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Holistic Massage Kneads is Lucy Dunleavy’s portal. She has been a massage therapist for over ten years and she helps everyday people to manage some of the most annoying symptoms like injuries, pains, and stiffness. Throughout the years, this masseur has been helping people with postural problems, sports injuries, tension, muscle stress and flexibility issues. If you are looking for a massage in Brighton, this massage is the best Brighton deep tissue massage you can probably have, since her expertise places Lucy a mile away from her usually poorly trained competitors.

Her cutting edge massaging techniques are innovative and they work, and you can be sure that this Brighton massage comes with another range of services like remedial bodywork and deep tissue management techniques, hydrotherapy, stretching, myofacial techniques and so on… The massage in Brighton, by Lucy Dunleavy, can help you get rid of that tight neck feeling that you get due to your overuse of your computer or that came with your whiplash injury. Face pain and migraines are also treated in her Brighton massage studio and you’ll also get rid of lower back and sciatic pain. On the Holistic Massage Kneads website you can browse through the many treatments available, like the popular holistic Swedish massage, the myofascial release and even pregnancy massages for soon to be mothers. You also have access to the pricings on a pricing page, where you can see that it isn’t that costly to get a massage in Brighton and that the prices Lucy has are far below her status as an expert. The “About Me” page is all about Lucy Dunleavy and her qualifications. You’ll find out that she is well qualified, and a true expert on her field. Lastly, you have an expertly written blog with some interesting articles on the niche and a F.A.Q. section where you can see the answer to the most frequent asked questions on the website. If the F.A.Q. doesn’t cut it for you or if you want to contact her for bookings or another reason, simply use the contact me form that is available on the website and drop Lucy a line.

If this kind of massage isn’t for you but you notice you know someone who is wanting one you’ll be happy to know they have gift coupons too. For more information please visit our site at Brighton Massage | Massage in Brighton | Brighton deep tissue massage


Brighton deep tissue massage

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