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Q - Clock Rana Chakrabarti

Insights into a Quality Engineers Life • “The challenge is to manage the volume and variety of processes and documents” • “Knowing which process comes after which is necessary for survival” • “Sharing of experiences between colleagues is necessary but fuzzy” • “The space between project cycles is the start of the Quality journey” • “The project methodology determines the dynamics of the experience” • “The journey of a QE colleague follows a predictable clock”

Design Challenge •

How might we make it easier for a new or experience QE colleague to understand “where s|he is” ?

How might we make it possible for new and experienced QE colleagues to share qualitative experiences after each engagement cycle ?

How might we accommodate the different development “variants” which determine the dynamics of engagement ? ( SOA, PIL, Agile

Pre-conditions • The wiki must be light - 2 or 3 levels at most • It must allow experience sharing • It must have low administration requirement

Design Research - End-User Data

Synthesis - Analogy

Product : Q-Clock Link to product

15 min video intro

Design Challenge - Q Clock  

See slide for more details

Design Challenge - Q Clock  

See slide for more details