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Union Women in Solidarity Celebrates International Women’s Day By Christian L. Guzman, Editorial Intern

Journal of Commerce senior editor, Bill Mongelluzzo (left) led the Technology Startups Impacting the Supply Chain panel discussion with Project 44 chief executive; Chris Helton, Cargomatic president/co-founder Brett Parker; Flexport CEO Ryan Peterson; and Flexe CEO Karl Sibrecht at the March 10 PortTech Expo. Photo by Taso Papadakis. [PortTech, from page 2]


Buscaino compared the relatively cheap per-square-foot price of retail office space in San Pedro to other parts of Los Angeles that are emerging economic powerhouses, such as downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica and other beach cities. The councilman made special note of his attendance at the unveiling of Boeing’s Echo Voyager earlier in the day alongside Deputy Mayor Doane Liu and AltaSea Executive Director Jenny Krusso. Rep. Janice Hahn echoed Buscaino’s sentiment and praised his efforts for “moving the ball forward” on the waterfront. Hahn recalled that before she was elected to the council office, the port couldn’t wrap its head around the idea that port growth, jobs and care for the environment aren’t mutually exclusive concerns. She noted that nationally, 10 percent of children grow up with asthma. In the Los Angeles Harbor that number is 21 percent. This equates to 3,000 days of missed work and 1 million

school absences per year. Since school funding is closely tied to school attendance, the absences represent a hidden hit to the economy with longterm consequences. Hahn cited examples like the 2006 Clean Air Action Plan and the resulting clean truck program, and the practice of connecting container ships to shore-side electric grid with engines off to cut back on air pollution when the ship is idling in the harbor. The councilman and the congresswoman served as an appropriate segue to a panel discussion that paired two policymakers and two CEOs who are pushing forward clean technology and environment-friendly practices. Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell spoke about Assembly Bill 1657, which he recently introduced. The legislation will dedicate cap-andtrade revenues to mitigating the environmental costs associated with California’s ports. O’Donnell argued that the bill creates a legal framework to spend money and address pollution created by the supply chain. “I scratch my head as some people’s concept

Union women in Solidarity luncheon organizer Valery Zaks (back row, third from left) with active union women at Raffaello Ristorante on March 8. Also in attendance is the founder and namesake of the philanthropic foundation, Diane Middleton and Long Beach Community College Board candidate Vivian Malauulu.

SAN PEDRO— On March 8, Union Women in Solidarity hosted a luncheon at Rafaello’s in San Pedro. Union Women in Solidarity is a platform for women working in the trades to connect and express their concerns, ask questions, and share ideas. Vivian Malauulu, a teacher and longshoreworker, who is running for a seat on the Long Beach Community College Board of Trustees, was the keynote speaker. “Women are so much better and stronger when [we] stand together,” Malauulu said.

“In only a year this union has grown from a few dozen women in the Harbor Area to over 3,000 of us across the world. It is so inspiring to meet in person on International Women’s Day and ‘break bread.’” Photographer Pat Williams expressed her pride in her peers. “They all work hard and have a lot of energy,” Williams said. “Only three women in the entire room are retired. Our guest of honor is an original Rosie the Riveter, who worked at Todd Shipyards during World War II.”

[See PortTech, page 10]

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RLn 03 17 16  

PortTech Expo 2016: The Future is Now--The expo's underlying theme is that technology is transforming the goods movement industry; South Co...