volunteer organizations

Rosa Parks, the seamstress whose refusal to give up her seat on the bus sparked the civil rights movement, was enshrined in the US Capitol building Feb. 27. The 9-foot tall statue depicts the civil rights icon in her most famous posture, sitting. San Pedro sculptor Eugene L. Daub, who along with his partner Rob Firmin, created the statue said, “Parks raised sitting to a new level; it’s not just sitting, it’s heroic sitting, sitting that changed history.” President Barack Obama, left, spoke at the unveiling “This morning, we celebrate a seamstress slight in stature but mighty in courage,” the President said. “In a single moment, with the simplest of gestures, she helped change America and change the world.” Rosa Parks is the first African American woman to be honored with a statue in the Capitol. The Statuary Hall collection includes 100 statues in five locations in the Capitol. Among the others in Statuary Hall itself are William Jennings Bryan and Daniel Webster, as well as Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy. Parks was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1999.

for community organizations. Glendora’s coordinating council serves as another example. Smith describes the council as a conduit for volunteerism. “Why would we do that? It’s a way in which we can give some focus,” he says. Then he adds, “Meeting the needs of the community.” “Major corporations in the area were besieged by requests for donations and they wanted to make sure before they committed,” Smith explains further. “This is what the coordinating council does.” It filled and continues to fill, “what was really a big vacuum,” he concludes. Smith and Keen still serve on the coordinating council and are currently preparing a fiftieth anniversary celebration for next year. He is the current president and a staffer. The original group of five is now a group of around 29. Meetings are held at lunchtime in the Shell Pipeline Company office, the second Thursday of every month. Keen is currently organizing what’s now a biennial event, “Six Magnificent Women,” for April. For the sixteenth time she and the council will honor six women for community service. She’s motivated to volunteer and honor others who do she hesitantly admits, because, “I start my day every morning praying, please, God, just for today, let no little girl grow up to be me.” Her service on the coordinating council is how that little girl found a way to be herself. For more info: www.carsoncoordinatingcouncil. org

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RLn 03-07-13 Edition  

Wronging Rights: U.S. Supreme Court Conservatives Take Aim at The Civil Rights Voting Act

RLn 03-07-13 Edition  

Wronging Rights: U.S. Supreme Court Conservatives Take Aim at The Civil Rights Voting Act