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Foreign Rights Autumn 2010 Fiction

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Contents Literary Fiction Bodrožić, Marica: The Memory of the Dragonflies Martenstein, Harald: It Feels Like Closeness Overath, Angelika: All the Colours of the Snow Peters, Christoph: Sven Hofestedt Looking for Money for Inspiration Richle, Urs: The Numb Heart Runge, Doris: what suddenly surfaces there Sinkel, Bernhard: Moment of Eternity

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Fiction Spyri, Johanna / Geißen, Peter H.: Heidi and the Monsters Kaminer, Wladimir: My Caucasian Mother-in-Law Rütter, Martin: A Matter For the Board, As Usual Minck, Edda: Idiots on Two Paws Winter, Sophie: Filou Becker, Susanne: Well, Good Night Marie! Gerstenberger, Stefanie: Magdalena’s Garden

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Erotic Fiction Andresky, Sophie: Fuck Your Friends Andresky, Sophie: Fucking Free Bergdoll, Nathalie: Fucked Up Henke, Sandra: The Girls’ Academy

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Historical Fiction Bertram, Gerit: The Gold Spinner Cantz, Kerstin: Lullaby Haefs, Gisbert: The Murderers of Carthage Marcus, Martha Sophie: Salt and Ashes Schweikert, Ulrike: The Face of Honour Wilken, Constanze: The Lute Player

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Thriller & Crime Arnold, Cedric: Bull’s Eye Bechtheim, Mika: In the Sign of Fear Doyle, Virginia: The Honour of the Nicolosi Grote, Alexandra von: The Dead Boy From the Seine Kaes, Wolfgang: Bitter Lemon Marni, Nicola: The Secret Weapon Pirinçci, Akif: Felipolis Rother, Stefan M.: The Babylon Virus Rusch, Veronika: Soul Poison Vanoni, Andrea: Innocent Vilshöfer, Claudia: Scream in the Dark Winter, Katharina: Doll Death

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Fantasy Charisius, Manuel: Strays Dewi, Torsten / Hohlbein, Wolfgang: The Legacy of the Nibelungs Hardebusch, Christoph: Storm Worlds – Beyond the Dragon Coast Heitmann, Tanja: Night Gleam

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Fantasy Hohlbein, Rebecca: Heavenwards Krock, Jeanine: Wing Beat Krouk, Olga A.: Witch Souls Lode, Christoph: The Last Dream Wanderer Thurner, Michael Marcus: Plasma World Thurner, Michael Marcus: Turil’s Voyage Weber, Annika Sylvia: The Organisation — Lilly’s Silence

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Literary Fiction

The story of an impossible love

Marica Bodrožić The Memory of the Dragonflies [Das Gedächtnis der Libellen] Luchterhand 256 pages August 2010 ▪ Sample translation available

Marica Bodrožić was born in Svi/Dalmatia, now Croatia, in 1973 and has been living in Germany since 1983. She studied cultural anthropology, psychoanalysis and Slavonic languages and literature. She has published poems, stories, novels and essays and has been awarded several prizes and scholarships.

Young Nadeshda travels to Amsterdam to meet her lover, Ilja. Yet what begins as a journey of passion completely throws Nadeshda off balance; it takes her to her limits and changes her whole perception of her love and herself. Nadeshda is forced to realise that she is entangled in her dreams, longings and hopes although she should have seen that her desire to get the married Ilja entirely for herself will never be fulfilled. From their very first meeting, Ilja has said their love would never have a future, although this has not prevented him from continuing to declare his love to Nadeshda. Marica Bodrožić has written a novel about a big loss: Nadeshda has to part not only from a man she swore she would never give up, but also from the part of herself that is the lover of this man. It is a parting that takes her back to herself, to her past and her dragonfly-collecting, brutal father and on to the prospect of an unknown future without her lover. Press

“Its utterly unique, intensive language makes it so enchanting. The Croatian writer Marica Bodrožić has never ceased to marvel at what is typically German and coaxes the nicest of surprises out of it.” Süddeutsche Zeitung

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Literary Fiction

A story with 23 lovers and one woman – subtle, shrewd, ironic

Harald Martenstein It Feels Like Closeness [Gefühlte Nähe] A novel in 23 couples C.Bertelsmann 224 pages August 2010 ▪ Video available online

Harald Martenstein, born in 1953, is a columnist for Die Zeit and an editor at the daily Tagesspiegel in Berlin. In 2004 he was awarded the Egon Erwin Kisch Prize for the best German-language reportage.

The precise observations of mating habits at the end of the 20th century make Harald Martenstein’s new novel irresistible. In it, he describes 23 men in archetypical situations who all have one thing in common: the same woman, a woman we only ever know as N. Martenstein spreads the various men and affairs out along the line that is her love life and life story – a novel in 23 amorous adventures. The tales and situations complement each other, show behavioural patterns, make up a history of customs in private life – but they are, more than anything else, one thing: surprisingly funny and self-willed. Also available:

Der Titel ist die halbe Miete [The Title is Half the Battle], 2008 Heimweg [Going Home], 2007 Männer sind wie Pfirsiche. Glossen [Men are like Peaches. Glosses], 2007

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Literary Fiction

What is it like living in a place other people dream of with sentimental longing?

Angelika Overath All the Colours of the Snow [Alle Farben des Schnees] Diary from Sent Luchterhand 160 pages December 2010

Angelika Overath, born in 1957, is a reporter, literary critic and lecturer. She has published two novels and received several awards, including the Egon Erwin Kisch Prize for her journalistic work and, for her literary activities, the Thaddäus Troll Prize, as well as the Ernst Willner Prize in the Ingeborg Bachmann Competition for a passage in her novel Airport Fish.

Holiday places are fleeting homelands. We often wish we could stay longer. Yet we always depart again. As a rule. Reporter and novelist Angelika Overath, along with her husband and youngest son, set out to make a dream become reality. The family moved to a village in the Swiss mountains. The high mountains, behind which lies Italy, are now their everyday life, just as are the wonderful June meadows before they are mowed for the first time; the farm houses with their sgrafitto facades; the old palazzi of the confectioners; the fountains where rugs are washed. Snow for six months of every year is part of it, and so is learning a threatened language – Rhaeto-Romance, the mother tongue of the local people. But how does life spell itself in the tangible utopia? With an unruffled eye, reporter Angelika Overath observes how a familiar holiday paradise becomes a new place to live in. Press on Airport Fish

“The text is crystal-clear prose. There is not a single unneeded word. Every sentence fits perfectly.” Die Welt Also available:

Flughafenfische [Airport Fish], 2009

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Literary Fiction

Witty and intelligent: 13 masterpieces by the successful novelist

Christoph Peters Sven Hofestedt Looking for Money for Inspiration [Sven Hofestedt sucht Geld für Erleuchtung] Stories Luchterhand 224 pages September 2010

Christoph Peters, born in 1966, studied painting. He has published four novels so far, and received the Lower Rhine Literature Prize, the aspekte Literature Prize and the Deutscher Literatur Preis. His story Heinrich Grewent’s Work and Love was also awarded.

Even when he was very young, Sven Hofestedt looked as if he drove a sports car and slept with rich heiresses. But although he likes to give the impression of being a canny financial juggler, he is really interested in something completely different: Japan and Zen philosophy. When he loses at the game of speculation and is on the verge of bankruptcy, after that he becomes suddenly a millionaire only to lose everything again, he seems to be mature enough for the Buddhist teaching of emptiness and the Zen way of money. He gives up his extravagant way of life and becomes thinner and more ascetic from day to day. Until one day he disappears entirely in the emptiness of the wintry landscape … Christoph Peters’ volume of stories circles round the burlesque trials and tribulations of love, the fascination of other cultures and the search for spiritual realisation and truth. In thirteen unusual stories, Peters demonstrates that he is not only a great novelist but also a master of the short story, and that he can deal with the humorous every bit as well as the serious, the fantastic as well as the everyday. Also available:

Mitsukos Restaurant [Mitsuko’s Restaurant], 2009 Ein Zimmer im Haus des Krieges [A Room in the House of War], 2006 Sold to: France (Sabine Wespieser) Das Tuch aus Nacht [The Cloth of Night], 2003 Sold to: China*, The Netherlands (Uitgeverij de Arbeiderspers), Turkey*, USA (Random House) Kommen und gehen, manchmal bleiben [Coming and Going, Sometimes Staying], 2001 Stadt Land Fluss [Town Land River], 1999 * rights available again

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Literary Fiction

A parable about the human dream of being able to build a machine that can think

Urs Richle The Numb Heart [Das taube Herz] Novel Knaus 352 pages August 2010 ▪ Selected by new books in german!

Urs Richle, born in 1965, is a graduated media engineer and has published a number of award-winning novels that have been translated into several languages. Apart from writing, Urs Richle also works on research projects at the University of Geneva and as a lecturer at the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel.

Jean-Louis Sovary is a child of the 18th century and, as a Swiss, has been fascinated by clocks and their mechanism ever since he was a little boy. He can live out his talent in a shady workshop near Geneva and starts pirate copying the best clockwork mechanisms of the time. This does not go unnoticed by the French organ builder and automata collector Montallier, who entices him to go to Paris. Here he is secretly to build an ingenious automaton with which Montallier plans to beat Baron von Kempelen’s famous automaton chess player. This, however, is not possible without a brilliant human brain, which Montallier has found in the girl Ana. And Jean-Louis discovers that not even the ideal combination of machine and brain is perfect – without a feeling heart. Press

“Urs Richle’s books demonstrate how to narrate precisely, in an agreeably simple language.” Berner Zeitung

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



Short expeditions to the unknown worlds of daily life

Doris Runge what suddenly surfaces there [was da auftaucht] Poems DVA 98 pages October 2010

Doris Runge was born in 1943. For her volume of poems titled hunting song (1985) she received the Friedrich Hebbel Prize. She has received several awards, among them the Friedrich Höderlein Prize. In 1997 she was given the Liliencron lectureship at the University of Kiel; in 1999 she was appointed Professor of Poetry at Bamberg University.

At first sight they appear somewhat narrow, the verses by Doris Runge, but that is deceptive, for what “suddenly surfaces there” is only the tip of the iceberg. You have to get involved in them, get to the bottom of the cheerful equanimity of her writing. The relationship between magic and calculation is poetic intention, as is the density with which these fragmentary poems develop their hovering grace. Press

“Creating the greatest wealth of relationships in the smallest space, using the most economical means to hide the secret on the surface – that is the art of Doris Runge’s verses. This is what makes her charm, her ascetic sensuousness and a hovering irony that evades being grasped.” Heinrich Detering “It is abbreviations, those energetic abridgements of a long-winded world, which give Doris Runge’s poetry its characteristic charm.” Jochen Hieber “The power of these poems lies in their simultaneous clarity and shimmering uncertainty. Each word has been precisely chosen, for its meaning and for its sound; hers are poems that are like skeletons – thin and gaunt and yet full of life.” SWR Radio Also available:

die dreizehnte [the thirteenth], 2007 du also [so it’s you], 2003 trittfeste schatten [non-slipping shadows], 2000 Welch ein Weib [What a Woman], 1998 jagdlied [hunting song], 1985

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Literary Fiction

The magnificent story of the life and love of a legendary conductor

Bernhard Sinkel Moment of Eternity [Augenblick der Ewigkeit] Novel Knaus 544 pages September 2010

Bernhard Sinkel, born in 1940, is one of the most important German film directors and screenwriters, having successfully made motion pictures for television and the cinema and been awarded several prizes for his work. The story of the fictitious figure of the conductor has been in his mind for over twenty years.

When Karel Bohumil’s beloved father, the father he loved above all else, was shot dead before his very eyes on the eve of World War I, no one suspected that this little pianist was to become the greatest conductor of the 20th century. No one except, perhaps, Franziska Wertheimer, whose family was taking the waters in Carlsbad. Two years later, it is Franziska who persuades her parents to take young Karel to Vienna to give him an education appropriate to his exceptional musical talent. This is the beginning of the life journey of a musician who wants no less than to conquer Olympus. And it is the beginning of the story of the tragic love between Karel and Franziska, who are unable to find each other. A narrative masterpiece about the greed for fame and success, about guilt and betrayal, and at the same time a unique portrait of the 20th century.

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



One of the most popular children’s book characters of all times meets vampires and zombies

Johanna Spyri / Peter H. Geißen Heidi and the Monsters [Heidi und die Monster] An Alpine drama Goldmann 288 pages October 2010 ▪ Sample translation available

Johanna Spyri is the author of the bestselling Heidi’s Years of Wandering and Learning. Peter H. Geißen had a Swiss girlfriend for a year and now lives in Frankfurt am Main.

Gone are the days when dark fir trees and green meadows in the sunshine were Heidi’s little corner of an innocent world! There is now a virus spreading in the idyllic setting of the Alps. People are turning into zombies who particularly like getting up to their tricks in the remote villages high in the mountains. This is how Heidi found out that her mother, Adelheid, is not dead after all, but rather walks abroad at night as a vampire! Heidi courageously grabs a stake and, with Grandpa Almöhi’s assistance, rescues the undead woman from immortality. But there is someone who doesn’t like this one little bit: Marus, the blood sucker. It was he who long ago made sure of getting his bait with a bite; and now he is thirsting for revenge for his loss. If he can’t have the mother, then perhaps the child will do instead … A gifted author retells the Heidi story and mixes it with trendy elements – a great mash-up.

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



A most entertaining journey to an unknown country with very self-willed inhabitants Wladimir Kaminer My Caucasian Mother-in-Law [Meine kaukasische Schwiegermutter] Manhattan 224 pages August 2010  Bestselling author, translated into more than 20 languages  Online special available

Wladimir Kaminer was born in 1967 and has lived in Berlin since 1990. He has his own television program on WDR, and is famous not least for his popular nightclub show Russendisco (Russian Disco). The short story collection of the same name has, like his other books, achieved cult status.

It is paradise on earth: sweet melons, busy bees, juicy grapes and dirtcheap Prada bags by Channel. There is only one possible place for all this — a very special place: the Caucasus. This is where Wladimir Kaminer’s mother-in-law and her family live, in Borodinowka on the Steppe Road, a place bursting with joie de vivre and adventure, a place to meet remarkable people in. It is of them that Wladimir Kaminer has written so delightfully that you can only fall in love with them. Apart from the mother-in-law, Uncle Joe must be mentioned, the staff of the village canteen, painter Gleb Michailowitsch and beekeeper Juri. Add to this a few invisible gerbils and not to forget the little settlement’s two freshly combed cows. When German television comes to make a documentary on “Kaminer Goes Caucasus”, Borodinowka goes wild … Also available (selection):

Meine russischen Nachbarn [My Russian Neighbours], 2009 Es gab keinen Sex im Sozialismus [There Was No Sex in Socialism], 2009 Sold to: Netherlands (Hoogland & Van Klaveren) Ich bin kein Berliner [I Am Not a Berliner], 2007 Sold to: Bulgaria (Proporetz), Finland (Sammako), Japan (Shueisha), Spain (Dykinson), Taiwan (Landhill) Küche totalitär [Totalitarian Cooking], 2006 Sold to: Hungary (Helikon), Italy (Ugo Guanda), Sweden (Ersatz) Schönhauser Allee. Erzählungen [Schönhauser Allee. Stories], 2001 Sold to: Croatia*, Finland*, Hungary (Helikon) Militärmusik [Military Music], 2001 Sold to: Bulgaria*, Croatia*, Czech Republic*, Estonia*, Finland*, France*, Hungary*, Iceland (EDDA), Israel*, Italy*, Korea*, Lithuania (VAGA), The Netherlands*, Poland*, Portugal*, Russia*, Spain (RBA), Sweden (Ersatz) * rights available again US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



Dogs would read Rütter! Humans too!

Martin Rütter A Matter For the Board, As Usual [Wie immer Chefsache] Novel Tag & Nacht 352 pages September 2010

Animal psychologist Martin Rütter was born in 1970 and runs a Germany-wide network with the D.O.G.S. training philosophy he developed himself (The Centre for Humans with Dogs). He writes non-fiction books and his dictionary Dog — German, German — Dog has been a bestseller. In his television programme The Dog Pro and in his live programme he shows that he is a likeable teacher and gifted speaker.

Mattes Reuter’s aim has always been to become an editor at the prestigious weekly newspaper Die Zeit. Unfortunately, however, at the age of forty he is still hanging around as a freelancer for a local magazine and, after splitting up with his partner, he and his dog are living with his successful sister. This is in no small measure due to his philosophy that there are “searchers” and “finders”. Mattes definitely belongs to those who casually wait to be found by opportunity. He reluctantly accepts the offer of starting work as the editor-in-chief of “Fido’s Master – Fina’s Mistress” and discovers with horror that in doing so he has not improved his professional position. But he has nothing to lose and plays for high stakes. His question-and-answer column under the pseudonym of Mina R. makes him into Germany’s top dog expert, and his life unexpectedly picks up speed …

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



“Life without a pug is possible, but meaningless.” Loriot

Edda Minck Idiots on Two Paws [Idioten auf zwei Pfoten] The pug diaries Goldmann 180 pages November 2010

Edda Minck was born in 1958 and freelances as a writer. She is already well known to a large circle of readers through her black-humoured crime series featuring Maggie Abendroth, but now Edda Minck has left the crime & comedy universe and made a dog the hero of an unusual novel in which our canine friends tell us what they really think about living together with “idiots on two paws”.

El-Rei Dom Joao is a pug-dog living in a little village in Portugal where he is the proud leader of a pack and lives a life of freedom on the streets. That is, he does until one day the unfathomable happens: he is captured and carted off to Germany in an aeroplane. Gone are the happy days when he was the king. From now on, he has a boss, goes by the name of Schröder and lives in an apartment in town! Schröder is outraged at the new undignified circumstances he is forced to put up with and finds the very idea of being able to lead a fulfilling pug life in such conditions so monstrously impossible that he plots escape. Then the day comes, however, that he can’t but admit that even idiots on two paws can become friends …

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



An adorable cat on the search for happiness

Sophie Winter Filou [Filou] A cat on the search for happiness Novel Page & Turner 176 pages November 2010

Sophie Winter and her three cats live in Germany and the south of France. Under a pseudonym, she publishes best-selling crime stories; and she has published numerous non-fiction books using the name in her passport.

Filou is a little ginger tomcat living in a sleepy village somewhere in the south of France. But although he is young, his life is not easy, for he is an orphan and lives on the streets. The other cats in the village are much stronger than him, and they often make fun of their sensitive fellow animal. And anyway, he is under the thumb of old Lucrezia who took him under her wings after the death of his mother – and Lucrezia is very strict with him. But then one day he meets the pretty cat Josephine, and Filou can at last be what he has always wanted to be: a proud and happy tomcat!

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



Poison or love?

Susanne Becker Well, Good Night Marie! [Dann gute Nacht, Marie!] Novel Diana Paperback 336 pages November 2010

Susanne Becker was born in 1974 and studied German and communications science. She now works as a props mistress for film and theatre.

When you are 35, still waiting for your Prince Charming to come along and instead of making your way up the career ladder have been put on the professional scrap heap, then suicide is a real alternative. At least, that’s what Marie thinks, and she meticulously starts planning her demise. If all else fails, at least her death should leave a lasting impression. Her diary has to be censored, embarrassing books and DVDs disposed of; and then there’s the incidental question of what the most impressive way is of killing yourself. Not to mention the kind of death; after all, even as a corpse Marie wants to be presentable. Poison seems to be a practicable solution, but then this method requires quite a lot of background information. So, without further ado, Marie joins a pharmacy seminar at the university. In the following weeks, Marie discovers that after all life can be worth living, for she is attracted to the likeable and attractive young lecturer …

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



An unfinished love, an old secret, a daughter looking for the truth

Stefanie Gerstenberger Magdalena’s Garden [Magdalenas Garten] Novel Diana 448 pages August 2010 ▪ Video available online

Stefanie Gerstenberger, born in 1965, studied German language and sport. After then moving on to the hotel business, she has lived and worked on Elba and Sicily, in the Caribbean and in San Francisco. She also works as a propman for police series, crime films and love films.

Magdalena knows almost nothing about her father. Only that he is from Elba and that he let his wife return to Germany alone thirty years ago. While travelling over the island she believes she will soon be able to successfully end her journey when two men bring confusion to her plans. Without realising what far-reaching consequences this meeting will have for her, Magdalena hopes to find her father quickly with the help of the two men. But it is to turn into a painful search with a surprising ending – a search that has its starting point in the middle of an old lemon garden on Elba. Powerful, dramatic, emotional – a novel about longing, pain and love taking roundabout ways. Also available:

Das Limonenhaus [The Lime House], 2009

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Erotic Fiction

The erotic answer to Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Sophie Andresky Fuck Your Friends [Fuck your Friends ] Novel Heyne Hardcore 256 pages August 2010 ▪ Online special available

Sophie Andresky was born in 1973 and her volumes of short stories and the novel Fucking Free have made her into the most successful female porn writer in Germany. Her articles appear in numerous magazines, and at present she has a column in Penthouse Magazine and on

It looks like it is going to be the perfect erotic adventure: when Ellen and Hyper meet the young couple Irina and Oskar, they discover lust as a foursome and have a sexual orgy. It seems to be the perfect clover leaf, everybody falls in love with everybody else and they even plan a future together. Then, however, it turns out that each member of the foursome has something to hide. What really links them is a web of intrigue, greed and egoism. Friendship turns into betrayal, eroticism becomes cold deliberation, and love hatred.

A dinner, a hot hostess, six guests Sophie Andresky Fucking Free [Vögelfrei] Novel Heyne Hardcore 240 pages April 2009 ▪ Interview available online

Marei invites six guests for dinner, none of whom knows any of the others. While a waiter is serving the meal, we find out how Marei met each of the guests and what they did together. Of course, she had sex with each one of them. But although the guests got to know her in very intimate situations, there are still a lot of secrets to be solved. No one knows, for example, why Marei is so often sad and who the mysterious man is, who protects her … Press

“Sophie Andresky tells us what women really want.” “Germany’s bestselling female porn writer.” FAZ US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Erotic Fiction

… amusing, nonchalant, naughty!

Nathalie Bergdoll Fucked Up [Hochgefickt] Novel Tag & Nacht 320 pages September 2010

Nathalie Bergdoll was born in 1976 and over the years has done all manner of things on stage and television: singing, working as a presenter for various channels, acting in different comedy formats. She also writes glossaries and columns and can regularly be seen on stage with her own stand-up show Mut(t)iert.

Jacqueline is a likeable country bumpkin with an IQ of 132, a fact she has skillfully been able to attract attention from with an ample bust and ash blond hair. Her years of gutter press consumption in her mother’s hairdressing shop have given her sound preparation for a career in show biz and she is unfalteringly working towards her big aim of “being rich and famous”. In the nineties, she actually does make her way into the media via musicians, sportspeople and actors, and as “Lolita Lina” becomes the focus of attention in the popular press where she establishes herself as a celebrity in her own right. At the height of her success, boredom and love put a spoke in her wheel and with criminal calculation she begins to plan a curious coup …

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Erotic Fiction

Come join the secret club of lust!

Sandra Henke The Girls’ Academy [Die Mädchenakademie] Erotic novel Heyne Paperback 224 pages June 2010

Sandra Henke has conquered a large audience with her erotic novels. Loge of Lust, for example, is regarded as a classic of its genre. For her, a gripping plot is just as important as that certain something in the air and extraordinarily sensuous eroticism.

A girls’ boarding school as a playground of lust. “The Secret Club of Lolitas” leaves no stone unturned! When 18-year-old Emma finds out about the sexy competition hatched out by four girls in her class, she wants to join the club – to widen her erotic horizon and to conquer Christian, the attractive assistant. But Christian is guarding a secret, and the Lolitas are also remarkably tight-lipped when it comes to the missing fifth Lolita.

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Historical Fiction

“Interesting characters and suspense to the final page! A riveting novel!” Iny Lorentz

Gerit Bertram The Gold Spinner [Die Goldspinnerin] Novel Blanvalet 512 pages August 2010

Gerit Bertram is the pseudonym of a bestselling writing couple.

The year is 1397 in Lübeck. The self-assured gold spinner Cristin Bremer and her husband Lukas run a respected workshop in the flourishing free imperial city. The birth of their first daughter seems to complete the couple’s happiness. Shortly afterwards, however, Lukas is poisoned and the young mother is accused by her own sister-in-law of murder and witchcraft – and handed over to the executioner. The only person to believe in Cristin’s innocence is the executioner’s son, Baldo, for how could such a beautiful and kind-hearted woman be a cold-blooded murderess? Together they flee from the city, but nothing can stop Cristin from returning to get her husband’s devious murderer convicted and to find her daughter who was taken from her.

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Historical Fiction

Midwife, princess, prostitute – they are all linked by a dark secret

Kerstin Cantz Lullaby [Wiegenlied] Novel Diana 416 pages October 2010

Kerstin Cantz was born in Potsdam in 1958. After completing her journalism studies she worked as a freelance journalist, was an editor with a private television broadcaster and wrote screenplays.

Berlin 1928: The young midwife Helene manages to do the impossible when she is allowed to study medicine secretly at the Charité. In doing so, however, she also brings opponents on the scene. When a series of fatal abortions in the Berlin brothels suddenly causes a stir, suspicion is quickly pointed at Helene. And indeed – she has brought guilt upon herself, but not in the way her opponents think. Also available:

Die Schmetterlingsjägerin [The Butterfly Collector], 2008 Sold to: Brazil (Lobmaier) Die Hebamme [The Midwife], 2005

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Historical Fiction

An unforgettable backcloth of ancient Carthage: modern, multi-cultural, powerhungry and murderous

Gisbert Haefs The Murderers of Carthage [Die Mörder von Karthago] Novel Heyne 320 pages September 2010

Gisbert Haefs, born in 1950, lives and writes in Bonn. As translator and editor, he is responsible for such publications as new editions of works by Ambrose Bierce, Rudyard Kipling and Jorge Luis Borges. He made his name as a writer with his crime novels and his bestselling historical works Hannibal, Alexander and Troy.

Bomilkar investigates in a network of political intrigues. There are three murders occupying him, who as “lord of the guards” is responsible for law and order in Carthage. An Indian is stabbed to death; a marketworker run over; the owner of several apartment houses is pushed from the roof. Investigations are mixed up with politics. In 228 BC, ten years before the beginning of the Second Punic War, relationships between Carthage and Rome are calm, but the peace is an uneasy one. The senate eyes Carthage’s expeditions to the Iberian Peninsula with distrust; for this reason the Carthaginian council sends an emissary to Rome. Bomilkar has to accompany the emissary: he has fought in Iberia, is familiar with circumstances there and is also meant to protect the councillors. Or are they trying to prevent his investigations? Is there a link between the three murders and other events? He reluctantly travels to Rome. Here, he meets his old friend and rival Laetilius and is given some surprising information which, however, he cannot assess until after his return to Carthage. And before that, there have been more murders. Also available:

Die Rache des Kaisers [The Emperor’s Revenge], 2009 Caesar [Caesar], 2007 Sold to: Czech Republic (Euromedia), Russia (Premiere) Das Schwert von Karthago [The Sword of Carthage], 2005 Sold to: Czech Republic (NS Svoboda), Spain (Edhasa) Die Geliebte des Pilatus [Pilate’s Lover], 2004 Sold to: Czech Republic (NS Svoboda), Greece (Konidaris), Poland (PAX), Russia* * rights available again US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Historical Fiction

A young woman having to decide between a marriage of convenience and an adventurous love

Martha Sophie Marcus Salt and Ashes [Salz und Asche] Novel Goldmann Paperback 512 pages November 2010

Martha Sophie Marcus, born in 1972, studied German, sociology and education. She has done thorough research into the historical background and everyday life in the time of the Thirty Years’ War.

Lüneburg in 1656. 17-year-old Susanne Büttner, the daughter of a salt barrel maker, has been keeping house for her father ever since her mother’s death. Her life is hard and monotonous, but then she falls in love with smithy journeyman Jan, who has a reputation for being a bit of a daredevil. When a crime is committed and Jan and Susanne get tied up in the investigations, they quickly grow closer to each other. At the same time, patrician son Lenhardt starts wooing Susanne. She is now faced with the decision of whether she should marry Lenhardt or risk setting off into an uncertain future with Jan. Also available:

Herrin wider Willen [The Reluctant Mistress], 2009

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Historical Fiction

The daughter of a bishop fights courageously and wilfully for her happiness

Ulrike Schweikert The Face of Honour [Das Antlitz der Ehre] Novel Blanvalet 480 pages September 2010

Ulrike Schweikert, born in 1966, studied geology and journalism. Her first historical novel, The Daughter of the Salt Maker, became a great success. Since then she has made writing her career. Along with her best-selling historical novels, she has written the well-received fantasies The Dragon’s Crown and The Legacy of the Copper Dragon as well as the young-adult series Heirs of the Night.

Würzburg in about 1430. With the removal of the prince-bishop from office, the city has liberated itself from the iron fist of the extravagant ruler but has yet to find peace. A struggle for power has broken out and, against her will, Elisabeth, the daughter of the disempowered bishop, is at the centre of the political turmoil. Without realising it, she has become a pawn in the game of interests played by her father and her great love, Albrecht von Wertheim, to whom she has been promised. But then Albrecht agrees to become her father’s successor – which would mean he would have to renounce a worldly life and be lost to Elisabeth. Elisabeth has to decide who she can give her trust and her heart to, and it is only in the nick of time that she realises that Albrecht broke his oath to save her honour. Also available:

Die Dirne und der Bischof [The Prostitute and the Bishop], 2008 The Chalk Cross [Das Kreidekreuz], 2009 Das Siegel des Templers [The Seal of the Templar], 2007 Sold to: Spain (ViaMagna) Das Drachentor [Dragon Gate], 2007 Das Vermächtnis des Kupferdrachen [The Legacy of the Copper Dragon], 2006 Die Drachenkrone [The Dragon’s Crown], 2005

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Historical Fiction

The heart-moving story of a young Huguenot girl in the 16th century

Constanze Wilken The Lute Player [Die Lautenspielerin] Novel Goldmann Paperback 608 pages August 2010

Constanze Wilken, born in 1968, studied art history, politics and literature and did her PhD at the University of Wales in Aberystwyth. Apart from writing, she also freelances as a researcher for antiques dealers. She has made a name for herself as the writer of successful novels about women.

1569: Lute player Jeanne is a Huguenot, and she and her father seek refuge in a Saxon village, where the local people meet the strangers with resentment. Only the shy healer Gerwin falls in love with Jeanne, although the difference in class is insurmountable. Before long, Jeanne goes to the court in Dresden and later to the French court – always looking for someone to sponsor her lute playing. When at last she thinks she has found a place where she can feel at home, she is caught up in a dangerous intrigue. But then she meets Gerwin again. And the fate of Jeanne and Gerwin is to be decided during the bloody Massacre of St. Bartholomew … Also available:

Die Malerin von Fontainebleau [The Painter of Fontainebleau], 2009 Die Tochter des Tuchhändlers [The Draper’s Daughter], 2008

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Thriller & Crime

A very special crime story, caustically narrated and delightfully sarcastic

Cedric Arnold Bull’s Eye [Volltreffer] Novel Heyne Paperback 256 pages December 2010

As a child Cedric Arnold, who was born in 1977, suffered from various nervous disorders with names that are too long to be included in this text. After his Abitur, he studied parapsychology and took his PhD with the thesis Unmotivated Giggling of Reindeers.

For years, Arthur was overshadowed by his wealthy father. The old man is now dead and Arthur rolling in money. He would enjoy his dolce vita if only he didn’t keep having fits of boredom. Then the attractive Susi moves in next door and Arthur turns into a love-sick old goat. But what is such a woman doing with a man that looks like an insurance rep? Before Arthur knows what’s happening, he is up to his neck in a mess that used to be his quiet existence and is now like a film-worthy crime case.

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Thriller & Crime

A murder, an abduction and a past that was never allowed to come to light

Mika Bechtheim In the Sign of Fear [Im Zeichen der Angst] Novel Goldmann Paperback 480 pages December 2010

Mika Bechtheim was born in 1955 and grew up in East Germany, where she studied German language and literature and worked as a publisher’s editor before emigrating to West Germany with her son in 1985. As a journalist she reviewed numerous books and films for popular magazines and for many years was a department head and chief editor. Under the name of Angelika Buscha she has published bestselling and viciously funny crime comedies.

Six-year-old Johanna is abducted in 1996 and suffocates in her hideaway. Dubious evidence later sends her mother, Clara, to prison for years for the murder of the alleged kidnapper. After her release, Clara and her other daughter, Josey, make a new life for themselves. Clara wants to forget the past once and for all. But then her mother, who has been missing since the fall of the Berlin Wall, is found murdered. The police quickly suspect Clara. Shortly afterwards, Josey is being threatened, and the nightmare seems to be repeating itself … Press

“No other author murders more bitingly.” Bild am Sonntag

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Thriller & Crime

A Mafia comedy set in Hamburg’s famous red-light district St. Pauli

Virginia Doyle The Honour of the Nicolosi [Die Ehre der Nicolosi] Novel Heyne Paperback 384 pages August 2010

Virginia Doyle, the pseudonym of a well-known award-winning author, has become famous through numerous historical crime novels and non-fiction books. The author has been awarded the German Crime Literature Prize and has been twice honoured with the Marlowe award.

The man on the chair doesn’t move. Bruno Nicolosi, the famous St. Pauli restaurant owner from Italy, is no longer alive. The crime-scene police say it is death under suspicious circumstances. A bullet through the heart has finally laid the “life of a legend”, as journalists called him, to rest. Virginia Doyle’s Mafia comedy covers forty years of the St. Pauli redlight district’s history and describes from the perspective of a Mafia family how the milieu has changed. Also available:

Der Fluch der schönen Insel [The Curse of the Beautiful Island], 2007 Der gestreifte Affe [The Striped Monkey], 2005 Die rote Katze [The Red Cat], 2004 Sold to: Czech Republic (Moravska Bastei), Russia* * rights available again

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Thriller & Crime

For the readers of Donna Leon and Fred Vargas

Alexandra von Grote The Dead Boy From the Seine [Der tote Junge aus der Seine] A case for Inspector LaBréa Heyne Paperback 464 pages July 2010  All Inspector LaBréa cases filmed.

Alexandra von Grote went to school in Paris before she moved to Munich and Vienna to study theatre. After five years as a television play editor for a public television network, she spent two years in charge of cultural politics for the Senator of Science and Art in Berlin. She has been working as a film director since 1981 and has written numerous screenplays, poems, short stories and novels.

It is a hot summer in Paris. Near the Pont Neuf in Paris, there is the naked body of a 12-year-old boy floating on the Seine. His hands are tied together, he has been murdered. Nobody knows his identity. To begin with, Inspector LaBréa faces a mystery. After the murder of a well-known television presenter, investigations lead him into the highest social circles in Paris. Also available:

Vol. 1: Mord in der Rue St.Lazare [Murder in the Rue St.Lazare], 2008 Vol. 2: Tod an der Bastille [Death at the Bastille], 2008 Vol. 3: Todesträume am Montparnasse [Dreams of Death on Montparnasse], 2009 Vol. 4: Der letzte Walzer in Paris [The Last Waltz in Paris], 2009

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Thriller & Crime

A gripping thriller focussing on trade in human merchandise

Wolfgang Kaes Bitter Lemon [Bitter Lemon] Thriller C.Bertelsmann 352 pages August 2010

Wolfgang Kaes, born in 1958, used to be a police reporter for the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger; he also used to work for the US news magazine Time and wrote reports for the weekly Stern and other magazines. He is now a senior editor with the Bonner General-Anzeiger.

As children, David and Zoran, the son of guest workers, were the best of friends. Almost two decades later, David is an ex-policeman and has been reactivated by his colleagues to track down Zoran. Zoran has just been released from prison, where he spent twelve years in spite of his innocence. After swearing revenge he has gone into hiding. And now people involved in his case really do die. But is Zoran the murderer? David can’t believe he is and investigates on his own initiative. He discovers that the real murderer leads a human-trafficking gang.

Bitter Lemon not only picks up a hot topic; it also tells of the worth of a friendship. Press

“A new German writer of premium-class thrillers.” Kölner StadtAnzeiger

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Thriller & Crime

Adrenalin in its purest form! The second big thriller featuring agent Torsten Renk

Nicola Marni The Secret Weapon [Die geheime Waffe] Thriller Page & Turner 576 pages September 2010

Nicola Marni is the pseudonym of a well-known pair of authors who have successfully been publishing historical novels for many years. The Secret Weapon is the second political thriller featuring agent Torsten Rent from the Military Counter Intelligence Service.

Three people have been killed: an Islamic hate preacher, a child molester and a local politician who caused a serious accident with several dead. Initially, the police think it is a case of revenge, but then the ballistic examination of the deadly bullets has a worrying result: the murders were all carried out with a special weapon of which to date there is only one prototype. And this prototype is kept under lock and key. Torsten Renk, an agent with the MAD (Military Counterintelligence division of the German Army) takes over investigations. He is supported by Lieutenant H.C. von Tarow, an Eurasian woman who is as pretty as she is daring and who fears no risk in the cause of solving the explosive case ‌ Also available:

Die Tallinn-VerschwĂśrung [The Tallinn Conspiracy], 2009 Sold to: Czech Republic (Euromedia)

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Thriller & Crime

Death comes on four paws – a new case for tomcat Francis

Akif Pirinçci Felipolis [Felipolis] A Felidae novel Diana 352 pages August 2010 ▪ Video available online

The internationally best-selling author Akif Pirinçci made his name in 1989 with his feline detective story Felidae, which went on to captivate cinema audiences as an animated film in 1994, and has been followed by several other best-sellers. His books have been translated into numerous languages.

Young, pretty and rich – Francis can hardly believe it when he meets the beautiful lady cat who goes by the name of Domino. But Domino is in danger. Ever since inheriting an enormous fortune from her Missis, there have been cats and humans after her life. Francis is thrilled when he finds out what the unbelievable inheritance of lady cat Domino is to be used for: a feline paradise on a South Sea island. Before long, however, the fur-coated detective realises that this noble plan is a mere camouflage. But no one wants to hear the truth, for the thought of a state of their own, which many a cat would be prepared to die for, is just too tempting. No sacrifice would seem to be too great for the sake of Felipolis, and woe betide anyone who won’t accept that … Also available from the Felidae series:

Schandtat [Scandalous Deed], 2007 Cave Canem [Beware of the Dog], 1999 Sold to: China*, France*, The Netherlands*, Slovenia (Modrijan), Turkey* Francis [Francis], 1993 Sold to: China*, Czech Republic (Argo), France*, Slovenia (Modrijan), Turkey* Felidae [Felidae], 1989 Sold to: Brazil*, Bulgaria*, China*, Czech Republic (Argo), Denmark (Borgen Hekla Vindrose), Greece*, Iceland*, Italy*, Japan*, Korea*, Russia*, Slovenia (Modrijan), Spain*, Turkey* * rights available again

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Thriller & Crime

An ancient mystery is the only hope for the human race!

Stephan M. Rother The Babylon Virus [Das Babylon-Virus] Blanvalet Paperback 576 pages November 2010

Stephan M. Rother, born in 1968, studied history, art history and philology. Since 1994, he has been touring throughout Germany as “Magister Rother” with various historical and artistic concepts.

The greatest scholars have been baffled for centuries by an incredibly complicated puzzle. Driven by curiosity and anxiety about an old friend, the young restorer Amadeo Fanelli gets involved in the scientific game – which, however, soon turns out to be deadly earnest. Not until it is almost too late does Amadeo realise what depends on his ability to solve the mystery, namely that nothing less than the fate of the entire human race is at stake. In the decoded text Amadeo learns of a devastating pandemic that almost wiped out the whole of humanity in ancient times – and which seems to have broken out again … Also available:

Die letzte Offenbarung [The Final Revelation], 2009

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Thriller & Crime

A riveting, shocking journey into the soul of a murderer

Veronika Rusch Soul Poison [Seelengift] A case for Clara Niklas Goldmann Paperback 448 pages December 2010

Veronika Rusch is a lawyer. As a student, she did an internship in a law firm in Verona. After leaving university, she spent several years working in a big legal company in Munich specializing in economic law, and now she and her father run their own law office. Veronika Rusch has been awarded the Agatha Christie Krimipreis.

It is a frosty winter’s morning in the English Garden in Munich. When Chief Inspector Walter Gruber arrives at the place where the body was found, he is horrified to discover that it is his own wife. As a result of dubious evidence, Gruber himself becomes a suspect, and so he engages attorney Clara Niklas as his defence lawyer. The police are convinced Gruber is their man, and so he and Clara start investigating under their own steam. They stumble across similarities with an old case and close in on the murderer – so closely that Clara is chosen as the next victim … Also available:

Brudermord [Brother Murder], 2009 Das Gesetz der Wölfe [The Law of the Wolves], 2007

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Thriller & Crime

As cold-blooded as a stab through the heart

Andrea Vanoni Innocent [Unschuldig] Thriller Diana Paperback 480 pages December 2010

After leaving university, Andrea Vanoni, born in 1963, worked as an assistant at the Burgtheater in Vienna and as a dramatic advisor at the Kiel Opera House. She now freelances as an agent for camera operators, screenplay writers and producers.

While a crime story is being filmed in Berlin-Babelsberg, it is not the made-up extra who is lying on the stretcher but a real corpse. The team look in horror at the dead woman’s face: the empty eye sockets immediately spread fear and trepidation. When forensic scientist Martina Weber examines the body, all she initially knows is that it was not these injuries that caused the victim’s death – but then what did? She and Detective Chief Superintendent Paula Zeisberg are faced with a riddle until, in quick succession, two more bodies are found on the film set – both without eyes, appallingly mutilated … Also available:

Seelenruhig [Calmly], 2009 Im Herzen rein [Pure at Heart], 2008

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Thriller & Crime

Single White Female meets Natural Born Killers

Claudia Vilshöfer Scream in the Dark [Schrei in der Dunkelheit] Psycho thriller Diana Paperback 320 pages December 2010

Claudia Vilshöfer was born in Brazil in 1968 and even as a child was an enthusiastic writer. It was not until many years later, however, that she was inspired by her work in the field of tourism and a number of trips abroad to start work on her first psycho thriller, Scream in the Dark.

To begin with, it is just a vague feeling, a horrible premonition: ever since Anne, the young woman from Germany, and Noah from New York have been a couple, Anne’s flat mate Amber has been eying her with undisguised jealousy. Or is Anne just imagining that her friend has been watching her with eyes filled with hatred? Has she been cottoning up to Noah? When the three of them set off on a trip through the USA, Anne’s suspicions are given new nourishment. The friendship between the two women increasingly gives way to distrust and envy. This is an explosive mixture that finally claims a bloody sacrifice … An ingenious psycho thriller that keeps readers on tenterhooks right up to the last page!

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Thriller & Crime

Only death can wipe out all the guilt

Katharina Winter Doll Death [Puppentod] Thriller Diana Paperback 384 pages October 2010 ▪ Interview available online

Katharina Winter spent her childhood and adolescence in East Germany before being able to leave for West Germany in 1989. Doll Death is her first psycho thriller.

“Every mistake can cost your life” – Lisa keeps repeating this sentence like a mantra as she puts her perfidious plan into practice: she has skilfully made sure of making the acquaintance of the young entrepreneur Michael Westphal, made him believe she requited his feelings. Then she realises that this man really could mean a lot to her if it were not for this terrible thing that once happened in the house of dolls which is standing between them and screaming for revenge …

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



Adventure fantasy at its best: a world full of dangers and four rough heroes in its midst

Manuel Charisius Strays [Streuner] Novel Heyne Paperback 576 pages 3 b/w illustrations July 2010

Manuel Charisius, born in 1979, studied English and German. After leaving university, he worked as an editor and web designer. His debut novel Strays was given an enthusiastic reception by a high-calibre jury, including Bernhard Hennen, at the Heyne “Write a magical bestseller” contest and made it to the finals.

The land of the Seven Kingdoms is in uproar: the King of the North has become the victim of a bloody murder! For the stray Wolf this is no reason to get upset. But when he happens to hear the conspirators in conversation, he can’t help but realise that all the seven kingdoms of Lesh-Tánar are in great danger. Together with three other strays, Wolf decides to put an end to the assassins’ game. But that is easier said than done, and thus begins for the courageous strays the adventure of their lives …

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



The myth goes on – the third volume of the big Nibelung saga

Torsten Dewi / Wolfgang Hohlbein The Legacy of the Nibelungs [Das Erbe der Nibelungen] Novel Volume 3 Heyne Paperback 416 pages August 2010

Rights sold to:

Russia (FLC) Torsten Dewi is an experienced writer of novels and screenplays, and has specialized in fantasy and science fiction. Wolfgang Hohlbein, born in 1953 in Weimar, has merited a large readership through the most varied genres – thriller, horror, science fiction, and historical novel – and is one of the most successful German authors overall.

A century has passed since the son of dragon slayer Siegfried refused to bow to the ancient gods and successfully fought for his freedom in the underworld Utgard. The Nibelungs, however, have not forgotten what Siegfried and his blood clan did to them. Their black hearts are crying for revenge. On a continent being decimated by the plague, they go hunting for Sigfinn and Calder, Siegfried’s last descendants. Also available: from the Nibelung series

Vol. 1: Der Ring der Nibelungen [The Ring of the Nibelungs], 2004 Sold to: Korea (Wisdomhouse Publishing), Russia (FLC), Taiwan (Fantasy Foundation) Vol. 2: Die Rache der Nibelungen [The Revenge of the Nibelungs], 2007 Sold to: Russia (FLC) from the Templar Woman series Vol. 1: Die Templerin [The Woman Templar], 2000 Sold to: Spain (Ediciones Martinez Roca) Vol. 2: Der Ring des Sarazenen [The Ring of the Saracen], 2003 Vol. 3: Die Rückkehr der Templerin [The Return of the Woman Templar], 2006 Vol. 4: Das Wasser des Lebens [The Water of Life], 2008

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



The brilliant climax of the Storm Worlds saga!

Christoph Hardebusch Storm Worlds – Beyond the Dragon Coast [Sturmwelten – Jenseits der Drachenküste] Novel Volume 3 Heyne Paperback 528 pages August 2010

Christoph Hardebusch, born in 1974, studied English and media in Marburg and then worked as a copywriter for an advertising agency. His great interest in fantasy and history eventually inspired him to pursue his vocation as a writer.

The black ship appears again – and the last hour has come for buccaneer Jaquento and officer Roxane! In a violent, magic storm there develops a sea battle, the result of which will decide over the fate of the world … Also available: from the Storm Worlds Trilogy Sturmwelten, Vol. 1 [Storm Worlds], 2008 Sold to: Italy (Armenia) Sturmwelten, Vol. 2 – Unter schwarzen Segeln [Storm Worlds – Under Black Sails], 2009 from the Troll Trilogy: Die Trolle [The Trolls], 2006 Sold to: Czech Republic (Fantom Print), Italy (Armenia), The Netherlands (Mynx/de Boekerij), Russia (Family Leisure Club) Die Schlacht der Trolle [The Battle of the Trolls], 2007 Sold to: Italy (Armenia), The Netherlands (Mynx/de Boekerij), Russia (Family Leisure Club) Der Zorn der Trolle [The Anger of the Trolls], 2008 Sold to: Russia (Family Leisure Club) Die Werwölfe [The Werewolves], 2009 Sold to: Italy (Armenia), Russia (Hemiro Limited), Turkey (Pegasus)

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



Love in the shadow of the demon

Tanja Heitmann Night Gleam [Nachtglanz] Novel Heyne 480 pages September 2010

Tanja Heitmann was born in 1975. She studied political science and German literature and now works for a literary agency. Her books Pure Morning and Winter Moon are bestsellers.

Paris 1890. When Adam awakes in a deserted alleyway, he has lost all memory of his earlier life. There is only one thing he can feel with all his might: a demon has taken power of him and is making him give in to one dark desire. It is in vain that Adam fights against the intruder before finally losing his will and allowing himself to be driven by this force. Unpredictable and torn, Adam drifts through times – until the enigmatic young Esther appears. His passionate love for her gives Adam back his humanity. But Esther is marked by a tragic past and returns his feelings but diffidently: she senses the murky danger lying in wait within Adam, for the demon only sees Esther as prey. Adam desperately tries to struggle against the demon and for his love. A deadly fight for Esther begins … Also available:

Schattenschwingen [Shadow Wings], 2010 Sold to: Turkey (Pegasus) Wintermond [Winter Moon], 2009 Sold to: Czech Republic (Brana), Russia (FLC), Spain (Imágica), Turkey (Pegasus) Morgenrot [Pure Morning], 2008 Sold to: Russia (Family Leisure Club), Turkey (Pegasus)

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



A breath-taking adventure between heaven and hell

Rebecca Hohlbein Heavenwards [Himmelwärts] Novel Heyne 624 pages September 2010

Rebecca Hohlbein, who was born in 1977, discovered her love of fantasy material at an early age. No matter whether as an artist – she paints and models trolls and elves – or as a writer: she is carrying on the tradition of her famous family and has already written several young-adult books and made a name for herself as an author while working on projects with her father, the bestselling writer Wolfgang Hohlbein. Heavenwards is her first big work.

An angel whose great interest in human emotions is his undoing. A girl vampire who wants nothing more than peace and quiet and some fresh blood. And a prophet who dies before he can finish his task and from that moment on causes total chaos in the set-up between up above and down below … In her stunning story, Rebecca Hohlbein has given the huge vampire successes of recent years a completely new look: heavenly characters, hellish dangers and a big dose of humour make reading her first big novel into a tremendous experience.

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



The great romantic angel epic – enigmatic, supernatural, irresistible!

Jeanine Krock Wing Beat [Flügelschlag] A novel about angels Heyne 720 pages August 2010

Jeanine Krock has, among other things, worked as a model booker and costumier in France, Greece and Great Britain. Recent years saw her working as a relocation consultant. She now freelances as a writer.

When the young doctor Juna comes home one evening and finds the injured Arian in her bedroom, her life suddenly changes. Arian is not only a dangerously handsome man – he is also a fallen angel. And he has been sent to earth to investigate the mysterious disappearance of guardian angels that have been at work amongst humans for quite a while. It seems that some shady adversaries of the angels are behind it all. And Juna could be their next victim …

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



Love alone can conquer the demons

Olga A. Krouk Witch Souls [Hexenseelen] Novel Volume 3 Heyne Paperback 520 pages December 2010

Olga A. Krouk, born in Moscow in 1981, moved as a child first to the Ukraine and later to St. Petersburg, where she wrote her first poems as a teenager. She has lived in Berlin since 2001.

The world is plunging to its downfall. Only Hella, a young woman with a dark secret, and Conrad, one of the most dangerous Nachzehrers in the big city, are trying to restore order. In the process, Hella has to struggle not only with her own inner demons but also for the love of a man who can only bring her death‌ After Shadow Souls and Night Souls, the Russian author Olga A. Krouk has now written the tremendous final instalment of her darkly romantic trilogy focussing on the uncanny creatures of the night in Hamburg. Also available:

Vol. 1: Schattenseelen [Shadow Souls], 2010 Vol. 2: Nachtseelen [Night Souls], 2010

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



An age of darkness, magic and lost dreams

Christoph Lode The Last Dream Wanderer [Der letzte Traumwanderer] Pandaemonia Volume 1 Goldmann Paperback 400 pages December 2010 ▪ Interview available online

Christoph Lode, born in 1977, has been working full-time at a psychiatric clinic since leaving university. He has been writing for about ten years.

Finding the Yellow Book by Yaro D’ar is Liam Satander’s only aim. It was his father’s last wish before being murdered by the feared Mirrormen. While on the search, Liam sneaks into the palace of the mighty sheruler of Bradost – a place full of danger and dark secrets. But Liam knows no fear; he would take on any foe just to find out why his father had to die – even someone who holds power over people’s dreams... Also available:

Das Vermächtnis der Seherin [The Legacy of the Prophetess], 2008 Der Gesandte des Papstes [The Nuncio], 2008 Sold to: Poland (Verbum Norbile)

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Science Fiction

The answer is in space

Michael Marcus Thurner Plasma World [Plasmawelt] Novel Heyne Paperback 450 pages December 2010

Michael Marcus Thurner, born in 1963, published his first novels within the framework of the Perry Rhodan Fan Edition before becoming one of the core authors of the Atlan series in 2002. Thurner has been writing as a regular member of the Perry Rhodan team since 2005.

In the desolate desert landscape of the planet Marek the Humanes Gramo Darn 14 is eking out an existence as a prisoner in the mobile town of Kamandar, the social structure of which is strictly hierarchical. Driven by the uncertainty about where he comes from, he tries to get to the bottom of the secret behind the wandering town. But with his urge for freedom, he is putting himself and the entire planet at tremendous risk …

The fascinating journey of an interstellar funeral director

Michael Marcus Thurner Turil’s Voyage [Turils Reise] Novel Heyne Paperback 416 pages September 2009

In a future in which the human race has ventured out into space and come up against numberless extraterritorial peoples, Turil has the most impossible of all professions: he is an interstellar funeral director. He gives last rites to the dying, anoints the sick, speaks words of comfort or even arranges lavish celebrations – depending on the species of the deceased. Turil is a master of his trade, which is why he spends his life travelling from planet to planet. Yet he has to set off on the most wondrous trip of all – for, without realising it, Turil bears the fate of galactic civilization within him …

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:



“Get out of my town, werewolf!”

Annika Sylvia Weber The Organisation — Lilly’s Silence [Die Organisation – Lillys Schweigen] Novel Volume 1 Heyne Paperback 448 pages July 2010

Annika Sylvia Weber was born in 1984 and studied journalism. Apart from writing, she has also been working as a journalist and in the field of short films. Her debut, The Organisation – Lilly’s Silence, was one of the five short-listed texts for the finals of the big Heyne “Write a magical bestseller!” competition in spring 2009.

When the temperamental hunter Lilly kills a she-werewolf, she has completed a perfectly ordinary assignment for The Organisation. But then, in the apartment of the dead creature, she finds a little girl – the werewolf’s daughter. Lilly takes her in without letting on about the true background of what happened. While the web of magical foes is drawing in ever closer round the humans in the town, Lilly’s secret threatens to be her undoing. Lilly’s Silence is the first volume of a breath-taking trilogy featuring The Organisation – a secret fellowship that protects the unsuspecting population from attacks by mythical creatures such as vampires, werewolves and witches.

US/UK, Southern Europe, South America: Italy, The Netherlands/Belgium, Asia: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans:


Contact Verlagsgruppe Random House Rights Department Neumarkter Str. 28 81673 M端nchen Fax: ++49 (89) 4136-3733

Gesche Wendebourg Foreign Rights Director Phone: ++49 (89) 4136-3313 English speaking countries; French speaking countries; Portuguese speaking countries; Spanish speaking countries; Greece; Turkey; Israel; Arabic countries; Hungary

Susanne Seggewiss Foreign Rights Executive Phone: ++49 (89) 4136-3321 Italy; The Netherlands/Belgium; China; Taiwan; Korea; Japan

Franziska Hippe Foreign Rights Executive Phone: ++49 (89) 4136-3716 Scandinavian countries; The Balkans; Baltic States; Poland; Russia; Czech Republic; Slovakia


Agents Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia & Russia for all imprints: Ms. Milena Lukic Prava i Prevodi Literary Agency YU-Business Center Blvd. Mihaila Pupina 10B/I 5th Floor, Suite 4 11070 BELGRADE / SERBIA Phone: ++381 (11) 301 41 61 Fax: ++381 (11) 311 98 79 e-mail:

Baltic States for all imprints: Ms. Tamara Vukicevic Prava i Prevodi Literary Agency YU-Business Center Blvd. Mihaila Pupina 10B/I 5th Floor, Suite 4 11070 BELGRADE / SERBIA Phone: ++381 (11) 301 41 61 Fax: ++381 (11) 311 98 79 e-mail:

Brazil for all imprints except DVA: Ms. Laura Riff & Mr. João Riff RIFF Agency Rua Visconde de Pirajá 414/1108 IPANEMA RIO DE JANEIRO RJ-22410-002 / BRAZIL Phone: ++55 (21) 228 762 99 Fax: ++55 (21) 226 763 93 e-mail:

Brazil for DVA only: Ms. Isabel Piedrahita A.C.E.R. Agencia Literaria Calle Amor de Dios,1 28014 MADRID / SPAIN Phone: ++34 (91) 369 20 61 Fax: ++34 (91) 369 20 52 e-mail:

China for all imprints: Ms. Jackie Huang Andrew Nurnberg Associates Int. Ltd. Beijing Representative Office Room 1705, Culture Square, No.59 Jia Zhongguancun Street, Haidian D. 100872 BEIJING / VOLKSREPUBLIK CHINA Phone: ++86 10 82504106 Fax: ++86 10 88810959 e-mail:

France for all imprints except DVA: Ms. Eliane Benisti Agent Littéraire 80 Rue des Saints Pères 75007 PARIS / FRANCE Phone: ++33 (1) 422 285 33 Fax: ++33 (1) 454 418 17 e-mail:

France for DVA only: Ms. Christine Scholz Agence Hoffman 77, Boulevard Saint-Michel 75005 PARIS / FRANCE Phone: ++33 (1) 432 656 94 Fax: ++33 (1) 432 634 07 e-mail:

Greece for all imprints: Ms. Catherine Fragou Iris Literary Agency Komotinis Str. 18 136 76 THRAKOMAKEDONES / GREECE Phone: ++30 (210) 243 24 73 Fax: ++30 (210) 243 50 42 e-mail:

Hungary for all imprints: Ms. Catherine Balla jun. Balla & Co. Literary Agents c/o Kópia Office Benczúr u. 11 1068 BUDAPEST / HUNGARY Phone: ++36 (1) 456 03 11 Fax: ++36 (1) 215 4420 e-mail:

Israel for all imprints except DVA: Ms. Shoshi Grajower Int. Promotion & Literary Rights Dep. The Book Publishers Ass. of Israel 29 Carlebach St. 67 132 TEL AVIV / ISRAEL Phone: ++972 (3) 561 41 21 Fax: ++972 (3) 561 19 96 e-mail:


Israel for DVA only: Ms. Gabrielle Hertzmann I. Pikarski Ltd. 200 Ha Yarkon Street TEL AVIV 63405 / ISRAEL Phone: ++972 (3) 527 01 59 Fax: ++972 (3) 527 01 60 e-mail:

Italy for all imprints: Ms. Barbara Griffini Berla & Griffini Rights Agency Via Stampa, 4 20123 MILANO / ITALY Phone: ++39 (2) 805 041 79 Fax: ++39 (2) 890 106 46 e-mail:

Japan for all imprints: Ms. Meike Marx Literary Agent 54-2 Nishi Takenomaru Naku-ku YOKOHAMA 231-0852 / JAPAN Phone: ++81 (45) 226 99 12 Fax: ++81 (45) 226 99 23 e-mail:

Japan for all imprints: Mr. Norio Irie Motovun Co. Ltd. 103 CoopNomura Ichibancho 15-6 Ichibancho TOKYO 102-0082 / JAPAN Phone: ++81 (3) 326 140 02 Fax: ++81 (3) 326 414 43 e-mail:

South Korea for all imprints: Ms. Geenie Han MOMO Agency 102 - #804 Blenheim 517 Mangwon-2 Dong, Mapo-gu 121-232 SEOUL KOREA Phone: ++ 82 (2) 337 8606 Fax: ++ 82 (2) 337 8702 e-mail:

South Korea for all imprints: Mr. Richard Hong BookCosmos Agency 5F. SungHwa Building, 463-3 SeoGyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu, 121-841 SEOUL / KOREA Phone: ++ 82 (2) 3143 2834 Fax: ++ 82 (2) 3143 2833 e-mail:

South Korea for all imprints: Ms. Min-Su Lee EUROBUK Agency Hyundae Loft 3-1215 Bupyung-Dong 539-2, Bupyung-Gu 403-010 INCHEON / KOREA Phone: ++ 82 (70) 7557 6636 Fax: ++ 82 (32) 431 4351 e-mail:

The Netherlands / Belgium for all imprints except DVA: Ms. Linda Kohn Intern. Literatuur Bureau B.V. Keizersgracht 188-hs 1016 DW AMSTERDAM / THE NETHERLANDS Phone: ++ 31 (20) 330 66 58 Fax: ++ 31 (20) 422 92 10 e-mail:

The Netherlands / Belgium for DVA only: Marianne Schรถnbach Literary Agency Ms. Marianne Schรถnbach Oostenburgervoorstraat 130 1018 MR AMSTERDAM / THE NETHERLANDS Phone: ++ 31 (20) 62 000 20 Fax: ++ 31 (20) 62 404 50 e-mail:

Poland for all imprints except DVA: Ms. Anna Kolendarska-Fidyk Agencja AKF ul. Pulawska 46 m. 6 02-559 WARSZAWA / POLAND Phone: ++ 48 (22) 621 88 60 Fax: ++ 48 (22) 621 88 60 e-mail:


Poland for DVA only: Ms. Maria Strarz-Kanska Graal Agencja Literacka Pruszkowska 29/252 02-119 Warszawa / Poland Phone: ++ 48 (22) 895 2000 Fax: ++ 48 (22) 895 2001 e-mail:

Romania / Moldavia for all imprints: Ms. Simona Kessler Int. Copyright Agency Ltd Str. Banul Antonache 37, Bloc A 011663 BUCHAREST 1 / ROMANIA Phone: ++ 40 (21) 316 48 06 Fax: ++ 40 (21) 316 47 94 e-mail:

Scandinavia for DVA only: Ms. Gudrun Hebel Agentur Literatur Hebel & Bindermann GbR Paul-Lincke-Ufer 7 10999 Berlin / GERMANY Phone: ++ 49 (30) 34 70 77 67 Mobile: 0163 / 34 70 776 Fax: ++ 49 (30) 34 70 77 68 e-mail:

Spain / Portugal / Latin- and South America (except Brazil) for all imprints except Luchterhand and DVA: Ms. Sandra Rodericks Ute Kรถrner Literary Agents, S.L. Aragรณ,224-pral-2 08011 BARCELONA / SPAIN Phone: ++ 34 (93) 323 89 70 Fax: ++ 34 (93) 451 48 69 e-mail:

Spain / Portugal for Luchterhand only: Ms. Henriette Hubacher International Editors SA Provenza, 276,1r 08008 BARCELONA / SPAIN Phone: ++ 34 (93) 215 88 12 Fax: ++ 34 (93) 487 35 83 e-mail:

Spain / Portugal for DVA only: Ms. Isabel Piedrahita A.C.E.R. Agencia Literaria Calle Amor de Dios,1 28014 MADRID / SPAIN Phone: ++ 34 (91) 369 20 52 e-mail:

Taiwan for all imprints: Ms. Whitney Hsu Andrew Nurnberg Associates International Taiwan Representative Office 9F-2, No. 164, Section 4, Nan-King East Road, Taipei 10553 / TAIWAN Phone: ++886 2 25798251 ext.12 Fax: ++886 2 25798564 e-mail:

Turkey for all imprints: Ms. Hatice Gรถk ONK Agency Ltd. Cumhuriyet Caddesi, No: 30/9 Elmadag 34367 ISTANBUL / TURKEY Phone: ++ 90 (212) 24 98 602 Fax: ++ 90 (212) 25 25 153 e-mail:


Foreign Rights Catalogue Fiction Autumn 2010  

Random House GmbH Germany Foreign Rights Catalogue Fiction Autumn 2010

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