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Chantin Collins Writer/Editor Recent mechanical engineering degree recipient from Durham, NC. Hoping to attain a masters in environmental sciences. In addition to coaching aycock middle schools football team spends his free time painting playing the trumpet and volunteering around campus and community high school dream is to one day further his family LLC by opening a jazz lounge and barbershop.

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Victorri Taylor Photographer Freshman Journalism/Mass Communications major from Atlanta, Ga and is currently Miss Georgia Aggie. Currently a part of the Marketing and Media committees in S.U.A.B and National Association of Black Journalist. She plans to have a behind the scenes career in the media field.

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Investing series by Chantin Collins

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n Wale’s song titled, “Shades”, he mentions growing up with the mindset that light skin people in general had an “easier” life “. At the end of his second verse he says, “Associating light skin with classy the menstrual show showed a me that was not me.” and that females always wanted the stereotypical light dude with “good” hair. This brings up multiple questions, Does the complexion of your skin determine your attractiveness? Are you any less attractive for being dark skin or light skin? Is society to blame for our preferences of what is attractive and what is not?, I understand everybody has their own preference and ideal mate. I personally prefer females my complexion or lighter. I’ve gotten a lot of criticism for that, but I don’t care, I like what I like. I read about a black college study, in which males and females were asked what skin tone they preferred in the opposite sex. 100 or so students participated in the study. Around 70 percent of the females said they preferred light skin men. Around 80 percent of the males said they preferred light skin women. -Reggie

Does this answer the questions posed near the beginning? “ Yo u ’ r e g o r g e o u s ” We n a m e d yo u a s the baddest dark skinned girl on t h e ya r d ! M a y b e t o p 5 p e r i o d ! ” I said this with the best intentions at heart to a dark skinned young lady while in the union my junior year at A&T. She was a very deep, refreshing, coffee bean hue of brown. I had no clue that by simply adding “dark skinned” into my statement I had offended her. I heard from her friends later that she had been upset about it and we were never really close again. My romantic resume seems to suggest that I do not discriminate based upon skin tone. I have probably fallen for more females of the deep honey complexion, BUT I have dated all hues of beautiful brown (sometimes yellow and/or red) women. Truthfully I do tend to find more light skinned females attractive than dark skinned females, but who am I but a single man? There is no rule that explains being born lighter automatically makes you more attractive than your darker counterparts. Michelangelo and issue 1 of random consistency magazine - Page XVIII

Rembrandt each chose the hues with which they painted their masterpieces based upon inspiration with subjective opinion being irrelevant. I suppose the good Lord makes his masterpieces in that same manner.

more attractive than dark skin or vice versa. In my opinion, people simply use “I like what I like” as a way of getting out of fully explaining why they prefer a skin color over another. While I do believe that people can’t help who they are attracted to, I think it is much deeper The stigma place on those who happen to be born than what some are willing to reveal. I can rewith darker skin has deep, historic roots. It call a man saying that he preferred light skin doesn’t simply start with Blacks and Jim Crow women over dark skinned women and in the same breath he said, “I mean, nothing is wrong with or Slavery. The “house nigger” versus “field nigger” argument or the “brown paper bag test” dark skinned women though.” Well, if nothing is wrong with dark skinned women, what was the are not the first instances of discrimination purpose of choosing one color over the. I’ve also based on skin tone. Any land conquered by Europeans has these roots. From India, to Africa, heard women say the same thing about men, but we’re ALL black. My biggest concern is that to the United States, the Anglo Saxon’s came, conquered, and manipulated the mindsets of the people look too far into the superficial hoping to find the one for them instead of focusing on natives. Their lighter skin was “best”, and the closer you were to appearing as they were the qualities that are far more important. I undermore intelligence and beauty you contained or stand there has to be an attraction first, but with all of the beautihad the potential to muster. This mindset has spread and blatantly infiltrat- ful people in the world, are you really willing ed our media and households. to limit yourself to one skin tone? Personally, -Chantin I just like men. Simple as that. Honest, loyal, caring men who have values and who also care about their appearance, but aren’t too caught here tends to be a great deal of controup in themselves. The color of a man’s skin has versy when people are asked if light skin is


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never been essential to me. If he is attractive, I am content, and if he treats me right, I have really won. The fact of the matter is that one day, we’re going to look half as good as we do now. We’re going to age, maybe gain weight or lose hair, and whether we are light or dark will be irrelevant. -Xavia


too have a thing for the gorgeous stereotypical light skin female. But here is the common misconception just because I prefer light skin, I am not by any means saying that pretty, gorgeous dark skin females do not exist. People have a bad habit of misinterpreting one’s preference, taking it as praising one complexion and downing another. That is not that case at all. There are plenty of beautiful, dark skin ladies in the world, that many men would die for possibly even I, if the rivers flow me in that direction. But because, more light skin females are attracted to me as I am to them, then just naturally I have chosen the light skin lady over the dark skin. Hey hey hey calm down, nothing personal its just my PREFERENCE for Pete’s sake! -Josh

Ending Thoughts

In the chorus of the “Shades” song Chrisette Michelle sings, “All my light skinned girls to my dark skin brothers, Shades doesn’t matter heart makes the lover…”—Instead of looking at solely looks, we should take the time to dig deeper and discover what the person is about before we label them as being attractive just because of their particular skin tone.

The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line –W.E.B. DuBois

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