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Brad Wood

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April 1, 2009 Hey everyone! I hope things have been going well for you. I want to share with you about a trip I was able to take back in February. I went to Indiana, where I was born and raised. I was able to see both of my nieces, one only being a month old; her name is Zoe Ann. It was such a joy to see this new life and how much of a blessing she is. My trip back to the Hoosier State went well. I was able to see North Manchester, the town where I grew up. It reiterated and confirmed the move and transition I made to California. A lot of businesses were closed, and about every bank had changed names. I knew that if I had stayed in that town, I would not have fulfilled the potential that God had for my life. I was able to visit some friends at Taylor University. It worked out well to talk to Zoe Ann born in January some friends about THE OAKS a couple days before Adam Cargill recruited for summer-camp jobs. I was able to be part of summer-camp staff recruiting at Cal Baptist and The Master’s College. It was good talking with the college students, and we had some good feedback. Continue to keep in prayer the staff selection for this summer. The final decisions are being made. During these difficult times it is important to keep our eyes on the One who created our eyes. He is the One who is constant in these changing times. I do want to remind you about the opportunity to pray and keep staff and needs in mind. Ariel showing off her sunglasses

Some of the things to keep in prayer: ● Increase in guest-group numbers as many come in at their minimum number. ● Wisdom for important decisions at the camp. ● Gearing up for the summer.

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Brad Wood


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