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The American University in Cairo Department of Architecture Engineering AENG-352 Project 2 “Architecture of Expression”

The objective of this project is to experiment with the expressive qualities of architecture through form. Using the 25th of Jan revolution as inspiration, it was required to design a pavilion on the AUC Campus to house the archive that include (photographs, videos, documentaries, art-work from the site....etc) collected through the “University on the Square” initiative. The main theme of this pavilion is Unity…’s the unity of all the Egyptians after 25th of Jan revolution. All Egyptians since that time became one hand and all of them gathered at a one single place which was “MIDAN EL TAHRIR”. Thus, my design was inspired by the Unity that took place in EL Tahrir Square. As for the form of the pavilion, it was deconstructed from the silhouettes of el Tahrir square. Besides, the silhouettes of el Tahrir square formed a star centralized pattern similar to those Islamic patterns that exist on the AUC New Campus...... which was a perfect match with the Campus site...

Inspirational images:

Images Taken from el Tahrir square

Experimentations: Phase 1: (an

experimentation phase where I experienced and experimented different forms,

textures, materials and expressions to finally represent a form that expresses what happened in the revolution)

Phase 2: I chose the best form out of (phase 1) that perfectly represents the revolution, and I started manipulating the form by experiencing it from different angles, textures and materials......

Phase 3: After

settling down on the form texture and material.....I started working on the site analysis, trying

to find the perfect relation of the pavilion on site...

Phase 4: Started working on plan, section and elevation 1(plan development)




Final stage: (final model)

352 Project 2 potfolio  

final project 2 stages

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