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San Pedro’s Living Treasures sts., Cigo’s Restaurant on 9th and Pacific, and the all-famous “Ante’s” from which she retired at age 75.

Fistonich and the wife of the company’s second leader, Neno DiMaggio. Founded in 1921, the business started in a shack and grew so large that they became wholesale suppliers to grocery stores and Vegas casinos. After Fistonich died, Neno assumed leadership of the company. With her husband at the helm, Helen worked behind the scenes for 39 years. Helen has been active

in many community groups including San Pedro Peninsula Cancer Guild, Little Sisters of the Poor Auxiliary, the Assistance League of San Pedro, Mary Star of the Sea Church and Holy Trinity Church. She is past president of Rotary Ann’s.

Florence Collins

At 98 years of age, Florence Collins was born and raised in San Pedro to Italian/Ischian parents. She’s an alumnus of San Pedro’s first grade school, Fifth Street Elementary, located where the San Pedro Courthouse sits today. Collins was

also a part of the first graduating class of Dana Middle School. A young wife and mother during the Depression, she and her husband, Bill Collins lived on 9th St., which at the time was referred to by the derogatory ethnic slur for recent Italian immigrants at the time, “Dago Flats.” Florence has been a lifelong member of Mary Star of the Sea Church, and has several dozen grandchildren, great-grandchildren and greatgreat-grandchildren, almost all of whom still reside in San Pedro.

Helen DiMaggio

The 94-year-old Helen DiMaggio was the daughter of Star Fisheries Inc founder Andrew

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, dead at 58

benefit the citizens of Venezuela. Because of the economic growth from its own oil supply, the tax revenue became equivalent to the oil revenue, further progressing the country economically. Chavez emphasized education, equality and health care. Poverty rates diminished. Malnourishment rates decreased from 30 percent before he was elected, to only five percent today. The number of clinics and doctors per patient, rose by over 100 percent. Chavez has provided tuitionfree schools, ranging from daycare to university. Critics of Chavez, claim he has kept the country divided by aiming to serve only his poor constituents. They also accused Chavez of suppressing democratic and media freedoms throughout Venezuela. Vice president Nicolas Maduro will take over presidency until another election is held within 30 days. Maduro’s opponent is likely to be Henrique Capriles, who opposed Chavez in the most recent election.

The Local Publication You Actually Read

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez died Mar. 5, after a long battle with cancer. Chavez underwent four different surgeries in Cuba, in attempts to remove the cancer found in his pelvic area. After initial surgeries and chemotherapy in 2011, Chavez and his treating physician declared him cancer-free. Four months later, a lesion was discovered in the same area. Chavez returned to Cuba to receive surgery and radiation treatment subsequently. Chavez was up for re-election and was victorious by a landslide. In Dec. of 2012, Chavez underwent surgery exceeding six hours. At the end of February, Chavez returned to his hometown of Caracas and stayed at a military hospital. His respiratory system and breathing begun worsening drastically and he suffered an infection. Chavez passed away Mar. 5, due to respiratory complications stemming from an infection. Chavez brought Venezuela from the dumps and into economic prosperity by nationalizing the world’s wealthiest oil supply and using it to

March 8 - 21, 2013


RLn 03-07-13 Edition  

Wronging Rights: U.S. Supreme Court Conservatives Take Aim at The Civil Rights Voting Act

RLn 03-07-13 Edition  

Wronging Rights: U.S. Supreme Court Conservatives Take Aim at The Civil Rights Voting Act