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By Julie Vrazel As an animal science undergraduate student at Colorado State University, Dr. Chad Chase began his involvement in bovine research. Later, studying weight gain and changes in volatile fatty acids in the rumen of heifers, as an intern in Overton, Texas, Chase became convinced that he wanted to continue researching cattle. Growing up in Brighton, Colorado, Chase was always surrounded by agriculture, fostering in him a passion for all things in nature. “I worked for several farmers and dealt with a lot of alfalfa, corn, barley and oats,” Chase reminisces. “I even worked for a large swine operation, but I always enjoyed working with cattle.” His undergraduate research and the internship in Texas solidified his desire to further his education. After completing his bachelor’s degree, Chase pursued his masters in animal science at Oklahoma State University and finally earned his doctoral degree in physiology of reproduction from Texas A&M University. While studying beef cattle reproduction, he continued to take nutrition courses and studied the entire reproductive system, rather than specializing in one area. “I wanted to be well-rounded and understand the entire process fully,” Chase explains. “Nutrition affects reproduction, and I wanted to learn as much as I could.” Upon completing his doctoral degree in 1989, Chase moved over 1,800 miles from his hometown to Brooksville, Florida, where the USDA Subtropical Agricultural Research Service is located. He took a job as a post-doctoral research associate and later accepted the research animal scientist position. In the 1990s, with the help of Dr. Andy Hammond, also at Brooksville, and Dr. Dwain Johnson, Dr. Roger West and Dr. Tim Olson at the University of Florida, Chase began progeny evaluation within the Brahman breed to study carcass traits through a research partnership with the ABBA and the Florida Brahman Association. While this evaluation was in progress, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) began a carcass merit project that spanned 10 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

all breeds. As Chase’s original Brahman carcass traits evaluation continued for the next two years, he and other involved parties attended these meetings and helped form the Brahman basis for the NCBA carcass merit project. “This project was so well represented by the ABBA, Florida Brahman breeders, and those involved at the Brooksville station,” Chase explains. “The breeders who let us use their bulls for natural service were a huge support.” According to Chase, the results of the two studies showed that Brahmans are a superior breed. “But another important result of the studies was verifying that we can learn more about the Brahman breed by studying other breeds and crossbreeds,” Chase notes. “Mechanisms responsible for heat tolerance and other desirable traits of adapted cattle can be learned by studying the differences and similarities between other breeds, rather than just studying one breed.” Working on this project allowed Chase the opportunity to develop a special bond with Brahman breeders. “They are a wonderful group of people to work with, and by starting another project, I’m now getting to meet even more of the breeders.” says Chase. His new project is concentrating on improving reproductive efficiency, carcass quality and feed efficiency. “This was inspired by the purebred breeders and the commercial cattlemen because they both want to further improve the Brahman breed,” Chase explains. Understanding the breeders and building a respectful bond with them has been helpful to Chase’s research. “We couldn’t have completed all of our research or initiated new projects without the help of these Brahman breeders,” Chase admits. “When the breeders care enough and are passionate about improving their herds, it makes my job easier and more meaningful.” ©TABR

LMC WFF POLLED MAESTRO is our proven and smooth polled herd sire. He is a maternal brother to PISTOLERO, is built right, is rich in breed character, pigment, correctness, muscle, has a great disposition and as proven below is producing some real good cattle. He is sired by JDH Mr. Manso 636/1 and our polled 707 cow. When in the Hugo, Oklahoma area, stop by and visit Ricky and let him show you his top quality POLLED Brahman herd that is acclimated to the cold. Maestro semen sells for $50 per unit – ten unit minimum.

LMC Polled Rico is a Maestro out of a 3X 100 daughter. We co-own him with Ronnie Smith. Semen will be available soon.

LMC LM MC G Godiva d is di i a typical t i lM Maestro t ddaughter ht th thatt we sold Ronnie Smith as one of his foundation females for his elite ppolled Brahman herd.

These are some of Rickyʼs cows that are bred to have Maestro babies for tomorrowʼs State of the Art Double Polled Brahmans.



Butlerr Polled Brahmans Brahma

(Office) 956-383-7566 • Carlos 802-1641 Victor 607-5515 • Carlos Jr. 330-1963

P.O. Box 689 Mt. Vernon, TX 75457 Cell (903) 466-6243 Website – Email –

PO Box 81 • Linn, TX 78563 USA

email: Please visit our website at

Rick Butler LMC Polled P ll d Donna D is i an ultra lt ffeminine i i Maestro out of our Donna donor cow who has raised some great cattle for us.


Five, ten and fifteen years from now, when Brahman breeders discuss the tremendous impact that the POLLED gene has had on the Brahman breed, the commercial Brahman bull market and world wide semen sales, Pistolero will be at the top of the list of POLLED herd sires that made a difference. He has a great conformation, lots of muscle, is moderate, long, deep, is rich in pigment and breed character. He is a sire amongst sires and his progeny proves it. If you are looking for a bull that can MAKE A DIFFERENCE – COME SEE US !! A BIG HEARTY THANKS to all previous semen & progeny buyers. Call or email for prices on semen and these cattle.

WELCOME and CONGRATS go out to Ray Rodriguez and Chris Brasher on their recent investment in ½ of LMC Apollo – the heir apparent to Pistolero’s job. He is tthe he b be best est s P PO POL POLLED O OLLED LLED ED Db bu bull ulll tha ull that ha at w we eh have ave av ve ra raise raised. ised. d d.

LMC POLLED SAMSON is one of our double polled junior herd sires out of Pistolero and Samantha. He NEARS PERFECTION IN THE FLESH. He can make ma mak ke a difference diiffe d fferen ren ence for en for you. yyo ou. u. He e is is for fo or sale. or sale sa e.

LMC POLLED AUSSIE is a Pistolero x Donna herd bull that we own with Mayor Beto Salinas. This bull is made right and will make a difference as have his parents. par arrent en s.

LMC POLLED DONNA is a future smooth polled donor that has an outstanding Ambassador BABY DOLL that maybe better than her. A full brother had the highest marbling ng sco sscore core e in o ou our ur bu bull tes te testt w with ith o over ver 90 0 bul bulls llss of fiv five ve breed br breeds. eds. s

LMC Muñeca PERFECTA is just like her name. She is double polled and double good. She is a ¾ sister to Samson and plans to MAKE A DIFFERENCE just like her sire has done.

LMC POLLED BLUE BELLE is a gorgeous smooth polled BABY DOLL out of our Koontz cow, Miss Diane. A BIG HEARTY THANKS goes out to Val Walters t s for ter for or investing in inv nvest es ing g in this th hiss future f ure fut re donor. d donor. norr



(Office) 956-383-7566 • Carlos 802-1641 Victor 607-5515 • Carlos Jr. 330-1963 LMC Samson C POLLED P POLL OLL OLL LED JOE JOE OE is a good good looking goo look ooking ing ng full fulll sib to o Samso Sa S mson mso n out of our Samantha cow. He is rich in muscle, correctness and breed character. VISITORS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME at La Muñeca.


email: LaMuñ Please visit our website at www.laMuñ

LMC POLLED ROCK is a LMC WFF Pistolero out of a “Rock” x V8 38/6 cow that has herd bull written all over him. He is smooth polled and very good. Come see us for your next show and or herd bull.

Ambassador at 3 years of age

We have been excited about AMBASSADOR since he was a calf. We have promoted him for two years. He has fullfilled our great expectations of him with his first calf crop. His calves are really good – they are long, balanced, thick, sound, good looking calves with plenty of breed character and most important CONSUMER DEMAND. He was bred to many different kinds of cows of many different bloodlines. We did not cull one calf. The majority of his calves off of horned cows are polled. AMBASSADOR is sired by a JD Hudgins bull that goes back to the popular JDH Remington and Union Manso bulls. His dam is a very functional good uddered POLLED V8 cow that also goes back to Remington and Mayro 257. A BIG HEARTY THANKS to our good friends at Schneider Brahmans for buying his semen at the South Texas Field Day for $275 per unit. An Ambassador son can help blacken your bottom line as the CONSUMER DEMAND for POLLED Brahmans grows. SONS AND BREEDING SHARES ARE AVAILABLE.

MIL GRACIAS to our amigos at Schneider Ranch for investing in LMC Polled Integrity out of a V8 “Tommy Ba Bah B ah ham ama a m ma a daughter. dau dau da a ght ghter err. He could er. cou ou uld be the th he next nex exxt great gre reat one ne e !! !! Bahama”

LMC POLLED DAKOTA is a double polled, deep bodied, major league herd bull prospect out of a V8 901/4 cow that has a gorgeous full sister on her now.

LMC POLLED MADISON is out of a double bred Madison first calf heifer. He won his class in San Antonio and NEARS PERFECTION IN THE FLESH.

LMC POLLED SUGAR is a future donor DOUBLE POLLED BABY DOLL out of our POLLED Samantha donor. She is a maternal sib to our Samson and Joe bulls. 1/2 interest is FOR SALE.

MIL GRACIAS to our ole buddy Ronnie Smith for investing in a great set of Ambassador daughters headed up by this BABY DOLL out of a Domsch heifer.

LMC POLLED HOPE is what you get when you cross Ambassador with a good red cow. She is headed to Smith Farms in North Texas. She is a maternal sib to LMC Polled Rico. FEMININITY at it’s finest !!



(Office) 956-383-7566 • Carlos 802-1641 Victor 607-5515 • Carlos Jr. 330-1963 A BIG HEARTY THANKS goes out to Dr. Tobin Pennington and Victor Guerra on their recent purchase of this good looking Donna daughter.

email: LaMuñ Please visit our website at www.laMuñ

LMC POLLED BEVO 125/0 is out of a V8 301/5 x JDH Charley Manso cow. He is super long, thick, correct and FOR SALE. He is very futuristic !!


By Holly Foster

Calixto Garcia will be honored as the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) International Friend of the Year during the 2011 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Garcia’s association with the Brahman breed began early when his father imported Brahman bulls to their native Cuba in the 1940s. While his career and life experiences have led him to several different countries, Calixto Garcia has always had Brahman cattle as a “common denominator.” Born in Havana, Cuba in 1937, Calixto Garcia can trace his ancestry back to General Calixto Garcia, who served in three Cuban uprisings. As a youngster Garcia attended Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia. After completing his high school education in the United States, Garcia returned to Cuba and studied engineering at the University of Havana. His professional career began on his family farm in Cuba where rice, sugar, and cattle were the primary crops. Garcia married his wife Anita on December 18, 1958, and they now have six children and eleven grandchildren. In 1960, Fidel Castro’s communist regime appropriated family farming operations, causing Calixto and members of his family to flee their native country. Calixto settled in Miami, Florida, where he worked at a gas station until joining anti-Castro forces in 1960. Upon returning to civilian life as a United States citizen, Garcia made his way selling encyclopedias door-to-door and then worked at a sugar milling operation. From there he finally made his way back to the cattle business and went to work for King Ranch’s Florida operation on the Big B Ranch, located 75 miles northwest of Miami. In 1967, Garcia began working for Gulf+Western as vice president of the company’s livestock division, overseeing operations in Florida, the Dominican Republic, Paraguay, and the Bahamas. During his 13-year tenure with Gulf+Western, Garcia oversaw a 150,000 head cattle herd, of which approximately 87,000 were Brahmans. He played a large role in the breed’s international growth through the sheer number of registrations for which he was responsible. 14 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

Calixto and his family Garcia was also very instrumental in expanding Brahman influenced cattle and used them extensively in the Gulf+Western breeding program. “The Brahman breed has really been the common denominator for the breeding programs I’ve been involved with,” says Garcia. “To thrive in the tropical regions where I’ve made my career, cattle need to have a Brahman influence to survive in that harsh environment.” After leaving Gulf+Western, Garcia established Lydford Farms, a joint venture based in Jamaica, where he served as the company’s president and general manager. Lydford Farms included a cow-calf operation, backgrounding lot and feedlot, as well as a slaughter operation. The company supplied the country’s hotel and restaurant trade with high quality beef. For the last 12 years, until just recently, Garcia worked as vice president and general manager of the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s cattle operations based in Nicaragua (Seminole S.A.). The Nicaraguan government purchased the operation in 2009, and since then, Garcia has been based in Florida, working as a consultant. “Throughout his storied career, Calixto has remained very loyal to the ABBA and the Brahman breed,” says Dinah Weil, who served as recording secretary for the association from 1976 to 1989, and is

now an active Brahman breeder. “Calixto has worked with several different companies and entities, but always registered cattle with ABBA and supported the Brahman breed in any endeavor he was involved in.” Garcia’s life story is intriguing, even if you aren’t in the cattle business. His great-grandfather and grandfather played pivotal roles in Cuba’s quest for independence and he too was a revolutionary in his own right. Garcia has played polo all over the world, but when you ask him about some of his most notable accomplishments, they center around the cattle industry. He points to his involvement with the ABBA as a director and being a member of the International Committee of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo as some of his most notable accomplishments. But the effort Garcia is most proud of is his work in promoting high quality Brahman genetics throughout his career as a cattle breeder. “I’m proud that I could do something to revolutionize the red Brahman industry in Central America during my time with the Seminole Tribe of Florida; and that by using U.S. genetics and reproductive technology, I was able to produce high-quality cattle which allowed me to be recognized as the premier exhibitor

and premier breeder for five consecutive years at Expica, the Central American livestock show held in Managua, Nicaragua.” “Calixto Garcia has been a true friend to the ABBA and the Brahman breed for over 30 years through his involvement with herds in 3 countries,” reports Chris Shivers, executive vice president of the ABBA. “No matter where he has been located, he always built herds on the best U.S. genetics. Calixto promoted the ABBA and the American Brahman breed not only through registering all of his cattle, but through the promotion of American genetics and the association programs in many foreign countries. The International Friend of the Year award was developed to recognize individuals, such as Calixto Garcia-Velez, who have committed their lives to our association and the promotion of the Brahman breed internationally.” “It has always been an honor and a pleasure to work with the ABBA,” adds Garcia. “The association and breed have helped me throughout my career.” © TABR

Through his storied career in the U.S. and Central America, Garcia has remained very loyal to the Brahman breed. -Dinah Weil, 2011




Raimundo in the 1980s with Gerardo Perez Bercian, Sloan Williams, Neil Potter and Gerardo Perez.

Raimundo with 3 of his grandsons, Luis Enrique, Diego, and Jose Miguel. Raimundo at Hacienda La After decades of promoting Brahman cattle throughout Central Esperanza in the America, Raimundo Riojas will be recogized at Houston this year as 1970s with Miss the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) International 2R Melosa 245. By Hannah Wine

Friend of the Year. “He is a loyal ABBA supporter,” says Bob Hudgins, incoming ABBA president. “Raimundo is at every Raimundo in meeting no matter where it is. He’s a supportive, honest cowman the 1990s at the who takes his loyalty to the ABBA and the Brahman breed home Guatemala National with him to Guatemala.” Show receiving an Riojas is a businessman, husband, father, grandfather, traveler and an avid promoter of Brahman cattle. His involvement in the ABBA prize with Brahman industry began in 1970, when he and his wife Regina Coleman Locke, Ed began Hacienda La Esperanza, their Brahman business venture in Cullers and grandsons Guatemala. Riojas initially bred Brahmans to produce herd bulls for Luis Enrique and the commercial cow herd of Regina’s family. Diego Secaira. After dealing with defective local registrations in Guatemala in 1971, Raimundo and his family became members of the ABBA. “At the time our local registrations were not reliable, so we decided to register with the ABBA,” he reports. Riojas has remained an active member of the ABBA ever since. In 1974, Raimundo and Regina sold their commercial cow herd and began focusing on producing high quality gray and red Brahmans. They started out with a group of heifers from the V8 and J.D. Hudgins ranches in Texas. Today, the Riojas family utilizes artificial insemination and Raimundo and his family with one of their embryo transfer to service approximately 350 cows. “We are currently breeding to supply the Guatemalan, Honduran, El prime donors, 2R 6237 Princesita, Central Salvadoran, Nicaraguan, Costa Rican, Panamanian, and southeast American Grand Champion. Mexican bull and heifer markets,” says Riojas. “We are using bulls of our own breeding, as well as J.D. Hudgins, HK Ranch and V8 Ranch genetics.” Ed Cullers, former ABBA president, describes Riojas as “a real Hacienda La Esperanza successfully shows Brahman cattle gentleman.” He goes on to say, “Raimundo is highly respected in throughout Central America with several grand championships, both Guatemala and the United States. In his travels, he promotes both red and gray, under its belt. Raimundo reports, “Having the ABBA and Brahman cattle where ever he goes.” national and international champions is not a coincidence; it has Riojas’ commitment to the ABBA and the Brahman breed echoes been a very important task for us to select the very best quality traits throughout Brahman producers in the United States. “The Riojas for our herds.” family has loyally supported the ABBA for many years. They have Though his ranch is located in Guatemala, Riojas has been participated in buying a lot of American Brahman genetics over an avid promoter of the ABBA, not only as a board member, or the years, and they have one of the best Brahman herds in all of promoter when he was presiding over the International Committee, Central America,” remarks Dinah Weil, chairperson of the ABBA but also as a Brahman breeder traveling the world. International Committee. Congratulations, Raimundo! ©TABR 18 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011




Motivated by improving livestock through genetics, Dr. David Riley has dedicated many years to the livestock industry, and the Brahman breed. From working with successful breeders to evaluating Brahman carcass traits, Riley remains impressed by all the information still left to discover. But genetics, plus Brahmans and their breeders, equals the ideal formula for uncovering the answers to these unknown questions. The Tulia, Texas, native graduated with his bachelor’s in agricultural economics from Texas A&M University in 1984. After a short stint in the U.S. Army, Riley moved to Kansas to work for DeKalb AgResearch in swine breeding stock production. Ten years later he decided to pursue his master’s and doctoral degrees at A&M, finishing school in 2000. With degrees in animal breeding and genetics, Riley was now even more equipped to help improve the livestock industry. Upon completing his doctoral degree, Riley moved to Brooksville, Florida, where he worked for the USDA Agricultural Research Station. Here, he first worked with the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) in evaluating Brahman carcass traits. Though Riley came in at the end of this project, he began to understand what the Brahman breed was all about. The Brahman carcass traits project was developed by Dr. Chad Chase and Dr. Andy Hammond at Brooksville, and by Dr. Dwain Johnson, Dr. Roger West, and Dr. Tim Olson at the University of Florida, along with members of ABBA and the Florida Brahman Association. With the start of a crossbreeding project, Riley got to know many of the Florida Brahman breeders. “I have met many good people and learned much that way,” Riley says. “You can tell immediately those people who love cattle breeding. I like to get to know and be around those people.” Using bulls from several of the Florida Brahman breeders helped Riley to personally connect with the breeders. “I enjoyed making the breeding decisions with the cow herd at Brooksville,” he admits. “I am fascinated with cattle breeding and love to learn what successful breeders are doing.” And he was even able to reconnect with old friends. Byron Vassberg, owner of Kallion Farms in Texas, was in the same Texas A&M Corps outfit as Riley several years ago. After Riley got 22 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

By Julie Vrazel involved with Brahman research, the old friends were reunited. “Byron is very dedicated to excellence and is very in tune with incorporating new knowledge and technology into his breeding plans,” Riley says, commending his friend. Among his many accomplishments, Riley met with South American Brahman breeders and performed a sabbatical research project in Australia. While in Australia, he met the executive director of their Brahman association, John Croaker, who arranged for him to view some Brahman cattle in the area. “I think the Brahman herd at the Belmont research station there is noteworthy,” Riley reports. “They are doing some very good research with respect to genetic control of different aspects of fertility to their cows.” While working with the ABBA, Riley developed two favorites, a bull and a cow. His favorite Brahman bull is a Brooksville bull that was sired by TH Toro Reloto, a Sexton-bred bull loaned to the Brooksville station by Bob Crane. According to Riley, this bulls daughters, both purebred and crossbred, were very good animals. “My favorite Brahman cow was a daughter of the same Sexton bull,” Riley explains. “She calved first as a 2-year-old in 2004, and has had a perfect calving and weaning record since.” While he admits that she is smaller framed, Riley says she has a very good attitude and udder, along with throwing calves every year and staying at a body condition 5 on whatever feed is available. “I keep a picture of her in presentations that I give, because she reminds me of what I aim for with a breeding program,” says Riley. With education and careers spanning the agricultural industry, Riley is currently serving as an Animal Science professor at Texas A&M University where he uses Brahman examples, such as his favorite cow, in his classes regularly. Teaching and working with young people and encouraging them to be passionate about animal science can help discover more answers to help further improve livestock. ©TABR






Generous. Loving. Prankster. Husband. Dad. Grandpa. Entertainer. Visionary. Determined. Businessman. Honest. Loyal. Missed. Those words, and hundreds more could all be used to describe the late Jeff Smith of Maringouin, Louisiana. The Brahman breed lost a true friend, and leader in the industry, when he was taken from this earth last fall. Not a day goes by that friends and family don’t pause to miss the man, but in many ways celebrate, because they had the opportunity to know him. Tammy, his wife, tells that Jeff loved the Brahman business, truly loved it. He also had a vision for what he wanted to accomplish. “He had written it down on a piece of paper. He kept that note in his nightstand,” she says. While Smith Brahmans got to celebrate a 15 year anniversary, Tammy notes that they got real close to a 20… but sadly following his death on November 7, 2010, it was not to be. The Smiths got into the Brahman business when their boys were in 4-H. The year was 1990, and the first cattle were Jeffery and Jason’s show calves. The project grew and developed from there. “We started with nothing,” Tammy says emphatically. “We had to work with what we had. Jeff was proud of finding genetics that we could afford that could help us improve our cattle.” Prior to the cattle business, a local feed mill with two locations was the family’s business base. As a side note, the feed mill also allowed them to tweak and develop their own line of show feed, which proved beneficial when hauling large strings of show cattle around the country. Having to help support his family after his own father passed away at a relatively young age, Jeff Smith grew up quickly. He didn’t know a stranger, helping people whenever he could. Smith took

countless individuals into his home and gave them work. Tammy comments that Jeff always had visions of being a foster parent. She adds that while they might not have been “official” foster parents, many young people came to them and helped work on the ranch, including Brandon Cutrer, who spoke at the funeral. Through the years these individuals made possible the dream of taking the J-S cattle on the road to showcase the genetics he was so proud of. Mr. Jeff, as he was known to many, also went out of his way to help those who couldn’t help themselves, providing jobs for many with challenges. His generosity also included helping hundreds of local 4-H members with their projects, supporting them in auctions and giving guidance when necessary from a feed and feeding perspective. According to Tammy, Jeff’s greatest moment in the business came in 2008. “His greatest achievement was winning Houston,” Tammy explains. “It was with a bull named Redneck. He won the World Brahman Congress in May and was named the ABBA Red Show Bull of the Year. Jeff was so proud of that.” As easy-going and fun-loving as Smith was, he was also a perfectionist. He believed in working hard and doing a job right. “If we took a bull picture, it had to be ‘just’ so,” Tammy says. “That’s just how he was.” One of the things that J-S Brahmans was most known for, outside of raising quality cattle, was hospitality and fun during the Houston show. Tammy recalls that during their visits to Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, and Mexico to visit with cattlemen, they were always shown very gracious hospitality. Because Houston hosts many international visitors, Smith was always adamant about

We started with nothing. We had to work with what we had. Jeff was proud of finding genetics that we could afford that would help us improve our cattle. -Tammy Smith, 2011

2008 - A GREAT YEAR FOR SMITH IN THE BRAHMAN BUSINESS Jeff’s proudest moment in the Brahman business came in 2008, with this special bull named “Redneck.” Redneck won Houston, the World Brahman Congress, and the National Brahman Show on his way to being named ABBA Show Bull of the Year. 28 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011








Consistency, reliability, and repeatability — that’s breeding confidence. You can trust Trans Ova Genetics to combine the art of reproductive technologies with the industry’s most dedicated and experienced team of professionals to help achieve your unique breeding program goals. Call us today to multiply the success of your elite cattle genetics.

multiply success


HEADQUARTERS Sioux Center, Iowa 800.999.3586

Chillicothe, Missouri 800.372.3586

Centerville, Texas 866.924.4586 HOUSTON 2011 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | 29

Brandon Cutrer and B.J. Dickens are two young ABBA members who Jeff encouraged and mentored. The Smiths’ took pride in hosting numerous international guests at their ranch. Jeff and his daughter Jessica exhibiting at Houston.

YOUTH, FRIENDS, AND INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL IMPORTANT One of Jeff’s passions was helping shape the future through mentoring many young people and hosting international guests. He took pride in extending hospitality to guests and donated financial resources in addition to thousands of hours in volunteer time to youth Brahman programs. showing those who visited a good time. “We did lots of things in our aisle,” Tammy exclaims. “One time we even had a band!” Food, beverage and a taste of Louisiana were always present. The family enjoyed sharing some of their culture, noting that being so far from Houston, if the visitors couldn’t come to the ranch, they’d bring the ranch along with them to the show. “Cooking and feeding people at Houston are a tradition that Jeff started,” she adds. Red beans and rice and crawfish etouffee are just some of the dishes served, not to mention really good beef. It was in their aisle at Houston that they also conducted a lot of business. Tammy notes that last year they held their very first “aisle sale.” “We’ve always done business there, but last year we made it official,” she says. “We have to do it again this year, if for nothing else but in his honor.” While he enjoyed the people side of the cattle business, Smith also understood the need for leadership within the breed. Working to further progress and build consensus within the group was something that he was known for. He wanted to make sure that the breed benefited from the decisions made by the leadership. Serving on the ABBA board for eight years was important to him. During this time also served on numerous committees including charing the Youth Activities Committee and Show Committee. According to Tammy, he felt humbled to serve alongside those who were considered the biggest breeders in the country. He gave freely of his time to his local and state associations as well, donating hundreds of hours through the years. It was his vision for the future that motivated him to work so hard for the various associations. “Youth meant everything to him,” Tammy explains. “He was the chair of the Youth Activities committee because he felt strongly about doing the best for the kids. He knew that the kids give us the future.” 30 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

Smith never turned down an opportunity to help the AJBA. In 2010, he hosted the AJBA Field Day.

Jeff enjoyed hosting many international friends at Houston each year.

Jeff also enjoyed making new friendships with ABBA members on trips.

The entire Smith family – Jason, Jeffrey, Jared and Jessica – along with Delle, Amanda, Michelle and Dustin are involved in some aspect of the family business. Each year one of their biggest undertakings is the annual production sale and everyone pitches in to help. In October of 2010, the family hosted the sixth annual J-S Genetics Production Sale. From the ranch to the feed mill, each family member has something to contribute. And the Smith legacy is growing, now including four grandchildren – Emma, Adelyn, Anna and Andrew. Some would say that the grandchildren were one of the greatest joys of Smith’s life. Emma Claire, the oldest, will be starting her junior show career very soon. Tammy points out with a touch of sadness that Jeff will not be here to see her show, but will instead, be watching from above. While the Brahman world is still coming to terms with the loss of this great man, there are many who are working diligently to make sure that his legacy is remembered. From district shows and arenas being named in his honor to generous scholarship donations, there is little doubt that the man who made an impact on so many will be remembered fondly for years to come. ©TABR

His legacy will be remembered through scholarships, and the inspiration he provided to so many people in ABBA.

HIS GREAT JOY - HIS FAMILY! The Smith Family, along with one of their ‘foster’ children, Terry Randall of Australia, support each other in everything they do. Jeff was especially looking forward to his grandchildren being able to show in the AJBA. HOUSTON 2011 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | 31

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - Brahman breeders and association members from the southwest always enjoy a trip to the Arizona National Livestock Show, allowing them to kick off the new year in Phoenix. Brett Barber of Channing, Texas, closed out 2010 by evaluating the cattle of this ABBA approved show on December 31st. Tuscany Farms, owned by the Acedo Family of Queen Creek, Arizona, dominated the show by taking home three of the four championships during the Arizona National. Hailing from the calf division, Mr. Tuscany Magnum claimed the purple banner as he was crowned grand champion bull. This April 2010 bull calf is owned by Colin Acedo, an American Junior Brahman Association (AJBA) member and junior board member. The bull is sired by Mr. Tuscany Catalina, the Acedo’s Karu son, and out of Miss Tuscany Kitue who is a daughter of +Mr. Winchester Magnum 999. Angela Gilbert, one of the biggest Brahman promoters in the western states, exhibited the reserve grand champion bull, LBG Mr. Gilbert Farms 33/50. This two-year-old bull is sired by the Gilbert’s herd sire LBG Mr. Gilbert Farms 50 and out of LBG Ms Gilbert Farms 33. Angela and her family travelled from Clackamas, Oregon, to compete in Arizona. Her bull was previously chosen as junior champion. Tuscany Farms exhibited both champions in the intermediate division with Mr. Tuscany Austin and Mr. Tuscany Mason. The division champion, Mr. Tuscany Austin is a November 2009 bull of Colin Acedo’s. Younger sister, Sydney, exhibited the reserve intermediate champion bull with Mr. Tuscany Mason. Both of these bulls are sired by Mr. Tuscany Lawson, the Acedo’s herd bull, sired by +VL Rojo Bravo 6/125. In the Brahman female show, this time it was the even younger Madison Acedo who paraded into the winner’s circle as senior champion, Miss Tuscany Brandi, was named grand champion female. Brandi is a coming three-year-old, sired by JDH Sir Jerome Manso, a Liberty son, and out of Miss V8 314/6. For reserve grand champion female, big brother Colin’s Miss Tuscany Kinsale took home the banner. Kinsale is a May 2009 daughter of +Mr. Winchester Magnum 999 out of Miss Tuscany Zambezi, a straight bred Santa Elena female. Kinsale represented the intermediate division. Angela Gilbert took home several trophies for her division champions. She exhibited both the calf champion and reserve calf champion. Miss Gilbert Farms 409 left with champion honors, while Miss Gilbert Farms 3/0 was chosen as reserve. Gilbert also exhibited the reserve intermediate champion heifer with Ms. Gilbert 40/60 and the reserve junior champion with LBG Ms Gilbert Farms 40/50. 32 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

GRAND CHAMPION BULL Mr. Tuscany Magnum Exhibited by Tuscany Farms

GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE Miss Tuscany Brandi Exhibited by Tuscany Farms


Exhibited by Gilbert Farms

RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE Miss Tuscany Kinsale Exhibited by Tuscany Farms

All of these females are bred and owned by Angela Gilbert and feature bloodlines from the LBG herd. The Acedo family presented the remaining division winners in the female show. Miss Tuscany Windermere, owned by Evan Acedo, was chosen as junior champion female. Miss Tuscany Runner, owned by Sydney, followed as reserve senior champion female.TABR©


Brahman Registrations on the Rise for 7th Straight Year HOUSTON - The American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) reported a 6% increase in registrations of American Brahman cattle for 2010, citing increased demand for Brahman genetics and renewed excitement for association programs as the main cause. The ABBA also attributes their growth, especially in the F1 market, to the breed’s efficiency and environmental adaptability. “The industry has seen a need for increased heterosis and efficiency,” says Chris Shivers, executive vice-president of the ABBA. “Brahman cattle are known as crossbreeding’s common denominator and cattlemen recognize the value of these genetics in their breeding programs.” The states of Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi and Oklahoma recorded the highest number of Brahman cattle registrations in 2010, proving the breed to be the preferred choice for genetics in the south. The top five breeders, listed according to total number of


registrations, were J.D. Hudgins. Inc., Hungerford, Texas; V8 Ranch, Hungerford, Texas; Byron Vassberg, College Station, Texas; Carlos Lee, Aguadulce, Panama; and Samuel C. Duplantis, Erath, Louisiana. “This continued increase of Brahman popularity has contributed to the financial profitability of the association,” reports Shivers. “This is the fourth straight fiscal year that we have has profited over $100,000. The Brahman board of directors is committed to investing these profits into adding value to member herds and increasing the promotion of American Brahman cattle throughout the southern United States.” Evidence of this is the first annual membership convention scheduled in 2011. The ABBA continues to maintain a vision of insuring the Brahman breed’s place as a viable entity in the global beef market. For more information, visit TABR©













Brahman breeders kick off the year in Fort Worth’s Cowtown, and this January was no different. Exhibitors at the 2011 Fort Worth Stock Show enjoyed large crowds, a pleasant atmosphere, and socializing with Brahman friends as 2011 started with a bang. Exhibitors from Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma paraded 232 head of American red and gray Brahmans before judge Dr. Jim Sanders, professor of animal science at Texas A&M University.


RED SHOW The crowd gathered in the Watt Arena on January 18th, many enjoying their signature Ft. Worth cinnamon rolls and eager to begin the show. As the red heifer calves entered the ring, Lucas Hyde, Darby Oden, and Kensey Smith emerged as class winners from the calf division. One of Oden’s three class winners in this division included TO Ms Miracle 4/10, the 2011 AJBA Foundation Female. TO Ms Daisy 5/10, a red speckled May 2010 heifer, owned by Oden, was selected as calf champion red female. She is sired by BB Mr. Red Commander 143 and out of a +Mr. 3H X-Ray 825 daughter. For reserve calf champion, Sanders selected the second place entry, 5M Ms Rojo Milli 506/0, owned by 5M Farms of Ruston, Louisiana. This heifer is sired by HK Millionaire 513/1 and out of a Broken Triangle female. In the intermediate division, K Bar Farms, Circle T Cattle Co., 5M Farms, and La Preciosa exhibited class winners with their heifers calved May through December 2009. In this division, judge Sanders opted for two full siblings to claim both of the division champion spots. The Circle T Cattle Co. entry, CT Lady Rhino Ray 8/9, was named Grand Champion Red Female intermediate champion Exhibited by Circle T Cattle red female, followed by Bennett Farms’ second place entry, Miss B-F 140/9 for reserve. Both of these heifers are sired by Mr. H Red Rhino 765, out of 5M Miss Marcia, and both were bred by Matthew Madden of 5M Farms. Despite the small number of entries in the junior heifer division, Reserve Grand Champion Red Female quality ran deep with Exhibited by Darby Oden the seven females, all previous winners throughout the circuit. Charlie Hurston’s Arabella heifer, Amie Ferguson’s Elizabeth heifer, and Oden’s Marie Laveau female emerged as class winners. Sanders chose Lady H Elizabeth Mojo 75/9, a Red Rhino daughter owned by Amie Ferguson, for junior champion, followed by Detering’s DB Southern Style 643/9, a DB Rebel 139/0 daughter, for reserve. DB Southern Style 538/8, a coming 3-year-old cow/calf pair, owned by Lacey Lowery, was named senior champion red female. For reserve, Sanders chose the Bennett Farms entry, Miss B-F Hy Time 89/8. Both of these females are Winchester Magnum 999 daughters. Oden also exhibited a class winner in the senior division. Sanders carefully evaluated the division champions for their structural soundness, balance, and breed character. Sanders commented on the quality of the younger heifers, while swiftly selecting CT Lady Rhino Ray 8/9 as his grand champion female. Owned by the Thibodeaux family and under the care of Legacy

Cattle Service, this female was coming off the heels of her recent 2010 reserve national championship win in Dallas. For reserve grand champion red female, Dr. Sanders went to the calf champion female, TO Ms Daisy 5/10, owned by Oden. Thirty-two red bulls competed at this year’s Fort Worth show, with the greatest number of entries in the calf division. Herb Braswell, Bill Sanders, Oden, Detering Red Brahmans, and Hensley Brahmans exhibited class winners in this division. Oden’s bull, TO Mr. 10/3, was chosen as calf champion. He is an April 2010 son of 5T Mr. Red Bandit 84. Braswell’s entry, Mr. H3 King Ray, was chosen as reserve calf champion. King Ray came from the youngest class, the July class, and is sired by +Mr. 3H X-Ray 825. In the intermediate red bull division, Detering Red Brahmans claimed another win with DB Southern Style 722/9. This December 2009 bull calf is sired by Mr. 3X-HK Oro Rojo and under the care of Joyce Custom Fitters. TO’s Pistol 9/3, a Derringer son owned by 5M Farms, was named reserve intermediate champion. Oden Ranch claimed both championship spots in the junior division with Mr. TO 1/9 (a Derringer son) and TO Kaboom Grand Champion Red Bull 9/10 (a son of JDH Exhibited by K Bar Farms Sir Leopol Manso) named as junior and reserve junior champion red bull, respectively. In the senior division, Carolyn Falgout’s 2010 Show Bull of the Year, KF Mr. Passport Success 2/8, claimed the senior championship win. For reserve, Reserve Grand Champion Red Bull Sanders chose Bailee Exhibited by Detering Red Brahmans McDonald’s Mr. H3 Playboy. As the red exhibitors anxiously awaited the championship bull selection, Sanders complimented breeders on the outstanding bulls in the drive. Wasting no time, he walked over to the senior bull, KF Mr. Passport Success 2/8, awarding him with the grand championship. This 30-month old-bull has earned enough ribbons over the past year to fill the trophy cases for his owners at K Bar Farms. He is sired by +KF Progeny’s Success and out of a HK Passport daughter. This bull is under the exhibition of Legacy Cattle Service. For reserve grand champion red bull, Sanders went to Detering’s intermediate champion, DB Southern Style 722/9. In the group classes, Detering Red Brahmans claimed the champion produce of dam and 5M Farms took home the championship ET produce of dam award.


GRAY SHOW The gray show included 150 head of bulls and heifers with very large classes topping out at 13 entries in the January-February 2010 heifer class. To start off the day, Tic Tac Toe Ranch was named champion produce of dam. In the heifer calf division, Sara Felix, Tic Tac Toe Ranch, J.D. Hudgins, and V8 Ranch exhibited class winners. JDH Lady Debbie Manso 873/7 was named calf champion followed by Miss V8 307/7 for reserve. Lady Debbie is a March 2010 female sired by JDH Beckton de Manso, out of a Magnifico daughter. Miss V8 307/7 is sired by +Mr. V8 901/4 and out of the former national champion cow Miss V8 551/6. Hannah Callaway, V8 Ranch, Tic Tac Toe Ranch, and Jacqualyn Cawley exhibited the four class winners in contention for intermediate champion gray female. Judge Sanders selected Miss V8 274/6, a September 2009 heifer sired by Mr. V8 380/6, as intermediate champion. She was previously the division winner at the Kickoff Classic and Heart of Texas Fair. The June 2009 class winner, Grand Champion Gray Female JJ7 Ms Sara Wincrata 28/9, was selected as Exhibited by V8 Ranch reserve intermediate champion. This female was exhibited by Jacqualyn Cawley and bred by James Foster using his JJF Winston Suva Crata bull. In the junior division, class winners were exhibited by V8 Ranch, Tic Tac Toe Ranch, and J.D. Reserve Grand Champion Gray Female Hudgins. Hudgins’ February 2009 female, Exhibited by J.D. Hudgins JDH Ms Allie Manso 683/7, was selected junior champion. She is a daughter of JDH Calixto Manso out of a (=)JDH Sir Alexo Manso cow. TTT Suvette Marti 490, the March 2009 class winner, was named reserve junior champion. She is a +JDH Martin Manso daughter out of a Register of Renown +TTT Mr. Suva Crata 450 daughter. V8 Ranch and J.D. Hudgins exhibited the class winners in the senior division. The competitive lineup included V8’s heavy springing entry matched against two cow/calf pairs from JDH. Sanders chose Miss V8 100/7 (P) as the senior champion, and then selected JDH Miss Carly Manso 547/7 as reserve. As the entries came in for the gray champion drive, it appeared to the crowd that Dr. Sanders had his mind made up as he quickly chose the two senior females for his overall champions. Miss V8 100/7 (P) was crowned grand champion female, creating a pattern for herself after recently earning the 2010 national champion female title. This dark pigmented female is sired by Mr. V8 736/5 and out of a polled (=)Mr. V8 332/4 daughter. The reserve champion, JDH Carly Manso 547, is sired by JDH Calixto Manso and out of a (+) 44 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

JDH Sir Marri Manso daughter. Carly was also a member of the JDH champion get-of-sire, with progeny from Calixto. In the gray bull show, the calf division was packed with young bulls full of potential. Kevin Deleu, J.D. Hudgins, and V8 Ranch exhibited class winners. Judge Sanders chose Mr. V8 948/6 as his calf champion bull. This January 2010 bull calf is a full brother to the female Sanders previously named reserve calf champion, and was part of the winning ET produce of dam for V8 Ranch. JDH El Gran Jefe Manso 92/8, another Calixto son, was named reserve calf champion. Barney Allen, J.D. Hudgins, Bob Rich, and Amie Ferguson exhibited class winners in the intermediate division. JDH Expression Manso 735/4, an Elmo son, was chosen as intermediate champion. This bull was also previously named calf champion at the 2010 national show. Barney Allen’s BNA Bar Drake 411/0 bull calf was named reserve intermediate champion. He is a December 2009 son of Cross Fire and out of a Double Take daughter. Mr. V8 830/6 was Grand Champion Gray Bull selected as junior Exhibited by J.D. Hudgins champion bull. He is a February 2009 son of +JDH Karu Manso out of a former international champion Superstroke daughter. JDH Lynch Manso 645/1, a March 2009 son of JDH Sir Tobe Manso, was named reserve junior champion. Thirteen powerful Reserve Grand Champion Gray Bull bulls competed in Exhibited by V8 Ranch the senior division, which judge Sanders described as extremely competitive from top to bottom. Class winners were presented by Jacob Valenta of 4V Ranch, and J.D. Hudgins. For senior champion, Sanders opted for the two bulls topping out the aged spring bull class, JDH Sir Harper Manso 752/1 and Mr. V8 675/6. As the show wrapped up and the grand champion gray bull drive commenced, Sanders commented on the outstanding quality of the two oldest bulls, and named them as the overall champions. JDH Sir Harper Manso 752/7 claimed the grand championship for owners J.D. Hudgins. Sir Harper is a March 2008 son of +JDH Sir Lawford Manso out of a Woodman daughter. Mr. V8 675/6 was named reserve grand champion for owners V8 Ranch and Patrick Lim of Thailand. This bull is a coming three-year-old sired by Mr. V8 203/6 out of a former international and national champion Superstroke daughter. ©TABR



ore than 150 junior Brahman exhibitors from across the state of Texas competed in this year’s 2011 Ft. Worth Junior Brahman Show. Judge Wes Stover, an Oklahoma native, noted that though he typically does not judge a lot of Brahman shows, he was tremendously impressed with the quality of cattle and youngsters in the show. Young Brahman heifers packed the Watt Arena as exhibitors piled into the ring with their calf division entries. Keaton Schulte, Rhealee Spies, Andy Johnson and Bailee Jo McDonald exhibited class winners in the first division. Miss BER 280, exhibited by Rhealee Spies of Burton, Texas, was chosen as calf champion. McDonald’s heifer, KR Ms Red Lotto 323, was named reserve calf champion. In the junior heifer division, Katie Garrett’s TO Miss Soul Sister 911/5 emerged as the junior champion female. She was followed by Miss Ila Reese 941, owned by Logan Choiniere, as reserve junior champion. Other class winners in this division were Miss LS 104, owned by David Low, and Miss V8 210/7, owned by Carly Prim.


The senior division proved to be extremely competitive, as many of these females were heavy springing or had calves at side. Kelsi Campling, an FFA member from Wylie, Texas, claimed the division win with AJP Diamond Bella, who many would remember from this summer, as she was exhibited to many junior show wins by breeder Allyson Parks. For reserve, Tyler Choinere and the extremely competitive Miss Susan Reese took home the rosette. Garrison Tullos also exhibited a class winner in this division with Miss GRT Shilo Manso 844. Spies, Garrett, and Campling boldly entered the ring as every seat in the stands of Watt Arena was filled, to see who would be named grand champion female of the show. Judge Stover applauded the exhibitors for their sportsmanship and high quality cattle, and ultimately selected AJP Diamond Bella as the grand champion female. Bella is a September 2008 female who is sired by +JDH Martin Manso. Rhealea Spies stepped into the purple for reserve grand champion female with Miss BER 280. This heifer was bred by Bulls Eye Ranch and is sired by JDH Mr. Tula Manso out of a BNA The Deacon daughter. As the show ended, many exhibitors eagerly awaited to hear who would be named the champion showman of the Brahman show. The showmanship contest is judged by a silent judge in the audience each year with special prizes donated by the “Brahma Mamas”. Bowie FFA’s Rennie Rogers emerged from the pack to win 1st place in showmanship, followed by young Madison Peterson in 2nd, and Kaleb Bendy in 3rd. Congratulations exhibitors! TABR©

GS Doc’s Ms.

ABBA #880972

2010 Louisiana State Fair Reserve Champion

2010 Sugar Classic Grand Champion 2010 Ark-La-Miss Grand Champion

Duson, LA • 337-852-5314 Owner: Francis Rush Manager: Colleen Rush Callender Find us on:




By Holly Foster

Dr. Richard L. Forgason hails from one of the American Brahman breed’s oldest families and now manages Forgason Cattle Company of J.D. Hudgins, Inc. “I’m part of the fifth generation of our family to raise Brahman cattle and that heritage has meant everything to me,” he says. 50 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

The F1 program and the American Junior Brahman Association both got off the ground during my ABBA presidency, both of which I’m very proud. -Forgason, 2011

It is because of that commitment to the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) and the breed that Forgason will be honored as a 2011 ABBA Hall of Fame inductee. The J.D. Hudgins story is synonymous with the history of the American Brahman. Beginning in 1915, J.D. Hudgins and his son Walter began buying Indian cattle to develop an animal that would thrive in the harsh Gulf Coast environment. The Hudgins family continued to add to the herd using bulls from the 1924 importation from Brazil, and in 1933 purchased the famous “Manso,” a bull that certainly made his mark on the breed. “The ABBA tells us that more than 75 percent of registered American Brahmans go back to Manso,” reports Forgason. “And, I say that not to brag, but just to show the extent of our family’s involvement in the development of the breed.” Forgason grew up steeped in the history of J.D. Hudgins and the influence of Manso on his family’s operation. He made the decision to pursue his interest in the cattle industry and attended Texas A&M University where he graduated with a degree in veterinary science. After college, Forgason held a teaching position with Texas A&M University until he was drafted in 1964, to serve in the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps. Forgason and his wife Flossy, were stationed at Fort Detrick, the U.S. Army Garrison in Maryland. Forgason’s teaching position at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine had been held open, so after being discharged from the service, he returned to that role for another two years. In 1962, while Forgason was still in college, J.D. Hudgins, Inc. had developed five family divisions. His older brother James, who is also a veterinarian, was managing the Forgason division and by 1968 he needed his younger brother’s help on the ranch. “I really enjoyed teaching and returning to the family operation was the only thing that could make me leave academia,” admits Forgason. In 2004 the two brothers, with their children, subdivided the Forgason division to include J. Forgason Division and Forgason Cattle Company, which Dr. Forgason currently manages with his two children, daughter Lana Forgason Stanley and son Lex Forgason, along with their respective families. “All of us take a great deal of pride in the J.D. Hudgins brand,” adds Forgason. “We market and promote the cattle under that name, and while the corporation owns no cattle, all of the various divisions recognize there is an advantage to being part of that legacy and the reputation it brings.” Dr. Forgason became active in the ABBA as a member of the Research and Breed Improvement Committee soon after his return to the ranch in 1968. He was later asked by then president and fellow J.D. Hudgins family member, Leon Locke, to complete a term for an ABBA board member that had passed away. Forgason was then elected to the board in his own right in 1972. He served the association as president from 1977-1979.

“Richard took the office of president during some trying times for the association,” says Coleman Locke, past ABBA president and current president of J.D. Hudgins, Inc. “He and then executive secretary, Wendell Schronk, worked very closely together. Richard offered great leadership when the association was in a time of healing. He’s very well-liked and respected, and has done a tremendous amount of work on behalf of the breed, the association and the beef industry as a whole.” When asked to name some of his most notable accomplishments as ABBA president, Dr. Forgason points to the recognition of the American Brahman as an official breed in Brazil. He points out that this victory was pivotal in increasing international registrations. “The Foundation Cow Program had been very important in the advancement of the breed and markets in Central America, but had served its purpose. Wendell Schronk’s brain child, the F1 Program, and the American Junior Brahman Association got off the ground during my presidency, both of which I’m very proud.” Forgason was probably one of the most traveled ABBA presidents during his term in office. “Wendell and I made many a mile together, and visited at least 20 countries and 25 different states on behalf of the association, and I enjoyed every mile,” he adds. “Richard Forgason is a stalwart in the Brahman breed,” says Chris Shivers, ABBA executive vice president. “He has been a longtime member, is a past president and former Research and Breed Improvement Committee chairman. Much of the success, growth and improvement that the breed has seen over the past 40 years is due to his continued belief and promotion of research and


Much of the improvement of the breed over the past 40 years is due to Forgason’s continued belief of Brahman research. -Chris Shivers, 2011

breed improvement programs. Dr. Richard Forgason has always been fair in his decision making, and passionate and unselfish with the time he has given to the breed, making this recognition as a Hall of Fame inductee a truly fitting honor.” “Looking forward, I think we have a great association and I know we have a great staff,” brags Forgason. “I think we need to continue to better identify how our cattle fit in the U.S. beef industry and we’ve already done a lot of work to accomplish that.” “The Brahman breed is important for adaptability, and is necessary to acclimate cattle to harsh environments,” he adds. “We lost a little focus on how our cattle meet consumer demands during the eighties, but with new technology such as gene markers, we’ll be able to focus not only on the adaptability of the breed, but also improve carcass traits.” Forgason has held numerous industry positions, including serving as the chair of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Seedstock Council and as chairman of the Texas Beef Council. He continues to not only be very active on the ranch, including performing much of the veterinary work for J.D. Hudgins, Inc. In addition he remains active with the ABBA and continues to promote the breed that means so much to him. “I don’t have to look for things to do,” he adds with a smile. ©TABR

A LOVE FOR BRAHMANS FROM AN EARLY AGE Growing up on the J.D. Hudgins Ranch gave Forgason a love for Brahman cattle that has spanned his entire life.

FORGASON SUPPORTS THE BEEF REFERENDUM Forgason helped encourage cattleman to support the beef referendum, now the Beef Checkoff, through his efforts with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Pictured here with ABBA members Leon Locke (second from left) and Ed Cullers (far right). 52 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

A WORKING RANCH VET Both Richard and his older brother, James Forgason, are veterinarians and have managed the herd health and veterinary management programs at J.D. Hudgins for more than 40 years. Here, Richard assists with a branding at the ranch.

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL A TOP PRIORITY During his lifetime of service to ABBA, Forgason (pictured here with his wife Flossy and the DiMarzios of Brazil) has travelled to more than 20 different countries and 25 states promoting Brahman cattle. In 2010, he represented ABBA at the World Brahman Congress in Uberaba, Brazil.



den Ranch of Marshall, Texas, is the donor of the 2011 American Junior Brahman Association (AJBA) Foundation Female, which is scheduled to sell on Wednesday, March 2, as the featured lot of the 2011 International Brahman Sale. Owned by Tom and Darlene Oden and their children, Oden Ranch is a strong supporter of Brahman activities and especially junior programs. Each year, a generous member of the Brahman family donates one female to be named the AJBA Foundation Female. This female is a highlight of the Houston sale, with all of her proceeds being donated to the junior program to help host youth educational programs and activities throughout the year. Bulls Eye Ranch of Burton, Texas, donated the first Foundation Female in 2009, then Dubina Rose Ranch of Schulenburg, Texas, followed by donating the 2010 female. Both of these donations were gray Brahman heifers. For 2011, the AJBA searched for a top red female to offer, and the Oden family answered the call. Their program is home to the 2010 International Champion Red Female, the 2010 American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) Show Heifer of the Year, along with numerous other show ring winners in the red arena. “We are very honored to donate the 2011 AJBA Foundation Female,” says Tom Oden. “Our children have greatly benefited from the activities offered by the AJBA and we are more than happy to contribute to the fundraising efforts of this great association.” After agreeing to donate the heifer, the Odens began their quest to offer their very best show prospect. “Once we decided to be the Foundation Female donor, we had a few heifers in mind to donate,” Oden explains. “But we wanted to make sure we offered our best, so I called three fellow breeders that I greatly respect and asked them to come help us make the selection.” At that time, Oden called upon Craig Fontenot of Ville Platte, Louisiana; Steve Hudgins of Hungerford, Texas; and Randall Tipp from Sealy, Texas, to aid in the selection. All three of these men are members of the ABBA approved judges list and are greatly experienced in show cattle selection and breeding. Steve Hudgins recalls the day the men assembled to select the female. “When Tom called us, we were glad to come help him and help the AJBA,” Hudgins reports. “We all took a day out of our


schedules to visit the ranch and look through his heifers, eventually reaching an agreement on what we thought was the best one.” Oden and his consultants selected TO Ms Miracle 4/10, an April 2010 daughter of 5T Bandit, out of a Winchester 999 daughter. For the past year, the Oden family has been preparing this red heifer for her debut in the spotlight during the Houston sale. She sells halter broke, ready to go, and even has a few show ring competitions under her belt. In fact, TO Ms Miracle was an open show class winner at the recent 2011 Fort Worth Stock Show and reserve calf champion at 2011 San Antonio Stock Show. Oden Ranch will receive a limited edition bronze sculpture, by Elkin Anaya, to commemorate their donation of this year’s Foundation Female. The buyer of the AJBA Foundation female will also receive a special bronze trophy following their purchase. These sculptures were specially commissioned to recognize the donor and buyer of the Foundation Female. Only two of these one-of-a-kind bronzes are presented each year. The heifer sells as Lot 1 of the International Brahman Sale. Interested buyers who are unable to attend the auction can bid on TO Ms Miracle 4/10, and all other lots in the International Sale, at, through the live internet bidding platform. Interested buyers can also contact the ABBA office, any member of the AJBA junior board of directors or ABBA youth activities committee to place their bids. TABR© Breeders interested in supporting this cause and being the 2012 AJBA Foundation Female sponsor may contact the ABBA office at 713349-0854 or email






ByTera Rooney


ith a deep voice and sense of humble pride, Johnny Jefcoat, of Scott, Louisiana, shares his story of years

dedicated to the cattle industry and Brahman breed. The story begins with the purchase of a set of females in 1967, and continues today as Jefcoat spends time judging shows, consulting for cattle operations, and continually promoting the breed he’s given his heart to for over forty years. 58 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

In 1967, Johnny Jefcoat purchased a set of Brahman females that would begin a lifetime of association with a breed, an organization, and it’s people. In 2003, Double J Ranch held a dispersal sale entitled “Sharing Our Heart.” The events that occurred between these thirty-six years describes countless acts of service and dedication to promote American Brahman cattle starting in Louisiana, then expanding to the United States, then ultimately the world. In January 2011, Jefcoat was unanimously chosen to enter the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) Hall of Fame, to be presented in conjunction with the 2011 International Brahman Show in Houston. While his last sale was nearly ten years ago, the theme of “Sharing Our Heart” aptly describes the contributions made, over the years, by Jefcoat to the ABBA. To date, Double J Ranch genetics have been shipped to 29 different countries. Jefcoat and his wife, Hope, have had the opportunity to travel to each destination while promoting their operation and developing Brahman cattle internationally. Jefcoat believes the American Brahman to be a global breed with huge significance in the beef industry. “Purebred Brahman genetics, at least in the upper tier of breeders, is probably the most global portion of the cattle industry. It doesn’t mean it’s not personal, in this business you’ll make friends for a lifetime and sell cattle to them,” Jefcoat says. “They become some of the best friends that you have in the world, from all around the world, even with the cattle set aside.”

Merit cows, 2 Maternal Merit bulls, 5 Vanguard cows and 1 Vanguard bull. Developing elite genetics has always been Jefcoat’s goal with Double J Ranch. A good example of this would be his beginning purchase of JTW Didor Ferno Manso 449/1. Years of line breeding the Didor line of cattle eventually led to bulls like JJ 389 and JJ Wise Didor 873, both of which are trait and semen sales leaders in the U.S. and internationally. Semen sales from superior bulls have always been a large part of Jefcoat’s operation. Due to his international marketing and the high demand for quality genetics, Double J Ranch bulls have been representing American Brahman genetics around the world for years.

In this business you make friends for a lifetime. They become some of the best friends that you have in the world - from all around the world - even with the cattle set aside. -Jefcoat, 2011

SHOWS PROVIDE JEFCOAT AN OPPORTUNITY TO TRAVEL, PROMOTE, AND MEET WORLDWIDE FRIENDS Evaluating at stock shows is another avenue in which Jefcoat continues to represent American Brahman cattle in other countries. Recently, he travelled to Thailand to judge American Brahman cattle and has several other shows on the books for 2011. Judging has given Jefcoat an opportunity to revisit the same countries in which he sold and marketed cattle during his time as a Brahman breeder. “Mainly I like to go see my old friends,” Jefcoat explains. “A lot of the same guys I’ve

A BREEDING PROGRAM FILLED WITH SUCCESS Jefcoat believes his personal business is best described as both a social and economic relationship between him, Hope and Double J Ranch customers. This kind of relationship has laid the groundwork for a very successful program. Double J Ranch’s Brahman genetics have produced 12 grand and reserve champions at both the international and national Brahman shows, including four get-of-sire champions. The success seen in the show ring translated to the pasture with an astounding 23 Register of Renown cows, 10 Register of Renown bulls, 11 Maternal

JOHNNY JEFCOAT, 1967 The Double J herd began with a purchase of registered females in 1967, and developed into one of the world’s leading American Brahman herds until their disperal in 2003. Today, the JJ prefix can be heavily seen throughout Brahman pedigrees worldwide. HOUSTON 2011 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | 59

dealt with over the years are still there. Your customers end up being some of the best friends you have in the world and you get the chance to see them when you judge a lot of shows.” Jefcoat has been an approved ABBA judge for more than 30 years, sorting cattle in 12 states and 15 different countries. Of the many show rings he has stepped up to the microphone in, the biggest opportunities came at the 1990 World Congress Show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the 1993 Houston Livestock Show in Houston, Texas. These two shows stand out in Jefcoats mind due to the extreme high quality of the cattle represented in the competition. While travelling abroad and in the United States as an official ABBA judge and elected official, Jefcoat kept professionalism as a top priority. “When you are in these other countries you can never forget that people are looking at you, not only as a representative of your operation, but as a representative of the ABBA,” Jefcoat says. “It’s important to always represent yourself in a manner that puts the ABBA at an advantageous position.”

When you are in other countries, you can never forget that people are looking at you, not only as a representative of your operation, but as a representative of the ABBA. -Jefcoat, 2011

PUBLIC SERVICE TO OTHERS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE Service to the association is something Jefcoat believes in. His dedication shows by serving 25 years as an elected member of the ABBA Board of Directors. During his tenure, he chaired several committees and helped make decisions as a member of the Executive Committee. In his home state, Jefcoat has served as president and as a board member of the Lafayette Parish Cattlemen’s Association and Louisiana Brahman Association. “I think it is important to get involved and do the best you can. A lot of times you’re going to have disagreements, but you keep working for the association because it is working for you,” Jefcoat advises. “Never forget that the most important function of an association is to keep accurate breed records for your pedigrees, but it also brings you together with people who have similar interests.” Through the years, numerous Brahman breeders have seen Jefcoat’s passion for Brahman cattle and been inspired to follow in his footsteps. Stuart Watkins, a young Brahman breeder from Louisiana, is just one of the many breeders Jefcoat has encouraged. “He dispersed in 2003, but he is just as much a

HELPING BRING THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN TO BRAZIL - 1993 As chairman of the ABBA International committee, Johnny helped Brazilian breeders of the American Brahman become part of ABCZ. Pictured here, Romulo Karder de Carmargo, president of ABCZ & Johnny, signing articles of agreement between ABBA and ABCZ, May 5, 1993. 60 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011


JJ RING DIDOR 389/1 The first Brahman to set foot in Brazil; the first American Brahman to be registered in ABCZ: Reg #1, and the first bull to win Grand Champion in Uberaba. This bull stems from the JTW Didor Ferno Manso 449/1 bull, an extremely significant bloodline in Brahman history that Jefcoat used in linebreeding in the Double J herd.

JJ DIDOR CRATA 500 - PICTURED AT ONE WEEK OLD #2 Bull in the ABBA Register of Renown Born in 1983, this bull also stems from the popular Didor bloodline Johnny admired and perfected. JJ 500 has over 600 head of progeny registered in ABBA. 62 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

The cattle business is a lifetime business. The way to be successful is staying in it a long time and making improvements. -Jefcoat, 2011

part of the breed as he ever was,” Watkins says. “Mr. Johnny didn’t come from a deep family history of raising Brahman cattle, he did this on his own and he championed it, really and truly.” Watkins went on to say, “Not everyone could do for the Brahman breed what Mr. Johnny has done. It really gives you the belief that you can make it yourself as a young breeder.” When asked about advice he would give to young people like Stuart Watkins, who are up and coming producers in the Brahman breed, Jefcoat emphasized being ready to dedicate a lifetime. “You have to remember the cattle business is a lifetime business. In five years, you’ve done nothing. The way you get to be successful is staying in a long time and making improvements. It takes a lot of work,” Jefcoat explains. Double J Ranch has been a lifelong endeavor that both Jefcoat and his wife have fostered through the years. Together they have two grown children – a son, John Martin, and a daughter, Monica. Jefcoat attributes much of Double J Ranch’s success to the partnership they have built together. “Hope is my partner, and I certainly couldn’t have done it without her. We started this thing together, and she’s made a lot of sacrifices,” Jefcoat says. Jefcoat will be honored March 2, 2011 at the ABBA annual membership meeting and throughout the week during the international Brahman activities at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. His portrait will also be permanently displayed in the ABBA office along with the other Hall of Fame members, honoring a man who has shared his heart with Brahman breeders worldwide. ©TABR


Plans Underway for Fall ABBA Convention

Dates for the fall American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) convention are set! A fun, educational event is scheduled for November 4-6 at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas. Participants will arrive Friday, November 4, gathering for an informal reception intended for the rekindling and establishing of relationships among Brahman enthusiasts. The idea for a fall convention was announced at the Dallas ABBA board meeting by incoming Membership Committee chairman, Gerald Young. Executive vice president, Chris Shivers, reports this event is, “an opportunity to leave the cattle at home, bring the entire family, have fun and learn something. In addition, the convention will add value to our ABBA membership.” Morning activities for Saturday, November 5, will focus on educational discussions including breakout and small group


sessions. There will be sessions designed for longtime, advanced breeders, as well as many devoted to newer, beginner breeders. Lunch will be served on site. The Moody Gardens staff puts out a great spread so be prepared to eat to your heart’s content. The afternoon will be filled with fun activities designed to further develop relationships between members, as well as enjoy time with family and friends in the local area. Saturday evening will conclude the event with a dinner, speaker and entertainment. Sunday has been reserved for convention participants’ return trip home, or further enjoyment of the Galveston area. Specific plans for seminars and activities will be discussed at the Houston Livestock Show. Final decisions will be made and announced in late spring of 2011. Suggestions or ideas for seminar topics and/or speakers may be forwarded to Gerald Young or Chris Shivers. TABR©





Dinah Weil inducted into ABBA Hall of Fame... 68 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

By Hannah Wine

Dinah Weil of HK Cattle, in Rosharon, Texas, was in total shock when she got the phone call...

“I was very humbled and honored to hear I had been inducted, but the timing shocked me. There are people older, who have been in it longer, I would have preferred seeing inducted. It was still early for me!”


female certification program. “While I worked at the ABBA, I just fell in love with Brahman cattle and the Brahman people,” Weil says, “I was just totally in love with Brahmans, these cattle, they get under your skin.” In 1989 Dinah left the ABBA to join her partner Larry Jansen as they acquired the famous HK herd. The history of HK cattle runs deep, tracing back to 1878, when Captain John N. Keeran, great grandfather of Emily Dial and the late Henry Clay Koontz, and A. H. “Shanghai” Pierce imported five hump-necked cattle from India to Texas, through the port of Indianola. Weil and Jansen moved the cattle to the ranch they lease 30 miles south of Houston, and they have been there for 23 years. “Houston is where the Brahman traffic is,” says Weil, “our location is really important.” After acquiring the HK herd, Weil and Jansen joined with Emily Dial of 3X Cattle to form a partnership focused on producing top red Brahman genetics. HK is a 150-head operation that focuses on embryo transfer and sexed semen. HK is heavily dependent on its success in the international market. “Brahman cattle get little credit in the U.S., but they are the most important way to produce protein in areas where nothing can even survive. Brahmans are king in other countries,” reports Weil. She recounts the bull she is most proud of, +HK Passport 777, “He has produced champions all over the world. The winner of the last international show of Mexico was by Passport and he was the first red bull to ever win that show.” Utilizing international markets has been an important part of Weil’s marketing plan for HK, with ventures all over Central and South America and more recently in Asia. Weil has traveled the world promoting Brahman cattle, visiting six of the seven continents. She strongly encourages others to take the opportunity to see the world through Brahman cattle.

After talking with Dinah, a die-hard Brahman breeder, you would never guess that she got her start in the cattle industry showing Polled Herefords with her brother and sister for their family ranch, Golden Grass, in Louisiana, in the 1960s. “Looking back, A.N. Smith, former American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) president, had Brahmans down the road from us growing up, and I used to stop and pet them when I’d walk to the store with my friends. I always remembered it because the red ones were really friendly. Other than that, the only other Brahman I’d been around was when I won the state showmanship competition at Louisiana State University (LSU). The judge had us switch calves, and I got a Brahman heifer,” exclaims Weil. After many successes in showing Herefords, livestock judging and 4-H, Weil kept receiving letters from LSU inviting her to come visit their school of home economics. “I didn’t think much of it then. My daddy wanted me to become a school teacher, I had always wanted to be a vet,” she admits. It was the start of the women’s liberation movement, and agriculture was not yet ready for Dinah Weil. Weil attended LSU. After deciding not to pursue veterinary medicine, she completed a degree in business education. After graduation she went to work for a Simmental ranch, and then headed to Houston to work for a promotions company. In 1976 Raymond Long, a longtime family friend who was on the Brahman board at the time, arranged for Weil to have an interview with then ABBA President Wendel Schronk for the position of recording secretary. In 1976 Weil began what has become a life dedicated to Brahman cattle. She served as recording secretary for the ABBA from 1976-1989. During her time at the ABBA Weil helped to convert the hand system of registration to a computerized system and played an instrumental role in Dinah and Marcelo Vezzezo visiting at the ABBA booth during the developing and implementing the F1 Brahman Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.



Not only has Weil been successful in her venture with Jansen at HK, but also she has used her passion and commitment to the breed to rise to the top of the industry. She has served on the ABBA board of directors; the 2010 International Show was dedicated to her; she is currently ABBA International Committee chairman; and she has served as a mentor and inspiration to Brahman producers for many, many years. Rachel Curter, a young Brahman breeder and director on the ABBA board, is one of many who has been inspired by Weil’s hard work and dedication. “I first met Dinah in the 1980s, when she was the recording secretary of the ABBA. After my heifer won the All American in 1987, Dinah sent me a hand-written note to congratulate me on the show,” says Rachel. “I couldn’t believe that someone as important as Dinah would even know who this little 9-year-old was, much less take the time to write a note. From then on Dinah Weil became someone I looked up to, and I still have that note today.” Cutrer and Weil’s relationship continued to grow over the years, “When I joined the ABBA board of directors, Dinah was the only other woman on the board, and it was very intimidating for me to be a 23-year-old girl in the board meetings with 60 of the most well respected men in the Brahman breed. Dinah would always save me a seat at the meetings, and she took me under her wing,” Rachel recalls. While it may have been a shock to Weil to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, it is no shock to the people of the Brahman industry. Weil credits her success in the cattle industry to her parents, her Brahman friends and business partners, and most importantly her partner Larry Jansen for all that he has taught her, “He is a real cowman. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without him,” said Weil. “To be recognized by my peers, a group of such highly respected cattlemen, I feel as though my life has made a full circle of acceptance, and I am grateful to be recognized for my love for this breed, which is such a major part of my life,” confesses Weil. ©TABR

I’m grateful to be recognized for my love for this breed, which is such a major part of my life. -Weil, 2011

WEIL INSPIRES FELLOW WOMEN IN ABBA Throughout her involvement in ABBA, Dinah has served as a mentor and role model to many women in the breed, like Rachel Cutrer, pictured summer 2010 with HK Blueprint, one of Dinah’s favorite bulls at her ranch in Rosharon.






It’s a modern day story of the classic tale, “The gift of the Magi,” with a Brahman twist... A father wanted to surprise his daughter, who was facing terminal brain cancer, with a gift she’s wanted for some time - a Brahman heifer. The daughter wished to surprise her dad with the same thing. What resulted was a Christmas the Fry family will never forget, two new Brahman heifers in their pasture – gifts from father to daughter and daughter to father. These were true gifts of love during the most difficult time of their lives. On July 27, Camille Fry, Denham Springs, Louisiana, and her parents, Chris and Cheri, received the news no one ever wants to

hear, “You have brain cancer.” From that moment, they say, life forever changed. However, one thing remained as strong as ever, the bond this family shares, evidenced by two beautiful Brahmans.

THE END OF NORMAL Until last summer, Chris and Cheri Fry were living a “normal” life, raising their three daughters, Margot 17, Camille 16, and Cecile 14, on their property east of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Chris had recently left a career in management to pursue his true passion as an artisan, and Cheri was entering her 26th year working for the local school corporation. When they first acquired their 25 acres, the couple purchased horses to graze the pastures. Eventually, they switched to raising commercial cattle with a Murray Gray influence. Today, they manage 20 cows, and Camille couldn’t be more pleased. “I’ve always liked animals, and when dad got started in cattle, I thought the calves were really cool,” Camille says. However, Chris admits, Camille wanted more. “Camille always said she wanted a ‘floppy-eared’ cow, a Brahman,” Chris says. “I had looked into them a couple of times, but high-quality Brahmans were a bit out of my budget. However, Brahmans were always on my mind.” In July, Camille received the diagnosis of cancer and entered radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Once again, she mentioned Brahmans. And, once again, Chris began the hunt. He located what he believed to be the perfect Brahman with Troy Thibodeaux, Circle Point, Louisiana, while Camille and Cheri were at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, for treatment in December. “I didn’t tell them anything about it, and I was trying to work it all out while they were gone,” Chris says. Little did he know, Camille and Cheri were working out a deal of their own. Camille was set to receive $2,500 for a shopping spree through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Her plan was to use that money to purchase a Brahman heifer for her father’s Christmas gift. “Evidently, Make-A-Wish had never received a request like that before,” Chris relays with a laugh, “but, they were open to it.” Cheri and Camille contacted Mike James with Triton Farms in Lottie, Louisiana. When James learned the Frys’ story, he wouldn’t accept payment. He wanted to donate a heifer to the family. The perfect fit, he believed, was “Marie,” being shown by Tyler Braud, a junior exhibitor from Chackbay, Louisiana.

Brahmans were always on my mind... -Chris Frye, 2011

Camille on a trip to New Orleans, June 2010


Camille meets Marie... Thanks to the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Mike James, and Tyler Braud, this young lady got her Christmas wish. “I was stunned,” Camille says. “I told him that I couldn’t take his cow from him. But, when he wouldn’t accept money, I told him I would do a painting for him. And, he said that would be fine.” When Camille and Cheri returned from St. Jude’s, Troy delivered the heifer Chris had purchased. Soon after, Cheri left for lunch with a friend, or so she said. In reality, Cheri was on a mission to pick up and deliver Marie. Camille blindfolded Chris, drove him to the pasture on their golf cart, and handed him a halter. When the blindfold was removed, Chris was face-to-face with Marie, who was decked for the holidays with a tree skirt on her hump. “She is such a beautiful Brahman heifer,” Chris says. “She is dog-gentle. She walked up and wanted to be petted, and Camille loved it.” It was a beautiful moment to top a not-sobeautiful five months.

THE LONG PATH OF TREATMENT Until last summer Camille was a vivacious kid. She loved playing the trombone in the marching band and has always had a love of painting. When she began experiencing neck pains, the doctors’ tests showed no problems. Then, Chris began to notice a slight drag to her left leg, as she walked. After an MRI was ordered, the results showed two tumors in her brain. “One moment, everything was hunky dory,” says Chris, “and, in the next hour, our whole world was falling apart. I remember going back to the hotel after the diagnosis, and I couldn’t even breathe. It was awful.” Camille was immediately admitted to the local hospital, and on August 4th, she was flown to St. Jude’s, where she remained for 2 months. “One tumor on the right side of the skull was operable,” Camille’s dad reports. “The other is located at the base of the brain, and it is being treated with radiation and chemotherapy.” 76 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

And Dad got a SUPRISE too....

Camille recently celebrated her “Sweet 16” birthday and enjoys spending time with her new Brahman heifers as well as painting. Her paintings hang in the Chili’s Care Center at St. Jude. The Frye’s report that they will always treasure the special day when Mike James & Tyler Braud presented their special gift of Brahman heifers. Currently, Camille is undergoing chemotherapy twice a month, with a stronger, oral chemotherapy once monthly. And, Chris tells that Camille has been a rock through it all. “She has been so even throughout this whole thing,” he brags. “She doesn’t snap at us. Sometimes, with brain issues, you never know what it may do to a person’s personality. But she hasn’t changed at all.” Although Camille hasn’t changed, her dad reports that their daily life is dramatically different.

THE CHANGE OF PRIORITIES Chris’ job, creating wooden spoons, requires much time developing inventory. Because Cheri needs to continue her career, Chris cares for Camille through the day, and Cheri takes over in the afternoons and evenings. “I’m not really interested in having someone sit with Camille,” Chris says. “I’m going to have to give up a lot of shows and income this year. But as long as we can make it, I don’t really care about all of that.” The Frys no longer make plans, and they often live by the moment. “It’s not even a matter of getting through one day or week at a time,” says Chris. “You can’t even do it by the hour. It’s moment by moment. If plans fall through, they fall through. We are now living a completely different lifestyle than we were used to living.” Camille says life has taken on a different meaning since her diagnosis. “’Life means the most to me,” she confesses. “We don’t know how long we’re going to have, and I take life moment by moment. We should all view each day as a blessing because we don’t know what’s going to happen.” Chris says going through such an experience has clarified their priorities. “It’s funny where you’re led in life,” he says. “I had considered getting a Brahman heifer but hadn’t put it into motion. Now, because it matters to Camille, we have Brahman heifers.” Mike James admits his view of life has changed as well. “I have young children,” says James. “All you have to hear is part

of what the Frys are going through, and it certainly simplifies life for you.”

THE GIFT OF THE FUTURE As for the future, Chris says it’s uncertain. “We just don’t know. As with anything in life, you do what you can, and you get through it.” However, he does point out one thing that is certain: Camille is a treasure. “She’s just a hoot, and she has an incredible sense of humor,” he says. “She’s one of those people that has an aura, and it’s bright.” Not only does Camille’s aura shine bright, but the family has witnessed the light of many kind people throughout this experience. “This is the best possible point of the worst situation you could be in,” Chris says. “Mike doesn’t know us from anybody. Just to do what he did, for no other reason than he cared about this situation – that’s probably the most touching thing I’ve gone through.” “And, the nightly news is a bunch of hooey,” he continues. “This is a great place. And there are fantastic people in the world.” James believes he did what any Brahman breeder would do, if given the opportunity. “My part in this was the easiest part,” he says. “When you hear the story, how can you not get involved? If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity, it’s a great experience to be able to help someone in a situation like this.” He also adds that perhaps there could not have been a more appropriate gift than a Brahman. “Brahmans are known for being a spiritual animal around the world,” chides James, “and, once you’re around these animals, you understand why they’re treated differently.” Yes, the spirit of giving and the spirit of love surround the gift of these two Brahman heifers. Truly, what greater gift could there be? ©TABR

Camille has been a rock through it all. She hasn’t changed one bit. Now, because it matters to Camille, we have Brahman heifers. -Chris Frye, 2011








By Hannah Wine

Powerful genetics are not hard to come by in the U.S. Brahman industry. Each year, many breeders in both the United States and throughout the world anxiously await to see what bulls are recognized at Houston with the prestigious Register of Renown award. At this year’s ABBA Annual Membership Meeting, the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) will recognize four new bulls as joining the ranks of the elite Register of Renown. 82 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

If you’re looking to vamp up your breeding program with genetics proven to impress judges, look no further than the those bulls listed in the ABBA’s Register of Renown. This special awards program recognizes bulls that consistently produce show winning offspring through the ABBA approved show system. Bulls are recognized once their progeny accumulate more than 150 points in the show ring. To be eligible, a bull must have accumulated points on at least six progeny. The point system developed by the Brahman association awards points based on class placing at ABBA approved shows across the nation. Once meeting the point criteria, animals that achieve the Register of Renown designation are recognized throughout the breed with the famous “+” symbol, which appears preceding the animal’s name on all ABBA registration papers and through the ABBA’s online database. This year’s Register of Renown inductee bulls include:

Mr. Grayson Reese 176 leads the pack of new sires in the Register of Renown in 2011, entering with 300 points. This bull is a senior herd sire at Reese Ranch in Normangee, Texas.

MR. GRAYSON REESE 176 Enters Register of Renown with 300 points Mr. Grayson Reese 176 is a January 6, 2001, KP’S Grayson 713 son out of JDH Lady Mexia Manso, bred by Jarrod B. Reese and owned by Reese Ranch of Normangee, Texas. As a show bull himself, Mr. Grayson Reese 176 was triumphant in the show ring, winning grand champion at Greenville’s Hunt County Fair and reserve champion at the All American. His outstanding progeny have been exhibited proudly throughout the nation Oustanding offspring by DB Valentino 48/3 put him in the Register of Renown in 2011. A daughter, DB by owners Billie and Donna Farris of Reese Ranch. The Reese’s reflect on several Southern Style 522/8, was recently named 2010 National Champion Female. notable offspring of 176 that helped him achieve the special status. “Ms. Reese 11/R was a division winner at Houston,” recalls Farris. “Grayson Reese also sired Mr. Reese 967, a class winner Enters Register of Renown with 152 points at the Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas and at the World Brahman Mr. Bar M 356 is a November 13, 1996, Bar M Reaux Dosa son Congress.” out of Miss Diamond T 945, bred by Bar M Ranch of Anahuac, For the Farris family, Ms. Susan Reese 903 is perhaps the most Texas, and co-owned by William H. Tuttle of Baton Rouge, beloved offspring of Mr. Grayson Reese 176. She is currently a Louisiana, Bar M Ranch and H.R. Williams Cattle Company of St. member of the Reese Ranch show team and has been a mainstay on Gabriel, Louisiana. the show circuit for the past year. According to Clay Espey, Mr. Bar M 356, now deceased, did “Susan Reese 903 has been a many time champion in 2010 quite well in the show ring throughout the late 1990s. Espey says and 2011,” reports Farris. “She was grand champion female at that the influence of Mr. Bar M 356 is still evident in the Beaumont, Tennessee State Fair, Delta Fair, North Florida Fair, and H.R. Williams Cattle Company herd. Washington County.” “One of 356’s most well known sons is HRW Mr. Dream 11,” In addition, Mr. Grayson Reese 176 progeny have won get-ofsays Espey, who was owned by his grandfather H.R. Williams. sire titles more than 20 times, including most recently at the 2011 “This bull collected numerous championships, including reserve San Antonio Stock Show.

MR. BAR M 356


from 2004-2006.” Detering reports that Valentino was also named senior champion and reserve grand champion at the 2005 National Brahman Show. Since his first calf crop, Valentino progeny have been consistently victorious in the show ring. Among his numerous notable offspring, Michal Martin points to DB Southern Style 375/6 “Valor”, as one of his favorites. Valor is a 2006 bull calf who took top honors at many shows, most notably being named 2009 international champion red bull. Martin adds that Valentino 48/3 is a sire that can produce both successful bulls and females. “Our 2010 National Champion Red Female, DB Southern Style 522/8, is a daughter of Valentino,” reports Martin.

Mr. H Red Rhino 765 is the youngest bull to join the Register of Renown in 2011, thanks to big point accumulations by many successful progeny, including the 2010 Reserve National Champion Red Female.

MR. H RED RHINO 765 Enters Register of Renown with 191 points

Mr. H Red Rhino 765 was born in 2004, making him the youngest of the four bulls to join the Register of Renown this year. He is sired by Mr. 3H X-Ray 825 and out of Miss 3-S Kelli 848. Red Rhino was bred by Heritage Cattle Company of Hungerford, Texas, and owned by Heritage along with J&R Farms of Cabot, Arkansas. Breeder, Judd Cullers, says that Red Rhino continues to amaze him with the quality of progeny he produces. “It is very humbling to me to see so many of my fellow breeders winning with their Red Rhino offspring,” says Cullers. Cullers reports that Red Rhino has crossed especially well with the Sting Ray and Winchester 999 bloodlines. In 2007, Red Rhino claimed the highest individual Brahman show ring Though deceased, Mr. Bar M 356 continues to influence the herd at H.R. Williams Cattle Compamy. This honor awarded in the United States: international champion bull. Cullers daughter was named champion red heifer in the junior show at the 2010 Jambalaya Classic. reports that this bull has has several successful calves, but this year there have international calf champion in Houston in 2002, and grand been two top heifers claiming most of the attention for Red Rhino, champion at the All American the same year.” owned by Wesley Thibodeaux and Amie Ferguson. Recently, HRW Miss Fancy 59, an April 3, 2009 daughter, Thibodeaux’s CT Lady Rhino was recently chosen as grand owned by Jacie Kennison, earned champion junior red heifer at the champion female at San Antonio and Fort Worth in 2011 and 2010 Jambalaya Classic in Gonzales, Louisiana. is also the 2009 reserve national champion female. Ferguson is exhibiting another Red Rhino daughter that was calf champion at Houston in 2010. Enters Register of Renown with 166 points The American Brahman Review™ salutes the owners and breeders DB Valentino 48/3 is one of two red bulls joining the Register of these four bulls. We have included a list of winners of the 2010 of Renown in 2011. Valentino was born in 2003 and is sired by Register of Renown female award winners on the following page. Mr. 3X Perfection out of DB Southern Style 7/24. He is bred and Watch for our feature of the 2011 Register of Renown female award owned by Detering Brothers Cattle Company of Hempstead, Texas. winners in our next issue. ©TABR As a show bull himself, Valentino was always a favorite of owner


Will Detering’s. “Valentino was an oustanding show bull,” Detering says. “His biggest win was winning reserve grand champion at Houston in 2006, but he was a very consistent champion 84 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011


DB Southern Style 34/0

Owned by Bill Hudgins

Owned by Detering Brothers Cattle Co.

Ms CLB 18/7

Miss V8 38/6 Miss V8 143/6

Owned by Marcus Shackelford

JDH Lady Manso 925/2 Owned by Michael Dennis James

BB Miss Red Dynasty 146 Owned by Barry Bryant

S Bar Miss 389/2 Miss Macy Reese 611 Owned by Reese Ranch

HK Ms Visa 549

Owned by Aaron Acevedo

Owned by La Precios S.A.

5M Miss First Lady 5M Miss Marcia

Owned by Nathan Candler

Owned by Matthew R. Madden

MDS Lady Sugar 156

SCD Lady Sarah 168

SRS Miss Lucy 795 SRS Miss Red Velvet

Owned by Brandy Barnes

Owned by Sam Duplantis

Owned by Swaner Brahmans

Lady H Leala Manso 243 SNS Miss Star Magnum 44 Lady H Kacy Manso 788

KR Ms I Got Stung

Miss V8 458/6

Owned by Ken Ramsey

Owned by Rachel Lyons

Miss V8 228/6

FCC Peekaboo Sting 411/1

Owned by Heritage Cattle Company

Owned by Cotton Munson

Owned by Cannon Creek Ranch

Miss V8 933/5

Owned by Dr. Carl McKenney

WR Ms Bow 048

Owned by V8 Ranch

Miss Mk Loja 3/462



NO W AVA I LA BLE at leading Philippine bookstores and magazine stands PHILIPPINES


By Ashley Charanza

The American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) president represents the organization with passion for the breed and its members. The American Brahman Review™ takes a look at a president who exhibits those qualities to serve the ABBA- Billy Dan Lindley. HOUSTON 2011 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | 87

A Look Back at Billy Dan Lindley’s ABBA Presidency.... Billy Dan and Chris Shivers, pictured here with Louisiana friends at one of the many events Lindley attended as ABBA president.

Billy Dan and Chris Shivers go over a few last minute details prior to the 2010 ABBA Annual Membership Meeting.

The Lindley’s always welcome visitors to their Sulphur Springs ranch, where they enjoy telling others about their 44 years in the Brahman business.

Billy Dan visits with longtime friend Jim Williams at a Brahman field day.


Lindley thanks two special ladies: Armelinda Ibarra and his wife, Suzanne, for assisting him with many projects during his presidency.

Lindley, an active Brahman breeder for more than 40 years, served as ABBA president from 2009-2011. The basic duties of the ABBA president are to oversee the various committees and its chairs. There are more than 100 people involved with committees, such as Youth Activities, Communications, Marketing, Finance, Breed Improvement, Show, and Membership. The president offers guidance to make sure procedures flow smoothly through the committees. He also directs the work of the ABBA Executive Committee. The president represents the ABBA by traveling to cattle shows, field days, meetings and ranches, which gives him an opportunity to talk with members. Suzanne, Lindley’s wife, kept a journal of their activities with the ABBA and calculated that they have averaged 5,000 miles per year while traveling to events the past 2 years. During his time as president, Lindley has worked on improving ABBA committees, which are an important asset to the organization. The experience of committee members and chairs offers ABBA a great resource for ideas. “We have a lot of professional help with no charge,” Lindley says. The strong relationship among committee members and chairmen, and their strength as promoters of the breed, was an important accomplishment for Lindley as president. “We worked hard on organization and getting people to work together,” he reports. Lindley and Suzanne cherish the new friends made and the many people they came to know in Texas and in other states. They enjoy 88 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

Billy Dan has been an excellent communicator for all concerned. -Carl McKenney, 2011

the people of the breed as much as the cattle. “You can get someone to help you fix a flat tire in every town,” says Lindley.

LINDLEY FAMILY CHERISHES THEIR 44 YEARS IN THE BRAHMAN BUSINESS Lindley has always been fascinated by the Brahman breed, and in 1967, he bought his first Brahman female. With advice from Brahman breeders and the ABBA staff, Lindley Brahmans of Sulphur Springs, Texas, got a start in the industry. Like many cattle operations, the entire family was involved. Lindley’s daughters, Sara and Susan, were active in the junior associations. Lindley attributes his success as president and as a Brahman breeder to Suzanne, who has been a constant influence throughout the years. Suzanne helps behind the scenes, answering emails, doing paperwork, and updating the Lindley Brahmans website. “I’m fortunate that she’s willing to tell me everything I do wrong,” says Lindley. “We’ve been in it together.”

CONTINUED GROWTH PREDICTED FOR BRAHMAN CATTLE INDUSTRY Because of the great Brahman breeders and the increasing popularity of the breed, Lindley believes the industry is on the edge of big growth. Registration numbers and transfers have increased in previous years and there is a strong demand for F1 females.

Our association is better because of Billy Dan Lindley. -Coleman Locke, 2011

Bubba Sartwelle, chairman of the ABBA Marketing Committee, presents Billy Dan with the first official ABBA F1 program member decal at the 2010 ABBA F-1 Field Day. Billy Dan, along with fellow ABBA members, welcomes Senator Souto to the Houston activities.

The Lindleyd congratulate longtime friend Pat Dillard for winning the Good Housekeeping Award at Houston.

Additionally, ideas formed in the long range plan were implemented during Lindley’s presidency. Lindley says he avoided a few headaches with the help and advice from past ABBA presidents. Their suggestions and ideas were valued because of their experiences as presidents. “Past presidents are one of the biggest assets we have and sometimes it is overlooked,” confesses Lindley. Lindley realized how supportive people of the breed were while he served on numerous committees and volunteered to chair several projects including membership drives, youth development, and serving as editor of the ABBA membership newsletter, which Suzanne was also a part of. Chris Shivers, Armelinda Ibarra and Theresa Dominguez in the ABBA office were always a big help for him. “If you surround yourself with good people, you get a lot of good things done,” he advises.

FELLOW MEMBERS APPLAUD LINDLEY’S LEADERSHIP Throughout his tenure as president of the ABBA, many members have applauded Lindley’s contributions to the betterment of the Brahman breed. They believe that he was a great president who made positive things happen for the organization.

Billy Dan pictured with a Brazilian Brahman friend, along with Carl McKenney. Carl and his wife, Nancy, were often traveling buddies with the Lindleys during both of these men’s terms as ABBA president.

Raising Brahman cattle is a family endeavor for the Lindleys. Billy Dan pictured here with his daughters and grandchildren, all active in the ABBA. (Suzanne was the photographer.) Coleman Locke, partner of J.D. Hudgins Inc. and owner of Locke Red Brahmans in Hungerford, Texas, says Lindley is a great communicator for the breed who unselfishly gave his time to the ABBA. Locke, who also served as a past ABBA president, says Lindley made sure the board of directors was informed of matters that concerned members. “Our association is much better because of Billy Dan Lindley,” says Locke. Carl McKenney, a longtime Brahman breeder and a past president of the ABBA, described Lindley as an organized president that pushed the committee members in the right direction and urged them to achieve their goals. “He has been an excellent communicator for all concerned,” McKenney says. The ABBA president is an ambassador for the American Brahman breed, and Billy Dan Lindley is a perfect example of that role. Future presidents of the association can follow Lindley’s example to be sure they will serve with the utmost professionalism, passion and devotion to the breed. The American Brahman Review™ salutes president Lindley and his wife, Suzanne, for their dedication and support of ABBA programs and Brahman cattle. © TABR









By Amy Draznin

Amy & Steve Good of G2 Cattle


teve and Amy Good understand success and they know where it starts. They believe that the future of Brahman cattle and ranching begins with the development of successful young people. With the help of the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA), they have helped put together a program that will encourage and enable young entrepreneurs to improve their herds as they continue the ranching tradition. The inaugural year of this new program, known as Junior Herd Builder, is in full swing and it won’t be long until the positive results are evident! HOUSTON 2011 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | 95

NEW ABBA MEMBERS WHO GOT HOOKED ON BRAHMANS When ABBA members Steve and Amy Good aren’t busy working, you can find them at their ranch spending time with their Brahman cattle. Amy’s Grandfather raised gray Brahmans when she was a kid, and ever since then they have held a special place in her heart. When they bought their place in Comanche, Texas, the couple knew that gray Brahmans were the breed they wanted to focus on. The G2 Cattle Company was born when Steve and his brother, Billy, purchased their first cows from the Diamond A Ranch dispersal. “We liked Brahmans so much we decided to purchase a bull from J.D. Hudgins and start growing our herd,” Steve said. Soon, the Goods decided they wanted to participate in the ABBA approved show program. While the Goods haven’t always had the time to exhibit their cattle, they recognized the great genetics and knew they needed to be in the show ring. They selected Michael Joyce, of Joyce Custom Fitters, to answer their call and now Joyce and his team handles the Good’s fitting and showing. Steve and Amy, who have proudly been married for almost thirty years, have lived most of their lives in Mansfield, Texas. Steve has worked in the aerospace industry for the last thirty-one years and credits his success to the generosity of his late uncle and his aunt, who he currently works for at Stuart Industries, Inc. Amy, who worked as a licensed nurse until 2006, has left that field to pursue her passion for golf.

The Good family has fallin in love with Brahman cattle, and enjoy their time spent together on the family ranch. The Goods have a lovely family consisting of two daughters, Lauren and Katy. Lauren is 23 years old and works with Steve in their family owned aerospace company. Katy, age 18, is a student at Texas State University in San Marcos. In the fall she plans to transfer to Southwestern University in Georgetown. When they aren’t at the ranch in Comanche, you can find Steve and Amy golfing, snow skiing, fishing, and traveling.


Amy Good, a retired nurse, loves the time spent with their gentle Brahman cattle. On most evenings, she and Steve can be found out in their pastures enjoying the ranching lifestyle. 96 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

While the Goods continued to grow their herd, they felt a desire to help others get started and learn more about Brahman cattle. In late 2010, they called Rachel Curter, chariman of the ABBA youth activities committee, and said they had an idea to help junior Brahman exhibitors get started with a breeding program. They wanted to make a donation to the American Junior Brahman Association (AJBA). Cutrer instantly thought of an idea previously mentioned in the ABBA long range planning committee that hadn’t ben acted upon yet, and explained the concept of the “Junior Herd Building Program” suggested by ABBA president Billy Dan Lindley. She asked the Goods if it sounded like something that they would be interested in being a part of. “Of course we were,” recalls Steve. Approved by the ABBA board of directors at the 2011 Ft. Worth board meetings, the Junior Herd Builder Program was established to encourage new members to get involved in the AJBA. However, the committee had to act quick in order to have the program in place and ready to present at Houston. ABBA directors John Locke and Gerald Young stepped up to serve on the subcommittee along

with Good to formulate the guidelines for the program. The mission of the Junior Herd Builder program is to provide a high quality herd bull each year to a junior member, as a foundation sire; assisting that member in growing and improving their herd. The recipient must keep the bull for at least one year, and Steve has generously taken the lead as the first bull donor. The recipient must also provide monthly reports to the ABBA office and donor explaining the bull’s progress. They must also exhibit the bull at the “All American” National Junior Brahman Show. The Junior Herd Builder Program hosts an essay contest, open to all members of the AJBA. This year’s essay topic is, “Why have you chosen this breed and what are your plans for building your herd?” The award winning essay will be announced at the Houston Livestock Show in March and the winner will thereafter take ownership of Mr. G2 15/9.

Miss Kallion 1183 is one of the favorite cows on the G2 Ranch. She is sired by Mr. V8 924/5 and out of Miss Kallion 428. The Goods purchased her from the Kallion Farms annual sale.

MR. G2 15/9 - THE FIRST JUNIOR HERD BUILDER This year’s donated bull is Mr. G2 15/9, a son of JDH Atlas on the top side and out of a JDH Mr. Supercalc Manso daughter on the bottom. He came from one of the Good’s largest bull crops last year, and Steve thinks he’s the best in the group. “He has lots of bone, muscle, a nice hindquarter, and a strong topline,” says Steve. “He also has a very nice set of EPD’s, with a +10.1 for milk.” Although the program is brand new, the Good family believes in its merit. Steve relays, “I think that it’s going to be a great program for the juniors if all of the breeders get behind it and support it.” This year, Michael Joyce has graciously donated his time to work with the bull the Goods donated to the AJBA Junior Herd Builder Program so that he will be prepared for the winning junior. Next year, Steve and Amy hope that the program has more than just a bull to offer. In Michael Joyce, who handles the the future, they Goods show cattle, agreed to donate anticipate breeders halterbreaking of the bull to help the lucky from all over will offer cattle, semen, junior prepare for success. and anything else

that will help these junior Brahman breeders grow their herds and become successful ranchers. The best advice the Goods have to offer junior Brahman enthusiasts is this: “You need to start your program with the best genetics possible.”

PASSIONS START YOUNG AND LEAD TO SUCCESS The Junior Herd Builder Program is the perfect opportunity for young breeders with a passion for the Brahman breed to get some of the best genetics available at no cost. Juniors hoping to win the bull only need a true passion for the Brahman breed, a plan concerning how they will grow and improve their own herd, and the mere effort of putting all of that in writing. That passion for success is something that continues to inspire Steve and Amy today. Together, they have built a family, a ranch, and a herd of Brahman cattle to be proud of. They understand that passions start young and these passions can lead to success. They believe in the future of the Brahman breed and cattle ranching, and strive to instill the same beliefs in the young people whose lives they touch. For more information on the junior herd builder program, or to participate as a donor in future years, contact the ABBA office at 713-349-0854 or email Watch for the results of the 2011 Junior Herd Builder Essay Contest in future issues. ©TABR HOUSTON 2011 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | 97

2011 MATERNAL MERIT AWARD WINNERS ANNOUNCED Maternal Merit Award Inductees =SCD Miss Didor Suva 125 =SCD Miss Cora 116 Owned by Sam Duplantis =JDH Lady Prattville =JDH Lady Terry Manso Owned by J.D. Hudgins Hudgins Division =JDH Lady Manso 204/4 =JDH Lady Manso 354/4 =JDH Lady Manso 237/5 =JDH Lady Manso 168/5 Owned by J.D. Hudgins J. Forgason Division =JDH Lady Gwen Manso =JDH Lady Connie Manso Owned by J.D. Hudgins Locke Divison =JDH Lady Steph Manso =JDH Lady Westin Manso Owned by Leslie W. Hudgins =JDH Ms. Westin Manso 439 Owned by Steven E. Hudgins =JDH Ms. Westin Manso 481 Owned by Randy & Amy Polak =SRW Miss Flying 2 352 Owned by Steve Wilkins =Miss TAES 4016 =Miss TAES 4026 Owned by Texas A&M University =JDH Lady Reese Manso Owned by Rex W. Hudgins

Maternal Performance Sires (=)JJ Cuatro Didor 919 Owned by Johnny Jefcoat & Sam Duplantis (=)JDH Mr. Manso 209/9 Owned by J.D. Hudgins - Forgason Divison (=)JDH Atari Oyo Manso Owned by Locke Brothers (=)JDH Westin Manso Owned by Leslie W. Hudgins 98 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011









he American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) is seeking the help of leaders from all facets of the beef industry to direct the association

with where improvements are needed. Nineteen leaders will come together for the ABBA Think Tank during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on March 5, 2011, to discuss the Brahman breed, its key strengths and weaknesses. By Jennifer Carrico


“In 2009, we asked association members and industry leaders how they view our breed. The information collected from the answers to our surveys was then transformed into our long range plan,” says Chris Shivers, executive vice president of the ABBA. “We received positive feedback, yet realize we need to hone in on the research sector to help make breed improvements.” Shivers says the Think Tank was initiated by the ABBA Research and Breed Improvement Committee to help determine specific areas that need betterment. An original list of 40 people was explored to find participants for this brainstorming session. That list was then narrowed down to the 19 people who will participate. The Brahman breed currently excels in hybrid vigor, heat tolerance and efficiency. Improvements continue with growth, performance and profitability. Shivers advises it is important to have an outside view of the breed to know what enhancements are needed to make the breed even better. “When it comes to breed improvement, is it reproduction, carcass or performance that we need to focus on, or do we need to

accept that we are doing as good as we can in one area and focus on getting results in another?” he poses. Dr. Tom Field, executive director for producer education for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, will serve as moderator for the event. Shivers says he was chosen for this role as he has a good handle on the cattle industry and is very well respected in the industry. Members of the team at the Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center, Nebraska, and faculty from universities in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Missouri, are participating to help identify research that is possible. Shivers hopes they will be able to help facilitate the research at some of their schools. On the industry side, members of the meat packing and cattle feeding industries will give insight on how Brahman cattle and F1 Brahman cross cattle fit in feedyards. Well known cattleman, Lee Leachman, of Leachman Cattle of Colorado will talk about how Brahman cattle fit into the global cattle market. The information gathered at the Think Tank will be shared with members of the ABBA. Shivers thinks there will likely be a follow-up to this meeting, once the group has more specific areas

We are willing to go to great extremes for breed improvement because we want our herds to keep moving forward. -Chris Shivers, 2011

ABBA welcomes key beef industry leaders to the

Think Tank!


of interests to define what needs to be done, and the exact facilities where the research will be conducted. “We will document the information from the Think Tank and put together a plan as to how to move forward,” he reports. “This information will likely not directly affect the breeders right away, but we hope to have some useful results within three years. The logistics of raising cattle means we must find facilities that are willing to help us on a long term basis.” Since 2004, the ABBA has seen a steady increase in registrations of Brahman cattle. This has been a measurement of continual interest in the breed, according to Shivers. With this continual interest, the association wants to be sure to provide members with up-to-date information. “We are willing to go to great extremes for improvement because we want our cow herds to keep moving forward,” he says. “We will continue to provide good experiences for juniors and adult breeders through shows, activities and marketing, and want to expand on research and development to see how we can improve our cattle for the advancement of the national cowherd.” Shivers expects the results of the Think Tank to help Brahman breeders identify cattle which excel in certain traits, and help them make changes to improve their herds in needed areas. ©TABR

Dr. Tom Field, Moderator National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Colorado

Tom Brink Colorado

Dr. Chad Chase Florida

Dr. Larry Cundiff Meat Animal Research Center

Dan Dorn Kansas

Dr. Mauricio Elzo Florida

Dr. Matt Garcia Louisiana

Dr. Roger Hunsley Nebraska

Dr. Dwain Johnson Florida


Industry, academia represented at abba think tank...

Dr. Joe Paschal Texas

Dr. John Pollak Meat Animal Research Center

Dr. Jim Sanders Texas

Dr. Mark Thallman Meat Animal Research Center

Dr. Milt Thomas New Mexico

Dr. Bob Weaber Missouri


Lee Leachman Colorado

Dr. Rhonda Miller Texas

Dr. Ron Randel Texas

Dr. David Riley Texas


by Amy Draznin

It was a sunny day in Florida for Brahman breeders from the Company, was intermediate champion bull. Just behind him as South and East at the West Palm Beach Brahman Show, held January 24 at the 2011 South Florida Fair. Nikki Johnson evaluated reserve champion intermediate bull was Mr. DF 91/9 “Snowman,” shown by Valley B Enterprises and owned by Dyess Farms of the cattle. Mississippi. D Bar Ranch and SCD Didor Esto 623, shown by Adrian Land II of Branford, Florida, took grand champion Valley B Enterprises, took home the banner in the junior division female honors with Miss V8 137/7, from the junior division. and 5M Farms and Mr. TO 1/9 stood reserve champion junior Miss H Carmen Manso 983, exhibited by Valley B Enterprises bull, exhibited by Legacy Cattle Company. Reserve champion in and owned by MK Farms of Mississippi, was the reserve grand the senior division went to Mr. H Bronx 37/8, owned by Brady’s champion female and senior champion. Brahmans, also shown by Legacy Cattle Company. ©TABR Calf champion was IS Miss Paparazzi, exhibited by IS Ranch and owned by Bethalan Bishop. Just behind her was 5M Ms Rojo Milli 506/0, exhibited by Legacy Cattle Company and owned by 5M Farms. Valley B Enterprises of Cleveland, Tennessee, also lead the intermediate champion female, GS Ms Doc’s Manso 357, which is owned by Gray Shadow Ranch. Legacy Cattle Company exhibited 5M Ms Ray Santana 982/1, owned by 5M Farms, as reserve intermediate champion female. Reserve junior female behind the grand champion overall was Tiara Lexus D’oro 946, owned by Tiara Farms of North Carolina. Daniel Chandler of Florida, owned Grand Champion Bull Grand Champion Female and exhibited the Reserve Senior Champion Exhibited by Cannon Creek Ranch, Texas Exhibited by Adrian Land II, Florida TTT Ms Suva Karoke 431. In the bull show, Mr. CC General 1900/0 took home the grand champion banner for Cannon Creek Ranch of Texas, and was shown to win this honor, as well as calf champion, by Legacy. Legacy continued exhibiting winnerstaking home reserve champion bull KF Mr. Passport Success 2/8 for owner K Bar Farms of Louisiana, who stood in the lineup as senior champion as well. IS MR A Plus 82, owned by Bradalyn Bishop and exhibited by the IS Ranch, was reserve calf champion bull. Cannon Creek Ranch continued Reserve Grand Champion Female Reserve Grand Champion Bull their day with another division win - Mr. KC Exhibited by MK Farms, Mississippi Exhibited by K Bar Farms, Louisiana Manhattan 93/3, also shown by Legacy Cattle 110 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011



%22.<28583 &20,1*(9(17 :,7+&$77/(,1 027,2112:

Cattle IIn Cattle nM Motion otion Team Team Tim T im Lockhart Lockhart 9 979.204.4302 79.204.4302 t tim@cat im@cat Erin Lockhart Erin Lockhart 9 979.220.8265 79.220.8265 E Erin@ca rin@ca Davy Lockhart Davy Lockhart 9 979.218.9559 79.218.9559 D Davy@ca avy@ca Sarah Buchanan Sarah Buchanan 519.546.3352 519 519.546 546.3352 3352 Sarah@ Lindsey Swick Lindsey Swick 979.219.0256 979.219.0256 888-554-VIDS 888-554-VIDS


The LSU Agricultural Coliseum on the campus of Louisiana State University served as host for the first-ever National Brahman Show.

By Ashley Charanza

Most people know that Louisiana is home to everything Cajun Mardi gras, jazz music, and spicy food. A few know it is home to the first purebred Brahman herd owned by a university. The American Brahman Review ™ takes a look at the state’s flagship institution of higher education, Louisiana State University (LSU).

A HERD WITH A HISTORY LSU owns the first university-owned purebred Brahman herd in the United States. The herd was purchased in 1937 from Stark Estate in Orange, Texas by Harry Gayden, who served as executive secretary of the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) for 26 years. Since then, the herd has been used to promote the Brahman breed through education and research projects. “In the late 1920s, [LSU] did some experimenting with crossbred Brahman cattle but the purebred herd was primarily established to learn more about the Brahman breed,” reports Donald Franke, professor emeritus of animal genetics at LSU. By forming a small show herd, LSU introduced the breed to Louisiana cattlemen. The cattle were taken to district livestock

shows in Louisiana in the late 1930s, but were not exhibited until later years. Franke says handlers from the university were always there to talk with cattlemen about the breed. The herd went on the road to major shows after World War II, then in 1958, LSU exhibited the grand champion female at the national show in Bartow, Florida, under the direction of S. E. McCraine, professor and livestock judging team coach for LSU. Around 1970, the activities of the LSU purebred herds took a different route, Franke says. They continued to fit the best yearling bulls, but they were used in animal science classes and sold in state breed association sales. LSU also sponsored purebred sales at the farm area in the 1980s.

FRANKE DIRECTS A SHIFT FROM SHOW TO RESEARCH IN THE 1990s In the mid 1990s, important research projects were implemented with the Brahman herd. Much research was done by Franke and graduate students, including a carcass evaluation program that helped form the ABBA Carcass Evaluation Program. The carcass evaluation program, a project that studied the HOUSTON 2011 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | 113

Brahman breed more than ever before, was started by Franke when he noticed Brahman influenced calves were being discounted at sales. “Based on our research, we felt this was an injustice and we started thinking about what we could do to help that situation,” says Franke. LSU purchased approximately 100 head of Brahman calves, at weaning, from Louisiana breeders. The calves were put on pasture at LSU and then fed out at King Ranch. Joe Paschal, professor and extension livestock specialist at Texas A&M Corpus Christi, evaluated the Brahman carcasses and sent steaks to LSU, where Franke determined the tenderness. The research showed there was variation with tenderness among the animals and some cuts of meat were just as tender as Angus cuts. Franke’s research allowed him to predict sire EPDs, which allows for the selection of cattle based on specific traits. With the help of Franke, the ABBA Carcass Evaluation Program was formed in 2003. He studied carcass data from LSU, ABBA, and the USDA Subtropical Agriculture Research Station. The carcass EPDs were then generated and the evaluation designed. LSU no longer participates in the actual research, but they continue to help by sending cattle to be evaluated. Franke was also part of a five-year heifer study that was completed in 2008. Heifers were evaluated at weaning on growth rate, hair length and conditioning, and temperament scores. Their research found that hair and temperament appeared to be associated with fertility rate of yearling heifers, reports Franke.

FRIENDS IN ACADEMIA IMPORTANT TO CONTINUED BREED IMPROVEMENT The research conducted by LSU and other universities is a way for the Brahman industry to use published scientific data to promote the breed, imparts ABBA Executive Vice President Chris Shivers. Findings from research projects are used by the association to design programs to improve the breed. “These folks are truly the ones that direct the industry and are great resources to help guide a breed,” says Shivers. Many researchers, professors, and other personnel are considered by Shivers as friends of the ABBA. The university works in conjunction with the Brahman association to promote the breed through educational events and research projects, providing knowledge and resources to the industry. “ABBA is very fortunate to have so many friends that believe in our cattle and are committed to assisting us in improving them,” Shivers says. The support LSU receives from the industry is fundamental to their program, as well. Franke reports that in the late 1980s, the school’s Brahman herd was sold and then re-established five years later with heifer donations from breeders in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. This support is not new to the industry - breeders have donated cattle for research purposes for more than 70 years. As much as the ABBA credits LSU for promoting their industry, Franke confesses that LSU’s research project would not be possible without the ABBA, “If we need anything, the ABBA is willing to go to the breeders and ask them to help us.” Help from universities like LSU, and the advancements they make, help position the Brahman breed to be competitive in the beef cattle industry. The working relationship between ABBA and LSU continues to assist the industry in moving in the right direction. ©TABR

Through the years LSU has assisted ABBA with research projects, educational events, and even exhibited the National Champion Female in 1958.


Today, the 50-head Brahman herd, along with other beef herds at LSU, is managed by Matt Garcia, assistant professor in the school of animal science and member of the newly formed 2011 ABBA Think Tank. Garcia says the program’s goal is to continue making advancements with the Brahman carcass. They are comparing molecular markers of Bos taurus breeds with the American Brahman in order to identify desirable traits in the Brahman breed. In addition, LSU is evaluating F1 carcasses. When their Brahman females were artificially inseminated to high performing Brahman bulls, Garcia used a Hereford bull for clean up, thereby producing F1s. The F1 females will be used in the crossbred program while their Louisiana State University acquired its first purebred American Brahman herd in 1937, thus giving it male counterparts will be sent to carcass data retrieval. the distinction of having a purebred American Brahman herd longer than any other university in the


United States. This picture was taken in the 1950s. Source: The American Brahman. 114 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

The American Brahman Review™ is happy to provide this reference as a service to our readers. Summer issue feature: Florida breeders!

Louisiana Brahman Association

*New officers for 2011 can be found on the association’s website.

Past Presidents Louis Dooley John Jefcoat Laury Clement Arnold Hess, Jr. Sam Duplantis Carl Fontenot Russell Adam Cindy Prather Carolyn Falgout Burton Prather Jeff Smith Carey King

Directors Until 2012 Jewitt Hulin Directors Until 2013 Jason Smith Clay Espey Kandi Willard John Hines Carey King Pat Cone Don Banks Chance Plaisance Amanda Sharp Craig Fontenot Chad Fontenot Bill Faulk

Past ABBA Presidents Richard Sturlese Carl Fontenot Raymond Long 5-H FARM LENIS HEBERT 13406 S. LA HWY 335 ABBEVILLE, LA 70510 Phone: 337-893-6355 337-652-6356 337-652-2455 ADAM, RUSSELL A. 215 WORTH AVENUE LAFAYETTE, LA 70508 Phone: 337-789-0088

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BONCHASSE LAND COMPANY LLC 207 MILAM ST, SUITE C SHREVEPORT, LA 71101 Phone: 318-865-5532 318-221-0541

BRUCE, LANCE 139 LEWIS RD DOWNSVILLE, LA 71234 Phone: 318-982-5995 318-372-2842 318-283-5571

BOONE, HAYWARD 60921 SEAL RD ANGIE, LA 70426 Phone: 985-732-7660

BUSH CATTLE CO. J. BARRY BUSH PO BOX 1381 JENNINGS, LA 70546 Phone: 337-824-5758 337-246-1855 337-824-1726 BBUSH@SFBCIC.COM

BOULLION, NEIL J. 11739 S. LA HWY 35 KAPLAN, LA 70548 Phone: 337-643-1598 337-258-6370 337-643-1598 BROKEN HEART RANCH BILLY PINCH 19407 ROSTROM RD. WELSH, LA 70591 Phone: 318-734-4231 318-734-4231

C & L LEBOUEF 13610 S. LA HWY 335 ABBEVILLE, LA 70510 Phone: 337-893-8273 CADILLAC RANCH YOUNG DIVISION ROY E. YOUNG, JR. 612 PARK AVE. ABBEVILLE, LA 70510 Phone: 337-898-3332 337-789-1112 337-893-1111

The Louisiana Beef INdustry

Interesting facts about the role that Louisiana plays in the U.S. beef industry. t-PVJTJBOBSBOLT33rd in number of cattle/calves in the United States. t-PVJTJBOBSBOLT22nd in number of beef cow/calf units. t-PVJTJBOBSBOLT34th in number of cattle marketed. t-PVJTJBOBSBOLT27th in total cow/calf operations t-PVJTJBOBTBWFSBHFTJ[FPGFBDICFFGDBUUMFPQFSBUJPO is 63. (California is the largest, where the average rancher runs 328 head of cattle). tɨFUPQUISFFBHSJDVMUVSBMFOUFSQSJTFTJO-PVJTJBOB are rice, corn and sugarcane. Source: USDA, 2008 statistics. HOUSTON 2011 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | 115

DIAMOND D FARMS TROY, SHEILA, CODY & TORI DOUCET 14313 LEON RD ABBEVILLE, LA 70510 Phone: 337-893-8438 337-344-3266 CALLENDER, COLLEEN 2919 S. FIELDSPAN RD. DUSON, LA 70529 Phone: 337-852-5314 CANCIENNE, BOB PO BOX 186 GALLIANO, LA 70354 Phone: 985-688-4764 985-688-4764 CANIK, PAUL 4695 GRAND CHENIER HWY GRAND CHENIER, LA 70643

Phone: 337-538-2546 337-540-6352

CARRIERE, LANA D. 2953 LITTLE TECHE RD. PORT BARRE, LA 70577 Phone: 318-942-6158 CARTER, JOEL 3640 WESTERVELT AVE. BATON ROUGE, LA 70820 Phone: 225-761-4817 225-938-5169 J & P CATTLE CO. 935 CHATAINER RD. VILLE PLATTE, LA 70586

Louisiana Longest Running ABBA members... These ABBA members have been with us for more than 30 years! Continual ABBA membership since 1939 Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Continual ABBA membership since 1970 Johnny Hays Jefcoat, Scott Continual ABBA membership since 1972 Corbello Cattle, LLC, Iowa Continual ABBA membership since 1975 Lahaye Brahmans, Ville Platte Smith Brothers Farm, Chatham Circle F Farms, Zachary Continual ABBA membership since 1976 Sturlese Cattle Company, Lafayette Continual ABBA membership since 1977 Fontenot’s Red Brahmans, Ville Platte J.B. Meaux & Sons, Kaplan Continual ABBA membership since 1978 Samuel C. Duplantis, Erath David J. Robichaux Jr., Thibodaux Continual ABBA membership since 1979 Huey Joel Marceaux, Kaplan 116 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011


DE QUINCY, LA 70633 Phone: 337-786-2316 337-515-4319 CHIASSON, DAVID & INEZ 2752 OAK LEAF DRIVE MARRERO, LA 70052 Phone: 504-347-1057 504-364-2958 CHOCTAW CATTLE COMPANY 391 CHOCTAW RD. SUNSET, LA 70584 Phone: 337-235-1600

CONE, II PATRICK L. PO BOX 350 CHOUDRANT, LA 71227 Phone: 318-768-4102 CONE, JAMISON S. PO BOX 350 CHOUDRANT, LA 71227 Phone: 318-768-4102 CONE, PATRICK L. PO BOX 350 CHOUDRANT, LA 71227 Phone: 318-768-4102 318-768-2547 CONE, ROBERT D. PO BOX 350 CHOUDRANT, LA 71227 Phone: 318-768-4102

CICERO, SR. HARRY A. 3845 BIGMAN LANE OSCAR, LA 70762 Phone: 225-637-2025 CIRCLE F FARMS 22750 OLD SCENIC HWY ZACHARY, LA 70791 Phone: 225-654-9288 601-645-6536 CLEMENT, AMANDA L. 2388 BURMA RD THIBODAUX, LA 70301 Phone: 504-447-7748 INFINITY CATTLE COMPANY 3140 CHURCH RD. PORT BARRE, LA 70577 Phone: 337-351-6301 OK CATTLE COMPANY PO BOX 186 LOTTIE, LA 70756 Phone: 225-637-2200 225-637-2304 COMPTON, CARRIE 15790 FENTON HWY WELSH, LA 70591 Phone: 337-370-6593

CONE, SAMANTHA PO BOX 350 CHOUDRANT, LA 71227 CONLY, KEVIN & CRYSTAL 1478 HWY 371 RINGGOLD, LA CONNER, SHANE 1467 HWY 384 LAKE CHARLES, LA 70607 Phone: 337-794-1561 CORBELLO CATTLE LLC WILLIAM CORBELLO 1933 B CORBELLO RD. IOWA, LA 70647 Phone: 337-582-3245 CRUSE, MARVIN 1507 WEST ST WINNSBORO, LA 71295 Phone: 318-366-1787 DAVIDSON, STEVE 295 BLUE HERON RD DUBACH, LA 71235 Phone: 318-680-0712 318-254-0366 DAVIS, BOBBY 5567 HWY 4 WINNSBORO, LA 71295 Phone: 318-435-4806

DOLLAR SHORT CATTLE CO JEREMY & KATHLEEN ADAMS 414 BONNER FERRY RD. BASTROP, LA 71220 Phone: 318-557-9831 (KATHY) DOOLEY, LOUIS 1229 TORNADO DR. CHURCH POINT, LA 70525 Phone: 337-334-0364 337-257-5780 DORR IV, GEORGE A. 26377 HWY 26 ELTON, LA 70532 Phone: 337-584-2676 337-304-8066 337-855-5154 DOUBLE G FARMS 211 W. 111TH ST. CUT OFF, LA 70345 Phone: 985-632-5119 985-632-5190 DOUCET CATTLE CO. ROBERT DOUCET 6250 BIB LEJEUNE DR. JENNINGS, LA 70546 Phone: 337-824-5482 DOUCET, STEVE 2566 HIGGINBOTHAM HWY CHURCH POINT, LA 70525


236 MACKIE DUPLECHAIN RD. DRY CREEK, LA 70637 Phone: 337-639-2783 DYKES, SCOTT 21252 CHOCTAW RD. FRANKLINTON, LA 70438 Phone: 985-515-0088

ESPEY, CLAY 715 PECAN DR. ST. GABRIEL, LA 70776 ESTHAY CATTLE CO. 11307 HWY 35 KAPLAN, LA 70548 Phone: 337-643-8179 EVERGREEN ANGUS PO BOX 236 EVERGREEN, LA 71333 Phone: 318-253-7560 F & R FARM 202 TURN ROW LAFAYETTE, LA 70508 Phone: 337-298-2008 337-233-6069 FAIRCHILD, DUSTIN 9195 S. BELMONT LANE MARINGOUIN, LA 70757 Phone: 225-278-0055 GLOVER FARM PO BOX 1583 COVINGTON, LA 70434 Phone: 985-630-0008 FAULK CATTLE CO. GEORGE ADAM FAULK 852 FAULK RD. WINNSBORO, LA 71295 Phone: 318-435-3948 318-282-6861

FAULK FARMS BILL FAULK 6322 FAULK RD. CROWLEY, LA 70526 Phone: 337-785-8484 337-789-0030 FERGUSON, ROBERT 16106 HWY 395 ROANOKE, LA 70581 Phone: 337-753-2539 FONTENOT, CHAD D. 1638 HERITAGE RD VILLE PLATTE, LA 70586 Phone: 318-363-6977 FONTENOT, CRAIG D. 5245 VIDRINE RD. VILLE PLATTE, LA 70586 Phone: 337-831-1260 337-363-8032 FONTENOT’S RED BRAHMANS 1243 HERITAGE RD. VILLE PLATTE, LA 70586 Phone: 337-363-2641 337-363-5643

Welcome New Members!

We extend a warm welcome to these ABBA members from Texas who joined in 2010!

Michael Angdre Guillory, Eunice Carl J. Young, Winnfield Albert Rozas, Jr., Eunice Graham Farms, Morganza Koehn Ranch, Longville Robert E. Willis, St. Martinville J&P Cattle Co. Michael Jones, Cousltatta Roy Marcantel, Kinder David Sistrunk, Bastrop Kevin Wilson, Jena Kirk D. Guilbeaux, St. Martinville Shane Conner, Lake Charles Terry R. Foreman, Rayne Hayward Boone, Angie FOREMAN, TERRY R. 1028 WINFRED RD. RAYNE, LA 70578 Phone: 337-334-4957 337-280-3493 FUSELIER, CHARLES A. 7031 MAIN HWY ST. MARTINVILLE, LA 70582

21-30 Year Members Continual ABBA membership since 1983 Don J. Robichaux, Thibodaux Bar-M-Plus Cattle Co., Iowa

Continual ABBA membership since 1984 Faulk Farms, Crowley Parker Lee Nettles, Ethel

Continual ABBA membership since 1986 Craig D. Fontenot, Ville Platte

Continual ABBA membership since 1987 Jewitt Hulin, Maurice Broken Heart Ranch, Welsh F&R Farm, Lafayette Chad D. Fontenot, Ville Platte

Continual ABBA membership since 1988 Oak Ridge Cattle Co., Abbeville

Phone: 337-394-5744

Circle T Cattle Co., Church Point Diamond D Farms, Abbeville Kelly Stewart, Florien North Oaks Farm, Metairie David & Inez Chiasson, Marrero Kelsey Elizabeth Chesson, DeQuincy Circle B Farm, Bienville Locust Ridge Plantation LLC, Newellton

Vernon M. Keller, Lafayette Andrew Bennett, Oak Grove OK Cattle Co., Lottie Evergreen Angus, Evergreen Danny Prejean, Kaplan Justin Murphey, Choudrant Steve Doucet, Church Point

GRAHAM FARMS PO BOX 219 MORGANZA, LA 70759 Phone: 225-694-3485 GRIFFITH, RAY & BARBARA 5108 HWY 371 RINGGOLD, LA 71068 Phone: 318-932-8994


Phone: 337-394-5744


Phone: 337-394-1698 337-837-3670 337-380-0003


Phone: 337-224-2625 GOODE, JOHN E. 16677 LA HWY 417 BATCHELOR, LA 70715 Phone: 225-492-2782 225-718-1989 GRACE RANCH CHRIS & STACI THIBODEAUX 2400 F.E. LANDRY RD. JENNINGS, LA 70546 Phone: 337-584-2866 337-912-0710 337-584-2888

GUILLORY, MICHAEL ANDRE 823 HWY 29 EUNICE, LA 70535 HARING BRAHMANS 275 CHARLES BUCK RD. WISNER, LA 71378 Phone: 318-724-7447 318-282-7405 HINES BRAHMANS 1945 W. BRYANT RD. CENTER POINT, LA Phone: 318-253-9405

HOLLIER RANCH LLC 2535 DULLES DRIVE LAFAYETTE, LA 70506 Phone: 337-989-9319 337-658-6641 HUGHES, KEVIN OR STACY 195 HUGHES RD. COUSHATTA, LA 71019 Phone: 318-932-6445 HULIN, JEWITT 6855 WOODLAWN RD. MAURICE, LA 70555 Phone: 337-893-1180 HULIN, PAUL W. 6882 WOODLAWN RD. MAURICE, LA 70555 Phone: 337-893-9180 337-893-0257 HURSTON, CHARLIE PO BOX 2679 COVINGTON, LA 70434 Phone: 985-892-8946 J & A RANCH 420 HWY 758 EUNICE, LA 70535 Phone: 337-550-7453



680 MCCARTNEY RD OLLA, LA 71465 Phone: 318-495-3470

JAMES, MICHAEL DENNIS 102 BRENDA DR. HAMMOND, LA 70403 Phone: 985-345-4366 985-536-5140

JEFCOAT, JOHNNY HAYS PO BOX 473 SCOTT, LA 70583 Phone: 337-981-3762


JONES, IMON W. 138 WILSON LANE FLORIEN, LA 71429 Phone: 318-586-7853

KCM FARM, LLC 3 DORIS COURT CROWLEY, LA 70526 Phone: 337-538-2320 337-250-4646

KELLER, VERNON M. 103 RUE LEBOIS LAFAYETTE, LA 70508 Phone: 337-237-8281 337-230-3706 KENNISON, JACIE 15449 HWY 73 PRAIRIEVILLE, LA 70769 Phone: 225-673-8408 KING, ROBERT 274 JEREMY LANE WEST MONROE, LA 71292

KRATZER BRAHMANS 17293 HWY 395 ROANOKE, LA 70581 Phone: 337-753-2652 337-277-7490

11-20 Year Members

These loyal ABBA members have supported ABBA for the past 11-20 years! Continual ABBA membership since 1991 TBC Ranch, Opelousas Continual ABBA membership since 1993 Smith Brahmans, Maringouin Russell A. Adam, Lafayette Continual ABBA membership since 1994 K-Bar Farms, Amite Choctaw Cattle Co., Sunset Continual ABBA membership since 1995 Paul W. Hulin, Maurice Triple -S Farms, Raceland Continual ABBA membership since 1996 Seven L Cattle, Inc., Roanoke Triple J Farms, Maurice Rocky Nettles, Ethel Troy Bailey, Bell City Gleen Lee, Columbia

Continual ABBA membership since 1997 Amanda Prejean, Ville Platte David & Mary McMahon, DeQuincy David M. Templet, Jr., St. Amant John M. Walker, Ethel Arne T. Simon, Kaplan

KRIEG, GEORGE N. 1324 A DUCHAMP RD. BROUSSARD, LA 70518 Phone: 337-856-5002 337-839-7557 LAHAYE BRAHMANS 2763 US HWY 167 VILLE PLATTE, LA 70586 Phone: 318-363-2643 LEE, GLENN 2601 HOT SHOT RD. COLUMBIA, LA 71418 Phone: 318-649-5418 LIVE OAK PASTURES LLC

JASON GUIDRY 10302 US HWY 167 ABBEVILLE, LA 70510 Phone: 337-898-2119


LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY C/O MIKE CANAL ANIMAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT, LSU BATON ROUGE, LA 70803 Phone: 504-769-1641 504-388-3436 MADDEN, MATTHEW R. PO BOX 697 RUSTON, LA 71270 Phone: 318-255-5696 318-255-2631

Continual ABBA membership since 1999 Robert Ferguson, Roanoke C&L Lebouef, Abbeville Lori Beth Shove, Hackberry Shawn Sagrera, Ethel Watson Land & Cattle, Jennings Patrick L. Cone, Choudrant Brett Patrick Richard, Grand Chenier

MARCEAUX GABE GERARD 12885 LA HWY 35 KAPLAN, LA 70548 Phone: 337-643-1515


MCNABB, BROOKE K. 115 PEACOCK LANE KENTWOOD, LA 70444 Phone: 985-229-7649 985-514-9095 985-514-8198 MEAUX & SONS J.B. 5486 HWY 3059 LAKE CHARLES, LA 70601 Phone: 318-542-4271 318-475-8812

Continual ABBA membership since 1998 Bonchasse Land Co., Shreveport Triple Son Farms, Cut Off Bobby Davis, Winnsboro Double G Farms, Cut Off John E. Goode, Batchelor Ricky & Donna Sanford, West Monroe Rocking K Ranch, Mansura Robert R. Willis, St. Martinville

Continual ABBA membership since 2000 Lana D. Carriere, Port Barre Esthay Cattle Co., Kaplan Robert Doucet Cattle Co., Jennings

MCMAHON, DAVID & MARY 464 DAVID MARCANTEL RD DEQUINCY, LA 70633 Phone: 337-786-8846 337-570-7273


MARCEAUX, HUEY JOEL 18603 DUFFY RD. KAPLAN, LA 70548 Phone: 985-764-3618

NETTLES, PARKER LEE 5351 MCKAY LANE ETHEL, LA 70730 Phone: 225-634-2711 NETTLES, ROCKY 5339 MCKAY LANE ETHEL, LA 70730 Phone: 504-634-2583 504-634-2691 NUNEZ BRAHMANS 822 E CREOLE HWY CREOLE, LA 70632 Phone: 337-542-4382 OAK RIDGE CATTLE CO. DENISE GASTAL 14420 HWY 694 ABBEVILLE, LA 70510 Phone: 337-898-1409 PARKER JR., GEORGE O. 920 HWY 865 WINNSBORO, LA 71295 Phone: 318-435-3287


VILLE PLATTE, LA 70586 Phone: 337-550-3708 337-526-6017 LOCUST RIDGE PLANTATION LLC PO BOX 945 NEWELLTON, LA 71357 Phone: 318-467-5517 318-282-6128 318-467-5545


946 LEFORT BY PASS RD. THIBODAUX, LA 70301 Phone: 504-447-7748 504-446-1314

PORCHE, RICKY J. 4412 A HWY 56 CHAUVIN, LA 70344 Phone: 985-580-1723




3970 US HWY 167 NORTH

VILLE PLATTE, LA 70586 Phone: 337-363-7721 PREJEAN, DANNY 412 N. HEBERT KAPLAN, LA 70548 Phone: 337-643-6488 337-962-8481 R. T. BRAHMANS 3344 TANNER RD. SCOTT, LA 70583 Phone: 337-873-7898 337-298-0196 KOEHN RANCH 293 PHIL COOLEY RD LONGVILLE, LA 70652 Phone: 337-725-3615 RICHARD, BRETT PATRICK 3483 GRAND CHENIER HWY GRAND CHENIER, LA 70643

Phone: 318-538-2592 RIVET SR., DRAY 114 DUFRENE ST GHEENS, LA 70355 Phone: 985-532-6882 985-413-4961 ROBICHAUX, DON J. 745 LEFORT BY PASS RD. THIBODAUX, LA 70301 Phone: 985-448-2055 985-446-1314

745 LEFORT BY PASS RD. THIBODAUX, LA 70301 Phone: 985-448-2055


Phone: 337-684-3242

SIMON, ARNE T. 9207 GAZETTE RD. KAPLAN, LA 70548 Phone: 318-643-8256 SISTRUNK, DAVID 1109 LARKINA BASTROP, LA 71220 SMITH BRAHMANS 9195 BELMONT LANE MARINGOUIN, LA 70757 Phone: 225-625-2897 225-638-9846 SMITH BROTHERS FARM 9330 HWY 4 CHATHAM, LA 71226 Phone: 318-249-2545 SMITH, JASON 9195 BELMONT LANE MARINGOUIN, LA 70757 Phone: 504-625-2897 SOUTHERN CROSS 110 RONKARTZ RD. BRANCH, LA 70516 Phone: 337-277-0220 337-783-8441


ETHEL, LA 70730 Phone: 225-683-5076 225-719-1723 SANFORD, RICKY OR DONNA 205 SANFORD LANE WEST MONROE, LA 71291

Phone: 318-396-2800 SEVEN L CATTLE INC. 7533 HWY 90 ROANOKE, LA 70581 Phone: 337-753-2579 337-753-2574 SHOVE, LORI BETH 246 JOHNNY BENOIT RD HACKBERRY, LA 70645 Phone: 318-762-3322


Phone: 337-684-5363 337-945-3425 STEWART, KELLY PO BOX 88 FLORIEN, LA 71429 Phone: 318-586-4938 STURLESE CATTLE COMPANY 219 DUCHARME LN. LAFAYETTE, LA 70503 Phone: 337-993-0962 337-278-0119 TCB RANCH 590 SIDNEY CHARLES RD.

OPELOUSAS, LA 70570 Phone: 337-942-9253

5-10 Year Members

These loyal ABBA members from Texas have supported ABBA for the past 5-10 years! Continual ABBA membership since 2001 Kratzer Brahmans, Roanoke Louis Dooley, Church Point George N. Krieg, Broussard Jason Smith, Maringouin Whitney A. Robichaux, Thibodaux Brittany Vincent, Jennings Watkins Cattle Co., Welsh S Bar Farms, Church Point Charles A. Fuselier, St. Martinville Dray Rivet, Sr., Gheens

Continual ABBA membership since 2002 Cadillac Ranch - Young Divison, Abbeville Jacob Vaughan, Lake Charles Williams Brahmans, Deville Live Oak Pastures, LLC, Abbeville Nunez Brahmans, Creole

Continual ABBA membership since 2003 George O. Parker, Jr., Winnsboro Three Sisters Ranch, Iota Patrick L. Cone II, Choudrant Jamison S. Cone, Choudrant Robert D. Cone, Choudrant

Continual ABBA membership since 2004 Clay Espey, St. Gabriel Samantha Cone, Choudrant J&A Ranch, Eunice Matthew R. Madden, Ruston B&B Farms, Thibodaux

Continual ABBA membership since 2005 Marvin Cruse, Winnsboro Michael Dennis James, Hammond Jacie Kennison, Prairieville Broke K. McNabb, Kentwood R.T. Brahmans, Scott Triton Farms, Lottie Mackie D. Duplechain, Dry Creek Big Oak Farm, LLC, Arnaudville

Continual ABBA membership since 2006 J.A. “Poncho” Williams, West Monroe Amanda L. Clement, Thibodaux B&C Cattle Co., Kinder



Phone: 337-684-6615 THREE SISTERS RANCH 1918 RAY MILNER RD. IOTA, LA 70543 Phone: 337-546-6362 TRIPLE J FARMS 6044 ANDRUS RD. MAURICE, LA 70555 Phone: 337-893-8366 337-295-6107

TRIPLE -S FARMS PO BOX 313 RACELAND, LA 70398 Phone: 504-537-5004 TRIPLE SON FARMS PO BOX 176 CUT OFF, LA 70345 Phone: 985-798-7811 985-632-6828 TRI-PLEX CATTLE BRENT R. DAUZAT 226 OAK HILL LN. EFFIE, LA 71331 Phone: 318-253-9242 318-717-2594 318-359-5187 TRITON FARMS 5514 AIRLINE HWY PO BOX 144 LOTTIE, LA 70756 Phone: 225-637-3700


Phone: 337-349-9939

VAUGHAN, JACOB PO BOX 16169 LAKE CHARLES, LA 70616 Phone: 337-542-4248 VINCENT, BRITTANY PO BOX 1286 JENNINGS, LA 70546 Phone: 337-753-2539 WALKER, JOHN M. 4963 BROWN RD. ETHEL, LA 70730 Phone: 225-683-9242

WATKINS CATTLE CO CARSON R. WATKINS 16682 FAUL RD. WELSH, LA 70591 Phone: 337-275-6592 337-842-6294 WATSON LAND & CATTLE 102 S. CUTTING JENNINGS, LA 705466208 Phone: 337-824-8853 337-824-2488 WILLIAMS BRAHMANS 588 BETHEL RD. DEVILLE, LA 71328 Phone: 318-466-3802 318-487-5770


Phone: 337-394-7490 WILSON, KEVIN PO BOX 586 JENA, LA 71342 YOUNG, CARL J. 703 HWY 1228 WINNFIELD, LA 71483 Phone: 318-628-2094 318-471-2878 318-648-6613


Phone: 318-366-0044

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our very special animals will be recognized in Houston, Texas, as the “2010 Show Animals of the Year” during the International Brahman Show activities this year. These premier animals earned this special designation from the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) for their show ring achievements during the 2010 ABBA show year. All animals exhibited through the ABBA approved shows program are eligible for this award. Throughout the year, ABBA officials tabulate show results, awarding points based on the Register of Renown point system, to calculate the animals that earn the most points at ABBA approved shows. Points begin with the fall 2009

show season and end in June 2010. After all shows are reported, the bull and female in both the red and gray divisions that earn the greatest number of points are named “ABBA Show Animal of the Year.” Sounds easy, right? Not quite. This year’s award winning animals were exhibited at anywhere from 10-13 shows, in their quest for the title. The cattle competed on the show circuit from Texas to Georgia and everywhere in between in 2009-2010, which can accumulate quite an expense for their owners. Through it all, the miles, money and time are worth it when these owners are presented with the coveted award: Show Animal of the Year. These breeders not only represent themselves, but the Brahman breed to the best of their ability. Let’s take a look at the new recipients:


KF Mr. Passport Success is already racking up championships for 2011, including being grand champion bull at Ft. Worth and reserve grand champion bull at San Antonio in 2011.

K-Bar Farms’ beloved show bull has earned enough ribbons, trophies, and banners to fill the display cases for owner Carolyn Falgout of Amite, Louisiana. Passport Success was class winner at 11 shows to claim the title of Red Show Bull of the Year, in addition to winning grand champion bull at the 2009 Jambalaya Classic, 2009 Washington County Fair, 2009 East Texas State Fair, 2009 Louisiana Sugar Classic, 2010 Hunt County Fair, and the 2010 Okie Extravaganza. Born in July 2008, this bull was immediately tagged as special by his owner. He was a result of the careful breeding of KF Ms. American Passport (a +HK


Passport daughter) to Falgout’s gray bull, +KF Progeny’s Success annual yearling bull sale with the intentions of using him as a herd 40/0. Perhaps one could say Passport Success was bred specifically sire.” for this honor, because his sire was also the ABBA Gray Show Bull The Partin’s kept noticing something special in NMSU Garrett of the Year in both 2002 and 2003. During Progeny Success’s career Manso. Partin aptly states that this bull is a herd sire turned show he earned 51 championships for K Bar Farms and a place in the K bull. Bar Farms’ history books when he entered the ABBA Register of “We didn’t originally plan on showing him,” admits Partin. Renown a few years later. “Before he was sold by NMSU he was performance tested and Falgout and her family developed a special bond with this bull, outdid all the other bulls in their Brahman herd, including bulls which they nicknamed “Dozer” from the very beginning. from their Charolais, Angus and Brangus herds. He has great length “I’m 65 years old and have only been doing this for about 19 and thickness. We don’t show many cattle, but Neil Berchman years, so I don’t have a lot of time to make mistakes,” says Falgout. “I make sure to study these animals and their bloodlines. I think Dozer corrected all the faults that Red Brahmans have. I was blessed with such a good bull, but when you’re foolin’ with the best genetics of Hudgins and V8, you shouldn’t expect anything less.” Falgout acknowledges Glen Cox of Legacy Custom Fitters for the successful exhibition of her prized bull the past two years. Along the way, Cox exhibited Passport Success in Gonzales, Brenham, Tyler, Dallas, New Iberia, West Palm Beach, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Greenville, and Idabel. Falgout and her family treasure the time they have spent at Brahman shows with their friends. “What I like most about showing these animals, and this bull in particular, is getting a lot of different opinions from judges and winning consistency,” she admits. “I was very pleased with how NMSU Garrett Manso 7057 put thousands of miles on the trailer in his quest to win show bull of the year. fantastic Dozer did this year, and I have Along the way, he gathered many championships and many admirers for the Brahman breed. high hopes for him next year as well.”

NMSU GARRETT MANSO 7057 2010 ABBA GRAY SHOW BULL OF THE YEAR Owned by Mike & Janet Partin, NMSU Garrett Manso 7057 wins the award for the longest distance traveled while on the way to becoming the 2010 ABBA Gray Show Bull of the Year. Born in Los Cruces, New Mexico, he’s traveled the highways of New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi in 2009-2010. The story behind this bull is quite unique. The Partin’s had a few head on test at New Mexico State University which eventually required them to travel to Los Cruces to check on the bulls Mike explains. “When I was looking at our bulls, Garrett Manso really kept catching my attention,” Partin says. “I knew this bull’s dam was a great cow, so ended up buying him at the NMSU 130 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

Definitely the favorite heifer at Oden Ranch, Ms. Winchester 4/8 was named the 2010 International Champion Female while racking up points, banners, and friends along the ABBA show circuit.

she hit the fall show circuit, she started winning shows and taking names. She was grand champion female at Dallas, New Iberia, and the Dixie National, and reserve grand champion at the national show in Shreveport and in Ft. Worth. Coming into Houston last year, the Odens had high hopes for the female and she didn’t disappoint - ultimately being crowned the 2010 international champion red female. After winning Houston last year, the Odens sold a flush from Wendy in the Heritage Night of Excellence sale to Mary Lee of Ganadera Karla Mary in Panama. Wendy now resides in the pastures of Oden Ranch, raising her heifer calf at side, and ultimately awaiting her turn to enter the donor program for Tom and his family.

Miss V8 954/6 holds a special place in the hearts of everyone at V8 Ranch. Among her many championships, she was the 2009 International Champion Female. thought the bull would do well, so I promised him we would exhibit him this year. He ended up doing great, with a lot of different judges evaluating him. We are all very pleased.” Garrett Manso 7057 is sired by JDH Sir Garrett Manso and out of a cow owned by New Mexico State University. His show ring accomplishments include winning grand champion bull at the 2009 Alabama State Fair, 2009 Georgia National, 2009 Ft. White Brahman Classic, 2009 Greater Jacksonville Fair, 2009 North Florida Fair, and 2010 Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show. He was also the reserve grand champion bull at the 2009 Tennessee State Fair and 2009 National Peanut Festival.

MS. WINCHESTER 4/8 2010 ABBA RED SHOW HEIFER OF THE YEAR When Tom Oden and family of Marshall, Texas, decided to get involved in the ABBA, they didn’t waste any time seeking out the best show cattle they could find. Though they are relatively new to the Brahman breed, 2010 was a magical year for Tom, Darlene, John Robert and Darby Oden. In Houston this year, Ms. Winchester 4/8 will be crowned 2010 ABBA Red Show Heifer of the Year, in the same show ring she won international champion in 2010. Ms. Winchester 4/8 was bred by Cannon Creek Ranch, friends and colleagues of the Oden Family. Tom purchased her when she was six months old, with the hopes of his youngest child, Darby, exhibiting the female for her junior show project…and boy did he hit the nail on the head! Nicknamed “Wendy”, this female is sired by +Mr. Winchester Magnum 999 and out of a +BB Mr. Stingray 10/0 daughter. Oden recalls when they brought Wendy back to Marshall, Texas, how easy-going she was. “She is one of the gentlest heifers we’ve ever had,” reports Oden. “She is a joy to work with, easy to feed, and stays fat year round.” Things started out well for 4/8 in the fall of 2009, as she was reserve grand champion red female at Brenham and Tyler. Once


Despite their 65-year history, V8 Ranch earns their first-ever ABBA Show Heifer of the Year award with Miss V8 954/. Ironically, they were late to realize they were even in the running for the trophy! “We don’t go to a lot of shows other than Houston and the National,” explains Jim Williams. “954 had always done very well, and after Houston last year, lots of people were telling us that she was leading the point totals for show heifer of the year, and we didn’t even realize it.” After that friendly advice, the ranch decided to attend the very few shows left in the year – Mercedes, Beaumont, Idabel and Greenville – to make a final push. When they accept their prize in Houston, it will have been an effort worth making. “Sired by +JDH Sir Avery Manso 159/6 and out of the former National Champion +JDH Marri Holly Manso, Miss V8 954/6 has been a special animal since birth,” recalls Williams. “954 was in the pasture in May 2008, right after the World Brahman Congress (WBC) in Ft. Worth. After the show we hosted several visitors on different WBC tours, and she was always the favorite heifer of the foreign guests.” Miss V8 954/6 started her show career winning calf champion at Ft. Worth, grand champion at San Antonio, and ultimately international champion female in 2009 at Houston. “After she won Houston as a calf, many international guests reminded me they picked her out in the pasture that past summer,” says Williams. When the points race started for 2009, 954/6 continued her consistent list of wins, including grand champion at Waco and reserve at the Kickoff Classic. In 2010, she was awarded grand champion at the Hunt County Fair and the Okie Extravaganza, and later reserve champion at Ft. Worth and Beaumont . Williams loves the mating between Avery and Holly. “This mating is the type of magical combination we all hope for,” he says. “We have several full sibs in our show string and we also have a full brother that was born this fall that is one of the best calves we’ve had in a few years.” ©TABR HOUSTON 2011 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | 131




llie Forgason, 13-year-old AJBA member from Hungerford, Texas, banked $10,000 for her college education by winning grand champion female at the 2011 San Antonio Stock Show’s Junior Brahman Show. Forgason and her heifer, JDH Lady Manso 599, topped the other 106 entries in the show to claim the big prize. Judge Blake Nelson, an ABBA approved judge from Oklahoma, commented on Ellie’s outstanding female along with her top showmanship ability prior to naming her as the champion. For reserve champion, Judge Nelson selected Peyton Craig’s heifer, which was 2nd in class and also reserve senior champion behind Forgason. Nelson commented that Craig’s heifer, Miss V8 186/7, most closely matched the champion and that was why he opted to keep the pair together throughout the day. Forgason and Craig had to beat out some tough competition to earn their prizes though, since there were a large number of entries in the show; and Texas juniors tend to bring out their best in the hopes of winning the $10,000 scholarship. In the calf division, Rhealee Spies rose to the top with Miss BER Princess 277, nicknamed Josie. Josie and Spies have been racking up quite


a few banners in 2011, including being named reserve grand champion of the San Antonio open show just a few days earlier and previously winning reserve grand champion at the Ft. Worth Jr. Show in mid-January. Evan Acevedo, an AJBA Member from Mission, Texas, claimed reserve calf champion with Miss Double A 673/0. Keaton Schulte and Jacob Valenta also exhibited class winners in this division. In the junior division, Sarah Caffey of Hondo FFA took home the junior champion title with Lady H Mae Manso 66/9. Following her for reserve was Garrison Tullos’ Ms GRT Chezcak Manso 850. Both of these females have been tough competitors on the junior show circuit in their own right throughout the year. Colton Janik, Katie Garrett, and Holleigh Hollis exhibited class winners in the junior division. In the senior division, Tyler Choiniere and April Salinas exhibited the other two class winners in addition to Forgason. Exhibitors at this year’s show were also presented with special awards from Brahman Mamas and the South Texas Brahman Association, proud sponsors of junior Brahman programs. TABR©









Brahman showmen from Texas and Louisiana showed their determination by braving the ‘winter blast’ of February 2011 to head to San Antonio, Texas, for the annual American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) approved Brahman show. The show was held on Saturday, February 6, 2011, but for many exhibitors planning on attending the show, the two days prior to the event proved to be filled with anxiety and uncertainty about the weather. By Thursday, rumors had spread through the Brahman news wires that the stock show would be allowing exhibitors to arrive later than the scheduled time in order to accommodate the wintry weather conditions. Barn talk had reports that the Oden Ranch cattle were pulled over on the side of I-10 near Seguin in route to the show, while the Daniel Quality Fitting string was resting in Devine, Texas, just outside of San Antonio, but unable to get into the barn because of icy road conditions. The Tic Tac Toe and V8 strings cancelled their trips at the last minute. And, there was even concern that Judge Craig Fontenot, travelling from Louisiana, might not be able to attend due to Houston highway closures. As Friday rolled around, nearly every Brahman exhibitor had talked to each other to determine who was going to brave the weather and who wasn’t. Truckers, exhibitors, and herdsmen had weighed the risks and benefits, and many were determined to still attend the show. However, by Sunday morning, the weather had cleared and provided a comfortable day for exhibiting Brahman cattle at one of Texas’ best open Brahman shows.

RED SHOW Nearly 80 head of red Brahmans competed in the show, with large show strings being presented by Joyce Custom Fitters and Legacy Cattle Service.

Ms. KC 788/9 was named calf champion female, and is owned by Walters Show Cattle of Brenham, Texas. Darby Oden’s TO Ms Miracle 4/10 was selected as reserve. An interesting side note is that Oden’s heifer is the 2011 AJBA Foundation Female, which will be sold in Houston with all proceeds benefitting the American Junior Brahman Association (AJBA). Ken Ramsey Brahmans and Oden Ranch also exhibited class winners in the calf division. The junior champion red female banner was claimed by CT Lady Rhino Ray 8/9, owned by Circle T Cattle Company and under the exhibition of Legacy Cattle Service. Michael Joyce wasn’t far behind, claiming reserve calf champion with JFC Gold crown 001/9. Other class winners included 5M Ms Ray Santana 982/1, owned by 5M Farms and BNA Miss Nel Manso 54/2, owned by the Walters family. Amie Ferguson’s Lady H Elizabeth Rojo 50/9 heifer was chosen as junior champion, followed by Darby Oden’s TO’s Maria Laveau 20/9. CH’s Miss Arabella 417/9, owned by Charlie Hurston, was the third class winner in this division. In the senior female division, Santa Elena Ranch claimed both champions. VL Elena 120/8 was chosen as the senior champion followed by her stall mate VL Elena 110/8 for reserve. Stanley & Virginia Ohnheiser also exhibited a class winner with Miss Tuscany Cassie. With four excellent red Brahman females in the ring for grand champion, Fontenot carefully studied the strengths and weaknesses of these individuals. He stressed that he greatly enjoyed judging the red show, since he comes from a strong heritage of breeding red Brahman cattle himself. On that day, it was the CT Lady Rhino Ray 8/9 heifer that rose to the top, claiming the grand champion award. She was previously named grand champion female at Ft. Worth in January and was reserve national champion in 2010. For reserve, HOUSTON 2011 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | 143

Fontenot selected the calf champion, Ms. KC 788/0, owned by Walters Show Cattle. The red bull show began promptly following the females, with Legacy Cattle Service exhibiting three of the four class winners with 35 Mr. Red Sexy Domino 108, CH’s Mr. Pretty Boy 403/10, and Mr. CC Casanova 500/0. Darby Oden, though surrounded in the drive by LCS showmen, won calf champion bull with TO Mr. Ammo 10/1. For reserve, Fontenot went with Mr. CC Casanova 500/0, the oldest bull in the lineup. In the intermediate division, Detering Red Brahmans brought home the banner with DB Southern Style 665/9, followed by Legacy Cattle Service with TO’s Pistol 9/3 for reserve. Other class winners included Milton Charanza’s Mr. Broken Triangle 9209 “Freight Train”, the Forgasons’ 3E Mr. Manso 8, and Buford Cattle’s ME Ice 2. Oden Ranch bred bulls topped the junior division, with TO’s Kaboom 9/10 being named junior champion followed by Mr. TO 1/9 as reserve. In the senior division, only six bulls competed but each had previously won shows in the ABBA show season, so the competition was extremely close. Judge Fontenot selected Mr. Rosario Passport Too 100 as his senior champion. This bull is under the care of Daniel Quality Fitting and owned by Ganaderia El Rosario of Nicaragua. For reserve senior champion, Fontenot chose Carolyn Falgout’s KF Mr. Passport Success 2/8. On this day, the two senior bulls couldn’t be beat. Fontenot opted to keep the senior pair together, making Mr. Rosario Passport the grand champion and KF Mr. Passport Success 2/8 “Dozer” the reserve. Mr. Rosario’s win was very special for owners, the Arguello family from Nicaragua, and their herd consultant, David Domsch, all of whom were in attendance. Rosario Passport was previously the 2010 reserve national champion bull. Falgout’s Dozer bull also continues to rack up his championships, coming off the heels of a grand champion win at Ft. Worth.

with Lady H Bailey Manso 87/9 in this division. The Forgason girls continued their winning streak into the junior division, where Ellie Forgason exhibited JDH Lady Manso 559 to the division championship. Her older sister, Erin, exhibited JDH Lady Manso 489 as reserve junior champion. In this division, SG Cattle Company won a class with Miss SG 104/9. In the senior division, the Joyce Custom Fitters crew filled the ring as they exhibited all three class winners in this division for their various clients. CJV Miss Natalie Manso 14/8, Miss V8 978/6 and Miss WC 1 were all chosen for the blue ribbon. Fontenot selected Whitlock Cattle’s Miss V8 978/6 as senior champion followed by the Valenta’s CJV Miss Natalie Manso 14/8 as reserve. In the champion drive, it was the two calves that caught Fontenot’s eye for his two top choices. He selected the calf champion, JDH Lady Teresa Manso, for his overall grand champion gray female. This heifer is an April 2010 heifer calf that was purchased by the Navarro family from Bubba Hudgins. She is sired by JDH Sir Eastman Manso out of a Lawford daughter. In the reserve spot, Bulls Eye Ranch’s “Princess” female brought the banner back home to Burton, Texas. She is a daughter of the Smith’s herd sire BER 252. In the gray bull show, Fontenot commented on an extremely competitive show with entries from breeders all across Texas who came to the Alamo city to compete. JDH, of Hungerford, Texas, exhibited the calf champion bull with JDH Mr. Manso 638. Reese Ranch of Normangee, Texas, took LD Who Dat 69 to the reserve calf champion spot. Other class winners included Mr. TT Sugar Ray 300, owned by Ken Ramsey Brahmans, and Mr. CC General 900/0 exhibited by Legacy Cattle Service. K-C Ranch’s Mr. KC Manhattan 93/9 was named intermediate

GRAY SHOW In the gray show, 118 head of Brahmans were paraded before Judge Fontenot at the annual San Antonio stock show. The day began with a very competitive calf division where entries ranged from 4 to 12 head per class. MN Ranch, owned by the Navarro Family of Pearland, exhibited the calf champion female with JDH Lady Teresa Manso. Bulls Eye Ranch’s Ms. BER Princess 277 followed behind with reserve calf champion. The Smith and Navarro families dominated the calf division, each with two class winners, including JDH Ms. Roni Manso of the Navarros, and Ms. BER 280 of the Smith’s. In the intermediate division, Logan Choiniere rose to the top with Miss Ila Reese 941, her popular show heifer that has been a steady force on the East Coast circuit this fall. Erin Forgason’s heifer, JDH Lady Manso 563, was named reserve intermediate champion. MN Ranch exhibited another class winner 144 | THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™ | HOUSTON 2011

Grand Champion Red Female Exhibited by Circle T Cattle

Grand Champion Red Bull Exhibited by Ganaderia El Rosario

Reserve Grand Champion Red Female Exhibited by Walters Show Cattle

Reserve Grand Champion Red Bull Exhibited by K Bar Farms


champion bull. JDH Expression Manso 735/4, another JDH entry, was named reserve intermediate champion. Vogue Farms’ VF Humming Dice 445 was also a class winner in this division. Despite smaller numbers in the junior and senior divisions, the quality was deep. J.D. Hudgins exhibited both the junior and senior champion bulls with JDH Lynch Manso 645/1 and JDH Cutler de Manso 816/7, respectively. Rebel Star Ranch’s Mr. Rebel Star Manso was named reserve junior champion and the Valenta’s CJV Mr. Billy Bob Manso 16/8 was named reserve senior champion. JDH Javier Manso 807/1 was also a class winner in the senior division. With a powerful line-up of bulls to choose from, this time Fontenot opted to go for the senior division champions, choosing JDH Cutler de Manso 816/7 as grand champion bull and CJV Mr. Billy Bob Manso 16/8 for reserve. Cutler is a 2 ½ year old bull sired by JDH Mr. Bremser Manso, out of a Karu daughter. The Valenta’s bull is a September 2008 son of +Mr. H Maddox 684, out of a Double Take daughter. ©TABR


Grand Champion Gray Female Exhibited by MN Ranch

Grand Champion Gray Bull Exhibited by J.D. Hudgins

Reserve Grand Champion Gray Female Exhibited by Bulls Eye Ranch

Reserve Grand Champion Gray Bull Exhibited by 4V Ranch


CROSSWORD PUZZLE Brahman Style! 8 Across, This friendly face is part of the hill country’s polled and horned Brahman ranch.

47 Down, in 3E Cattle, the 3E’s stand for Emily, Ellie and.....


48 Across, Jeff Smith’s favorite bull of all time.

The first person to return a 100% correct, fully completed crossword puzzle to Stacey Shanks, assistant editor of The American Brahman Review™, at Houston, wins a free 1 year subscription!


ACROSS 3 CT Lady Rhino calls this Lousiaiana town her home 5 What month is Bovine Elite’s first AI clinic in 2011 7 JDH’s 2009 International Champion 8 This hill country Brahman operation has been in business since 1974. 12 This Brahman breeder, Mike ____, donated the Frye’s heifer for the MakeA-Wish Foundation 13 New sale manager of the ABBA F1 sale, Milton ___ 15 This Brahman breeder was roommates with Dr. David Riley 17 Leading bull of the 4N showstring 18 Santa Elena Ranch is located 1 hour from this Texas city, making it easy to visit them during the show. 20 These Ganado, Texas breeders are selling pick of their calf crop at Houston 24 JDH’s grand champion bull at San Antonio 26 Charlie Hurston’s red heifer who won her class at San Antonio 29 Nickname of the Valenta’s prized bull 32 Mainstay herd sire for Tic Tac Toe Ranch 33 This Thai breeder recently purchased 2 U.S. bulls, red and gray, to use in Thailand. 35 Ranch owned by Dr. Ricky & Myra Hughes of Arkansas 36 F&R’s leading female has this word in her name, and she also won grand champion at a show with this same name.


39 42 43

44 46 48 49 50

3 of the 4 red bulls in the Studstock sire line up come from this U.S. red Brahman ranch Native country of Calixto Garcia Hometown of D Bar Ranch Dr. Chad Chase’s research has mostly included Brahman breeders from what state? Bloodline that Horse Stomp Ranch loves to focus on Dyess Farms’ powerhouse young bull. Jeff Smith’s favorite bull of all time. Dinah Weil’s partner at HK Ranch, Larry ____ Prior to being a Brahman breeder, Amy Good was a registered _____


19 20 21 22 23

25 27

DOWN 1 Nickname of Carolyn Falgout’s Show Bull of the Year 2 Alfredo Muskus’ Rey Te bull was imported from this country 4 JDH’s grand champion bull at Ft. Worth 6 Bennett Farms & Fontenot’s top red herd sire 7 This well-known vet and ABBA judge is an owner at Quality Genetics: Dr. David ____ 9 This young red bull owned by +C and Hensley’s has a sweetheart’s name 10 The grandchildren of Ted & Janie ___ are rejuvenating the XL division at JDH 11 This LMC Ambassador son won his class at San Antonio....LMC Polled ______ 14 Home country of Raimundo Riojas

28 30 31

34 35 37 40 41 45 47

Mr. Rosario Passport Too 100 was grand champion most recently at what show Family that donated the 2011 AJBA Foundation Female This family won senior champion at San Antonio with their cow/calf pair Butler Polled Brahmans senior herd sire, LMC WFF Polled _____ Bloodline that Johnny Jefcoat focused on at JJ ranch Sloan Williams’ ranch that will be awarded the 2010 Gray Show Heifer of the Year award. Vogue Farms is selling a flush in this top donor at Houston Michael Joyce at Joyce Custom Fitters recently built a new one of these to offer great facilities for his customers. Big event held at Houston to host industry researchers and leaders The Carriere’s 2010 All American Champion bull, -L Mr. ____Suville Most of the Detering-bred animals have these two words in their registered name Name of Three Sister’s Ranch’s top young bull Location of Trans Ova’s Texas facility Dr. Richard Forgason lived in this state while he was in the U.S. Army. Name of the bull on the inside front cover JDH’s Humberto Manso’s dam is a full sister to what popular bull Nickname of the Madden’s young red bull prospect In 3E Cattle, the 3E’s stand for Emily, Ellie, and who



Index of Bulls 4N Mr. Guitar Man 22/9..............................45 Ambassador...................................................13 BER 252...................................Bulls Eye Insert BER 272...................................Bulls Eye Insert Cassanoa 500/0….......................................122 CJV Billy Bob Manso 16/8...........................24 CT Lady Rhino Ray 8/9….........................125 Chudley Blockbuster (P)...............................61 Crossfire Manso 02/2....................................61 DB Southern Style 722/9..............................25 E3 Sugarland Rex 2nd 229/3........................61 EJL Emper Suville 176..................................71 Heritage Cattle Sires..................Heritage Insert HK Passport 624 “Houston”.........................20 Iron Man (Mr. BF Iron Man 55/7)..............111 #JADL Rey Te 110..................................…..41 JDH Amos Manso 568/6..............................71 JDH Astro Manso..........................Locke Insert JDH Calixto Manso 158/7.............................9 JDH Cutler Manso 816/7….........................37 JDH Denton 592/7......................................71 JDH Echo Manso 237/1...............................71 JDH Expression Manso.................Locke Insert JDH Harper Manso 752/7…........................35 JDH Hawk Manso 666/5...........................103 JDH Humberto Manso 710/7….....................8 JDH Lance Manso.........................................65 JDH Larry 423/7..........................................71 JDH Martin Manso.....................................145 JDH Mr. Ashton Manso............3, Locke Insert JDH Mr. Brandon Manso..............Locke Insert JDH Mr. Deeds Manso..................Locke Insert JDH Mr. Elmo Manso...............3, Locke Insert JDH Mr. Manso 93/3….........................…..17 JDH Mr. Manso 103/5.................................65 JDH Mr. Manso 719/5….............................26 JDH Mr. Mosley Manso 368/1.................3, 71 JDH Mr. Parshot Manso...............................65 JDH Mr. Supercalc Manso.............Locke Insert JDH Roberto Manso.....................................65 JDH Sir Alamo Manso 126/7….................IFC JDH Sir Lawford Manso 616/6.....................71 JDH Sir Liberty Manso 159/7.....................142 JDH Sir Vanicek Manso.................Locke Insert JDH Tula .................................Bulls Eye Insert KF Mr. Passport Success..............................129 -L Domino Sugar 02.....................................33 -L Mr. Berchman Suville 176........................33 LB Mr. Derringer Manso...............Locke Insert LMCC WFF Polled Maestro.........................11 LMC Polled Apollo.......................................12 LMC Polled Aussie........................................12 LMC Polled Bevo..........................................13 LMC Polled Dakota......................................13 LMC Polled Joe............................................12 LMC Polled Madison....................................13 LMC Polled Rock.........................................12 LMC Polled Rico..........................................11 LMC Polled Samson.....................................12 Mr. 3X-HK Oro Rojo 800............................25 Mr. Circle H 283..........................................65 Mr. H Maddox Manso...........3, Heritage Insert Mr. JS 337/5 “Big John”..............................133 Mr. JS 350/5 “Mr. Tender”..........................133 Mr. JS Rouge 493/5 “Redneck”.......................3 Mr. Mendel de Kallion 617...........................61 Mr. RC 549................................................100 Mr. RC 586................................................100 Mr. Rosario Passport Too 100.........................4 Mr. TO 1/9 “Mac”…..................................127 Mr. TD West 270..........................................71

Mr. V8 51/6 (S).............................................142 Mr. V8 114/6.................................................142 Mr. V8 202/3.................................................142 Mr. V8 203/6.................................................142 Mr. V8 269/6....................................................3 Mr. V8 287/5 “Superstroke”......................3, 142 Mr. V8 380/5.................................................142 Mr. V8 442/6.................................................142 Mr. V8 463/6.................................................142 Mr. V8 675/6...........................................21, 136 Mr. V8 700/3...................................................71 Mr. V8 730/6 “Tomcat”.................................142 Mr. V8 815/6 “Tommy Bahama”...................142 Mr. V8 830/6.................................................138 Mr. V8 846/6.......................142, Bulls Eye Insert Mr. V8 901/4.................................................142 Mr. V8 937/6.................................................138 Mr. V8 948/6.................................................138 Mr. V8 960/5.................................................142 Mr. Windy Hill 89/3…....................................17 MSP Esto Cherra 754......................................71 Pistolero...........................................................12 Savannah 007...................................................61 SCD Didor Esto 623/1…................................55 Snowman Mr. DF 91/9............................……73 SRS Captain Red Legs 834...........................3, 61 SRS Private Practice..........................................61 SRS Troubadour 933........................................61 Sting Ray 10/0.................................................71 TTT Mr. Suva Martin 36...............................145 VL 80/2...........................................................71 WR Mr. Roger’s Echo 084…............................99 Index of Advertisers 3E Cattle Company……............................16, 36 3X-HK…….............................................25, 146 4N Ranch…...............................................45, 53 5M Farms…........................................….48, 127 Alta Genetics.......................….......................145 B-A Ranch….................................................149 Bar W Ranch…............................................…34 Bailey, Buddy…................................................72 Bar Crescent D Ranch......................................98 Bennett Farms….................................….48, 111 Bovine Elite, LLC…...............................…..3, 61 Broken Triangle Cattle Co…..............36, 91, 109 Brushy Creek Custom Sires.................….IFC, 61 Buck N Hoss Cattle...................................…..48 Bulls Eye Ranch..........................................Insert Butler Polled Brahmans........................11, 72, 85 +C Cattle Company........................................122 Carriere Brahmans…..............................…33, 48 Cattle in Motion….........................................112 Chapman’s Double C Bar Ranch.................….98 Charlie Hurston Cattle…....................…48, 126 Circle H Ranch…….............................….15, 65 Circle T Cattle Co..................................……125 Collins Brahman Ranch…...............................72 Cutrer, Brandon & Rachel.............................137 D Bar Ranch.........................................….48, 55 Detering Red Brahmans….......................25, 146 Diamond A Ranch & Cattle (Muskus).........…15 Doc Partin Ranch….........................................98 Dollar Short Cattle Co….................................48 Double A Ranch........................................…..34 Double A Ranch and Cattle Co..................…..41 Doucet Brahmans….........................................48 Dyess Farms/MGD Holdings, LLC........…......73 East Texas Ranch…..........................................64 Esthay Cattle Company...............................….48 F&R Brahmans ....................................…..47,48 Fanning, Brian (Studstock)...............................61


Ferguson Cattle Co…......................................48 Five Oaks Cattle…...........................................53 Fontenot’s Red Brahmans...................….48, 111 G2 Cattle Company….....................................72 Ganaderia el Rosario….................................4,34 Ganaderia Flor del Valle….........................…100 HK……..................................................25, 146 HRW Cattle Co…...........................................48 Hensley Brahmans..........................................122 Heritage Cattle Co…............................36, Insert Hinton Farms…..........................................…53 Horse Stomp Ranch........…....................53, IBC Hurston Cattle….................................…48, 126 IS Ranch.....................................................….98 J.D. Hudgins, Inc...…8, 35, 37, 103, 147, Insert J-S Genetics Team.....................................….132 JW Brahmans…..............................................36 JW Red Brahman Ranch….............................72 Joyce Custom Fitters.............................….23, 36 K-Bar Farms…........................................48, 128 KD Brahman-Deleu Ranch….........................72 Key, Billie Wayne, Sr….................................146 Knight, Stanley…............................................53 L2 Ranch….....................................................98 La Muneca…....................................11,12,13,34 La Negra Cattle Co…....................................101 Lazy D Farms…...............................................53 Legacy Cattle Services.................….48, 121, 122 Lim, Patrick ..............................................…..20 Lindley Brahmans.......................................….72 Locke Red Brahmans..................................Insert Longview Ranch........................................…..34 MGD Holdings, LLC.................................….53 M. James Brahmans….....................................48 Moreno Firms................….98, Magic City Insert Oden Ranch…................................................64 Parish Brahmans.........................................…..36 Quality Genetics…..........................................71 Reese Ranch….................................................72 SB Brahman Ranch…............................…….15 Salinas Ranch.............................................…..36 Santa Elena Ranch, Inc......................…..63, 146 Schneider Brahmans, LLC....................…..19,34 Seven Bar Cattle Co.................................……64 Shackelford, Marcus....................................….98 Smith Brahmans.................................….48, 132 Southern Cattle Company...........................….98 St. CYR Brahman Farm, Inc....................……36 Studstock (Brian Fanning)................................61 Sunnyside Ranch….....................................…34 T.J. Gibson Ranch.....................................…..72 Three Sisters Ranch....................................…..99 Tic Tac Toe Ranch..............................…..72,145 Trans Ova Genetics…......................................29 Triton Farms…................................................48 V8 Ranch.....................................….36,135-142 Valenta Cattle Company…..........................…24 Vogue Farms…..............................................124 Walter Honea…........................................…108 Watkins Brahmans…...........................…36, 123 Watkins Cattle Co.....................................…..48 Whitlock Cattle Company….....................26, 36 Windy Hill Ranch….....................................146

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