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OVERVIEW: Olympus Technologies Ltd is an innovative robotic integrator, specializing in delivering high-quality bespoke turnkey projects across multiple business sectors, as well as creating ‘off the shelf’ robotic solutions for common business processes, including welding, palletising, and laser marking. They have secured over £100K in R&D tax credits through the help of randd uk.

Working with randd is a seamless engagement… when the initial paperwork comes through it can be daunting, but it Looks like there’s more work than there is. Adam Swallow Co-owner, Olympus Technologies

Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, the firm has excelled in producing first-class robotics for its wide customer base. By working with randd uk, the firm has received £106,271 in R&D tax credits over the span of 5 years. Adam Swallow, co-owner at Olympus Technologies explains the company ultimately chose randd uk based on their experience and lack of upfront costs and that they have stayed with randd for 5 years because “they understand our business well, and the process gets easier every year.” Adam says that to any businesses contemplating using the incentive they should “talk to randd about whether they have qualifying activities - you will be surprised. Also, use a reputable organization so there’s no risk of submitting a false claim.” Adam notes that claiming R&D Tax credits becomes “easier” every year as they are “increasingly effective at keeping track of what to discuss with randd every year.” The business has also become “smarter” at “keeping records” of their different R&D projects which allows them to prepare the necessary information for their claim in advance each year. R&D tax credits have given the business confidence to build off the shelf solutions when creating their automation solutions as the incentive works as a “fallback position… because if we put time and money into R&D then we know we are getting some of our costs covered, hence reducing the risk of the investment.” In 2021, the firm collaborated with Colchester Machine Tool solutions to launch a new solution to tend a laser marking machine with a robot, enabling faster and more consistent automation. They also launched an interface to the Igus Linear Track which extends the reach and flexibility of the Universal Robot, making it the perfect costeffective solution to add reach and flexibility to new projects or existing cells.

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Manufacturing & Engineering

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£100,000 +


...it was very easy to work with

4 claims worth over £100K in R&D tax credits for WCM&A, a British manufacturer of badges, promotional merchandise & awards based in Herefordshire. With the aim of rewarding innovation, randd uk claim R&D tax credits from HMRC on behalf of UK businesses that are undergoing qualifying research and development activities. Founded in 1976, WCM&A is certified with ISO9001 quality and ISO14001 environmental certification to ensure

randd. The actual interview process was pretty painless, and the support staff were clear in what was required afterwards from accounts. Simon Adam Managing Director at WCM&A

“complete supply chain accountability and that your brand supports ethical production, fair wages and decent working conditions. Understanding the provenance of your products is vital.” – WCM&A, 2017. Products created by WCM&A are used by household names including Disney, British Airways, Dell, Ladbrokes, M&S, NHS, Oxfam, Premier Inn, Thomas Cook, Waitrose and more. The company’s advancements in innovation have allowed them to compete with an international market and research and development bespoke products with new materials and production methods. Their intense trialling and problemsolving skills have firmly placed WCM&A at the forefront of the industry as they were the first UK manufacturers in their sector to use 4-colour printing; produce thin aluminium clutch pin badges; acquire new equipment and integrate it within existing manufacturing processes; and develop a new range of 100% natural and recyclable real wood block awards, promotional gifts, and personalised name badges. Simon Adam, Managing Director at WCM&A was initially sceptical whether the business would qualify for R&D relief after “reading the guidelines on the government website as to what qualifies for the R&D Tax Relief Scheme... I knew we were innovating new products, services and systems/processes in house; it didn’t look like we met the criteria.” After talking to randd, Simon quickly realised the business had large scope for a successful claim. Simon explains that R&D tax credits have enabled the company “to employ new staff to accelerate our product development, particularly with our whole new range of real wood merchandise and awards which are unique to UK trade supply in promotional merchandise.” “[R&D tax credits have] given me the confidence to invest further in R&D for the business, knowing that we will get the credits now that I understand what is required.”


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