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DC NOISE is an Interreg IVB North Sea Region project with a total budget of more than 6 million and is

DEMOGRAPHIC funded by the EU. Nine regions from five countries in Europe work together to deal with the consequences of demographic change. These are the Region of

Twente (Lead Beneficiary), the province of Zeeland

and Groningen in the Netherlands, the provinces of West and East Flanders in Belgium, Knutepunkt Sørlandet in Norway, Freie und Hansestadt Hanburg and Kommunalverbund Niedersachsen/Bremen in Germany and the University of Abertay Dundee in Scotland. The project runs from June 2008 until June 2011.

Lead Beneficiary Region of Twente Nijverheidstraat 30 PO BOX 1400 7500 BK Enschede The Netherlands +31 - (0)53 487 65 43

It’s your future


Besides climate change and globalisation, demographic change is recognised as one of the most significant

Implementation of activities within the field of the labour market, housing and service provision as well as raising

challenges facing Europe and its regions. The implications of this are already becoming apparent. Demographic

awareness, monitoring and adaptation strategies for areas of significant population change are recognized by

change consists of different trends, like total population decline, diminishing number of young people, shrinking

DC NOISE partners as the common priorities. Actions will function as triggers and good examples in the process. Through

labour force, ageing society, changing ethnic composition of population and changing household composition.

the implementation of 24 demonstration pilots and 3 transnational pilots several deliverables are expected.

Demographic change has consequences for the quality of life. Action is needed: get ready for the future! 4

For example:

Demographic Change: New Opportunities In Shrinking Europe

Within DC NOISE 9 partner regions work together. Joining a transnational project means a possibility to exchange ideas, best practices and new policies and strategies on topics that are relevant in shrinking regions in Europe. It

methodology to transfer company specific core knowledge of older employees. •

helps to bring the subject on the agenda of national and regional authorities and gives financial support, thereby creating the necessary conditions for experiment, finding creative solutions and new strategies, and be ready for the future.

50+ employment: senior policy, a job-seeker instrument, change in mentality towards retirement age, innovative Housing and (care) services: new housing concepts combined with care and quality of life of the elderly, measures to prevent loneliness/accidents, analysis of ICT impact on day-to-day life.

Novel communication strategies to effectively increase stakeholders awareness and understanding of


demographic change, using a transferable visualisation tool to generate scenarios identifying effects of policy implementation.

Together they want to: 1.

Raise awareness amongst both private and public actors and involve these actors in the process;


Develop a better understanding of and find solutions for the consequences of demographic change, especially in


Implement strategies, transnational and demonstration pilots and concrete actions to deal with these

You can find more information about the activities at


6 5

three identified economy-related themes: labour market, services provision and innovative housing; 1

consequences of demographic change; 4.

Communicate the outcomes and best practices of the DC NOISE project in such a way that also other regions in

3 8

the North Sea Region will be aware of the urgency and the consequences of demographic change in their policies and actions.


1 Region of Twente The Netherlands +31 (0)53 487 65 43 2 Province of Groningen The Netherlands +31 (0)50 316 49 11 3 Province of Zeeland The Netherlands +31 (0)118 63 19 40 4 Knutepunkt Sørlandet Norway +47 (0)47 38 17 60 63 5 Kommunalverbund Niedersachsen/Bremen Germany +49 (0)42 211 66 96 6 Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg Germany +49 (0)40 428 408 094 7 Province of West-Flanders Belgium +32 (0)50 40 73 51 8 Province of East-Flanders Belgium +32 (0)9 267 86 99 9 University of Abertay Dundee Scotland +44 (0)1382 30 84 20


Interreg-project within North Sea Region. Focus on demographic changes in Europe: New Opportunities in a shrinking Europe.

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