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Cooley Brothers Painting Video Transcription

Cooley Brothers Painting Rancho Palos Verdes Painting Company Palos Verdes Estates Painting Company 21151 S. Western Ave. Suite 216 Torrance, CA 90501 310-378-4575 [Begin Video] Testimonial 1: I’m just thrilled with the results of our new paint job. It really brought the place to life. Testimonial 2:

Cooley Brothers made this building go from drab to gorgeous.

Testimonial 3:

I feel they did a great job.

Testimonial 4:

The quality of their work is just phenomenal

Testimonial 5: I would definitely recommend Cooley Brothers Painting to anybody who wants their building or home to look amazing. David: Hi. My name is David with Cooley Brothers Painting. What differentiates us at Cooley Brothers Painting from other painting contractors is the extra time and detail that we put into the job. Man: If you don’t know what color to paint your house, we can help. We put free test samples on the home so you can see what the color looks like before we put it on your home. This is a house before Cooley Brothers. And this is a house after. Cooley Brother Painting not only does residential, but we also do commercial buildings and homeowners associations. David: At Cooley Brothers we have an all weather protection system. We have a ten step process for our exterior painting. The first step. We start out with a full power wash, or a general surface cleaning. We rinse the entire building from top to bottom. And what that does is it removes any dirt, grease, or grime from the stucco so that when we do apply the fished coats and the primers, it’s actually going to adhere properly and have a long life. Our second step is we remove all the necessary lighting fixtures and decorative ornaments.

Step three. We mask and cover over all the electrical outlets and water spigots. Also we’re going to mask and cover all the ground. If there is any drips, it’s going to land on a paper or a drop cloth or some form of protection, rather than concrete. Step number four. We’re going to scrape and sand and we’re going to open up any cracks. We re-nail or replace loose nails with screws and we replace any broken or cracked boards if necessary. Step five is we spot prime all bare wood and repairs and if it needs it we do a full prime on all the wood. Step six is we’re going to caulk all the joints and sills to make sure we get a good seal. And that’s probably the most important step to protect the wood from dry rot and termite damage. We use the best caulkings and sealants. And what that does is it enables your job to last about two to three times longer than it would as if you were to use cheaper caulkings and sealants. Step seven. We spray and back roll everything to ensure proper penetration and uniformity. We will spray on all the primers and the base coats, and immediately after they’re sprayed on, we come back through with a thick matted roller and we back brush and roll everything into the substrate so we get a really good coverage and it fills all the crevices and voids and it’s going to seal up and protect the building for many years to come. The trim always gets two coats with the exception to the doors which are going to be spray finished. Step eight is we do any touch up that are necessary. We de-mask the house and replace all lighting fixtures and any other items that needed to be removed. Step number nine. We do a final walkthrough with the customer. Any touch ups that need to be made will be made at that time. Step ten. Once you’re completely satisfied with the work, we collect the final check. No job is too big, and no job is too small. With Cooley Brothers, seeing is believing. For you HOA owners here’s a before and here’s an after. Testimonial 6: The difference between the before and the after is really phenomenal the quality of the work and the choice of colors; it’s fantastic. I would recommend Cooley Brothers Paintings for my personal contacts and also my professional contacts because as a local realtor, I’m always in need of high quality painters and Cooley Brothers Painting really did a wonderful, wonderful job. David:

We are friendly and local. Our office is right here on Madison and PCH.

Man: If you want the best looking house in the neighborhood, give us a call. Cooley Brothers Painting. [End Video]

Cooley Brothers Video Transcription  

Cooley Brothers Video Transcription

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