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Impact of Islamic Banking on International Lending In mid-November 2009, economists wrote an article with the French suddenly interested in Islamic banks. However, this article Ironically, France has been very intolerant of Muslim dress in public places in recent years as the country holds its secular identity distressed. Islamic banking is almost the same as the long-term du jour banks and financiers, since these days, especially Islamic banks hold billions of dollars in liquid assets, as well as all the banks in the world are demanding from the acute financial crisis pain. Main Siddiqi is estimated at 15% of the "Islamic dimension" , the Islamic banking industry, expanding at a brisk pace in the past decade from 22 % a year. In fact , the current ( as of 2006 ) 250 Islamic mutual funds with $ 300bm value management 300IFIs assists deposit holds more than 250 billion U.S. dollars . In addition, $ 200 billion of assets managed by a dedicated Muslim "window" or traditional bank subsidiary. Based on the department’s many international funds and / or Investment Company’s size has become a policy, not involved in such investments. So the question is : Why? There are two major opposition Islamic banking arguments: First, it is based on the interest of the client, or well hidden, the second is that it has served for decades under the guise of providing funds for terrorist organizations. Lending institutions is how to make interest payments on their money, cannot charge interest for religious purposes or questioning the ultimate interest of investors in venture capital accounted for an additional concern. It has been written "as a typical banking transactions in the interests of money , and not designed to be another way of contractual agreements and some Muslims believe that Islamic banks will engage in legal trickery to cover up the fact that they charge and interest payments. Most economic analysts would agree. “(1) This is certainly tempting , because they face the risk of such a law to various financial institutions . Britain has been in this will make it easier for financial institutions outside the Muslim world could easily fund loan gap narrowing such groups "in the forefront. But others, such as France, had to take a real serious look at their own values , see Islamic banking products and "inclusive of the law" is to reconcile this. France has been the elimination of tax obstacles and improving the legal framework, of course, but it did not stop their protests and serious public debate on this issue. Governments in the Middle East countries may now feel more empowered , they can rely on their ability rather than borrow the Western banking system. At the same time , it emphasizes the need for standardization and any consulting firm , to review the operation of regulatory concern especially in academics. Islamic banks have been inroads into western markets. For example, commercial banks Capital Corp we

have seen an increase based on the application of such funds nearly doubled. By the same token, even non-Muslims has been a demand for Islamic financial products, because it allows a wider range of investment products, especially for the portfolio management group. This personal example is the “interest-free “loans large requests. However, if you do not have the cultural gap between Islam and the West’s banking structure between consultants, education is indeed a gap , constructive dialogue cannot start. In fact, if there is no education (both sides) , Huntington's conflict of civilizations theory is almost inevitable . However, when the Muslim world asserts itself and the capitalist economy banks, international economic and financial model hybrid western see, side by side the two, may also be the dawn of this new form of peculiar interest. So , overall, my suggestion is not to become the old way of doing business , " stuck" so that they better understand how mutually beneficial relationship may come from our Islamic neighbors to fruition. (1 ) " Usury : Islamic principles behind ...... " Capital Corp Merchant Banking’s (, in Orlando, Fla., a boutique commercial banking group , to provide professional financial services , such as ; provide assistance , venture capital , equity finance, international finance, project finance , advisory services, investment and financing , mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Gilles small Herder (, with his 35 years of banking , industry has developed the necessary expertise and "Contacts" political and commercial banks led to Capital Corp because its founder, president and CEO. For more information you can visit our site at International Commercial Lending

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