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Welcome! This is the 2017/18 edition of your mini-format maxi-impact schools directory – a comprehensive source of education information for Berkhamsted, Tring and the surrounding villages, from pre-school to adult learning. We hope you find it useful!


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Early years ' 07786 366100 : www.homefromhomekinder. Ofsted (Jan 2017): Good. LIttLE GADDESDEN PRESCHOOL Village Hall, Church Rd, Little Gaddesden HP4 1NX ' 07375 543288 : www.littlegaddesden Ofsted (Sep 2016): Good.

BERKHAmStED fLEDGLINGS NURSERy Ashlyns Hall, Chesham Rd, Berkhamsted HP4 2ST ' 01442 864777 : Ofsted (Dec 2014): Good. HAPPy DAyS PRE-SCHOOL

Lagley Meadow Youth Centre, Douglas Gdns, Berkhamsted HP4 3PE ' 07592 730556 : www.happydaysberkhamsted. Ofsted (Feb 2014): Good. HOmE fROm HOmE Northchurch CC, Dudswell La, Northchurch HP4 3SF

mARLIN NURSERy Brownlow Rooms, Station Approach, Berkhamsted HP4 2AR ' 01442 866290 Ofsted (Mar 2010): Good. POOH CORNER DAy NURSERy Berkhamsted FC, Broadwater, Berkhamsted HP4 3AL ' 01442 863286 :

Ofsted gra ded u s Ofsted gra ded u s 4

School RepoRt 2017/18

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Ofsted (Nov 2012): Good. POttEN END PRE-SCHOOL June Farmery Building, Church Rd, Potten End, Berkhamsted HP4 2QY ' 01442 877489 : Ofsted (May 2015): Good.

12-12.30pm. From September 2017 the PreSchool will be offering the 30 hours funding, which means your child can be in school from 9am3pm Mon-Fri during term times. St mARy’S PRESCHOOL New Rd, Northchurch, Berkhamsted HP4 3QZ ' 07535 184017 : www.stmaryspreschool Ofsted (Oct 2014): Outstanding.

Potten End Pre-School started in the 1970s and is fortunate to have its own building, purpose-built in 1980. Morning sessions run from 9am12pm (Mon-Fri). Afternoon sessions are 12-3pm (Mon to Thu) SUNHILL mONtESSORI which begin with lunch club. An Spring Garden La, Berkhamsted 65x95mm_advert.pdf 1 12/07/2017 additional lunch club runs on Fri, HP4 3GY

Pool Roller Disco Bubble Football Go Karts Football







with us



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' 01442 872398 : www.sunhilldaycare. com/sunhill-montessori16:37 nurseries/

Call 01442 507100

Trampoline Climbing Skatepark FootGolf And many more!

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Early years – Berkhamsted, tring Ofsted (Jan 2017): Good. SUNNySIDE COmmUNIty PLAyGROUP Church Hall, Ivy House Lane, Berkhamsted HP4 2PP ' 07935 492504 : uk Ofsted (Jan 2016): Good. tOAD HALL NURSERy Gossoms End Nursery, Victory Rd, Berkhamsted HP4 1DL ' 01462 427020 : www. Ofsted (Jan 2014): Good.


ABC PRESCHOOL Akeman St Baptist Church, Tring HP23 6AA ' 07510 372073 : Ofsted (Dec 2014): Outstanding.


CHEDDINGtON PRE-SCHOOL High St, Cheddington LU7 0RG ' 01296 662292 : www.cheddingtonpreschool. Ofsted (Jun 2015): Good. fIRSt StEPS PRE-SCHOOL Victory Hall, Long Marston HP23 4QS ' 07925 185311 : uk Ofsted (Jan 2014): Good. fORGEt-mE-NOtS PRESCHOOL Tring Community Centre, Silk Mill Way, Tring HP23 5EP ' 01442 890192 / 07958 261539 : www.forgetmenotspreschool. Ofsted (May 2017): Good.

of childcare options from fulltime, part-time and sessional care. Heirs and Graces is located in a refurbished Victorian house with a good sized garden and covered decking area. It is open 49 weeks of the year, Mon-Fri from 7.30am to 6pm.

HEIRS & GRACES DAy NURSERy Florence House, 2 Christchurch Rd, Tring HP23 4EE ' 01442 891818 : www.heirsandgracesday Ofsted (Mar 2014): Good (check website for Jul 2017 report).

LIttLE BEARS PRE-SCHOOL Parish Hall, Jenkins Lane, St Leonards HP23 6NW ' 01494 758081 : uk Ofsted (Oct 2014): Good.

Heirs & Graces is a family-owned and run day nursery and all involved work hard to provide the best quality childcare for all types of children and family groups. The nursery offers a wide variety

mARmALADE CAt DAy NURSERy Old School House, Gamnel Terrace, Tring HP23 4JH ' 01442 822255 : www.themarmaladecatday Ofsted (Nov 2013): Good. School RepoRt 2017/18

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Heirs & Graces Day Nursery

2014 “Teaching is good because all staff are enthusiastic and understand how to promote children’s learning and development.”

For more information or to arrange a visit

Call 01442 891818


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Early years – tring HP23 6HA ' 01442 822584 : www.tringparkdaynursery. com Ofsted (Aug 2014): Good.

But most of all, we just love to have fun! Wigginton Pre-School is open Mon-Fri, 9.15am until 12.15pm during term-time. Wigginton Toddlers is open on Wed mornings, 10-11.30am.

mARSWORtH PRE-SCHOOL Millennium Hall, Vicarage Rd, Marsworth HP23 4LR ' 07506 179658 : Ofsted (Dec 2014): Good.

WIGGINtON PRE-SCHOOL Village Hall, Chesham Rd, Wigginton HP23 6EH ' 01442 828879 : Ofsted (Dec 2014): Good.

tRING StEPPING StONES PRE-SCHOOL Parish Hall, Sutton Court, Tring HP23 5AE ' 07963 982576 : www.tringsteppingstones. Ofsted (Nov 2015): Outstanding.

Wigginton Pre-School is a community pre-school giving children from two and a half years of age an opportunity to learn independence through play in a stimulating and caring environment. It prides itself on offering child-centred care, and emphasis is placed on a high standard of self-discipline and considerate behaviour.

tRING PARK DAy NURSERy Tring Park CC, London Rd, Tring

WINDmILL PRE-SCHOOL Pre-School Building, Brookmead School, High St, Ivinghoe LU7 9EX ' 01296 661031 : Ofsted (Jan 2016): Good.

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School RepoRt 2017/18

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State Schools

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Infant – Berkhamsted



Swing Gate Lane, Berkhamsted HP4 2LJ ' 01442 863913 8 :

Prince Edward Street, Berkhamsted HP4 3HA ' 01442 865781 8 :

Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Executive Headteacher Head of School Pupils Ages: Numbers:

francesca Gallagher 3-7yrs 172

Founded: 1968 School Day: 8.35am-3.05pm Uniform: Red sweatshirt, white polo, grey trousers, dress or skirt. “We encourage everyone to fulfil their potential and develop their skills for life long learning. We do this within a secure environment which inspires, challenges and celebrates achievement. We have a commitment to care: • We care for ourselves • We care for each other (across cultures, distances and generations) • We care for the environment (far and near).” Ofsted (Feb 2017): Good. “Pupils have exemplary behaviour. They are kind, thoughtful and empathetic to each other’s needs.” 10

Rob Halls Caroline Crozier 3-7yrs 240

Founded: 1897 School Day: 8.30am-3pm Uniform: Navy sweatshirt/ cardigan, sky blue polo, grey trousers, grey skirt or navy checked summer dress “Victoria is an Eco School and a Healthy School and the children are encouraged and trained to take responsibility for their health and the environment. This and our affiliation to St Peter’s Church help to define the unique character of the school. Our aim is to ensure that children learn well, develop their full potential, and enjoy their time at Victoria.” Ofsted (Jul 2009): Outstanding. “Victoria is outstandingly effective.” SIAmS (Feb 2015): Good. School RepoRt 2017/18

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Berkhamsted – Primary


Bridle Way, Berkhamsted HP4 1ES ' 01442 871231 8 : Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Caren Doodson 3-11yrs 293

Founded: 1972 School Day: 8.30am-3.15pm Uniform: Turquoise blue and navy/black. “It’s our vision at Bridgewater Primary School that every child gains resilience through belonging, the confidence to experiment, and a lifelong love of learning. If a child is down, others lift them up. When a child excels, everyone celebrates their success. By knowing they belong, through good times and bad, the more considerate, confident and capable the children become.” Ofsted (Nov 2016): Good. “Pupils have positive attitudes to learning and conduct themselves well around the school, showing consideration and respect towards adults and each other.” @LivingMagazines



Crossways, Berkhamsted HP4 3NH ' 01442 866249 8 : Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Katharine Ellwood 3-11yrs 345

Founded: 1966 (extended 2010) School Day: 8.55am-3.15pm Uniform: Dark green sweatshirt/cardigan, white polo, grey trousers, skirt or pinafore, gingham summer dress. “Greenway’s motto is ‘Caring to Learn: Learning to Care: Where everyone counts’. It is a happy and exciting school. We celebrate our inclusivity, our high standards and achievement, our creative curriculum, our commitment to the arts and the flexibility of our extended school provision. It’s a great place to learn.” Ofsted (Nov 2011): Outstanding. “This is an outstanding school which makes a considerable difference to the lives of the young people in its care.”


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Berkhamsted – Primary, Junior



Durrants Lane, Berkhamsted HP4 3PJ ' 01442 862729 8 : Headteacher Pupils Ages: Number:

Suzanne Stace 3-11yrs 256

Swing Gate Lane, Berkhamsted HP4 2RP ' 01442 866757 8 : Executive Headteacher Head of School Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Rob Halls Jackie Cutler 7-11yrs 278

Founded: 1962 School day: 8.45pm-3.15pm Uniform: Royal Blue sweatshirt/ cardigan, white shirt/polo, grey trousers/skirt. “We value every child as an individual, aiming to provide them with the very best care and education, thus enabling them to reach their full potential. We want every child to leave Westfield happy, confident, independent and resilient, equipped with the life skills necessary for the 21st century.”

Founded: 1989 School Day: 8.55am-3.25pm Uniform: Navy, white and grey. “The vision for Thomas Coram is to be a learning community, at the heart of which is a strong belief in, and a respect for, the value and potential of each individual. Through partnership, we create an inclusive and welcoming environment based on Christian principles in which all learners thrive, enjoy and achieve. Our goal is that each learner is equipped to ‘inherit the future.’”

Ofsted (Mar 2010): Outstanding. “A potent combination of excellent teaching and leadership, together with pupils’ very positive attitudes and eagerness to learn, is the key.”

Ofsted (Nov 2013): Good. “Most teaching is good and some is outstanding. Attendance is above average. The school is led and managed well.” SIAmS (Nov 2014): Outstanding


School RepoRt 2017/18

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Berkhamsted & Villages – Primary


Church Road, Potten End, Berkhamsted HP4 2Qy ' 01442 865022 8 : Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Andrew morris 3-11yrs 236

Founded: 1856 (rebuilt 1960) School Day: 8.55am-3-15pm Uniform: Royal Blue sweatshirt/cardigan, blue or white polo, grey trousers/skirt. “Potten End School aims to provide a caring environment, to nurture the development of each child, to set the highest academic standards, to motivate and challenge each child through a broad, stimulating curriculum, to work closely with parents and to promote a happy and successful school.” Ofsted (May 2016): Good. “Pupils’ attitudes to learning are excellent. In lessons, no time is wasted.” SIAS (Apr 2008): Good with many strong features.




New Road, Northchurch, Berkhamsted HP4 3QZ ' 01442 389040 8 : Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Vanessa Hunt 3-11yrs 221

Founded: 1864 School Day: 8.55am-3.20pm Uniform: Pale blue, navy, grey. “St Mary’s School aims to achieve the highest possible standards of achievement for all its pupils, to promote, through the Christian ethos of the school, high standards within a caring and secure environment, to encourage mutual respect, acceptance and sensitivity and to encourage a true partnership between the school, parents, the Parish, governors and the LEA for the benefit of our children.” Ofsted (May 2014): Good. “Teaching is consistently good. Pupils enjoy coming to school and feel safe and well looked after.” SIAmS (Jun 2014): Outstanding. 13

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Primary – Berkhamsted & Villages



main Road South, Dagnall HP4 1Qx ' 01442 842473 8 :

Church meadow, Great Gaddesden HP1 3Bt ' 01442 255734 8 :

Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Elizabeth Rackham 4-7yrs* 24

Nikki Comer 3-11yrs 88

Founded: 1909 School Day: 8.50am-3.15pm Uniform: Red, white and navy/ black “We aim to provide a secure and positive environment in which every child is encouraged to achieve to the best of their ability and to develop an eagerness to acquire knowledge and a love of learning. The school is at the heart of Dagnall village and the children learn and grow into responsible and caring young people.”

Founded: 1851 School Day: 8.50am-3.15pm Uniform: Wine red sweatshirt, white polo shirt, grey trousers/skirt or light summer dress “Working together, we develop the self-belief to conquer new challenges and achieve excellence in a happy, safe and caring environment. We inspire one another to be the best that we can be, providing the children with the Christian values to be confident, respectful and successful citizens of the future.”

Ofsted (Mar 2011): Good. “Several outstanding features, particularly the pastoral care, guidance and support it offers its pupils and the excellent links it has with the community.” * The school plans to take children up to Year 6.

Ofsted (Mar 2016): Good. “By the end of Year 6, pupils are enthusiastic and confident learners. They are well prepared for secondary school.” SIAS (Feb 2017): Good.


School RepoRt 2017/18

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Berkhamsted & Villages – Primary



Church Road, Little Gaddesden HP4 1Nx ' 01442 842464 8 :

Greenway, Berkhamsted HP4 3Lf ' 01442 385060 8 :

Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Charis Geoghegan 4-11yrs 103

Isabel Cerasale 3-11yrs 240

Founded: 1854 School Day: 8.50am-3.15pm Uniform: Green and yellow, dark trousers/skirt; green or yellow dress in summer. “Within a Christian ethos, Little Gaddesden School aims to provide a happy, supportive and caring environment; to enable all our children to achieve their full potential and to take a personal pride in themselves; to promote good standards of behaviour; and to encourage the children to feel part of, and to contribute to, the life of the village.”

Founded: 1935; moved to present site 1966 School Day: 8.55am-3.10pm Uniform: Red sweatshirt/ cardigan, white shirt, grey trousers/skirt; tie for juniors. “At St Thomas More School we provide a happy and engaging environment, where every child is given the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. Through inspirational learning, underpinned with a spiritual ethos, children are able to grow into confident, successful learners and respected members of our school community.”

Ofsted (Mar 2014): Outstanding. “High quality teaching is the key to pupils’ success. Behaviour is often impeccable...”

Ofsted (Jan 2009): Outstanding. “Consistently high quality teaching.”




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Infant, Primary – tring



Christchurch Road, tring HP23 4EE ' 01442 823551 8 :

Silk mill Way, tring HP23 5DJ ' 01442 822421 8 :

Headteacher Debora Stevens Pupils Ages: Foundation (3-5yrs) & KS1 (5-7yrs) Numbers: 240


Founded: 1965 School day: 8.45am-3.15pm Uniform: Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with white T-shirt and grey trousers/skirt, blue checked summer dress. “At Goldfield we aim to provide a caring environment where each child feels happy and secure; growing in self-belief and respect for each other. We nurture a love of learning through a creative, challenging curriculum that reflects high expectations, allowing our children to develop ‘roots and wings’.”

Founded: 1968 School day: 8.55am-3.15pm Uniform: Navy sweatshirt or cardigan, white polo, black/ dark grey trousers/skirt; light blue check. “We strive to provide the best opportunities for all the children in our school – academic, artistic, athletic, moral and spiritual. Outstanding links with the Orchard Children’s Centre extend the learning opportunities for pupils.”

Ofsted (Oct 2013): Outstanding. “Learning is brought to life for pupils through the very creative way in which subjects are taught and the wide variety of interesting activities.” 16

Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Simon King 3-11yrs 240

Ofsted (Sep 2015): Good. “Teaching is good and increasingly outstanding. Pupils like coming to school because teachers work hard to make learning enjoyable.”

School RepoRt 2017/18

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 17

tring – Primary, Junior



Grove Road, tring HP23 5PD ' 01442 822056 8 : Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Sharon Sanderson 3-11yrs 430

Founded: 1973 School day: 8.30am-3.15pm Uniform: Navy sweatshirt (or girl’s cardigan); white shirt; dark trousers/skirt. “At Grove Road Primary School we have high expectations and aspirations. We hope to inspire, engage and equip all children with the skills for life-long learning, enabling them to achieve their full potential on both an academic and a personal level.” Ofsted (May 2014): Good. “The school is moving forward rapidly. Pupils make good progress and... participate enthusiastically in lessons. The quality of teaching [shows] many examples of excellent practice.” @LivingMagazines


frogmore Street, tring HP23 5AU ' 01442 822024 8 : Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

tba 7-11yrs 240

Founded: 1842 School day: 8.55am-3.30pm Uniform: Navy blue sweatshirt with school logo, pale blue polo shirt, grey trousers/ skirt; yellow or blue striped or checked summer dress. “We are a very family orientated community. Every child is known, loved and respected for the unique contribution they bring to the school. Compassion and forgiveness are key words. Success is shared and difficulties are talked through. Every person is valued. Every person is special and unique in the eyes of God.” Ofsted (Feb 2017): Good. “Attainment is well above average. There are examples of outstanding progress.” SIAS (Sep 2012): An “outstanding Anglican school”. 17

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tring & Villages – Primary



Stocks Road, Aldbury, Herts HP23 5Rt ' 01442 851240 8 :

High Street, Cheddington, Bucks LU7 0RG ' 01296 668324 8 :

Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Principal Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Natasha Chiswell 4-11yrs 84

Founded: 1856 School day: 8.55am-3.15pm Uniform: Burgundy, white and grey; summer red-checked dress “At Aldbury School we encourage every child to succeed. We have a strong, caring ethos enabling children to grow and develop into well rounded young people. We value the positive contributions to the life of the school from pupils, staff, parents, governors, the local community and the church.” Ofsted (Mar 2014): Good. “The teaching, guidance and support given by staff is often outstanding.” SIAmS (Jan 2017): Outstanding.


Kathryn tamlyn 4-11yrs 215

Founded: 1862 School Day: 8.35am-3.15pm Uniform: White shirt/polo shirt, school sweatshirt or red pullover, grey trousers or skirt “At Cheddington we work together to achieve our potential. Every child is valued and challenged in our supportive and caring learning environment. We participate in village life and value our beautiful school and its outdoor space. Pupils’ progress reflects the high standards we encourage all children to aspire to.” Ofsted (Feb 2016): Good. “Pupils enjoy coming to school; they have positive relationships with their teachers and are enthusiastic learners. Pupils’ behaviour in and around the school is exemplary.” School RepoRt 2017/18

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SR18.indd 19

Infant, Primary – tring & Villages


High Street, Ivinghoe, Beds LU7 9Ex ' 01296 668543 8 : Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Katherine Douglas 4-11yrs 330

Founded: Relocated 1967 School Day: 8.50am-3.20pm Uniform: School or white shirt/ polo shirt, school sweatshirt or blue sweater, grey or black trousers or skirt; blue & white summer dress “At Brookmead we provide a happy and stimulating environment, enabling all our children to reach their full potential, as learners and valuable members of our school and wider community.” Ofsted (Jan 2015): Good. “A happy, harmonious community. School leaders are ambitious for the school and for its pupils. Pupils’ results in national tests show that pupils consistently reach levels above the national average.”




Station Road, Long marston, Herts HP23 4QS ' 01296 668386 8 : Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Clare South 4-11yrs 141

Opened: 1951 School day: 9am-3.15pm Uniform: Blue sweatshirt, polo, or cardigan; grey or black trousers or skirts “Long Marston is a happy, caring school where the relationships between teacher and child and between school and home are considered to be of special importance. We recognise that your child is unique and we do our best to ensure that your child realises his or her own individual potential.” Ofsted (Apr 2014): Good. “Teaching is good and some is outstanding. Pupils’ good behaviour and positive attitudes to learning contribute considerably to their achievement.” SIAmS (May 2014): Good. 19

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 20

tring & Villages – Infant, Primary



Vicarage Road, marsworth, Bucks HP23 4Lt ' 01296 668440 8 :

Common field, Wigginton, Herts HP23 6EP ' 01442 822364 8 :

Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Angela Polatci 4-7yrs 29

Founded: 1841 School Day: 9am-3.15pm Uniform: Navy sweatshirt/ cardigan, grey or dark blue pinafore/skirt/trousers, blue blouse/shirt/polo, summer dress “Marsworth is a CoE infant school where our pupils feel valued and develop a lifelong love of learning. The children are challenged to always do their best so that they develop in self-esteem and confidence. They play an active part in the life of the village.” Ofsted (Jul 2013): Good. “Pupils thrive in this happy school, which one parent or carer described as a ‘gem’. The teaching is consistently good and some is outstanding.” SIAS (Mar 2014): Good. 20

Sally Roycroft 4-11yrs 103

Founded: 1854 – moved to new site in 1969 School day: 8.55am-3.15am Uniform: Bottle green, grey skirt/trousers, white or grey shirt, summer dress “A CoE Primary School where pupils feel valued and develop a lifelong love of learning. They are challenged to do their best, to develop self-esteem and confidence. Their high standards gained national attention in 2010 and they play an active part in village life.” Ofsted (Nov 2012): Outstanding. “Pupils achieve extremely well... Teaching is consistently good with much that is outstanding... Pupils’ behaviour is excellent.” SIAS (Mar 2013): Outstanding. School RepoRt 2017/18

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SR18.indd 21

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 22

Berkhamsted, tring – Secondary



Chesham Road, Berkhamsted HP4 3AH ' 01442 863605 8 :

mortimer Hill, tring HP23 5JD ' 01442 822303 8 :

Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

James Shapland 11-18yrs 1,267 (including Sixth Form)

Founded: 1972 School Day: 8.35am-3.20pm Uniform: Black blazer, white blouse/shirt, black trousers/ skirt, school tie. “Ashlyns is a school with character and a rich heritage where we inspire our students to be both successful and happy through a wide range of academic, vocational and extra-curricular activities.” Ofsted (Sep 2014): Good. “School leaders have managed well the school’s transition from an upper school, securing improvement in standards, behaviour and teaching.”


Susanna Collings 11-18yrs 1,530 (330 in Sixth Form)

Founded: 1842 School Day: 8.40am-3.20pm Uniform: Black blazer, white shirt, tie, black trousers/skirt. “We are passionate about learning; about developing our students so that they are equipped not just with qualifications but also with life skills and a sense of morality and respect; about supporting each individual within a diverse community and about our responsibilities in the wider community; in our aspirations to make learning appropriate, relevant and highly engaging. In short, we are passionate!” Ofsted (Jan 2014): Good. “Students of all abilities make good progress in a wide range of subjects. The sixth form is outstanding and very highly regarded.” SIAmS (Jun 2014): Good. School RepoRt 2017/18

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 23

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 24

An outstanding Independent Prep School for boys and girls aged 3-13 years

Happiness, Confiden

Contact: 01442 256143 London Road, Hemel Hempstead HP1 2RF

08/08/2017 13:05

Confidence, Success


SR18.indd 25

OPEN MORNING Saturday, 30th September 9.30am – 12.30pm

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 26




Walton Rd, Aylesbury, Bucks HP21 7Sx ' 01296 388222 8 :

White Hill, Chesham, Bucks HP5 1BA ' 01494 782854 8 :

Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Alan Rosen Girls 11-18yrs 1,306 (400 Sixth Form)

Founded: 1959 School Day: 8.45am-3.30pm Uniform: Navy jacket and skirt or trousers, white blouse. “Aylesbury High School offers every girl a balanced and broad curriculum which is forward-looking, innovative and of the highest academic quality. In all that we do, we aim to prepare girls for life in the fast-changing world of which they will become adult members, ready to play an active and positive part in the local, national and international community.” Ofsted verdict (Jun 2012): Outstanding. “Practically all students achieve extremely well and proceed to university, many with very high A-level grades. Girls are polite, kind and welcoming. They appreciate the wealth of opportunities the school gives them and respond by being attentive and extremely keen to learn.” 26

Annmarie mcNaney Co-ed 11-18yrs 1,216 (371 Sixth Form)

Founded: 1947 School Day: 8.45am-3.40pm Uniform: Black blazer, white shirt, school tie, black trousers or skirt. “Our students are highly motivated, hard working and mature. They are encouraged to take part in the very rich and varied extra-curricular life of the school and are given numerous opportunities to develop leadership qualities during their time here. The vast majority stay on into the Sixth Form and then go on to Higher Education.” Ofsted verdict (Mar 2014): Outstanding. “Achievement is outstanding. All groups of students... make at least good and often outstanding progress through the school. Teaching is outstanding. The sixth form is outstanding.” School RepoRt 2017/18

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 27

Aylesbury High h Sch hooll Headteacher: Mr A Rosen BSc, MEd, NPQH

Find out what makes Aylesbury High School ‘Outstanding’ (OFSTED 2012)

Open Events for 2018 Entry Thursday 21 September

5:30 – 8:30 pm

Friday 29 September

9:15 – 11:00 am

Monday 16 October

9:15 – 11:00 am

Wednesday 18 October

9:15 – 11:00 am

Thursday 19 October

9:15 – 11:00 am

Come and experience the unique atmosphere of one of the country’s leading grammar schools, where we strive to help every girl reach her full potential.

Further details in the Admissions section of the website. Walton Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP21 7SX Telephone: 01296 388 222

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 28

Independent Prep


markyate, Nr St Albans, Herts AL3 8AW ' 01582 840333 8 : Headmaster Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Edward Balfour Co-ed 3-13yrs 506


Founded: 1964 School Day: 8.30am-4.45pm (3.15pm juniors) Uniform: Burgundy and grey m& m& Beechwood Park School is a day and flexi-boarding coeducational school with a Montessori nursery which welcomes children from three years. “At Beechwood Park we all understand how important it is that children have the very best start in their education. We strive for excellence in everything that we provide and encourage all children to develop to the very best of their ability.” ISI verdict (Jan 2013): “The quality of the pupils’ achievements is excellent. The school fulfils its aim to foster excellence in as many ways, academic and non-academic, as possible.”



Independent excellence for boys and girls from 3 to 13 15 minutes from Harpenden, 20 minutes from St Albans

OPEN MORNINGS 2017/18 13th October, 9th February, 25th May

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 29


Lockers Park Lane, Hemel Hempstead HP1 1tL ' 01442 251712 8 : Headmaster Christopher Wilson Pupils Ages: 4-6yrs co-ed, 5-13yrs boys Numbers: 140 boys; pre-prep opened Sept 2015

Founded: 1874 School Day: 8.30am-5pm Uniform: Formal and everyday “Lockers Park is a small, friendly boys’ boarding and day school with a new co-ed pre-prep school. Average class sizes of 14 -16 enable us to develop the talents of every pupil.” “‘… a winning formula of security, activity and motivation designed to prepare boys to continue with confidence and success to major public schools’.” The Good Schools Guide ISI verdict (Nov 2011): “Lockers Park provides a very happy learning environment through an excellent wide-ranging curriculum and programme of activities.”

LOCKERS PARK ‘The happiness of the children is paramount’

Good Schools Guide

PRE-PREP OPEN MORNING SATURDAY 14th OCTOBER Co-ed Pre-Prep for ages 4-7 Small class sizes outdoor play focus - family ethos Wraparound care (7.45am-6.00pm)

Preparatory School, Day & Boarding for Boys (7-13 Years) Pre-Preparatory School, Co-Educational (4-7 Years)

Hemel Hempstead

T: 01442 251712

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 30

Independent Prep


two Dells Lane, Orchard Leigh, Chesham, Bucks HP5 3Qf ' 01494 782619 8 : Headmaster Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Jonathan Beale 3-13yrs co-ed 400

Founded: 1938 School Day: 8.30am-4pm Uniform: Blue blazer, V-neck, white shirt, school tie, dark grey trousers, blue summer dress or tartan winter skirt “An incredibly friendly school where boys and girls work hard, behave well and achieve wonderful things. There are shared expectations for striving towards academic excellence, whilst ensuring that all children are nurtured to do their very best as individuals.” ISI verdict (Jan 2016): “Extremely strong subject knowledge and an infectious passion are apparent in all teachers across the school, which contributes to the pupils acquiring skills and confidence beyond the expectations of the typical child of a similar age.” 30


Durrants Lane, Berkhamsted HP4 3UJ ' 01442 865275 8 : Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Colin Parker 5-19yrs 140 co-ed

Founded: 1922 (moved to new premises 1988) School Day: 8.45am-4pm Uniform: Blue and grey “Egerton Rothesay School is a non-selective school that provides specialist support within a small, calm and caring environment. Our aim is to help our pupils achieve their full potential and to help prepare them for life once they leave school, whether that be to continue in their studies or enter the world of work.” ISI verdict (Nov 2013): “The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is good. The school amply fulfils its mission to transform the lives of young people who have struggled in a mainstream school.” School RepoRt 2017/18

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 31

Superb results at 11+ and 13+

OPEN DAYS Wed 4th & Sat 7th Oct 2017 Wed 21st & Sat 24th Feb 2018 Wed 9th & Sat 12th May 2018

Chesham Preparatory School Independent education for boys and girls aged 3 to 13

“The quality of pupils’ achievement & learning is excellent.” “Parents feel that pupils are exceptionally happy & safe.” INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS INSPECTORATE REPORT - JAN 2016

T 01494 782619 E

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 32

Berkhamsted Living Autumn 2017.qxp_Berkhamsted Living


The School that gro





Open Events 2017: Thursday 28 t To book a place at one of please call 01442 358001 or visit ww School Registered Charity No. 310630

08/08/2017 13:05

msted Living Education Supplement 27/07/2017 16:05 Page 1


that grows with you









sday 28 to Saturday 30 September at one of our open events or visit

SR18.indd 33

BDN Company No. 07610890

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 34

Independent Prep & Senior



London Road, Hemel Hempstead HP1 2Rf ' 01442 256143 8 :

Bunkers Lane, Hemel Hempstead HP3 8RP ' 01442 240333 8 :

Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Headmistress Pupils Ages:

Keith young Rising 3-13yrs 300 co-ed

Elizabeth thomas Girls 4-16yrs, plus co-ed day nursery (6mths-4yrs) 509

Founded: 1892 School Day: 8.20am-3.30/4/5pm (Low, Mid,Upper) Uniform: Red blazer, white polo/shirt, grey trousers/ pinafore or tartan skirt/ gingham dress “Westbrook Hay’s unique rural setting offers a secure environment for children to explore and enjoy all that childhood has to offer. Through visionary teaching, wonderful facilities, and small class sizes, our children achieve excellent results, enjoy a broad curriculum and have the all-important confidence to succeed.”


ISI verdict (Jun 2011): Excellent: “The pupils’ overall achievement is excellent, well supported by a broad and very well planned curriculum and good teaching. The personal development of pupils is excellent.”

ISI verdict (Mar 2017): “We are delighted to have received such glowing feedback from ISI who have given us the highest judgements possible in all areas of the report.” EYFS Provision: Outstanding.


Founded: 1912 School Day: 8.10am-4.30pm (Senior school) Uniform: Navy, cream and Black Watch tartan “Abbot’s Hill pupils have the freedom to enjoy their learning in a supportive and nurturing environment. Pupils thrive academically and socially; an effective balance between high academic expectations and an array of extra-curricular opportunities allows each girl to discover and develop her own individual talents under the expert guidance of inspiring and committed staff.”

School RepoRt 2017/18

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 35

Independent Day School for girls 4 - 16 years Day Nursery & Pre-School for girls and boys from 6 months

Abbot’s Hill is a happy, dynamic and thriving school with an excellent record of academic success and an outstanding reputation for pastoral care. To see our Day Nursery, Pre-School and Prep School in action,come to a

Working Open Event Friday 22 September, 1.30pm

For a tour of the whole school, come along to our next

Open Day Saturday 30 September, 2.00pm - 4.00pm If you wish to attend an Open Day, you do not need to inform us in advance. Simply arrive at a time to suit you. Last tours begin at 11.30am. You will need to book, and places are limited. Please call the Registrar on 01442 839169 or email to book your place.

For further details please call us on 01442 240333. Bunkers Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP3 8RP E:

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 36

Specialist Independent Prep & Senior


tring Park, tring HP23 5Lx ' 01442 824255 8 : Principal Pupils Ages: Numbers:

Stefan Anderson mA, Bmus, ARCm 8-19yrs 340 maximum, co-ed

Founded: 1945 School Day: 8.30am-6.30pm Uniform: Beryl green V-necks, striped shirt and skirt; boys, V-neck, white shirt and grey trousers “Tring Park provides a unique community for talented young people, regardless of means or background, who have a passion for dance, drama, musical theatre or commercial music, combined with an excellent academic education to GCSE, BTEC and A Level. We nurture creativity and aim for excellence at all times. Tring Park is dedicated to the provision of a challenging and diverse learning experience within a supportive environment. At Tring Park we take talent seriously as we prepare young people for life on stage and beyond.” 36

Entry is by audition, with an academic assessment for all pupils. Scholarships are available from government schemes and school programmes. The premises are magnificent. Tring Park comprises a Grade 2* listed mansion and 17 acres formerly owned by the Rothschilds. It currently has 209 boarders and 117 day-pupils of whom 10% are from overseas. There are:  A 176-seat theatre  Eight large dance studios  Three drama rehearsal rooms  Eight music rooms  Five state-of-the-art performance studios  Music technology and music composition rooms  A digital video-editing suite. For mainstream education, two science classrooms, a library and an IT teaching room are among the facilities. Boarding Pupils board by age group in single-sex houses; final year students live in houses around Tring. ISI verdict (Apr 2017): “Pupils of all ages reach exceptionally high standards in dance, music and theatre, achieving at an excellent level in their vocational work. The school is highly successful in meeting its aim to create a culture and environment in which pupils learn the vital importance of dedication and determination as they work to achieve their ambitions. Results in GCSE and A Level examinations have consistently been above... the national average for maintained schools.” School RepoRt 2017/18

08/08/2017 13:05

Performance Courses 2017

Performance Courses 2017

Performance and Holiday Courses at Tring Park include a wide range of Taster Days, and longer Residential Courses. Classes are offered in a wide range of genres within Dance, Acting and Musical Theatre. These Courses are available to all young people who wish to experience training in the Performing Arts at the highest level, giving opportunities to make new friends who share their passion within a fun and supportive environment, taught by outstanding teachers in purpose-built studios. We also have classes for adults who may wish to try dance for the ďŹ rst time or would like to brush up their skills.

Autumn Term 2017


1 October


15 October


24 October


27/28 October


12 November


3 December

Autumn Day of Dance (7-18 years)

Senior Musical Theatre Day (12–18 years) Acting for Camera Day (12-18 years) Ballet Intensive Weekend (7-18 years) Adult Day of Dance (age 19 and over) Christmas Junior Day of Dance (age 7-11)

For more information please go to

TPSPA SCHOOL REPORT 2017.indd 1 SR18.indd 37

02/08/2017 15:38 08/08/2017 13:05

SR15.indd SR18.indd 40 38

Independent Prep & Senior


131 High Street, Berkhamsted HP4 2DJ  01442 358000 ' 8 : Principal RichardMark S Steed MA P Backhouse mA (Cantab) From Jan 2016 Richard P Backhouse MA (Cantab) Pupils Pupils Ages: 3-18yrs Ages: 3-18yrs Numbers: 1,900 Numbers: 1,700 Founded: 1541

Founded: 1541 School Day: 8.30am-4.15pm (senior schools) School (senior schools) UniformDay: (11-16yrs):8.30am-4.15pm Navy and Uniform tartan (11-16yrs): Navy and tartan “Combining excellence and “At Berkhamsted, breadth, traditionexcellent and a pioacademic results do not have neering spirit: a Berkhamsted to be won atisthe expense of experience an outstanding the one.”wider attributes of a good education.” Structure Structure Berkhamsted School is a federation of six schools Berkhamsted School starts itsHouse, pupilsGirls’ off in a and (Pre-Prep, Prep, Heatherton , Boys’ co-educational environment but atcombines age 11 the Sixth) on five sites. This structure separates believing thatof better can economiesthe of sexes, scale and facilities a largeresults organisabe tionachieved. with the individual attention typical of a smallThey are brought back together at 16 tocharacter go into the er school. In this community learning, and Sixth In between, are maintained a spiritForm. of adventure are links priorities. through such activities as music,model drama,of Combined Berkhamsted offers a diamond education:

40 38

Cadet and Duke offrom Edinburgh’s Award. pupilsForce are co-educated 3-11 years; they transiThe structure of the school suits this tionphysical to a single sex education from 11-16 years, arrangement. senior schools, separate before enteringInathe co-educational Sixth structures spanBoys the and boys’Berkhamsted and girls’ sections to Sixth Berkhamsted Girls are locatForm at which point however, a third (co-educational) ed onlevel, separate campuses; pupils are house applies. House the activelysystem brought together fortutors many oversee extra-curricular progress, and personal, of their students. activities academic such as music, drama, Combined Cadet Force and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Boarding and wrap-around care The School physicaltakes structure of the this gain The the view thatschool youngsuits people arrangement. In the of senior separate house from the experience livingschools, in a community. Its structureshouses span the sections to Sixth boarding areboys’ a keyand partgirls’ of that experience. Formrecent level,refurbishment at which pointofa both third St (co-educational) The John’s (girls) house system applies. Househouses tutors oversee the and Incents (boys) boarding means that progress,enjoy academic personal, of their students. boarders highand quality accommodation and facilities. leisure time there are BoardingForand wrap-around carelounges, communal the £5m The School kitchens, takes thecomputer view that suites youngand people gain Knox-Johnston SportsofCentre. of flexibility from the experience living inA degree a community. Its isboarding built in houses and botharecan accommodate weeka key part of thattermly, experience. lyBoarders or occasional boarders. enjoy high quality accommodation and To supportin working extended hours facilities both theparents, girls’ boarding house (Stare John’s) offered all parts ofhouse the school, including and theacross boys’ boarding (Incents). For leisure during school BaseCamp. time there areholidays lounges,through communal kitchens, computer suites and the £5m Knox-Johnston Sports Facilities Centre. A degree of flexibility is builtofinoutstanding and both can Berkhamsted School is a collection accommodate weekly or occasional buildings, manytermly, of which are available to the town. boarders. The 500-seat Centenary Theatre is arguably the finest To support parents, extended hours are venue of itsworking kind in the borough of Dacorum. It’s a offered across of Berkhamsted the school, including suitable settingallforparts many events and during school holidays through BaseCamp. SCHOOL REPORT 2015 School RepoRt 2017/18

17/08/2015 08/08/2017 10:58 13:05

SR18.indd 39

Independent Prep & Senior

facilities Berkhamsted School is a collection of outstanding buildings, many of which are available to the town. The 500-seat Centenary Theatre is arguably the finest venue of its kind in the borough of Dacorum. It’s a suitable setting for many Berkhamsted events and for the School’s own music and drama productions. The Castle site boasts the original school building, Old Hall, that dates back to 1544, the School Chapel, Deans’ Hall and the award-winning Chadwick Centre, home to the Art and Design Department. Sports facilities – indoors and out – are very high quality and Berkhamsted School is of national significance in sports such as lacrosse (former and current pupils regularly represent England), rugby and Eton fives. The reputation of the school is also high in the world of cricket and netball. Many other sports are offered to pupils to ensure a wide selection of sporting opportunities are available to try. ISI verdict (Sep 2012): “The pupils are very well educated... The quality of their achievements is good overall. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness of the pupils is excellent. Senior staff and governors provide strong leadership.” @LivingMagazines



The prep school section of Berkhamsted School is co-educational. The Prep School in Doctors Commons Road (HP4 3DW) focuses on KS2 (7-11yrs) and the Pre-Prep, for ages 3-7yrs, is located at the Haresfoot site. Both schools offer environments in which the children in the different key stages thrive; the Pre-Prep offers a safe, rural setting including a woodland adventure trail, and the Prep School, which is equipped to provide specialist teaching, benefits from an outdoor amphitheatre-style classroom and Fives courts. ISI verdict Pre-Prep & Nursery (Jun 2016): “The overall effectiveness of the early years provision is outstanding. Children at all stages of development within the EYFS make consistently rapid progress in relation to their individual starting points which culiminates in almost every child achieving or, in many cases, exceeding the expected levels of development for their age.”


Chesham Road, Berkhamsted HP4 2SZ ' 01442 358276 Berkhamsted Day Nursery, part of the Berkhamsted Schools Group, caters for children from the age of five months to three years of age. It operates from 7.30am until 6.30pm, 50 weeks per year.


08/08/2017 13:05

Specialist Independent Prep & Senior


King Harry Lane, St Albans AL3 4AW ' 01727 855185 8 : Headteacher Pupils Ages: Numbers:

David Buxton 4-18yrs 850 boys

Founded: 1939 School Day: 8.25am-3.35pm (Prep) Uniform: Black blazer, white shirt, college tie, grey trousers “St Columba’s is known for its strong community values. We work in close partnership with parents to provide the supportive care and challenge for boys which enable them to flourish. At each phase of education, Prep and Senior School, we strive for academic excellence, whilst realising that it is whole person education that best prepares boys for the world and workplace of tomorrow. We aim for each boy to achieve ‘his own best standard’.” ISI verdict (Jan 2015): Excellent. “The quality of the pupils’ achievement and learning is excellent. The College meets its aim that every pupil should learn from their total experience with much success.”





Saturday 7th October 2017


9.30am - 12.30pm

A quality education from start to finish


cation from start SR18.indd 40 to finish

King Harry Lane St Albans Hertfordshire AL3 4AW T: (Senior) 01727 855185 (Prep) 01727 862616 E:

Saturday 7th Octo

9.30am - 12.3

School RepoRt 2017/18

King Harry Lane St Albans Hertf T: (Senior) 01727 855185 (Prep 08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 41


08/08/2017 13:05

Private PrivateTuition Tuition


GENERAL courses or preparation for Year 4, Pen & Ink in Chesham Tutor aimsDoctor to boost a child’s confidence in a warm and friendly Tailored tuitionInforgroups all subjects at all levels and individual for atmosphere. of no more than five, allattention ages. is a given.  01442 242049 :Dance / DRAMA Other general websites: Allstars Academy :' 01442 878577 :: :Allstars Academy is owned and run by Natalie Powers :and Amanda Constantinou, who have extensive :experience performing in the West End, around the UK and internationally. GENERAL They want to use their talent, experience and passion to inspire others and are committed to providing When you set out to find a private tutor, the outstanding tution from professionally-trained West End sheer number of possibilities makes an performers and extremely talented teachers. informed choice very difficult to reach. You may find that a personal recommendation is Term time and Challis School of Dance the best answer. The Internet creates the ' 01296 580580 problem and, through social media, offers a Holiday courses available. : way of resolving it. Free assessment or trial lessons - contact us today. For children from 21/2-18yrs, training in ballet, tap and : modern, combining fun with discipline. 25 High St, Chesham, Bucks HP5 1BG : Tel: 01494 773300 Also : : : : : : Supporting you to become the ENGLISH : parent you would like to be Pen & Ink Tuition : ' 014941:1 773300 : Parenting Courses and Workshops Parent Mentoring : :

11+ Test Preparation, Maths and English tuition.

• Homework conflict • Challenging Behaviour • Handling Anger • Pre-teen and Teen Brain development Also• Parenting Alone • Communicating with your teen • What Dads Can Do 11+ : • Encouraging Pen & Ink Tuition independence & responsibility :

' 01494 ...In a 773300 relaxed, friendly, safe and confidential environment : Contact us for more information on: 01442 396518 or 07512 709556 Fore:11+ preparation, maths and English tuition, holiday 42

SR15.indd 42

SR18.indd 42


17/08/2015 10:58

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 43

Private Tuition Fitness

Sportspace ' 01442 507100 : Dacorum Sports Trust (DST) was established in April 2004. It provides a wide range of sporting and fitness services, including the major sports centres in the borough, the Dacorum athletics track, Little Hay Golf Complex and the XC. It provides advice and support on how to establish and develop a sports club, helps schools with PE and extra-curricular sport, hosts local and international events and so much more. DST plays a major part in improving the health of the

11+ Test Preparation, Maths and English tuition. Term time and Holiday courses available. Free assessment or trial lessons - contact us today. 25 High St, Chesham, Bucks HP5 1BG Tel: 01494 773300

The most successful theatre school in the area!

Singing/dance drama/STreeT gym dance conTemporary Technique/Tap balleT/modern compeTiTionS

01442 878577 | 0781 3452737

a nurturing school . 100% success rate in iSTd & lamda . Very high standards & distinction rate . competitions . pupils in the West end, film & TV

08/08/2017 13:05

Private Tuition community and in reducing social exclusion through sport. Tring Martial Arts ' 01442 768057 :


Graine Hyslop ' 01494 758773/07841 986531 8 Offering help and advice, one-to-one or in small groups.

Dyslexia & Dyspraxia Tuition • Special needs teacher with 20+ years’ experience. • Caring, imaginative tuition for all age groups. learn_to_swim_95x40v2.pdf 01494 758773


Pen & Ink Tuition ' 01494 773300 : Also : : :


Susan Beuttler ' 07776 185581 8 Lessons in piano, clarinet and saxophone and music theory Alex Richards ' 07936 775127 Lessons in piano, keyboards and music theory Also : berkhamsted-music-centre/ : : 1 13/07/2017 16:10 :






Join our Swim School We have Swimming Lessons available at Sportspace Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead and Tring. Our Learn to Swim programme welcomes babies, from 4 months old, right up to adults, of all abilities.




SR18.indd 44

For all enquiries: 01442 507100

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 45

Adult Education


dult education in Berkhamsted and Tring is largely a matter of individual initiative. In community groups like the Workers Educational Association (WEA) and the University of the Third Age (U3A), the energy and persistence of individuals is critical to the success of the enterprise.


01442 843491

' :

Ashridge works with people from 60 countries around the globe and it operates ‘Open Programs’.


' :

“Our membership is diverse and we’re a friendly bunch who always look forward to meeting newcomers. We welcome new members and invite you to join us at our monthly meetings, which are held at the Northchurch Social Centre, Bell Lane, Northchurch HP4 3RD. Meetings include a visiting speaker and refreshments, and are held on the first or second Tuesday of the month from 10am to 12 noon.


' :

01442 822812

01442 251930

Set up in 2006, this organisation puts on courses at Tring Community Centre on Silk Mill Way. The courses tend to be 3-6wks long, with sessions of 2hrs a week.


' :

01442 211289

The University of the Third Age (U3A) dates from 1991 in Dacorum. Information on the activities of the Berkhamsted Group, which include monthly meetings with speakers at the Town Hall, outings and social events, can be found under the Dacorum banner.


8 :




U3A Tring welcomes retired or semi-retired people to a wide range of interest groups. It also has monthly meetings at Victoria Hall, outings, and social events.


8 :

The Workers’ Educational Association Berkhamsted & Tring is especially active, with fresh sets of courses throughout the year, organised by the members.


08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 46

Information Sources


n a booklet of this size, dealing with a subject of such scope, we can’t claim to offer much more than an outline. If you need to know more, try the options below.

Websites  Schools’ websites. Just about all carry online versions of a prospectus. Some sites are more difficult to navigate than others, but they’re trying to appeal to pupils, parents and perhaps the wider world and it must be hard to strike a balance.  Ofsted – organisations/ofsted, not only for reports but also now including ‘Parent View’, where parents can leave comments on schools for themselves if they are so inclined.  County –, primarily useful for finding schools in accordance with the county’s admission arrangements.  In the independent sector www. is very thorough; the Independent Schools Inspectorate presents its reports at; and you might look also www.good Open Days Open Days are common in the independent


sector and at nursery level. In the state sector Open Evenings are perhaps more common although not exclusively. Informal opportunities to run the rule over schools present themselves at such events as seasonal fairs, fundraisers and concerts. Public Libraries Less for the reference section, more for access to the Internet. The library in Berkhamsted is too new to be sure how likely you are to find a terminal free there; in our experience, demand for terminals has been lower in Tring. Dacorum Rural Children’s Centre Group Children’s Centres aim to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ within the community, offering information and access to services for families and carers with children aged under five, and for parents to-be. The Centres work with other professionals including GPs, midwives, early years settings, schools, health visitors and Job Centres.  Main Office

' 01442 863554 8 :  Little Hands & Little Feet Children’s Centre Lagley Hall, Douglas Gardens, Berkhamsted HP4 3PE

' 01442 863554

 Orchard Children’s Centre Dundale Primary School, Tring HP23 5DJ

' 01442 824407

School RepoRt 2017/18

08/08/2017 13:05

SR18.indd 47


n=State n=Independent



Berkhamsted Day Nursery Fledglings Nursery Happy Days Pre-School Home from Home Marlin Nursery Pooh Corner Day Nursery Sunhill Montessori Sunnyside Community Playgroup Toad Hall Nursery Bridgewater School Greenway Primary School St Thomas More RC Primary School & Nursery Swing Gate Infant School & Nursery Thomas Coram CoE School Victoria CoE Infant & Nursery School Westfield Primary School & Nursery Ashlyns Egerton Rothesay Berkhamsted School

39 4 4 4 4 4 5 6 6 11 11 15 10 12 10 12 22 30 38

Aldbury: CoE Primary School Cheddington: Pre-School Combined School Dagnall: Dagnall School Great Gaddesden: CoE Primary School Ivinghoe: Windmill Pre-School Brookmead School Little Gaddesden: Pre-School CoE Primary School Long marston: First Steps CoE Primary School marsworth: Pre-School CoE Infant School Northchurch: Home from Home St Mary’s Preschool St Mary’s CoE Primary School Potten End: Pre-School CoE Primary School St Leonards: Little Bears Pre-School Wigginton: Pre-School St Bartholomew’s CoE Primary School

6 6 6 6 8 8 16 16 17 17 22 36


tRING ABC Playgroup Forget-Me-Nots PreSchool Heirs & Graces Day Nursery Marmalade Cat Day Nursery Tring Stepping Stones Pre-School Tring Park Day Nursery Goldfield Infants & Nursery School Dundale Primary School & Nursery Grove Road Primary School Bishop Wood CoE Junior School Tring School Tring Park School for the Performing Arts




Aylesbury: Aylesbury High School Chesham: Chesham Grammar Chesham Prep Hemel Hempstead: Abbot’s Hill Lockers Park Westbrook Hay St Albans: Beechwood Park St Columba’s College

Page 18 6 18 14 14 8 19 4 15 6 19 8 20 4 5 13 5 13 6 8 20

26 26 30 34 29 34 28 40


08/08/2017 13:05

Berkhamsted Living School Report Sept 2015.qxp_Berkhamsted Living School Rep

SR18.indd 48

at Berkhamsted School

Additional Hours 7.30am 6.30pm


Tel: 01442 358115

08/08/2017 13:05

Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.