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Peace of mind is a good thing. When it comes to insurance protection, everyone’s needs are different. Yet no matter where you are in life, you need an affordable way to protect your financial security.

small business owner

As a , you should should protect the financial future of your company as well as your heirs. Many small business owners have their entire life savings invested in their company. Their passing would essentially bankrupt both their families and their business. In this case, everything they've worked for could be lost if they don't adequately protect their company with a good insurance policy. Business oriented life insurance can be designed with multiple goals based on the size of the company, the person to be insured, and the needs of those left behind should a business owner die suddenly. The business owner is an irreplaceable person, so when he or she dies, the company itself can fall apart, leaving the employees and heirs to lose all of their assets. But with life insurance specifically designed for business owners, the company can be properly disbanded, sold, or funds can be used to open a new one.

business professionals

All know how important it is to preserve your wealth, whether you plan to leave it to family members, to charity, or to other beneficiaries. And life insurance is a trustwothy, cost-effective way to achieve that goal. Life insurance can offer you protection for your wealth and assets, once you are no longer able to offer that protection yourself. Be it your children’s college education, your spouse’s ability to manage your estate or retaining stock values for your investments, don’t let your absence unravel everything for which you have worked so hard.

You are so important to your children, to your spouse, to a business

you own or one where you are partner. You have worked hard to build a strong and successful future - all part of the legacy you’re building for them every day. Providing financial protection in the form of funds to replace your income, safeguard the family business or to provide educational funds for your children in the event of your death should be part of that legacy. What you need is friendly, personal advise from someone you can trust. I take pride in helping people protect and realize their dreams.

before & after retirement

With so many things to consider , it can be hard to know where to begin. Many questions arise for people coming to the end of their working life. After years in the workforce, it is natural for people entering retirement to begin making changes to ensure financial security now that income will be fixed. Expenses which were once considered necessary may now be uncalled for, like a second car. Narrowing down the list of bills requires tough decisions, especially when it comes to life insurance. Perhaps you’d like to provide for your family beyond any inheritance they might have or avoid estate taxes. Maybe you have a charitable cause you’d like to leave a sizable to nation to. Either way, a life insurance policy is a great way to contribute to the future of others as part of your legacy.

The first step to learning about life insurance, is

understanding its necessity and importance. Life insurance is essential for a number of different reasons. It is a financial instrument that allows you to protect your family and loved ones when you’re gone. Also a tool to finance your objectives from education to retirement while you are alive.

Take a moment

to talk to your loved ones and then to me about your life insurance needs. I can ensure you have the coverage you need and the protection your family or business deserves.

Shirley Sheffield

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